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Penzance, Cornwall

Architecture and Heritage

Market House & Town Hall

Changes – Lloyds Bank


Drawings (To follow later)

The Building


Market House and Town Hall, as built in 1837,

an idealistic view which does not reflect the narrowness of Market Place as it proceeds through the town.

No steps down are shown from The Terrace.

This is the drawing that Michael Colliver traced over to show his proposal for the fountain.

On that sketch of 1853 he also shows proposed steps down from The Terrace.

There was a water drinking fountain on the west face of The Market House,

on the right hand side, opposite side to the Market Cross.

The drawing does not quite tie in with this photograph of the West façade.

The building may have been altered prior to the 1925 alterations.

Photograph of a watercolour by Bouverie Hoyton,

a friend of Frederick Drewitt and who made a number

of graphic representations of schemes for the firm.

This was the first draught scheme. I do not know if the original painting has survived.

I regret to say that many pictures and drawings had been sent to

the paper recycling plant before I managed to save some.

Brand New Façade. 1925.

Quite suitably, facing Oliver Caldwell’s Nr 27 Market Place.

This was a Preston photograph, a handful were rescued.

Prestons received many commissions from the firm.


Frederick G Drewitt was a master of Colonial Neo-Classic Architecture.

The firm held the Classic Orders in good hands, but adding to it, rather than

slavishly following the standards; Palladio and Vitruvius,

as laid out in Stratton, became a part of life in the firm.


When I first joined the firm in 1962, the offices were in Lloyds Bank Chambers.

Previously they had been in Lennards Chambers, an Oliver Caldwell building.


Raymond Forward