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Penzance, Cornwall

Architecture and Heritage

The National School

and Coulsonís Granary


Richard Oxnam owned the building now named Mincarlo/Scranton House in Chapel Street.

His land extended down to the waterís edge.

When Richard Oxnam retired the land and house were sold,

becoming the property of Reverend Thomas Vyvyan.

A portion of the garden was sold off,

to build the first National School in 1834.

It was run by Edward Giddy Trembath


Edgar Hedman Lane was a master there for 14 yrs - he died in 1882 aged 42

He lived at Regent House


The National School (1834)

Standing out, above Coulsonís Granary

Benjamin Battenís House became The West Cornwall Girlís School

and continued until around 1905; See notes below.

The National School was adapted to the Boyís School in 1875.

Coulsonís Wharf & Granary were built around 1845

The Harbour at Sunset


Some COULSON references

Four brothers - Henry, John, Richard & Thomas


1 - Henry Coulson - Watchmaker of 12 Market Place

He also had a drapers and hosiery business, from which he made his fortune.

He lived at The Orchard, Alverton, where he died 29th November 1834

His wife was Margery Tonkin, of Newlyn.

They had 10 children.

Henry Tonkin Coulson - continued his father's business

Thomas Coulson - linen draper

William Coulson - linen draper

Charles Coulson - linen draper

Mary Coulson - married Charles Read of Helston - linen draper

Jane Coulson - married Samuel York - linen draper

Margery Coulson - married Richard Cornish

Catherine Coulson - married J Pender Davy

Eliza Coulson - married George Mabyn of Bath - linen draper

Ellen Coulson - married Edward Leah - surgeon


2 - John Coulson

House Painter of Penzance

married a Miss Bevan

they had 7 children

James Bevan Coulson - apprentice draper; later a timber merchant

Susan Bevan Coulson - employed at Samuel York's shop

- married James Tregarthen St Mary's Isles of Scilly 28th Oct 1849

John Coulson - draper, moved his business to Manchester

Mary Coulson - married John Tregarthen of IOS - carpenter and draper

Catherine Coulson

George Coulson

William Coulson of HM Customs Penzance

- married Ellen Allen (daughter of William Allen - winemerchant of Penzance).


3 - Richard Coulson

House Painter, Glazier and Portait Painter

Painted (as a gift) the Commandments panels on the Altar at St Mary's Church, Penzance

married Joan Carkeet of Truro

they had 5 children

Richard Coulson - painter & glazier

Nathaniel Carkeet Coulson

John Coulson - chemist, grocer, miller, merchant

- married Mary Foxell Coulson, cousin, of Devonport; later married Mary Ann Board

Mary Edith Coulson - ironmonger and china ware

Catherine Coulson - married Treveanan James of Goldsithney - metal broker and banker


4 - Thomas Coulson - master painter

- HM Dockyard, Devonport, later lived Clarence Street, Penzance

married Catherine Borlase, daughter of Walter Borlase surgeon, Penzance

they had 4 children

Thomas Coulson - Navy Office

Walter Coulson - QC Gray's Inn

William Coulson - Surgeon - married Maria Bartram

Mary Foxall Coulson - married cousin John Coulson


From the 1841 Census

At Rosevean House, Rosevean Terrace

Thomas Vigurs,63

Jane Grohbe Vigurs,55

Thomas Coulson,74


At Clarence Street

Thomas Coulson,40,Draper

Eliza Coulson,25


At Queen Street

John Coulson,64,Painter

Susan Coulson,48

Susan Coulson,20,Draper

Mary Coulson,18,Draper

Catherine Coulson,15,Draper

George Coulson,12

William Coulson,7


At Market Place

William Coulson,30,Draper

Jane Coulson,25

Jane Coulson,15m

James Coulson,23,Draper


At Market Place

Richard Coulson,70,China Dealer

Richard Coulson,20

Mary Coulson,40


At Market Place

John Coulson,35,Grocer

Mary Coulson,35

Thomas Coulson,10

Walter Coulson,7


And in the 1851 Census

In Chapel Street is Mary A. Coulson, 47yrs, a Flour Merchantís Wife

At 7 Clarence Street is Thomas Coulson, 57yrs single, A Timber & Coal Merchant

At 18 South Terrace is John Coulson, 74yrs, A Chelsea Pensioner andFormer Painter

At Penrose Terrace is William Coulson, 45yrs, A Retired Silk Mercer


In the 1861 Census

John Coulson is at 38 Chapel Street, 58yrs, A Corn, Flour & Timber Merchant

In the house built by Benjamin Batten later West Cornwall Girlís School

At Lescudjack House is Thomas Coulson, 61yrs, A Timber Merchant

At Alverton Terrace is William Coulson, 54yrs, A Retired Draper

At Coulsons Buildings is Mary C Coulson, 64yrs single, A House Proprietor

Coulsonís buildings (off Queen Street) were built at some time between the two Census records



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