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This site contains the family history of a CHAPLIN family who, for 200 or so years from c 1696,
lived mainly in the parishes of Earls Colne and Halstead in Essex, England


Gareth Hicks


















James Chaplin the first [Sarah Ellis]

The Caplin families in Earls Colne

James Chaplin 1704 [Elizabeth Tiffen]

James Chaplin 1733 [Mary Eaves]

Jeffrey Chaplin 1772 [Susan Moore]

James Chaplin 1806 [Mary Harrington]

William Chaplin 1827 [Hannah Lewsey]

Ernest Walter Chaplin 1872  [Elizabeth Sophia Whitham]

The children of Ernest Walter Chaplin



















This narrative  attempts to tell the story of the Chaplin family which as currently researched spans most of the last 300 years.

It is largely based in the  Earls Colne, Halstead and adjacent parishes in the county of Essex.

The narrative  is dedicated to Ernest Walter Chaplin, my wife's maternal grandfather, who was born in Halstead in 1872, he spent most of his adult life as a police constable in the Hornsey area of London.

Since  the initial Chaplin research was done,  there has appeared online the amazingly detailed Earls Colne site 'Records of an English Village 1375-1854' which should be referred to by anyone interested in this parish.

Researcher's note

The accuracy and quality of the underlying research is a variable, with near 100% certainty only assured usually after the 1837 Civil Registration Act and within the 1841/1901 census availability period. However the reader will observe many inconsistencies in census facts e.g ages.

John Hicks , Devon 1997


The Caplin families in Earls Colne




I haven't made any direct link from these CAPLIN families of E/C to the earliest known likely Chaplin ancestor, James Chaplin the first
It seems that this James Chaplin was probably born (at least 'of that parish' on marriage) in Little Braxted parish and of course the family lived there for 6 years after marriage in E/C.
Anyway, there seems no James candidate for him amongst the CAPLIN families below.

The earliest Chaplin variant spelling found on the E/C site  is in 1630 but although there are common christian names between the two sets of names my gut feeling is that Caplin and Chaplin are separate families.There are in fact some examples  from the E/C site of variants of Caplin  being given as Chaplin, and vice-versa - errors ?

The Earls Colne site 'Records of an English Village 1375-1854'  collects all the following variants under Caplin for indexing purposes;


I have identified two separate Richard CAPLIN families in Earls Colne in the C17, the various events/details are listed below split into the two groups.

The Richard Caplin who died in 1709 refers to his 'deceased father Richard Capline' in his will - which implies that these two are actually father & son.

Apart from a Mary Caplin in 1711/12 no other Caplin bapts were seen in Earls Colne in the period searched i.e 1692-1725.

In the data below, entries more recently obtained from the Earls Colne online site have the event date shown in full  e.g 10 Dec 1642 Rich Caplyn

Here are a selection of the many Caplin related references on the Earls Colne site, whether spelled Caplin or Chaplin etc I'm sure these all refer to Caplin family - and the majority are spelled Caplin



The only Caplin marriage in period on Boyds index is;

1641 in Great Dunmow [15/20 mls west of E/C], the register entry is;

The above  Chancery Depositions reference in 1662 to Rich Caplin, maltster aged 42yrs suggests that this Richard was born in 1620 which ties in well enough with his 1641 marriage.

There are no Caplin bapts in Gt Dunmow 1641/48.

Baptisms in E/Colne to Richard/Mary Caplin/Caplyn ............


E/C site

These further extracts from the E/C site are interesting  -  
There was another Nicholas Caplin who died c 1659 (with a son John), how connected to Richard?    
There was a White Colne Caplin link.
Nicholas was 'of London'; and a Richard Caplin was his attorney



This Richard is presumably the one baptised to the above couple - 10 Dec 1642 Rich Caplyn to Rich/Mary.

No marriage yet seen, Boyds needs to be checked again.

Baptisms in E/Colne to Richard/Anne Caplin..............

We have copy (also on the E/C in full) of this Richard's will, he died in 1709, called himself   "Richard Capline the elder of Earls Colne, innholder".
From his will we see he lived at the White Hart.
Apart from the key reference "my deceased father Rich Capline ", he makes specific bequests to his children named as follows;

The will also refers to various properties;


On the E/C site are these references to Richard Caplin  presumably the above son born c 1684

On the E/C site are these references to Nicholas Caplin, presumably the above son born in 1680

On the E/C site are these references to a John Caplin, the son of the above Nicholas born in 1680

 On the E/C site is this reference to a Mary Caplin presumably the daughter bapt 1676 and  mentioned in the 1709 will of Rich Caplin - indicates the White Hart still in the Caplin family in 1740



James Chaplin the first




Unable to find a baptism for this James Chaplin in Earls Colne, the registers for Little Braxted only go back to 1730.

In Earls Colne are various baptisms, marriages and burials for two distinct CAPLIN families, see that section, but we haven't found a  baptismal Caplin/Chaplin link for this James Chaplin

There are these several entries on the E/C site which show that Chaplin variant spelling was certainly to be found in this area pre 1700.
In particular that there were Chaplin males called John (wife Susan) ; Thomas (also the younger) (wife Mary & son John) & a Peter in the parish  - but no baptism/marriage entries seen for them


James Chaplin married Sarah Ellis in 1696 in Earls Colne parish, they were single persons, by banns, he was said to be "of Little Braxted" which tiny parish is c 10 miles due south of E/Colne.

On the E/C site there is this Settlement Certificate reference which implies that the couple lived in Braxted immediately after their marriage in E/C - but see son James's possible Chapman name baptism in E/C in 1696/7 naming Sarah ELLIS as the mother. Also possible daughter Sarah Chapman in 1698 in E/C.
Perhaps the explanation is that Sarah went back to her mother in E/C to have her children -  hence the baptisms in E/C?


Their other children;



Previously thought to have been baptised in 1696/7 in Earls Colne
But we now see on the  E/C site a baptism for a Rich Chaplin, son of Jas Chaplin in 1706  - (NB. only father's name shown.....)

He married Elizabeth Austin in 1729 in Earls Colne.
In fact her name probably Alston, twin daughter of Barth Alston and Eliz Alston born and christened 29.7.1696
More family data on the E/C site

This may be their burials on the E/C site

 E/C site, is it  this Richard?


Their children, all baptised in Earls Colne, were;


Baptised 1732, probably married Elizabeth May in 1757/9, children James (1762) and John.

On the E/C site his baptism entry is slightly different

Elizabeth's burial on the E/C site

Son John's baptism on the E/C site, a month after his mother's burial


Baptised 1739/40

A previous Richard was bapt in January 1735/6, buried 3 months later.

Probably married Sarah Middleton in 1767, son Richard.(1770)



Baptised 1737



one unnamed baptism in the register, in 1734


......end of children of Richard/Elizabeth Chaplin ...............


Sarah (?)

There is this  baptism in E/C in 1697/8 for a Sarah Chapman, previously assumed to be a mis-transcription for Chaplin but family not in E/C until 1702.
However, see under James  re his possible Chapman name baptism - with mother named as Sarah ELLIS, and we didn't find a Chapman marriage in period - hmm

 An alternative E/C site baptism for a Sarah to this couple

These E/C site  baptism & Overseers entry  may not be anything to do with this Sarah either but can't find any more likely candidate



Baptised 1703/4 in Earls Colne - 2 entries on the E/C site

First wife  Elizabeth Godfrey


Their children, all baptised in Earls Colne , were;


Baptised 1728, probably married Susanna Eves in 1755, children named James (1756) and John (1757).

Allowing for assumptions, have the latter John's ancestral line down to 1891 in Halstead.

Now see another baptism for a John on the E/C site - no sign of the first one dying though

Baptism on E/C site for another child

E/C site


Baptised 1733, aged 2, otherwise unseen.


Baptised 1733, otherwise unseen.


Baptised 1735, otherwise unseen.


Was this E/C site baptism entry an earlier John than the one below ?

Baptised 1738

Possible burial in 1744 (although the E/.C site entry is unclear as to which child died)



John's first wife Elizabeth was buried in 1745,


His second marriage was in 1747 in Earls Colne to Elizabeth Gullifant

Their children, all baptised in Earls Colne were;

There is a burial in 1747 for "a child of John Chaplin", one week after the bapt of Mary and Henry.

......end of children of John/Elizabeth Chaplin ..............


Sarah Ellis

Wife of James Chaplin

Born in Earls Colne c 1671, dau of John Ellis [born c1639 in Earls Colne, buried 1700 or 1709, see below] and Sarah [Hatch], siblings were Richard, Ann, William and Mary.  

Sarah  buried in Earls Colne in 1711/12.

Her father's parents were another John Ellis [born 1609 in Earls Colne] and Elizabeth, siblings were Elizabeth, Richard and Jeffery.
This John Ellis  buried in 1700 or 1709 in Earls Colne, probably 1709 as 1700 entry refers to John Ellis the younger.

Her father's grand parents were Richard Ellis [born c 1589 died c 1638 in Earls Colne] and Agnes, siblings were Anna, Richard and Henry.



James Chaplin 1704 (1697?)




Assumed son  of James Chaplin, the first

Previously assumed that this James Chaplin's baptism, the given name appearing illegible, was in 1704 in Earls Colne, the son of James and Sarah Chaplyn.
But from the E/C site that one appears to have been for brother John
There is however this entry on the E/C site, see also Sarah's bapt entry re Chapman name .

So, is this James ?


He married Elizabeth Tiffen in 1726 in next door White Colne parish.
Entry hard to decipher but seems to say he was of  " of South H......"


Their other children

James (the first one)

Baptised 18 June 1727 and buried 8 Sept 1727



Baptised 1729

A Richard Chaplin married Elizabeth Cobb in 1751 in Little Tey parish.
Both single persons and of Gt Tey, by banns which were published in Gt Tey.

A Richard Chaplin was buried in 1813 aged 88 [1725] in Halstead, any connection?


There is this burial entry on the E/C site, could this be  this Richard ?



Baptised 1735, possible marriage in 1758 to Mary Debeney who died in 1763.

Probable child's baptism on E/C site

He married again, to Hannah Heidon in 1767 in Earls Colne, they had 4 children, Hannah (1768), Thomas (1772), John (?) and William (1774).
The mother and two of the children (Hannah & Thomas) all died in 1785.

Also appears to have been another son called James

E/C site baptism


Burial of a John Chaplin 1796



E/C site baptism

No marriage in E/C, but a Thomas Chaplin married Sara Heard in 1770 in Halstead, might  be him.

Baptisms at St Andrews, Halstead - the childrens names[James/Elizabeth] could tie them in to 'our' Thomas.


......... end of children of James/Elizabeth Chaplin ..................


Elizabeth Tiffen

Wife of James Chaplin 1704

She was baptised in Earls Colne in 1704 but born in 1700.

Her brother John was baptised on the same day.

Her brother Thomas was baptised in 1694, also in Earls Colne

Their parents were Benjamin and Susanna Tiffin, said to be "of White Colne".

No marriage on Boyds Index for the parents.

Benjamin Tiffin was buried in White Colne in 1728.




James Chaplin 1733




Son (assumed) of James Chaplin 1704 (1697?)

Probable baptism entry on E/C site

 Although the names of his grandparents are reasonably certain the identity of this James's Chaplin's parents is less so because there are three James Chaplin baptisms in Earls Colne in the period 1727/33 where the fathers are almost certainly three brothers i.e Richard, John and James  - the sons of James and Sarah Chaplin.

We have in fact assumed his father to be James (and made similar assumptions regarding the other two Jameses allocated to Richard and John) and that he was baptised in 1733 in Earls Colne.


The first marriage of this James Chaplin

1754 in Aldham parish to a Sarah Bateman. James was "of Earls Colne".

There is a possible baptism for Sarah Bateman on the E/C site - Sarah Bateman an adult christened 8.6.1729
There was a Wm & Sarah Bateman couple christening children in the parish at this time.

Sarah Chaplyn, wife of James Chaplin, was buried in 1765 in the parish of Earls Colne just 10 days after her daughter Susanna's baptism.


Their children;



E/C site baptism



E/C site baptism

 In 1789 in Halstead a Elizabeth Chaplin married Daniel Newton, could be this one



E/C site baptism

Who also died age 5 in 1765 as did his mother Sarah (his burial entry only gives father's name)

In fact there are two burial entries on the E/C site, one presumably refers to a different John



E/C site baptism

E/C site burial, may be this one



E/C site baptism

Likely marriage on Earls Colne P/reg in 1782 to Anthony Moull of Aldham.


James's second marriage

1766, a widower, in Earls Colne parish, to Mary Eaves.

Probable burial for this James Chaplin in 1792 in Earls Colne.


His other son by Mary Eaves


E/C site baptism

Married Judith Hales in 1799 in Earls Colne, they had children named Hannah and Sarah.

The 1841 census entry from the E/C site

Coggeshall Road

And the 1851 entry for the same family

102 Coggeshall Road


Mary Eaves

Unable to find a baptism for Mary in c 1746 in Earls Colne.

Or for her likely sister Susan [who married another James Chaplin in 1755 ].

The adjacent parish registers of Colne Engaine and White Colne were also searched unsuccessfully, the latter register does have two male Eaves baptisms in that period .

Her possible parents are John Eves and Sarah Davy who married in White Colne in 1732 , the baptism for their son James seen in 1734 in White Colne.

Other options are in Gt Tey parish where a Susanna and a Mary AVES were bapt in 1729/31 to parents James/Susanna, or even, a Mary bapt in 1734 to John/Anne EVERS.


Mary Chaplin, widow, was buried 28 Sept 1806 in Earls Colne.



Jeffrey Chaplin 1772




Son of James Chaplin 1733

E/C site baptism


Jaffry Chaplyn, of Earls Colne, married Susan Moore in Colne Engaine in 1793, he was a husbandman.

According to the children's baptisms they moved from Earls Colne to Halstead between 1797 and 1806.

Likely burial in Halstead in 1819, Jeffrey Chaplin , age 46 .


Their other children



Baptised 1797, this his entry on the E/C site which makes his birth year 1794

An ag.lab/husbandman , he married Mary Lewsy in 1813, they lived in Greensted Green,Halstead, their children named William, Mary Anne, Jeffrey, Elizabeth, Jonathan and Sarah.  Jeffrey, a farm lab then was still alive in 1871, age 79, widowed.



Baptism entry on E/C site

She married in 1816 to William May.



May have been a son of this name, baptism not seen or any other sighting but this one.
His dau Elizabeth married Daniel Newby in 1838 and her father said to be a Joseph Chaplin.
His mother Susan was living with the Eliz.Newby in 1851, assumed to be her grand mother..



Baptised in 1806 in Halstead - aged 6, married in 1822 to William Howers.



Baptised in 1808 and/or 1811 in Halstead [presumably the first John died, there is a matching burial entry in 1809], an ag.lab, he married a Mary or Maria , they lived in Burtons Green, Halstead , their children named Louisa, Ann, Susanna , Elijah and Arthur.



Baptised 1817 in Halstead, possibly married Daniel Newby in 1822.


Susan Moore

Wife of Jeffrey Chaplin 1772

Baptised in 1772 in Colne Engaine, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna Moore.
[also a baptism for a previous Susanna in 1770 who presumably died]

Other children's baptisms to Benjamin/Susanna Moore in period are;

Benjamin/Susan's marriage not seen but in 1739 a Ben Moore married Eliz Gool, widow, in White Colne where there was also a baptism in 1745 for Benjamine More to this couple.
Looks like Susan's father and grandparents, latter's daughter Elizabeth baptised in 1741.

A Mary Moor was baptised in 1723, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Moore, latter possibly Susan's great grandparents ?

The More name was seen in next door Earls Colne as early as 1582.

Census entries

Susan Moore was buried in 1853 in Halstead, age 81 [of Gate house yard ]



James Chaplin 1806




Son of Jeffrey Chaplin 1772

James Chaplin was baptised in 1806 in Halstead, the son of Jeffrey/Susan Chaplin.

He married Mary Harrington in 1822 at St Andrews Church, Halstead, by banns.
Both " of this parish ", both made their mark.
It seems they were also both aged 16/17 at the time although the register does not indicate that they were below "the age of majority " when they would have needed parental consent.

Their first child was not baptised until 1st April 1823 so there does not appear any reason for haste !

His occupation varies between ag.lab and husbandman.

They lived in Halstead throughout their lives.

Census entries

James's mother Susan was a widow living with Daniel/Eliza Newby on the 1841 census.

A Thomas Newby is Daniel's father, presumably the father of Abigail and the above Thomas as well ?
Susan Chaplin is Eliza's mother or grand mother ?

James was widowed in 1851, he then married Abigail Newby in 1860 in Halstead, he was aged 54 and she was 46, her father was Thomas Newby, husbandman.
Witnesses were William and Hannah Chaplin, presumably his son and daughter in law

Abigail had also died by 1881.

James was alive in 1881, his death not traced yet.

Their other children;


Baptised in 1823, unseen thereafter.


Baptised in 1824, unseen thereafter.


Baptised in 1827, unseen thereafter and a doubt exists on whether his register entry is a mistake.


Baptised in 1830, married a Caroline, an ag.lab, lived in Parsonage St, Halstead, had children named Eliza, George and Albert.


Baptised in 1831, unseen after 1851 when age 20.


Baptised in 1833 [92 baptisms same day], on 1851 age 18.

On 1881 census below;

Beerhouse, Burtons Green (next door was James Chaplin, Hannah's father)

Additional data ;

Dau - Sarah Ann Emberson, born 1857; Son -  Walter Emberson, 1858-1871; Dau - Eliza A Emberson, born 1860; Dau -  Ellen, born 1866; Dau - Elizabeth Emberson, born 1863, ( married ? French, had children Bertie Charles French, 1890; Gertrude French 1891.)

Hannah died in 1894


Baptised in 1837, unseen after 1851 when age 14.


Mary Harrington

Wife of  James Chaplin 1806

Unable to find Mary's baptism in Halstead c 1806.

But there is a baptism in 1802 for a Mary to a Samuel and Mary Harrington.

One possibility is that both the 1851 and death ages were wrong and this is her, her declared 1841 census age was 50 which may or may not have been caused by confusion over the " rounding down to nearest 5 years" rule  of that census?  But husband James got it right !

Another possible theory, Samuel /Mary Harrington had two other children baptised, Elizabeth in 1808 and Samuel in 1811, could it be that the 1802 Mary died and another was born c 1806?
Otherwise the 6 year gap looks odd.
But no burial for a Mary Harrington c 1802/06 in Halstead register.

Three other Harrington couples were baptising children in Halstead in this period .

Mary's death certificate shows she died 15 August 1851 in Halstead, age 45, wife of James Chaplin, labourer, cause of death, " haemoptysis some weeks ", informant Mary Chaplin in attendance.

This latter Mary Chaplin likely the wife of Jeffery Chaplin, James's brother.

Her age at death tends to confirm her birth in 1806 and that she was only age 16 at marriage in 1822.
Two other Mary Harringtons were married c 1817 in Halstead, they also were c 16/17 years old.



William Chaplin 1827




Son of James Chaplin 1806

William Chaplin was baptised in 1827 in Halstead [100 baptisms that day], the son of James and Mary Chaplin.

He married Hannah Lewsey on 28 Feb 1847 after Banns at the Church of St James the Apostle, parish of Holy Trinity, Halstead.
Both of full age and living at Burtons Green, both made a mark, he was a laborer.
His father shown as James Chaplin, laborer, her father as William Lewsy, laborer.
Witnesses were William Chaplin, made his mark and a Maria Chaplin.

They lived at Burtons Green, Halstead at least until 1872 when son Ernest born, in Feering parish in 1881 and Gt Coggeshall parish in 1891.

Census entries

1851 Greenstead Gr

This entry probably them despite inconsistencies, i.e was Sarah really Hannah ?

1861 census Halstead, Burtons Green

1871 Burtons Green

On 1881 census at Thrift Wood Lane, Feering, Essex

1891 census Braintree, Gt Coggeshall parish, at Bundock Wood,cottage

Which son was g/son Bertie's father ?
Bertie born c 1887 so his father born c 1867? William born 1866 and Herbert 1869, could be either.


Their other children


Shown with parents on 1861 census age 14, born Halstead.

Not with them on 1871 or 1881 census

No sign of him on 1881 census index age c 34 in Essex,Herts or Middx, had he died or moved right away?



Shown with parents on 1861 census Halstead, aged 11.

Also 1871 age 21.

Eliza Chaplin  married a Walter Owers (b1850 in Earl's Colne)

Their children:-

1881 census, living in the High Street,Stisted. Walter and Eliza with George,Elizabeth and Florence.  Charles was with grandparents

A witness at brother Ernest's 1896 wedding was an Elizabeth Sarah Owers



Shown with parents on 1861 census Halstead, age 8.

Not with them on 1871 census.

On the 1881 census index for Essex, at High St Gt Wakering

Eli married Ann Anderson at Great Wakering.

He was drowned in 1895 (when moving cattle by raft between Wakering and one of the islands in the area) together with his son (Alfred Austin Chaplin aged 14) and a Job Chaplin whom we have no idea about.
Understand that a son was also lost when the raft capsized.

Ann continued to live in High St. Great Wakering.

Their children ;-



Shown with parents on 1861 census, age 6.

Also in 1871 aged 16, said to be a cripple.

Not with them in 1881

On the 1881 census  there is a Sarah listed as living at Henhams Farm, Stisted, Essex.
She is listed as a general servant aged 26 and birth place as Burton's Green. The age is right but there is no mention of her being a cripple as in the 1871 census.


Mary Ann

Shown with parents on 1861 census age 3.

Also 1871 age 12, silk fctry winder.



With parents on 1861 census Halstead age 1 month..Also 1871 age 10.

And on 1881 census at Thrift Wood Lane, Feering, age 20, labourer .

Not with them at Bundock Wood in 1891 , unseen.



Shown on 1881 census with parents, age 17, silk weaver .

Also 1871 age 8, sch.

Alice married George Amos on 26/9/1885, they lived in Coggeshall, Essex.

Alice died in 1933.




Shown with parents in Burtons Green on 1871 census age 5.

Not with them in 1881, no sign of him on 1881 Index for Essex, Herts or Middx

My wife thinks her mum [Esther dau of Ernest Walter] spoke of an 'uncle Bill' who died of a wasp sting.



Shown on 1881 census with parents, age 12 .

Also 1871 age 2.

With them at Bundock Wood in 1891, age 21, labourer.

Probable witness on brother Ernest's marriage certificate in 1896, down as Herbert U [?] Chaplin.



Hannah Lewsey

Wife of William Chaplin 1827

Hannah was born in 1827 in Halstead, daughter of William and Hannah Lewsey.

Her father William was a husbandman, they lived very close to William Chaplin's family in Burtons Green.

William Lewsey married Hannah Brown in 1823, they had 8 children [a widower, he had previously been married to Hannah Pudney who died in 1819 aged 34, they had 4 children].

Census entries

William Lewsey was baptised in 1791 in Earls Colne, son of Jonathan and Ann Lewzy.

J onathan Lusey married Ann Rayner in 1790 in Earls Colne, names of 2 other children seen.
[Jonathan had previously been married to a Susan who died in 1789, they had 7 children.].

A likely baptism for Jonathan was in Wakes Colne parish in 1752 i.e John son of John Lusy.
The probable marriage for the parents is in nearby Mount Bures parish, on 25 Dec 1750, John Lusy of Colne Wake, to Mary Cant of ?, by banns.
A John Lewsey was baptised in the same parish in 1720, no father's name, noted as " age above 20 ", could be the eldest  John Lusy's baptism entry.



Ernest Walter Chaplin 1872




Son of William Chaplin 1827

Ernest Walter Chaplin was born on 23 January 1872 in Burtons Green, Halstead, the son of William and Hannah Chaplin.

He married Elizabeth Sophia Whitham at St John the Baptist Church, Leytonstone in February 1896, he was aged 24, a police constable, she was 22.
Witnesses were Herbert Chaplin, his brother, and Elizabeth Sarah Owers, possibly his sister.

They then lived at Leytonstone, probably her home.

When son George born in August 1896 they lived at 47 St Mary's Hill, Hornsey.

Otherwise mainly at 29 Campsbourne Rd, Hornsey, we think.

Although on 1911 census at 16 Westfield Rd, Hornsey, Edmonton

When Ernest retired from the police he was variously a bailiff's "bum" and a mortuary attendant .
There is a family story about his Second World War exploits in the London blitz, being in charge of corpses allowed him to collect such items as artificial limbs and gold teeth fillings !

He died in Hornsey on the 21st October 1947, aged 75, he had a stroke and had been bed ridden for some time.
He was cremated at Golders Green.

Their children are listed in the next section


Elizabeth Sophia Whitham

Wife of Ernest Walter Chaplin

She was born on 25 Jan 1874 'nr Castle, Woodford', the daughter of George and Esther Whitham, he was a smith & farrier

Elizabeth Sophia died on 14 June 1935 aged 61, thought to be whilst having an operation at the Royal Northern Hospital, Hornsey
Buried at the Gt Northern Cemetery, New Southgate.

Her father George was baptised in 1832 in Woodford, the son of Thomas/Elizabeth Whitham.
He married Esther [or Hester] Parrish in 1856 in Poplar
Esther was born in Harlow, the daughter of George and Sarah  Parrish, a hurdle maker.
Their other children are as shown on the 1881 census below

George Whitham was shown as deceased on his daughter's wedding cert in 1896.

Census entries

1881 census,at 1 Mill Lane, Woodford, Essex,

1891 census they are not at Mill Lane, Woodford, unseen.


Kellys Directory Essex 1882;

1.Woodford bridge, George Witham, blacksmith, Mill Lane.


The Whitham connection

Thomas Whitham, [father of the above George], a labourer, was baptised in 1796 in Woodford, the son of Thomas and Charlotte Whitham. His marriage to Elizabeth has not been found.

The next Thomas Whitham was baptised in 1770 in Woodford, the son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Whitham.

Thomas married Charlotte Brewer in 1793 in Woodford

Jonathan Whitham, baptism c 1738 not found, married Elizabeth Crabb in 1758 in Magdalen Laver parish.


The Parrish connection.

George Parrish [Esther's father]  was baptised in 1814 in Harlow. He married Sarah Billings in 1833 in Harlow.

His parents were John and Sarah Parrish, her maiden name Cass, they were married in Harlow church in 1795.
The latter's other children were John 1796, James 1798, Charles 1802, Rebecca 1806, Sarah and Eliza 1808, Elizabeth 1811. (I have some more data on these children and their families)

1841 census Shelley

1851 census index,.folio 488, Harlow,

1881 census index, New Way Lane, Harlow



The children of Ernest Walter Chaplin