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Jerman J. Wingo Bible

In 1921, Mrs. Rena Wingo Mahan, daughter of Elijah Willis Wingo of Stephenville, Erath County, Texas, transcribed the bible of her grandfather Jerman Jeduthan Wingo which was in the possession of her father. Her cousin Edward Mehaffey Wingo, grandson of Theophilus Wingo of Wills Point, Texas, had expressed an interest in the contents of the bible so Mrs. Mahan wrote a transcription copying the bible exactly as it was written. In her letter she states that the frontispiece of the bible gives a publication date of 1845 by Robert Sears of New York.

Please note that the Graves County Genealogical & Historical Society has published in their collection of family bibles from that area, data purportedly from the bible of Jerman J. Wingo; however, it does not agree with historical records or the 1845 bible in the possession of the Elijah Willis Wingo family and appears to be of dubious origin.

Rena Mahan's 1921 transcription of the bible along with a PDF of her 1921 letter:

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Very special thanks to William Wingo, descendant of Edward Mehaffey Wingo, for sharing a copy of the Rena Mahan letter and transcription of the Bible.