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Photos of the Vedder Museum & Menagerie

Dr. John J. Vedder standing on corner of Bay and Treasury ca. 1880
[source: Rollins College Archives]


Don't Fail to See Dr. Vedder's Collection of Creation in Florida: page 1 page 2
Undated pamphlet printed by SF Hall in Jacksonville


Museum- Dr. John Vedder has on Exhibition...

In January of 1878, Dr. Vedder conducted a traveling exhibit in the city of Utica featuring collections of animals he compiled while in Florida. This advertisement ran in at least two editions of the Utica Morning Herald

Vedder's Genuine Curiosity Store Advertisement in the 1886 St. Augustine City Directory
Visit Dr. J. Vedder's Museum and Menagerie Advertisement in The Standard Guide St. Augustine by Charles B. Reynolds, published 1896.


Untitled Article from Cornell Daily Sun dated 2 Nov 1883
Edison's Electric Shark Hunt Article from The Omaha Daily Bee dated 8 Apr 1884 detailing the electrocution of a 700 lb "Demon Shark"
A Florida Museum Article from Forest and Stream dated 14 Jan 1886
Unofficial Log of the Stella Article from Forest and Stream dated 24 Mar 1887
Letter from St. Augustine, Florida Published letter dated 25 Feb 1888 from the 8 Mar 1888 edition of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal
Uticans in Florida Article from Utica Daily Observer dated 2 Apr 1889
Floridian Monsters Article from the San Francisco Chronicle dated 22 Oct 1889
The Habits of the Rattlesnake Article from Forest and Stream dated 18 Aug 1892
Letter to the Editor Article from Field and Stream dated 17 Mar 1894
The Animal World Chicago Inter-Ocean article 29 Dec 1895
Dr. John J. Vedder biography Article from the National Police Gazette dated 27 Apr 1896(portrait from article)
Remarkable Old Man Article from The Middletown [NY] Daily Argus dated 18 Sep 1896
Curious Rattlesnake Poisoning Article from Forest and Stream dated 13 Feb 1897
"Dr. Vedder's Escape Narrow" Article from The Florida Times-Union dated 26 May 1897
"Floridiana" Article from The Florida Agriculturalist dated 27 Jul 1898
Excerpt from the Fourth Annual Report of the New York Zoological Society (1900) (source: Google Books)
The Mysterious Bird Letter written by Fred Vedder, grandson of Dr. John Vedder ca. 1940

Additional Photos:

Photo of Dr. John Vedder standing in front of Treasury Street ca. 1894 (source: Shorpy Historical Photo Archive)
Photo of Vedder Museum after SAHS takeover
Rollins College photo of Vedder Museum
Hand-tinted postcard photo[from Florida Memory Project]
The Seawall , St. Augustine (Vedder Museum on far left)[from Florida Memory Project]
Sketch of Treasury Street (corner of Vedder Museum on right)
Two black men on Treasury Street ca. 1880s (window from Vedder Building on right)
Hand-tinted postcard of Treasury Street (Vedder Museum on right)
Another hand-tinted postcard of Treasury Street (Vedder Museum on right)
1890s postcard photograph of Treasury Street (notice the D on the building to the right)