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List of Shipping Registers

and Fishing Vessel Registers

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Please Note: These Indexes to the Crew Lists do not include the Crew Names.

These Records (with names) can be viewed or requested at The Cornwall Records Office.

Reference to be quoted is MSR/1/n, where n is the number given in these indexes.

For other areas visit Crew List Index Project at


Please Note :

I have photographed Registers Marked <>

and I can answer queries on them.

Eventually I hope to have photographed, and to have transcribed them all.


Falmouth Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/FAL/1              Shipping Register Index                        1843-1855

MSR/FAL/2              Shipping Register Index                        1855-1866

MSR/FAL/3              Shipping Register                                  1866-1884

MSR/FAL/4              Register of Transactions                        1849-1897

MSR/FAL/12            Shipping Register [From Entry 8]          1884-1906

MSR/FAL/13            Shipping Register [From Entry 10]        1906-1924

MSR/FAL/14            Shipping Register [From Entry 4]          1924-1947

MSR/FAL/15            Shipping Register [From Entry 6]          1947-1963

MSR/FAL/16            Shipping Register [From Entry 2]          1963-1968

MSR/FAL/17            Shipping Register [From Entry 14]        1968-1972

MSR/FAL/18            Shipping Register [From Entry 18]        1972-1976

MSR/FAL/19            Shipping Register [From Entry 4]          1976-1981

MSR/FAL/20            Shipping Register [From Entry 27]        1981-1987


Fishing Vessels

MSR/FAL/5              Register of Fishing Vessels                    1903-1923

MSR/FAL/6              Register of Fishing Vessels                    1923-1989

MSR/FAL/7             Register of Fishing Vessels                    1957-1989

MSR/FAL/8              Register of Fishing Vessels                    1967-1989

MSR/FAL/9              Register of Fishing Vessels                    1975-1989

MSR/FAL/10            Register of Fishing Vessels                    1981-1989




Looe Shipping Registers

MSR/LOO/1             Shipping Register                                  1824-1834


No Crew Lists at the Records Office



Hayle Shipping Registers

MSR/HAY/1             Shipping Register                                  1864-1879 <>

The earlier Register (c1856) has been lost.



Fowey Ships before 1700


Fowey Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/FOW/1            Shipping Register                                  1786-1823 <>

MSR/FOW/2            Shipping Register                                  1824-1833 <>

MSR/FOW/3            Shipping Register                                  1833-1844 <>

MSR/FOW/4            Shipping Register                                  1844-1855 <>

MSR/FOW/5            Shipping Register                                  1855-1872 <>

MSR/FOW/6            Shipping Register                                  1872-1890

MSR/FOW/7            Register of Transactions                        1856-1880

MSR/FOW/8            Register of Transactions                        1866-1883

MSR/FOW/9            Register of Transactions                        1880-1890

MSR/FOW/17          Shipping Register                                  1891-1949

MSR/FOW/18          Register of Transactions                        1889-1988

MSR/FOW/19          Shipping Register [From Entry 6]          1949-1988

MSR/FOW/20          Shipping Register [From Entry 6]          1970-1988

MSR/FOW/21          Register of Transactions                        1904-1985

MSR/FOW/22          Transfer Book                                      1988-1992


Fishing Vessels

MSR/FOW/10          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1902-1936

MSR/FOW/11          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1908-1989

MSR/FOW/12          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1945-1989

MSR/FOW/13          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1963-1989

MSR/FOW/14          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1972-1989

MSR/FOW/15          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1979-1989

MSR/FOW/16          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1984-1989




Truro Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/TRU/1             Shipping Register Index                        1824-1848

MSR/TRU/2             Shipping Register Index                        1848-1855

MSR/TRU/3             Shipping Register                                  1855-1909

MSR/TRU/4             Register of Shipping Vessels                 1869-1900

MSR/TRU/6             Shipping Register                                  1912-1985

MSR/TRU/7             Appropriation book                              1955-1986

MSR/TRU/8             Transfer book                                       1989-1993

[Includes Isles of Scilly]           

MSR/TRU/9             Register of Transactions                        1855-1927


Fishing Vessels

MSR/TRU/5             Register of Fishing Vessels                    1902-1989




Penzance Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/PENZ/1           Shipping register                                   1786-1823 <>

MSR/PENZ/2           Shipping register                       Apr 1830-Apr 1855 <>

MSR/PENZ/3           Shipping register                       Jun 1855-Apr 1875 <>

MSR/PENZ/4           Shipping register, transfers                    1826-1926

MSR/PENZ/19         Shipping register [From Entry 2]           1875-1923 <>

MSR/PENZ/20         Shipping register                                   1923-1974 <>

MSR/PENZ/21         Register transactions.                            1974-1986 <>

MSR/PENZ/22         Register transactions                             1986-1988 <>

MSR/PENZ/23         Appropriation book                              1855-1974 <>

MSR/PENZ/24         Transfer book [Includes St Ives]           1989-1993


Fishing Vessels

MSR/PENZ/5           Index of fishing vessels                          1869-1881 <>

MSR/PENZ/6           Index of fishing vessels                          1869-1893 <>

MSR/PENZ/7           Index to fishing vessels and transfers      1869-1902 <>

MSR/PENZ/8           Index of fishing vessels                          1894-1900 <>

MSR/PENZ/9           Index of fishing vessels                          1902-1938 <>

MSR/PENZ/10         Index of fishing vessels                          1902-1914 <>

MSR/PENZ/11         Index of fishing vessels                          1914-1937 <>

MSR/PENZ/12         Register of fishing vessels                      1938-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/13         Register of fishing vessels                      1949-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/14         Register of fishing vessels                      1966-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/15         Register of fishing vessels                      1971-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/16         Register of fishing vessels                      1977-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/17         Register of fishing vessels                      1981-1989 <>

MSR/PENZ/18         Register of fishing vessels                      1988-1989 <>




Isles of Scilly Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/SCI/1               Shipping Register                                  1786-1823 <>

MSR/SCI/2               Shipping Register                                  1824-1844 <>

MSR/SCI/3               Shipping Register                                  1844-1855 <>

MSR/SCI/4               Register of Transactions                        1855-1887 <>

MSR/SCI/6               Appropriation Book                             1855-1991 <>


Fishing Vessels

MSR/SCI/5               Register of Fishing Vessels                    1903-1989 <>




St Ives Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/IVES/1            Shipping Register                      Sep 1786-Oct 1823 <>

MSR/IVES/2            Shipping Register                      Jan 1824-Dec 1830 <>

MSR/IVES/3            Shipping Register                      Feb 1831-Apr 1844 <>

MSR/IVES/4            Shipping Register                      Apr 1844- Apr 1855 <>

MSR/IVES/5            Shipping Register                      Jun 1855- Apr 1879 <>

MSR/IVES/6            Transactions Book                                1854-1901 <>

MSR/IVES/7            Register of Transfers                             1882-1896

MSR/IVES/8            Register of Transfers                             1901-1917

MSR/IVES/13          Shipping Register                                  1880-1950 <>

MSR/IVES/14          Transactions Book                                1934-1986 <>

MSR/IVES/15          Appropriation book                              1855-1992

MSR/IVES/16          Registry Papers                                    Undated


Fishing Vessels

MSR/IVES/9            Register of Fishing Vessels                    1882-1902

MSR/IVES/10          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1902-1989

MSR/IVES/11          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1973-1989

MSR/IVES/12          Register of Fishing Vessels                    1887-1989




Padstow Registers

Shipping Registers

MSR/PAD/1             Shipping Register                                  1824-1831

MSR/PAD/2             Shipping Register                                  1831-1848

MSR/PAD/3             Shipping Register                                  1848-1854

MSR/PAD/4             Shipping Register                                           1855

MSR/PAD/5             Shipping Register                                  1855-1869

MSR/PAD/6             Shipping Register                                  1869-1879

MSR/PAD/7             Shipping Register                                  1880-1892

MSR/PAD/8             Register of Transactions                        1855-1871

MSR/PAD/14           Shipping Register                                  1893-1987

MSR/PAD/15           Register of Transactions                        1901-1988

MSR/PAD/16           Appropriation book                              1855-1989

MSR/PAD/17           Shipping Transfers                                1988-1992


Fishing Vessels

MSR/PAD/9             Register of Fishing Vessels                    1879-1980

MSR/PAD/10           Register of Fishing Vessels                    1902-1989

MSR/PAD/11           Register of Fishing Vessels                    1961-1989

MSR/PAD/12           Register of Fishing Vessels                    1975-1989

MSR/PAD/13           Register of Fishing Vessels                    1986-1989





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