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Jerman Jeduthan Wingo

Jerman Jeduthan Wingo was born in Nottoway County, Virginia on 17 August 1807 to Thomas and Mary Holt Wingo. Mary was the daughter of Shadrack Holt and Judith Foster. The Holts and Fosters were also long time residents of Amelia County whose lands became part of Nottoway County when it was separated from Amelia in 1788.

On the 13th of January 1826 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Jerman married Ann Yancey Beadles, daughter of Lewis Yancey Beadles and Martha C. Vaughan. Lewis Yancey Beadles had served in Greenhill's Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 with Jerman's uncle, Miles Holt.

Jerman's parents Mary and Thomas Wingo died in Pittsylvania County in 1827 and 1828, respectively. Soon afterward, around 1830, Jerman and Ann Wingo with their young family joined her parents and most of her siblings in migrating to the newly opened area of the Jackson Purchase. Around 1840, Jerman's sister Lucinda Wingo Bolinger, her husband George and their family also left Virginia and settled in the purchase.

Aunt Molly Wingo Peal, granddaughter of Jerman J. Wingo, recounted that as a child she had been told stories by older slaves of the family's migration from Virginia to Kentucky. The men herded the cattle while the slaves and children herded geese and chickens as they traveled west through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky. Jerman Wingo was an amateur horticulturist and they told her of his bringing fruit tree cuttings from North Carolina and Virginia to be planted in Kentucky.

Jerman apparently grafted fruit tree cuttings and developed new varieties. In a letter written in 1983, an elderly resident of Wingo, Kentucky, Mrs. Maxie Ashlock Farmer, also mentioned fruit trees that had been planted by Jerman J. Wingo. When growing up in Wingo, Mrs. Farmer was acquainted with Lucinda Wingo Chandler who lived to the age of 94. She mentions a pear tree on her parents' farm that Mrs. Chandler recalled her father having planted. Mrs. Chandler remembered going with her father to help him set out fruit trees as a very little girl. Mrs. Farmer said "these pears were the most delicious yellow fruit I ever saw and I never saw another tree of them. It was a very large tree standing majestically atop our pasture hill." She also mentioned that Jerman had many odd plants.

There is a deed dated 12 Nov 1845 recorded in Limestone County, Texas for 320 acres on Tewackany (Tehuacana) Creek from Mathias Travis to J. J. Wingo during the Republic of Texas (1836 to 1845). It is unclear whether Jerman Wingo actually moved to Texas or not, but he is listed on the 1846 tax list for Navarro County, Texas. Another conveyance recorded in Graves County, Kentucky on 29 Oct 1861 deeds this same 320 acres to Fleming Holloway from Jerman and Ann Y. Wingo in exchange for 250 acres in Graves County, Kentucky.

In a newspaper article from Denton, Texas in March 1930, Elijah Willis Wingo tells of leaving Wingo in 1869 for Stephenville, Erath County, Texas. He says that in spite of the hardships of the 32-day trip to Texas and the dismal living conditions in the early days, it was not as bad as those they left behind in Kentucky after the Civil War. Their home on the Wingo Plantation in Kentucky had been at first confiscated as a hospital during the Civil War and later burned.

Mrs. Farmer's family home was situated on land that had been part of the Jerman Wingo Plantation. She remembered playing in the vicinity of the old Wingo home as a child and finding pieces of dishes in the plowed earth. She mentioned that the only other remains were signs of a house foundation, stones and bricks and an old brick cemented cistern at the site.

Jerman died December 28, 1873. Ann Yancey Beadles Wingo survived him for six years, dying on December 10, 1879.

Children of Jerman Jeduthan Wingo and Ann Yancey Beadles:
  1. Lewis Thomas Wingo, b. 1826
  2. Martha Ann Wingo, b. 1828
  3. Mary Elizabeth Wingo, b. 1830
  4. Lucinda Jane Wingo, b. 1832
  5. John William Wingo, b. 1834
  6. Elijah Willis Wingo, b. 1836
  7. Theophilus Francis Wingo, b. 1838
  8. Arrominta Wingo, b. 1839
  9. Lorenna Antonette Wingo, b. 1841
  10. Jerman Jeduthan Wingo, Jr., b. 1845
  11. Eliza Isabelle Wingo, b. 1848