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1890s Victorian Photograph Album - Printable Loose Pages

Three pages printed out A4 using Photoshop

Three Pages Printed Out A4 Size.

Here are three pages scanned from one of my Victorian Photograph Albums, they can be used to make a DIY photo album, School project, to use in a photo frame or even to repair a badly damaged album. Photographs from my sites may be printed out and mounted behind the cut-outs or pasted on to the shaped frames, though a reduction in size of some photos may be needed as I scan them larger than the normal size.

To print 1: save the images to your computer and print using a photo editor (Photoshop) to Print (gives full A4 size), your editor will say clipping will occur but this is expected - so proceed.

To print 2: Just print from Internet Explorer, the result may 3/4 fill an A4 page - set at high quality print for the illustrated ones.

Suggested card: Bright White Card 160 gsm A4. (or just white paper and stick it onto card later)

Click pages for the larger printable image - right click on larger image - to save as...

I have had a request for more pages so here they are:

New! Additional, Single Photo, Decorated Pages Album Page Four

Additional, Single Photo, Decorated Page Album Page Five

Additional, Single Photo, Decorated Page Album Page Six

Additional, Single Photo, Decorated Page Album Page Seven

Additional, Double Photo, Decorated Page Album Page Eight


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