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David Hall

David was born on December 20, 1832, in the area that is now Ballard County, and was the son of Adam Hall and Edith Ann "Edy" Morgan. Both the Hall and Morgan families migrated to Logan County, Kentucky by 1800 and it was there that Adam and Edy married in 1819.

The extended Hall family moved into the Jackson Purchase area by 1830 where Adam along his brothers James and David Hall were all recorded in the Hickman County census of that year. Adam's brother David had married Susanna Morgan, Edy Morgan Hall's sister. Adam was a flat boatsman on the Mississippi River until he purchased a farm across the Mississippi in Missouri near Cape Girardeau in 1839. After Adam's death in 1849, his brother Charles M. Hall brought the family back to Ballard County.

On 26th of April, 1864, David Hall enlisted in Company F of the 7th Regiment of Kentucky Calvary CSA. He was promoted to 2nd corporal in May of 1864. According to the 1974 book Ballard's Brave Boys, David was involved in several battles and returned home in September of 1864.

David married Martha W. "Mattie" Elsey on February 15, 1972. Only three of their seven children lived to adulthood with four children dying between 1874 and 1880. Mattie herself died on 11th of November 1882.

Following Mattie's death in 1882, David married again on June 13, 1883 to Mary E. Bell. After the birth of their three children, Mary also died sometime around 1890.

David's third marriage was to the widow, Mrs. Narcissus Ann Franklin Burrow Choise on the 3rd of March 1892.

David Hall died on November 3, 1906 and is buried in the old Blandville Cemetery with Mattie and their four deceased infants as well as his daughters Jacqueline and Emily.

Children of David Hall and Martha W. Elsey:
  1. William Wallace Hall (1872-1946)
  2. James Hall (1874-1876)
  3. Jackson Hall (1875-1875)
  4. Robert B. Hall (1879-1880)
  5. Martha Elizabeth Hall (1880-1880)
  6. Mary V. Hall (1881)
  7. Mattie W. Hall (1882)
Children of David Hall and Mary E. Bell:
  1. David Hall (1884)
  2. Jacqueline T. Hall (1886-1976)
  3. Emily B. Hall (1887-1971)