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Taborin Kentucky

Updated 9/4/2005

  Marriage Index
  Allen County KY, Marriage Records 1815-1865 (Willoughby 1938)
Allen Co Tabor, Frances Marcum, George 5/8/1844
  Tabor, George W. Goodrum, Margaret 4/6/1865
  Tabor, James Clark, Betsey Ann 6/2/1857
  Tabor, James Williams, Matilda S. 1/18/1853
  Tabor, Rachel Seagraves, Thomas 7/31/1847
  Tabor, Serena Motley, Henry T. 1/10/1865
  Tabor, Wm. Goodrum, Maria F. 12/8/1858
  Tabour, Bridgett Campbell, John 10/18/1816
  Tabour, Catherine Conner, William 3/29/1822
  Tabour, George Seagraves, Caroline 8/19/1824
  Tabour, Isaac Segrave, Jane 2/9/1830
  Tabour, Jacob Nichols, Susan 1/17/1842
  Tabour, John McEntire, Rhoda 7/1/1819
  Tabour, Lucinda Watts, Moses 12/22/1835
  Tabour, Malinda Watts, Aaron 9/24/1832
  Tabour, Martin Weaver, Mary 9/24/1823
  Tabour, Matilda Conner, Thomas 12/8/1840
  Tabour, Nancy Bell, Bazell 9/12/1828
  Tabour, Willis Cassady, Ann 6/3/1840
  Tabour, Amanda G. Gaultney, Tobias 10/26/1829
  Allen County KY Marriages - 1866-1889 (Garrison)
  Tabor, ------- G. Watts, Malinda S. 1/1/1870
  Tabor, George Morgan, Rebecca 2/10/1868
  Tabor, Younger Dearing, Sarah 12/2/1868
  Tabour, Mary A. Boucher, Elvert S. 11/27/1866
  Tabour, Mary A. Forshee, John J.C. 2/4/1870
  Automated Archives Marriage Record Vol 1 KyTnNCVa to 1850
Bath Co Tabor, Dunan Cannon, Amelia 5/19/1825
  Tabor, William G. McIntire, Mary 3/28/1848
Breckinridge Co Taber, Eunice Bandy, Ambrose 11/3/1814
  Taber, Eleanor Beard, Burrel 8/3/1838
  Taber, Susan, Mrs. Jones, Walter T. 12/5/1847
  Tabor, Martha Jane Polk, Alexander 12/27/1849
  Tabor, Rachel Shoemaker, John 7/3/1807
  Tabor, Polly Smith, David 3/18/1833
  Tabour, James R. Wilkerson, Polly 3/6/1843
  Tabour, John Meadows, Polly 3/3/1819
  Tabour, Philip Reynolds, Nancy 6/18/1838
  Tabour, Martha Ann West, Thomas 12/17/1844
Caldwell Co Tabor, Joel Cannon, L.F. 10/3/1848
Carter Co Tabor, Addison C. Henderson, Matilda 2/1/1841
Crittenden Co Tabor, Lucinda Gunter, Wiley J. 3/13/1845
  Tabor, Julia Stevenson, Joseph 11/21/1843
Fleming Co Tabor, Sylvia Rice, Elijah 1/18/1825
  Tabour, Nancy Lee, William 6/5/1823
Hancock Co Tabor, Justus Nichols, Eliza 8/26/1836
  Tabor, Philip Hyde, Maria 11/28/1836
  Taber, Jesse P. Coleman, Eliza A. 4/16/1847
  Taber, Malinda Powers, Jno 2/18/1839
  Taber, Mary Johnson, Nathan 11/20/1834
Hardin Co Taber, Philip S. Hayden, Nancy 1/19/1829
  Taber, Polly Hoops, Wm. 12/9/1851 or 58
  Taber, Robert M. Ament, Sarah 10/10/1838
  Taber, Saml. M. Klinglesmith, Mary E. 10/12/1853
  Taber, Sarah Ann Collin, Thomas 8/2/1849
  Taber, Susan Bennett, Norris 1/6/1869
  Taber, Warren C. Hopkins, Eliza A. 10 15 1855
  Tabor, Elizabeth M. Miller, Benjamin 10/20/1849
  Tabor, Elizabeth M. Stoner, John A. 1/3/1850
  Tabor, Hiram H. Bowley, Sally 3/21/1826
  Tabor, Jesse R. Coleman, Caroline M. 4/16/1847
  Tabor, John Hoskins, Elenor 12/10/1827
  Tabor, Justice Miller, Elizabeth 3/22/1806
  Tabor, William H. Pearman, Elizabeth 3/19/1845
  Hardin County, Kentucky Marriages 1793 to 1829"   compiled by Mary Josephine Jones.
TABER, Amos, and Sarah WIGHT. 25 Nov 1798. Surety. Thomas Brown. William Wight, girl's father, gave written consent for her marriage to Amasa Taber; witness Thomas Brown, John Walker. No return. Unrecorded
TABER, Hiram M., and Polly BEWLEY. Surety Justus Taber, man's father, who consented in person. Christopher Bewley,girl's father, gave written consent; witness Kimbel Bewley. 26 Mar 1829. B. Keith. A191
TABER, John, and Eleanor HOPKINS. Surety Justus Taber, man's father, who consented in person. John Malin, girl's step-father, consented in person. 20 Dec 1827. B. Keith. A181
TABER, Justice, and Elizabeth MILLER. 22 Mar 1806. Surety John Miller. 27 Mar 1806. B. Ogden. A4, A23
Hardin County, Kentucky Marriages 1830 to 1850" compiled by Mary Josephine Jones
STONER, John A., and Elizabeth TABER. 1 Jan 1850. Surety John W. Pearman. Both of age. 3 Jan 1850. J. Rodes.  C221
MILLER, Benjamin, and Elizabeth M. TABER. 20 Oct 1849. Surety Hiram M. Taber. Man of age. Hiram M. Taber, girl's father, consented in person. 21 Oct 1849. G. Hicks. C192
TABER, Jesse P., and Caroline M. COLEMAN. 16 Apr 1847. Surety Wilson Coleman. Man of age. Elizabeth Coleman, girl's mother, gave written consent; witnesses Wilson Coleman and Wm. Tailor. 18 Apr 1847. G. Hicks.  B1538
TABER, Robert M., and Sarah AMENT. 10 Nov 1838. Surety John Ament, girl's father, who consented. Man of age. J. Williams. B515
CULLIN, Thomas, and Sarah Ann TABER. 2 Aug 1849. Surety John Cullin. Man of age. John D. Taber, girl's father, consented in writing. 3 Aug 1849. C. Meador.  C162
TABER, William R., and Elizabeth PEARMAN. 19 Mar 1845. Surety Hugh Pearman. Both of age. 21 Mar 1845. J. Williams. B1324
Hardin County, Kentucky Marriages 1851 to 1875" compiled   by Carolyn Wimp
Jan 20, 1851--  John Cullin/Elizabeth Taber, married Jan. 21, man  of age, Jon D. Taber, father of lady, consented in person.
Nov 23, 1852--  Samuel Wallace/Miss Elleanor M. Taber, married Nov. 25 at J. D. Taber's, father of bride gives consent in person, man of age, wit. James Hopkins, Jessey B. Taber.
Mar 29, 1875--  Hiram Taber/Emma T. Neafus, married Apr. 1 at T. J. Neafus', man of age, lady's father consented in person, wit. Luther Holbert, Anderson Davidson.
Oct 13, 1870--  John A. Taber/Miss Doutha L. Klinglesmith, married Oct. 20 at J. Klinglesmith's, man of age, lady 21 as proven by Jacob B. Klinglesmith, wit. J. Taylor, Jerry Bowles.
Mar 29, 1875--  John H. Taber/Julia (Juda) A. Allen, married Apr.1 at T. J. Nafus', man of age, father of lady consented in writing and proven by Hiram Taber, wit. Luther Holbert, Andrew Davidson.
Nov 3, 1874--  Justus Taber/Mattie E. Cash, married Nov. 5 at F. Cash's, man of age, lady's father consented in person, wit. R. Holbert, Saml Taber.
Aug 31, 1855--  Harbort P. D. Wallace/Miss Louisa Taber, married Aug. 31 at John Taber's, man of age, John D. Taber, father of lady, consented in person, wit. Samuel M. Taber, John Cullen
Feb 20, 1860--  W. F. Armstrong/Lucy Catherine Taber, married Mar. 1 at John Taber's, man of age, lady's father consented in writing, proven by John P. Cullen, wit. John Taber, Christopher Taber.
Oct 13, 1854--  Edward B. Miller/Miss Nancy Ann Taber, married Oct. 19 at Hiram Taber's, Mildred Miller, mother of man consented in writing, proven by C. B. Taber, lady's age proven by C. B. Taber, wit. Ben Miller, Jonathan M. Martin
Nov 3, 1874--  Luther Holbert/Miss Mary E. Taber (Tabor), married Nov. 5 at Sarah Tabor's, man of age, lady's father consented in writing and proven by Geo. W. Taber, wit. Jesse Taylor, Saml Taylor.
Feb 1, 1875--  John W. Wilt/Miss Mary H. Taber (Tabor), married Feb. 4 at W. C. Tabor's, man of age, lady's father, W. C. Taber, consented in person, wit. G. R. Stith, James Wilt.
Dec 19, 1870--  Samuel F. Taber/Miss Leeann H. Hill, married Dec. 22 at James Hill's, man of age, lady's father consented in writing and proven by Jno. H. Taber, wit. R. Taber, Wm. English.
Oct 12, 1853--  Samuel M. Tabor/Miss Mary E. Klinglesmith, married Oct. 13 at John Klinglesmith's, man of age, Jno. Klinglesmith, father of lady, consented in person, wit. Robert Tabor, Jesse M. Tabor.
June 14, 1871--  Richard B. Bewley/Miss Sarah C. Taber, married June 15 at Hiram Taber's, man of age, lady of age and proven by C. D. Tabor, wit. Saml Tabor, E. Miller, Momen Tabor
Sept 24, 1853--  William Taylor/Miss Sarah M. Tabor, married Sept. 25 at Elizabeth Tabor's, both of age, wit. J. P. Tabor, Thomas Cullen.
Apr 19, 1853--  Herbuth P. D. Wallase/Miss Scynthia Taber, (no return), man of age, father of lady consented in person.
Oct 15, 1855--  Warren C. Taber/Miss Eliza A. Hopkins, married Oct. 24 at Lavina Hopkins, man of age, James W. Hopkins, brother of lady, proved consent of mother, Lavina Hopkins, wit. Isaac Malin, James Hopkins.
Logan Co Tabor, Henry Hall, Sarah 4/8/1819
Meade Co Tabor, Ellen Buchanon, William 12/30/1835
Mercer Co Tabor, Pardon May, Deborah 12/12/1816
Nelson Co Tabor, Enoch F. Dugan, Sarah 10/16/1834
Ohio Co Tabor, Deborah Johnson, James 7/16/1833
  Taber, Edgar Autry, Mary A. 12/4/1895
  Taber, J.W. Harrison, Jane 12/24/1881
  Taber, J.W. Pirtle, Artie B. 4/25/1883
  Taber, Minnie Brewer, B.F. 6/5/1891
  Taber, Mary E. Bean, Henry F. 10/29/1877
  Taber, Pardon Hocker, Sarah Ann 12/12/1855
  Taber, Rebecca Goldsmith, Jon 7/14/1824
  Tabor, Eliza Johnson, Cyrus 6/4/1838
  Tabor, Elizabeth Johnson, Cyrus 6/5/1836
  Tabour, Ambrose Johnston, Jane 5/9/1833
  Tabour, Mary Johnson, Nathan 11/19 or 20/1831
  Tabour, Matilda Powers, John 2/18/1839
  Tabour, Philip White, Rachel 3/24/1800
  Tabour, Pardon Hayden, Nancy 3/24/1829
Warren Co Taber, Edy Pearson, William 1/5/1803
  Tabor, Ann Mrs. Reynolds, Sylvester 10/24/1850
  Tabor, James Hall, Celia 12/20/1805
  Tabor, Patsy Tabour, Henry 1/7/1814
  Tabor, Robert J. Turner, Susanna 1/20/1802
  Tabor, William Cornwell, Cinderella 12/22/1847
  Tabour, Henry Tabor, Patsy 1/7/1814
  Tabour, Isaac McGuire, Louisa 5/2/1812
Wayne Co Taber, Thomas Kelly, Julia 9/22/1831
  Taber, William Davis, Nancy 8/20/1831
  Tabor, Davidson Watts, Sally 2/2/1832
  Tabor, John S. Thomas, Abigail 7/1/1830



  Marriage Records
Wayne Co Wayne Co Ky Marriages and Vital Records K-Z Vol 2 (June Baldwin Bork)
  pg26 Loving, Henry and Mary Tabor on 6 June 1854 in Tn. Groom born & resides in Wayne, age 20 yr, 1st marriage; Bride born & resides in Wayne age 20 yr, a maiden
  pg152 Tabor, Davidson and Sally Watts. Surety, William S. Taber. Married 2 February 1832 by John Kelly
  pg152 Tabor, John S. and Abigail Thomas. Bond missing, married 1 July 1830 by James Lair
  pg152 Tabor, Noah and Mary Troxal. Surety, J.C. Hopkins. Married 16 October 1860 by J.Hopkins. Groom age 28 years; bride ia 17
  pg152 Tabor, Thomas and Anny Davis. Surety, William S. Taber. married 20 April 1831 by Roger Oatts
  pg152 Tabor, Thomas W. and Julia Keey. Bond missing, married 22 September 1831 by James Lair
  pg152 Tabor, William J. and Catherine Minerva Morrow (?). Bond missing, married 22 September 1831 by Roger Oatts.
  pg156 Taylor, Levi T. and Anney Tabor. Surities Noah Tabor & Shelby Coffey. Married 25 Nov. 1853 by Wm. Simpson a the house of the bride in Wayne Co.
  Virginians & West Virginians 1607 - 1870 Vol I (Patrick G. Wardell)
  pg358 Tabor, Evelina b. 18--, Wayne Co, f.John; m.Elizabeth Crockett; h. James F. Dudley; md. 11/19/1884
  pg358 Tabor, John b.18--, Wayne Co, w. Elizabeth Crockett