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Jones Photographs 2

These two contributed by Ben Jones, May 2004

This is the headstone of the grave at Aberduar Chapel cemetery, Llanybydder.
The inscriptions are as below, I assume that that of Rees Jones, the son, who died in Salonika in WWI is a memorial only, I also wonder about the father's entry who died in Cwmgors, Llangiwg.

" Er cof am Elizabeth gwraig Rees Jones Ivy Bush, Glanduar. Bu farw Rhagfyr 14eg 1887 yn 36 oed.

Gwyliwch am hynn am na wyddoch na'r dydd na'r awr y daw mab y dyn."

"Hefyd am y dywededig Rees Jones, bu farw Mai 15ed, 1920 yn 72 oed."

"Hefyd ei mab Rees Jones. Bu farw yn Salonika, Hydref 6ed 1918 yn 37 oed."

Jones headstone


This next one is at the wedding on 23rd October 1919 of Hettie Jones, daughter of Rees Jones(1849). She married John Jones, known as John Penhow. From the left they are Maggie (Hettie's half sister), John Penhow, Ben Jones (standing - Hettie's brother), Hettie, and an unknown assumed best man.

Jones wedding


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