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Taborin North Carolina


Chatham Co Abstract of North Carolina Wills
  1798 Tabor, Thomas; Amos, Philip, Delilah and Collier
Henderson Co Henderson Co NC Will Abstracts 1861-1910
  3/18/1892 pro 11/26/1892 John Pitill. wife Nancy C.....eldest dau. Mary Tabor....3rd dau Orra Stepp...
  5/10/1881 pro 2/10/1882 Allen Taber .. Son A.H. Tabor... 2 youngest dau (single) Hariot & Henrieter...grandson John Allen Tabor...dau Eviline Rucker, Nancy Johnson, Elizabeth Kimsey & Amandy Francis. Cay Francis not to have any part or control on any part of his wife's part.
  12/15/1899 pro 7/7/1904. Mary Tabor...widow of John Tabor ... left to friend W.A. Smith
Polk Co Polk Co NC Will Abstracts 1855-1910
  8/24/1832 pro 11/7/1859 Robt. Taylor. Wife-----. Dau. Mira, Drucilla, Cynthia, Frances. Son John B. & James & Elias Lynch Taylor, Robt Taylor, Henry C. Taylor (no relationship given). 3 of youngest children Lynch, Rbt. & Harvery. Exec son-in-law's John McFadden, William Tabor.
Rutherford Co 1783-1868
  3/17/1798 John Tabor, Sr. Executor to David Thompson.
  3/17/1798 John Tabor, Sr. Witness to will of David Thompson
  Page 188 9/24/1805 Proved Jan 1806.. I, John Tabor, being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory. I give to my wife Elizabeth all my lands and other estate for her while she remains a widow during her life and or afterwards to be equally divided amongst all my chn. Or if my wife marry again she to have a child part. I allow my youngst son Ely one young horse, the value of $50, before he come of age exclusive of his equal part. I appoint my wife Elizabeth, my son Solomon Tabor and Thomas Tabor my executors. Wit: William Capshaw, (jurat) David Capshaw, William Wash Capshaw. Signed: John Tabor.After John’s death, an agreement on the sale of the homeplace to John Moore, which is on record as #197 at the register of deeds, Rutherford Co., NC. on June 16, 1814. (contributed by Sherry Lynn)
  8/24/1832. Rec.1/1835. Rbt. Taylor, dtr. Mira, Cynthia, son John B. Taylor, son James S. Taylor....dtr. Francis...dtr. Drucilla, Elias Lynch Taylor (no relationship given). Rbt, Harvy C. Taylor...Plantation divided by John McFadden & Wm. Tabor....3 youngest sons Lynch, Rbt. & Harvey....son-in-laws John McFadden & William Taber, exec.
  1/3/1848 Rec. Sept 1864. Martha Taylor... son Elias Taylor, grandson Harvey C.T. Davis....dtrs. Mary Taber, Sintha McFadden, Drucilla Davis....dtr. Mira Taber...wit. Allen Taber.