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The splendid 60 foot church tower, built before 1620, had collapsed to the foundations

around 1690; and was re-built during the summer of 1727.


To quote from Lyson's Magna Brittania - Cornwall [1814]  "St.Evall,  in the hundred and deanery of Pyder, lies about five miles north-west  from St.Columb, which is the post office town, and in the same distance southwest  from Padstow.......


The tower of the parish church haying fallen down towards the commencement of the last century, was re-built from the foundation, and completed in 1727.


The expence, which amounted to nearly £400, was defrayed by collections in the county, aided by a contribution from the Bristol merchants, to whose vessels navigating the northsea, it is, from its loftiness, a conspicuous sea-mark. ..."



Re-building of St.Evall Tower in 1725 ( completed 1727 )

A petition addressed to the Bishop by The Vicar John Webber, The Church Wardens William Ivy and Richard Reynolds and the chief inhabitants, Simon Leach,  William Trevithick, Thomas Mitchell, James Arthur, Samuel Maye.


The church had become ruinous owing to its exposed situation. The South Hall had been re-built from the foundations and the roof of the south aisle also. The Tower had fallen down to the foundations and must be rebuilt - being a Sea-Mark of great service to mariners. The inhabitants had raised £90, of which Edmond Prideaux was treasurer. The whole cost, however will be £300 at least, they beg a Brief of the Bishop.


The Petition is also subscribed by The Rectors of St.Columb, St.Mawgan, St.Ervan, St.Breocke and Little Petherick and The Vicars of St.Merryn, Padstow and St.Issey; also by Edmond Prideaux; John Peter and Warwick Mohun.




Refer to Edmond Prideaux’s Cash Book pages

for more information on his travels to Padstow from Norfolk 1724-1727.




There is another MSS in which Edmond Prideaux has written on the fly page,

“This MSS written by Mr:

Trevithick who travell’d with Sam:

Rolls Esqr. of Heanton Devon:

Mr: Trevithick was a Cornish

:man and lived at a place called Tre:

:vimedar in the Parish of St:Evall.”

The MSS describes the journey through Europe, which The Reverend William Trevithick took, regrettably his writing is not very clear, so makes for very hard reading, quite the opposite of Edmond Prideaux’s clarity.


Thomas Trevithick of Great Trevemeder, St.Eval had two children.


A daughter, Eleanor; she married Simon Leach, son of Christopher Leach of Trevemeder, St Eval. Eleanor was buried 12th Nov 1687, Simon leach was buried 19th Mar 1672.


A son, The Rev. William Trevithick MA, born 1613 and died 15th March 1693 – there is a monument at St.Evall church, he was pastor of Petrockstow ( Devon ). He went on the Grand Tour, c1663, with Samuel Rolle, as a guardian and tutor. I feel certain that Edmond Prideaux, on reading this MSS from his father’s library, when he settled at Prideaux Place, was inspired to follow, on his own Grand Tour.



Samuel Rolle was son of Colonel Robert Rolle of Heanton, Devon.


Henry Rolle was of Padstow, ( he was the 4th son [ of twenty children! ] of George Rolle and Eleanor Dacres and he was buried at Petrockstow church, Devon ).


Henry Rolle married Mary Yeo ( heiress of Robert Rolle ) of Heanton ( Devon ); Mary Rolle died 5th Jan 1591. They had six daughters. Phillippa Rolle married John Molesworth of Pencarrow. Grace Rolle married Sir Richard Carew, Bart, of Anthony. Sir Samuel Rolle was born 1590.


Robert Yeo of Sheabeer married Elizabeth, the daughter of Fulke Prideaux of Adeston and Theuborough, by whom he had a son William.


Robert Yeo, heir, married Mary, the daughter of Bartholomew Fortescue, of Philleigh, by whom he had an only daughter, Margaret, who married Henry Rolle.




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