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Hearts of Oak

SS Amazon


Destruction of the Steamship by Fire with Great Loss of Life


Passengers & Crew Announcement

[Reported in The Times 8th January 1852]


It is possible that other boats besides those seen may have got away from the burning wreck,

for there were nine altogether,

three of which were swamped,

three floating off with their cargoes,

and three still remaining unaccounted for.


Passengers Feared Lost.

Messrs. De Pass and Delgado,

Mr. Fellows and

Rev Mr and Mrs Winton, Jamaica;

Mr Best and servant,

Messrs Callendar and Stirling and

Mr Johnston, Mr Burnett and

Mr & Mrs Scotand, Trinidad;

Mr Hick and

Mr & Mrs M'Clinnow, Demerera;

Mr Eliot Warburton;

Mr Gerard,

Mr Alleyne, Barbados;

Msr and Madame Lacombe and child,

Msr Kersaboo,

Mr Dellamare, Chagres;

Mr M. Del Rio,

Margaret Fitzgerald,

Mr Fevrier, and

Mr Joel, Jamaica;

Mr Cuming and

Mr Cardennas, Santa Martha;

Mr Anthony, and

Mr Hamilton, Jamaica;


Grace Hoare,

Mr Granier, Vera Cruz;

Mr Crevecowst, St. Thomas;

Mr Le Faye, Guada loupe.

[Feared Lost but Found Later]

Mr Glennie, Vera Cruz;

Miss Smyth, Porto Rico;

Lieutenant Grylls RN

Mr Evans, St. Thomas;

Mr Kilkelly

Mr Blood

Mr Cinna

Mr Barincose

Mr Stryboo


Three passengers saved.

Mr Hawkes, Ver Cruz;

Mr Neilson, Demerera;

Mr Sisley, Chagres.


Crew Feared Lost

William Symonds, commander;

Henry Roberts, 34, chief officer, Gosport;

Charles H. Treweeke, 29, second officer, Illogan;

John Lewis, 23, third officer, Kingston, Jamaica;

George D. Goodridge, 21, fourth officer, Paignton;

James W. Fullerton, 37, surgeon, county of Donegal;

M. H Strutt, 33, purser, Middlesex;

Francis Stainforth, 16, midshipman, East Indies;

William K Stuart, 15, midshipman, Tallyhog;

Thomas Walter Shapcott, 28, purserís assistant, Southampton;

David Davis, 40, boatswain, Cardigan;

James Murchis, 34, carpenter, Ayr;

James Bryant, 26, carpenterís mate and joiner, Downton, Wilts;

Joseph Kay, 41, master-at-arms, Bolton;

William Martin, 33, quartermaster, Fareham;

Richard Carter, 20, AB, Poplar;

Peter Kelly, 19, AB, Aberdeen;

Samuel Perry, 20, AB, Harton;

Richard L Tammadge, 34, AB, Hilsea;

William Foy, 21, AB, Althorpe;

Thomas Hart, 33, AB, Kent;

Squire Glen, 34, AB, Greenock;

John Clarke, 39, AB, Burnham;

William Stevenson, 23, AB, Ayr;

James Dove, 36, AB, Isle of Wight;

George Holah, 29, shipís cook, Mile End;

John Forse, 36, officerís servant, Exeter;

William Fox, 17, boy, Falmouth;

Daniel Trimming, 18, boy, Koyel;

Charles Leddra, 17, boy, St Ives;

George Angus, 34, chief engineer, Dunbar;

Andrew Ferguson, 25, fifth engineer, Greenock;

Frederick Davey, 26, sixth engineer, Exeter;

Charles Flemington, 29, fireman, Morton;

George Reeves, 22, fireman, Brading;

John Fowler, 38, fireman, Old Ford;

Nathan Wigley, 32, fireman, Paulís Cray;

Peter MíKirdy, 33, fireman, Rothsea;

John Richards, 29, fireman, Millbrooke;

Robert Furl, 36, fireman, Portsea;

William Paine, 38, fireman Southampton;

John W Watts, 23, fireman, Southampton;

William Scott, 29, fireman, Harwich;

William J Lane, 31, fireman, Lymington;

Henry Day, 22, fireman, Walton;

W Jarman, 30, coal-trimmer, Portsea;

Abraham Bundy, 33, coal trimmer, Leap;

John Potter, 23, coal-trimmer, Wylie;

Samuel Lees, 35, coal-trimmer, Wolverhampton;

Thomas Forder, 32, coal-trimmer, Sutton;

W Norris, 18, engineerís servant, Southampton;

W G Lambert, 24, waiter, Chatham;

W Adams, 21, waiter, Shirley;

John Bance, 20, waiter, Southampton;

John Blake, 38, bedroom steward, Hopton;

Thomas Philpott, 34, foreroom steward, Ramsgate;

Robert Daniel, 23, saloon cook, Bethnal Green;

Debray Theophile, 30, French cook, France;

Charles Mills, 25, second cook and scullion, Hursley;

Joseph Kirby, 36, baker, Southampton;

John Watson, 22, boots, Southampton;

James E Stroud, 26, butcher and stock keeper, Thatcham;

Frederick Falkner, 33, store keeper, Middlesex;

E Scott, 44, stewardess, Banff;

George Gerrin, 17, boy, Helin;

Thomas James Brown, 18, able seaman, Hants.

[Feared Lost but Found Later]

George Deal, 26, quartermaster, Bridport;

Daniel Brown, 27, AB, Yarmouth;

George Webb, 34, AB, Southampton;

Henry Wright, 28, AB, Gosport;

John M W Rogers, 28, AB, London;

Joseph Welsman, 20, AB, Devonport;

Richard Harris, 16, dispensary boy, Isle of Wight;

William Angus, 32, second engineer, Dunbar;

William Stone, 37, fourth engineer, Ludgvan;

Isaac Robarts, 36, boiler-maker, Holyhead;

John Lamont, 22, fireman, Jersey;

Charles Lang, 44, fireman, Alverstoke;

Michael Fox, 36, fireman, Blarney;

George Harding, 26, fireman, Crayford;

Thomas Atwood, 30, fireman, at sea;

Alexander King, 33, quartermaster, Stromness;

George Tucker, 21, coal-trimmer, Walton;

W Goodman, 32, coal-trimmer, London;

Charles Deudney, 25, coal-trimmer, Hastings;

W Lucas, 20, coal-trimmer, Dorsetshire;

Henry Carter, 21, coal trimmer, Southampton;

W Wall, 25, coal-trimmer, Wickham;

Angus MíInnes, 27, lamp-trimmer, Fort William;

Michael Gould, 41, head waiter, Kingsend;

F S Wall, 15, boy, Southampton;


Crew saved

Mr Vincent jnr, midshipman;

James Williamson, chief steward;

John Dunford, quartermaster;

W Foster, AB;

Thomas Carney, AB;

James Maylin, AB;

James Mowatt, AB;

William Stears, AB;

J H Passmore, AB;

H Williams, AB;

William Stevenson, AB;

John Nerink, AB;

William Nutman, water tender;

James White,fireman;

John Shearing,fireman;

Charles Thorn, fireman;

W Dumuor,trimmer;

George King, trimmer.




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