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Compiled by Richard L. Riddle, August 30, 2001




1.    John W. RIDDLE, SR. born Abt 1765, married (1) Bef 1792, Unknown Wife of John Riddle, born Abt 1767, died Bef. 1830, married (2) Feb-26-1831, in Rutherford County,  A.E.Riddle File, Nancy Jane BIDDIX, born Feb-23-1788, Surry or Orange Co. NC US, (daughter of John BIDDIX and Hannah BLUNT). John died Mar-18-1844, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                       Children by Unknown Wife of John Riddle:

          2.     i     Lucinda "Lucy" RIDDLE born ca. 1787.

          3.     ii    Blanchey RIDDLE born 1790.

          4.     iii    William RIDDLE born Abt 1793.

          5.     iv   Margaret ("Peggy") RIDDLE born Abt 1795.

          6.     v    John W. RIDDLE, Jr. born Abt 1799.

          7.     vi   Benjamin Tyre RIDDLE born Mar-13-1800.

                  vii   Robert RIDDLE born Abt. 1801, Stokes Co., NC.

          8.     viii  Mary "Polly" RIDDLE born 1804.

          9.     ix   Jane "Jinsey" RIDDLE born 1805.

          10.    x    Nathaniel RIDDLE born 1807.


Second Generation


2.    Lucinda "Lucy" RIDDLE (1.John1) born ca. 1787, Stokes County, NC, married Adoniram D. ALLEN II, born Jan-15-1782, NC, (son of Adonirm D. "Teges" ALLEN, I and Martha RIDDLE) occupation Farmer, Hunter, died Nov-12-1846.  Lucinda died Aug-1847, Yancey County, NC.


                  i     John ALLEN born 1805.

          11.    ii    Blanchey ALLEN born Abt 1808.

                  iii    Benjamin ALLEN.

                  iv   Margaret ALLEN born 1811, married George EDWARDS.

          12.    v    William ALLEN born 1813.

          13.    vi   James ALLEN born 1814.

                  vii   Nathaniel ALLEN born 1815.

          14.    viii  Mary Polly ALLEN born 1819.

          15.    ix   Adoniram D. ALLEN III born Apr- -1823.

                  x    Irvin ALLEN born 1824, married (1) Linda BARNETT, married (2) Elizabeth SANDLIN.

                  xi   Jobe "Squirrelman" ALLEN married Elizabeth "Betsy" AUSTIN.

          16.    xii   Nancy ALLEN born 1815.

                  xiii  Jane Jensy ALLEN married Thomas WILSON.

                  xiv  Lucinda ALLEN married Allen E. ROBERTSON.


3.    Blanchey RIDDLE (1.John1) born 1790, Stokes Co. NC, married Stephen McMAHAN, born 1780, Montgomery County, VA, (son of Redmond (Archibald) McMAHAN and Unknown wife of Redmond McMahan) died 1862, Jackson County, NC.  Blanchey died 1862, Jackson Co. NC.


          17.    i     Jemima McMAHAN born 1818.

          18.    ii    Blanchey McMAHAN born 1820.

                  iii    Willaim McMAHAN born 1821.

          19.    iv   John G. McMAHAN born 1822.

          20.    v    Riley A. McMAHAN born 1829.

                  vi   Levi McMAHAN born Jan-01-1832, Yancey County, NC, married (1) Synthia HENRY, married (2) Sep-22-1890, Lucy Ann SUTTON, married (3) Oct-15-1908, Louvisa MASSIE.  Levi died Apr-08-1923.


4.    William RIDDLE (1.John1) born Abt 1793, Stokes Co. NC, married Abt 1811, in Buncombe County, Priscilla "Pressie" HENSLEY RENFROE, born Abt 1795, (daughter of Hickman HENSLEY and Elizabeth RENFRO). William died Abt 1858, Yancey County, NC.


          21.    i     Elendor? "Nellie" RIDDLE born about 1812.

                  ii    Unknown Daughter A RIDDLE born Abt 1816-1820.

          22.    iii    Rachel RIDDLE born Abt. 1824.

          23.    iv   Marvel M. RIDDLE born Mar-15-1825.

          24.    v    James W. RIDDLE born Abt 1832.

          25.    vi   Mary RIDDLE born Abt 1834.


5.    Margaret ("Peggy") RIDDLE (1.John1) born Abt 1795, Stokes Co. NC, married Charles N. BAILEY, born Abt 1789, (son of Ansel BAILEY and Elizabeth BRADLEY) died Dec-14-1849.  Margaret died Abt 1879, buried: Bailey Hill Cem., Yancey County, NC.


                  i     Elizabeth (Betsy) BAILEY born Dec- 8-1815, died 1904.

                  ii    John BAILEY born 1820, died 1897.

                  iii    Ansel BAILEY born 1821, occupation Confederate Soldier, died 1869.

                  iv   James W. BAILEY born 1822, died 1882.

                  v    Nancy BAILEY born Abt 1823.

                  vi   Mary (Polly) BAILEY born 1825, died 1909.

                  vii   Harvey J. BAILEY born Nov- 3-1825, Burnsville, Yancey County, NC, died 1864.

                  viii  Nathaniel (Nat) BAILEY born Abt  1828, died 1864.

                  ix   William (Bill) BAILEY born Feb-18-1831, died 1904.

                  x    Jesse BAILEY born 1834, died 1902.

                  xi   Bacchus BAILEY born 1835, died 1849.


6.    John W. RIDDLE, Jr. (1.John1) born Abt 1799, Stokes Co., NC, married Elender ("Nellie") COOK, born Abt 1802, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem. Brush Creek,Yancey Co.  John buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brush Creek, Yancey Co.


          26.    i     Susannah RIDDLE born 1820.

          27.    ii    Nathan RIDDLE born Mar- 1-1823.

          28.    iii    Ansel RIDDLE born Oct- 8-1826.

          29.    iv   James Garrett RIDDLE born Jun- 7-1828.

          30.    v    John RIDDLE, III. born Abt 1831.

          31.    vi   Lewis RIDDLE born Abt 1835.


7.    Benjamin Tyre RIDDLE (1.John1) born Mar-13-1800, Stokes County, NC, married (1) Rachel AUSTIN, born Nov-29-1803, (daughter of Robert AUSTIN and Margret? ALLEN) died After 1850, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married (2) May-19-1861, Millisa (Elizabeth) BENNETT RAY, born May-15-1822, Georgia, (daughter of William BENNETT and Sarah INMAN) died Jul-02-1872.  Benjamin died Dec-19-1875, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, buried: Riddle? Cemetery, Pensacola, NC.

                       Children by Rachel AUSTIN:

          32.    i     Mary "Pollia M." RIDDLE born Abt 1818.

          33.    ii    James RIDDLE born Jul- -1822.

          34.    iii    Margaret RIDDLE born Mar-28-1824.

          35.    iv   "Nellie" Elendor RIDDLE born Mar-10-1826.

                  v    Eliza A. RIDDLE born Abt 1830, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Aug-25-1889, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

          36.    vi   Elizabeth (Betsy) RIDDLE born 1832.

          37.    vii   Robert  RIDDLE born Sep-30-1834.

          38.    viii  John RIDDLE born Jun-08-1836.

          39.    ix   Samuel (Peg-Leg) RIDDLE born Sep-25-1838.

          40.    x    Lucinda (Louisa) "Jane" RIDDLE born about 1840.

          41.    xi   "Nancy" Mary Riddle born 1833.

          42.    xii   William P. RIDDLE born Aug- 8-1843.

                  xiii  Thomas "Tom" RIDDLE.

                       Children by Millisa (Elizabeth) BENNETT RAY:

          43.    xiv  Benjamin Erwin RIDDLE born Sep-14-1862.


8.    Mary "Polly" RIDDLE (1.John1) born 1804, married (1)  Unmarried, Amos Lafayette RAY, born Nov-15-1802, died Dec-14-1884, married (2) ca.1828, Edmond McMAHAN, born 1810, (son of James McMAHAN, Sr. and Elendor Wilson? McMahan).

                       Children by Amos Lafayette RAY:

          44.    i     Ervin W. RAY born Dec- -1825.

                       Children by Edmond McMAHAN:

          45.    ii    Edmond "Edney" McMAHAN, Jr. born 1829.

          46.    iii    James McMAHAN born 1834.

                  iv   Naomi McMAHAN born 1835.

                  v    Elendor McMAHAN born 1837.

                  vi   Margaret McMAHAN born 1838, married Nov-12-1914, Samuel Burdett Ray, born Nov-13-1842, (son of Leander RAY and Margaret RIDDLE).

                  vii   Rose McMAHAN born 1841.

          47.    viii  Jackson McMAHAN born 1845.

                  ix   George McMAHAN born 1846.


9.    Jane "Jinsey" RIDDLE (1.John1) born 1805, NC, married Archibald McMAHAN, Sr., born 1803, (son of James McMAHAN, Sr. and Elendor Wilson? McMahan).


          48.    i     Archibald McMAHAN, Jr. born 1825.

                  ii    William Bryson McMAHAN born 1827.

                  iii    Robert McMAHAN born 1831.

                  iv   Myra McMAHAN born 1831.

                  v    Naomi McMAHAN born 1833.

                  vi   Sewell McMAHAN born 1837.

                  vii   John Y. McMAHAN born 1838.

                  viii  Mary McMAHAN born 1840.


10.   Nathaniel RIDDLE (1.John1) born 1807, NC, occupation Farmer, married (1) ABT. 1828, in NC, Rebecca TATUM, born 1807, NC, occupation Housewife, died BEFORE 1856, married (2) 2 Sep 1856, in Madison Co, NC, Elizabeth EDWARDS, born 1828, NC.  Nathaniel died AFT. 1870, NC.

                       Children by Rebecca TATUM:

          49.    i     Nancy RIDDLE born 1826.

                  ii    John Wesley RIDDLE born 1829, NC, married 6 Oct 1858, in Madison Co, NC, Elvira HENDERSON.

          50.    iii    Julia Ann RIDDLE born 1830.

          51.    iv   Hiram Burton RIDDLE born Abt 1831.

          52.    v    James Edward RIDDLE born 1836.

                  vi   Mary RIDDLE born 1838, NC.

                  vii   Mollie (Polly, S.A.) RIDDLE born 1840, NC.

          53.    viii  Matilda Lorena RIDDLE born Aug-23-1845.

                  ix   Emma RIDDLE born 1847, NC.

                       Children by Elizabeth EDWARDS:

                  x    Isabel RIDDLE born 1859, NC.

          54.    xi   Smith RIDDLE born 1864.


Third Generation


11.   Blanchey ALLEN (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Abt 1808, married John HENSLEY, born Abt 1796.  Blanchey died May-24-1881.


          55.    i     Elizabeth HENSLEY born Abt 1831.

          56.    ii    Abraham HENSLEY born Abt 1832.

                  iii    John "Independent John" HENSLEY born ca 1833.

          57.    iv   Nancy HENSLEY born Abt 1835.

                  v    Howard HENSLEY born Abt 1840.

                  vi   William B. HENSLEY born Abt 1843.


12.   William ALLEN (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1813, NC, married Rachael ROLAND (Rowland), born Aug- -1814, died 1916.  William died 1844.


                  i     James ALLEN born ca 1836.

                  ii    Henry ALLEN born Jan- -1838.

                  iii    Nancy ALLEN born ca 1840.

                  iv   George ALLEN born May- -1844.


13.   James ALLEN (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1814, married (1) about 1841, Rachel RIDDLE, born Abt. 1824, (daughter of William RIDDLE and Priscilla "Pressie" HENSLEY RENFROE) married (2) Matilda COLE, born 1831, (daughter of Joshua COLE and Hannah L. HURST).

                       Children by Rachel RIDDLE:

                  i     Margaret (Matilda) ALLEN born 1842.

                  ii    Blanchey ALLEN born 1843, Yancey County, NC.

                  iii    Andrew Jackson ALLEN born 1845, Yancey County, NC.

          58.    iv   Adolphus Erwin "Irvine" ALLEN born 1847.

                  v    Priscilla ALLEN born 1849, Yancey County, NC, died Jun-25-1938, buried: Allen Cem. /Burleson , Barn-ville, NC.

                  vi   William ALLEN born 1851, Yancey County, NC.

                  vii   James Marion ALLEN born Aug-17-1852, Yancey County, NC.

          59.    viii  Nelley ALLEN born 1855.

                  ix   Loucinda Lucey ALLEN born 1857, Yancey County, NC.

                  x    Adniram ALLEN born 1861, Yancey County, NC.

                       Children by Matilda COLE:

          60.    xi   Ulysses G. ALLEN born Jul-16-1868.


14.   Mary Polly ALLEN (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1819, married Clemuel "Clem" ARROWOOD, born ca 1816, NC, (son of James A. ARROWOOD and Elizabeth BRITTON) died Aft 1880.


                  i     Elizabeth "Eliza" ARROWOOD born ca. 1841.

                  ii    Sarah Ann ARROWOOD born ca. 1842.

                  iii    Lucendia Jane ARROWOOD born ca. 1843.

          61.    iv   Rachel R. ARROWOOD born c. 1845.

                  v    Nancy L. ARROWOOD born ca. 1847.

                  vi   Margaret E. ARROWOOD born ca 1849.

                  vii   Adoniram ARROWOOD born ca 1851.

                  viii  Clerrissa L. ARROWOOD born Mar-12-1853.

                  ix   Biddie Catherine ARROWOOD born ca 1856.

                  x    James Garrett ARROWOOD born Jan- -1860.

                  xi   William Bartlett ARROWOOD born ca 1862.


15.   Adoniram D. ALLEN III (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Apr- -1823, married 1848, Rachael ROLAND (Rowland), born Aug- -1814, died 1916.  Adoniram died Nov-08-1908, buried: McMahan/Allen Cem. Yancey Co., NC.


                  i     William ALLEN born 1849.

          62.    ii    John ALLEN born Oct-15-1852.

                  iii    Jobe ALLEN born Aug-17-1855.

          63.    iv   Hiram N. ALLEN born Dec- -1856.

                  v    Ellis Richard ALLEN born 1859.


16.   Nancy ALLEN (2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1815, married John WILSON, died 1846.


          64.    i     Garrard DeWeese WILSON born 1841.


17.   Jemima McMAHAN (3.Blanchey2, 1.John1) born 1818, Yancey (Buncombe) County, NC, married Isacc M. BRADLEY.


                  i     Lemuel BRADLEY born 1844.

                  ii    Willaim L. BRADLEY born 1845.

                  iii    Martha BRADLEY born 1848.

                  iv   Obadiah BRADLEY born 1849.

                  v    John BRADLEY born 1853.

                  vi   J. A. BRADLEY born 1857.


18.   Blanchey McMAHAN (3.Blanchey2, 1.John1) born 1820, Yancey (Buncombe) County, NC, married William RHEA.


                  i     Leonidas RHEA born 1845.

                  ii    Carbon RHEA born 1846.

                  iii    Joseph RHEA born 1847.

                  iv   Soloman RHEA born 1848.

                  v    Ervin RHEA born 1849.


19.   John G. McMAHAN (3.Blanchey2, 1.John1) born 1822, Yancey (Buncombe) County, NC, married Agnes Sophronia BOONE, born 1823, died 1905.


                  i     William A. McMAHAN born Oct-03-1856, died Nov-07-1924.

                  ii    James E. McMAHAN born 1854, died Feb-16-1927.

                  iii    J. S. McMAHAN born 1856.

                  iv   Dave McMAHAN born 1859.

                  v    Matilda Jane McMAHAN born ca 1856.

                  vi   Margret Jane McMAHAN born 1862, died Jan-07-1925.

                  vii   Sofia Evelina McMAHAN born 1865.

                  viii  Levi Ruddell "Dock" McMAHAN born Mar-30-1866, died Dec-26-1941.

                  ix   Mary Cordelia McMAHAN born June- -1872.

                  x    David McMAHAN born Apr- -1874, died Oct- - 1928.


20.   Riley A. McMAHAN (3.Blanchey2, 1.John1) born 1829, Yancey (Buncombe) County, NC, married Aug-16-1851, in Yancey Co. NC, Emily BOONE.  Riley died Jan-07-1887.


                  i     Sarah Ann McMAHAN born 1858, died 1882.

                  ii    Mary Jane McMAHAN born 1856.

                  iii    Nancy McMAHAN born 1854.

                  iv   Lucretia McMAHAN born 1860.

                  v    Thomas C. McMAHAN born 1862, died Mar-09-1948.

                  vi   John Sevier McMAHAN born 1864.

                  vii   Robert P. McMAHAN born 1866.

                  viii  William Levi McMAHAN born 1869.


21.   Elendor? "Nellie" RIDDLE (4.William2, 1.John1) born about 1812, Yancey County, NC, married (1) about 1830, John ROWLAND,(Roland), born about 1809, married (2) "Anderson" William Anderson CODY, born 1846, Lincolnton, NC.

                       Children by John ROWLAND,(Roland):

                  i     Lucinda ROWLAND born 1836.

                  ii    Mary M. ROWLAND born 1839, Yancey County, NC.

                  iii    William H. ROWLAND born 1841, Yancey County, NC.

                  iv   Margaret S. ROWLAND born 1842, Yancey County, NC.

                  v    John W. ROWLAND born 1845.

                  vi   "Nelley" Elendor M. ROWLAND born 1847, Yancey County, NC.

                  vii   James E. ROWLAND born 1848.

                  viii  Nancy E. ROWLAND born 1852, Yancey County, NC.

                  ix   Rachel L. ROWLAND born 1856, Yancey County, NC.

                       Children by "Anderson" William Anderson CODY:

                  x    Sarah J. CODY born 1863.


22.   Rachel RIDDLE (4.William2, 1.John1) (See marriage to number 13.)


23.   Marvel M. RIDDLE (4.William2, 1.John1) born Mar-15-1825, Yancey County, NC, married 1839, Rachel "Granny Riddle" AUSTIN, born Jul-26-1819, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of Thomas AUSTIN and Sarah "Sallie" Riddle) died Aug-18-1928, buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Buncombe County.  Marvel died Jan-15-1916, Barnardsville, NC Buncombe County, buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Buncombe County.


          65.    i     Louisa "Eliza" RIDDLE born 1843.

          66.    ii    William Marvel RIDDLE born 1847.

                  iii    Mary "Polly" A. RIDDLE born 1848, died 1920, buried: Greenwood Cem. Barnardsville, NC.

          67.    iv   James W. RIDDLE born 1850.

          68.    v    Nancy L. RIDDLE born 1853.

          69.    vi   "Mandy" Amanda RIDDLE born 1855.

                  vii   Thomas L. RIDDLE born 1856, Buncombe County, married Martha E. McMAHAN.  Thomas died Oct-02-1948, Asheville, NC.

                  viii  Lucinda "Cindy" RIDDLE born Mar-16-1859, Yancey County, NC, married (1) Absalom PENLAND, married (2) W. Moses FOX.  Lucinda died Mar-18-1956, Asheville, NC.

          70.    ix   John W. RIDDLE born 1863.

                  x    Harriett RIDDLE born 1866, died 1943.

                  xi   Marvel RIDDLE born 1868, died 1871, Barnardsville, NC.


24.   James W. RIDDLE (4.William2, 1.John1) born Abt 1832, married Nancy HENSLEY, born Abt 1835, (daughter of John HENSLEY and Blanchey ALLEN).


                  i     Columbus (Absolom) RIDDLE born 1853.

          71.    ii    Carlo (Charles) B. RIDDLE born 1855.

                  iii    Harriett E. RIDDLE born 1858, married Dec-24-1874, Cornelius LEDFORD.

                  iv   Rachel L. RIDDLE born 1859.

                  v    Harvey L. RIDDLE born 1862.


25.   Mary RIDDLE (4.William2, 1.John1) born Abt 1834, married John W. HENSLEY, born 1830.


                  i     McWilliam HENSLEY born 1854.

                  ii    Samantha A. HENSLEY born 1856.

                  iii    Jane A. HENSLEY born 1858.

                  iv   Clarinda HENSLEY born 1860.


26.   Susannah RIDDLE (6.John2, 1.John1) born 1820, Yancey County, married Albert Gallatin SLAGLE, born 1825, Yancey County, NC, died 1891.  Susannah died 1894.


                  i     Lewis James Marion SLAGLE born 1849, Yancey County, NC.

                  ii    David M. SLAGLE born 1853, Yancey County, NC.

                  iii    Temply Ann SLAGLE born 1855, Yancey County, NC.

                  iv   Mary M. SLAGLE born 1856, Yancey County, NC.

                  v    John J.A.M. SLAGLE born 1860, Yancey County, NC.


27.   Nathan RIDDLE (6.John2, 1.John1) born Mar- 1-1823, occupation Civil War Vet., married Ca May-27-1844, in Arthur Green's home, Yancey Co., NC, Elizabeth GREEN, born 1828, (daughter of Arthur GREEN and Nancy SPARKS). Nathan died Apr-30-1889, buried: Pisgah Un.Met.Ch.Cem.,Linville Falls,NC.


          72.    i     James Marion RIDDLE born 1845.

                  ii    Thomas G. RIDDLE born 1847.

          73.    iii    John A. RIDDLE born Aug-24-1853.

                  iv   Nancy J. RIDDLE born Abt 1856.

                  v    Matilda RIDDLE born 1858.


28.   Ansel RIDDLE (6.John2, 1.John1) born Oct- 8-1826, Yancey County, NC, married Mary Ann FORBES, born 1827, TN ?, died Feb-26-1913, Yancey County, NC, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brushy Creek,Yancey.  Ansel died Mar. 1898, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brush Creek, Yancey Co.


          74.    i     Lydia Margaret RIDDLE born 1851.

          75.    ii    Ellen Louise RIDDLE born Sep-15-1855.

          76.    iii    Sarah M. RIDDLE born 1866.


29.   James Garrett RIDDLE (6.John2, 1.John1) born Jun- 7-1828, married Sinai Elizabeth THOMAS, born Apr- 5-1834, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of Jobe THOMAS and Nancy DEYTON) died Dec-15-1908, Yancey County, NC, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem Brushy Creek, Yancey.  James died May-18-1888, Yancey County, NC, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brush Creek,Yancey Co.


                  i     Nathan A. RIDDLE born Nov-26-1852, died Mar-11-1923.

          77.    ii    Nancy E. RIDDLE born Apr- 9-1855.

          78.    iii    Talitha Cumi RIDDLE born Jan-21-1858.

          79.    iv   William Harvey RIDDLE born Feb-25-1860.

          80.    v    Baccus L. RIDDLE born Oct-17-1864.

                  vi   Amanda R. RIDDLE born 1864.


30.   John RIDDLE, III. (6.John2, 1.John1) born Abt 1831, married (1) Jan-15-1852, in Yancey County, NC, Margaret DEYTON, born Abt 1834, married (2) Unknown Female HIGGINS.

                       Children by Margaret DEYTON:

                  i     Thomas J. RIDDLE born 1854.

          81.    ii    James Marion RIDDLE born 1856.

          82.    iii    Sina (Scinia, Cinae) Louisa RIDDLE born 1857.

                  iv   Lydia RIDDLE.

                  v    Alice RIDDLE born 1869.

                       Children by Unknown Female HIGGINS:

                  vi   David RIDDLE.

                  vii   George W. RIDDLE.

                  viii  Lusinda RIDDLE.


31.   Lewis RIDDLE (6.John2, 1.John1) born Abt 1835, married Minerva unknown Riddle, born 1832.


          83.    i     Althea S. RIDDLE born Sep-07-1847.

                  ii    Biddie E. RIDDLE born 1855.

          84.    iii    Lillia Adeline RIDDLE born Mar-10-1857.

                  iv   Malinda RIDDLE born 1862.

                  v    Richard C. RIDDLE born 1863, married Aug-06-1883, in Yancey County, NC, Margaret TIPTON, born 1860.

                  vi   Susan RIDDLE born 1866.

                  vii   Hattie RIDDLE born 1866.

          85.    viii  Nathan RIDDLE born 1869.

                  ix   Naomi RIDDLE born 1875.

          86.    x    Margaret RIDDLE born 1873.


32.   Mary "Pollia M." RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Abt 1818, married Samuel "Sam" McPETERS, born About 1819, died Aft 1880.  Mary died Oct- -1870.


                  i     Rachel J. McPETERS born 1843.

                  ii    Nancy McPETERS born 1846.

                  iii    Samuel "Sam" Fleming McPETERS born Jul- -1849, married Rebecca Ellen McMAHAN.

                  iv   Eliza McPETERS born ca 1852.

                  v    John C. McPETERS born May- -1854.

                  vi   Mary Elizabeth McPETERS born ca 1856.

                  vii   Thomas C. McPETERS born 1860.


33.   James RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jul- -1822, married Feb-17-1848, Elizabeth HENSLEY, born Abt 1831, (daughter of John HENSLEY and Blanchey ALLEN) died Abt 1866.  James died Abt 1867, buried: Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


                  i     Thomas RIDDLE born Sep-11-1849, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, died Oct-30-1849, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC.

          87.    ii    Benjamin Britton RIDDLE born Jan-28-1851.

                  iii    Abraham C. RIDDLE born Sep-15-1852, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, died Nov-15-1852, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC.

          88.    iv   "Martha" Margaret Marthann RIDDLE born Oct-28-1853.

          89.    v    Marcus Ervin RIDDLE born Dec- 8-1854.

          90.    vi   William "Will" Michell RIDDLE born Sep-30-1857.

                  vii   Blanche E. RIDDLE born May-28-1859, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Aug-24-1876, in Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, Ellis M. BLANKENSHIP.

          91.    viii  Adoniram (Niram) Houston RIDDLE born 1863.

          92.    ix   Samuel "Lubbie Sam" M. RIDDLE born Sep-22-1865.


34.   Margaret RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Mar-28-1824, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Jan-20-1842, Leander RAY, born Apr- 3-1823, (son of Joseph (Biler Joe) RAY and Mary "Polly" BAILEY) died Mar-28-1882, buried: Cem. #28 (CWH),Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.  Margaret died Mar-17-1862, buried: Riddle Cemetery, Pensacola, NC.


                  i     Samuel Burdett Ray born Nov-13-1842, married (1) Jane Unknown Ray, born 1842, died 1913, married (2) Nov-12-1914, Margaret McMAHAN, born 1838, (daughter of Edmond McMAHAN and Mary "Polly" RIDDLE).

                  ii    Mary Ann RAY born Dec- 1-1844, married Solomon DELLINGER.

                  iii    Thomas Ervin RAY born Sep-29-1846, married Sue M. WILSON.

                  iv   Rachel Narcissus RAY born Nov- 7-1848, married Charles McPETERS.  Rachel died Jan-16-1850.

                  v    Josephas Ray born Nov- 5-1850, married Virginia ROBERTS.

                  vi   Elisabeth Jane RAY born Jun- 9-1852, married Hiram PROFITT.

          93.    vii   Benjamin Baxter RAY born Dec- 5-1854.

          94.    viii  "Little Garrett" Garrett Lenoir RAY born Oct-31-1857.

                  ix   Robert Melvin RAY born Dec-10-1860, married May-24-1883, Sallie WHITTINGTON.


35.   "Nellie" Elendor RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Mar-10-1826, Buncombe (Yancey County), NC, married Mar-10-1844, in Yancey County, NC, John Jackson ARROWOOD, born Apr-06-1821, Buncombe(Yancey) County,NC, (son of James A. ARROWOOD and Elizabeth BRITTON) died Aft. 1900, Johnson Co. KY.  "Nellie" died Oct-21-1898, Johnson County, KY.


                  i     George W. ARROWOOD born 1846.

                  ii    James M ARROWOOD born 1848.

                  iii    John Henry ARROWOOD died Mar-13-1903.

                  iv   William Jackson ARROWOOD born Jul-21-1850, Yancey County, NC.

                  v    Benjamin Britton ARROWOOD born 1852.

                  vi   Margaret Jane ARROWOOD born 1858, Yancey County, NC.

                  vii   Harriet ARROWOOD born 1862.

                  viii  Emily Altha ARROWOOD born 1867, Johnson County, KY.


36.   Elizabeth (Betsy) RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1832, married (1) John Calvin RAY, born 1832, (son of Joseph (Biler Joe) RAY and Mary "Polly" BAILEY) died Abt 1857, married (2) James McMAHAN, born 1834, (son of Edmond McMAHAN and Mary "Polly" RIDDLE).

                       Children by John Calvin RAY:

          95.    i     William Benjamin RAY Sr. born 1849.

                  ii    Rachel RAY born 1852.

          96.    iii    Harriet J. RAY born 1854.

                       Children by James McMAHAN:

          97.    iv   Edwin Ellis McMAHAN born Jul-07-1859.

                  v    Margaret M. McMAHAN born 1860.

                  vi   Sarah M. McMAHAN born 1866.

                  vii   Amenda C. McMAHAN born 1869, married Jan-10-1889, David BLEVINS, born 1871.


37.   Robert  RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-30-1834, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Sophronia E. BURLESON, born Aug- 1-1841, (daughter of Edward BURLESON and Mary "Polly" METCALF) died Feb-28-1897, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.  Robert died Aug-21-1892, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


          98.    i     Samuel M. RIDDLE born Jan-19-1862.

          99.    ii    James Sherman RIDDLE born Sep- 3-1865.

                  iii    Mary E. RIDDLE born Jun- 7-1868, died Nov-16-1873, buried: Riddle Cem., Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

          100.  iv   Rachel Loula RIDDLE born Jan- 3-1871.

          101.  v    Alice Etta RIDDLE born 1873.

                  vi   Martha "Mattie" A. RIDDLE born Nov-13-1876, married Aug-30-1897, Wm. Benjamin "Will Ben" RAY Jr., born 1876, (son of William Benjamin RAY Sr. and Eliza Amanda BANKS) died May- 5-1911, buried: Silvers ? #30 Cem, Pensacola, Yancey Co.  Martha died Dec-11-1902, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  vii   Sarah "Suzie" N. RIDDLE born 1877, died 1880.


38.   John RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jun-08-1836, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Mar-21-1858, in Buncombe County, NC, Nancy E. McKinney, born Abt  1844.


          102.  i     Mary Jane RIDDLE born Feb-22-1859.

          103.  ii    Robert Henry RIDDLE born Abt  1862.

          104.  iii    Charles McKinley RIDDLE born Oct-13-1863.

          105.  iv   Littie L.D. RIDDLE born Abt 1866.

          106.  v    Martha C. RIDDLE born Feb-02-1869.

          107.  vi   William Lester RIDDLE born Jan-30-1874.

          108.  vii   Roberta Ann RIDDLE born Mar-21-1880.


39.   Samuel (Peg-Leg) RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-25-1838, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, occupation Teacher, Reg.of Deeds, married Sep-29-1867, in Yancey County, NC, Mary Naomi RUST, born Apr- 6-1843, Bridgewater, Burke Co., North Carolina, (daughter of Joseph Rutherford RUST and Sarah Ann McCALL) occupation School Teacher, died Mar- 2-1930, buried: Silver Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co.  Samuel died Feb-15-1920, buried: Silver Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


                  i     Sarah (Sally) Jane Elizabeth RIDDLE born Jul-10-1868, occupation Graduate Nurse, died Apr-10-1897, buried: Silvers? #30 Cem., Pensacola, Yancey Co.

          109.  ii    Joseph Bennett RIDDLE born Sep-17-1870.

          110.  iii    Cora B. RIDDLE born Nov-10-1872.

                  iv   William Huston RIDDLE born Jul-23-1875, died Oct-30-1876.

          111.  v    Evie May RIDDLE born Dec- 3-1877.

                  vi   Robert Vance Tate RIDDLE born Aug-15-1880, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, occupation Lawyer, Artist,and Writer, died May-17-1915, buried: Silvers ? #30 Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co.

                  vii   Mary Lou Bertsie (Bertie) RIDDLE born Oct-29-1882, married Samuel W. KING, Rev..  Mary died Jul-14-1914, buried: Silvers? #30 Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co.

                  viii  Amelius Belton RIDDLE born Mar-10-1886, died Aug- 2-1957,  Asheville, NC, buried: Forest Hill Cemetery, Morganton, NC.

          112.  ix   Harry Lee RIDDLE born Sep- 1-1891.


40.   Lucinda (Louisa) "Jane" RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born about 1840, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married (1) Mar-05-1858, in Yancey Co. by Leander Ray JP, John Washington DILLINGHAM, born about 1836, Buncombe County, NC, (son of William DILLINGHAM and "Polly" Mary Ann BURLESON) died Dec-31-1862?, Battle of Stones River, Murphreesboro,TN, married (2) George W. WHITAKER.  Lucinda died Dec-30-1873, buried: Maple Cem., Town Branch Rd., Dillingham.

                       Children by John Washington DILLINGHAM:

                  i     William "Ben" Benjamin DILLINGHAM born Mar-26-1859, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC, died Apr-27-1927, Asheville, NC, buried: Whitaker Cem., Barnardsville, NC.

                  ii    Rachel M. DILLINGHAM born Nov-13-1860, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC, died Jul-24-1934, buried: Pensacola, Yancey County, NC.

                  iii    John Washington DILLINGHAM Jr. born Nov-22-1862, Ivy Twp. Buncombe County, NC, died May-12-1951, Mt. Vernon, KY, buried: Freedom Cem. Rockcastle County, KY.

                       Children by George W. WHITAKER:

                  iv   J. R. WHITAKER born Jul-24-1866, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC.

                  v    George Mannon WHITAKER born Dec-25-1867, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC, died 1953.

                  vi   Samuel R. WHITAKER born Feb-28-1871, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC, died 1930.

                  vii   Flemming "Flem" L. WHITAKER born Nov-27-1872, Ivy Twp., Buncombe County, NC, died Aug-15-1960.


41.   "Nancy" Mary Riddle (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1833, married Jonathan John BANKS, born 1826, died 1909.


          113.  i     Mae BANKS.

          114.  ii    Benajmin BANKS born 1856.


42.   William P. RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Aug- 8-1843, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Oct-27-1866, in Pensacola, Yancey County,, Margaret Adeline DELLINGER, born Sep- 6-1846, (daughter of Logan Henry DELLINGER and Elmira McCALL) died Feb-17-1897, buried: Burnsville Town Cem. Burnsville, NC.  William died May- 3-1924, Penland Cem., Concord Area, Yancey Co.


          115.  i     Indiana RIDDLE born about 1867.

                  ii    Mary (Mira) Jessie RIDDLE born 1868.

          116.  iii    Samuel "Clate" Clayton RIDDLE born Abt. 1870.

                  iv   Robert L. RIDDLE born Oct- 6-1877, married Oct- 6-1897, Susan Victoria LISENBEE, born Jun-21-1880, Prices Creek Comm., Yancey Co., died Sep-14-1963, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marion, NC.  Robert died Jun-12-1914, buried: Burnsville Town Cem. Burnsville, NC.

          117.  v    Virginia "Jennie" B. RIDDLE born 1884.

          118.  vi   John Matthew "Ransom"  RIDDLE born Aug-11-1889.


43.   Benjamin Erwin RIDDLE (7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-14-1862, Yancey County, NC, married Mar-20-1881, in Yancey Co., Julia Ann WILSON, born Jul- 2-1865, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of John WILSON and "Susan" Suzanna Wilson) died Oct-18-1945, Burnsville, NC, buried: Dellinger Cem., Concord Area, Yancey Co.  Benjamin died Aug-10-1901, Burnsville, NC, Struck by lighting, buried: Dellinger Cem., Concord Area, Yancey Co.


          119.  i     John Robert RIDDLE born May-27-1882.

          120.  ii    Thomas Kelse RIDDLE born Oct- 1-1884.

          121.  iii    Marion "Emory" RIDDLE born May- 1-1886.

                  iv   Osker (Oscar) RIDDLE born Oct-19-1892, died Nov-13-1892, buried: Dillinger/Wilson Cem.#9Concord,YanceyCo.

          122.  v    Margaret (Maggie) Suzanna RIDDLE born Dec-16-1894.


44.   Ervin W. RAY (8.Mary2, 1.John1) born Dec- -1825, married Eliza Jane SLVER, born Mar- -1830, died Aft 1900.  Ervin died Aft 1910.


          123.  i     Polly L. RAY born 1853.

          124.  ii    Marcus Melvin RAY born May- -1868.


45.   Edmond "Edney" McMAHAN, Jr. (8.Mary2, 1.John1) born 1829, married Sarah PORE (Poor), born ca 1831.


          125.  i     Charles Burdett McMAHAN born Jul-17-1848.


46.   James McMAHAN (8.Mary2, 1.John1) (See marriage to number 36.)


47.   Jackson McMAHAN (8.Mary2, 1.John1) born 1845, married Rebecca SMITH, born 1850.


          126.  i     Ester (Hester) Ann McMAHAN born 1868.


48.   Archibald McMAHAN, Jr. (9.Jane2, 1.John1) born 1825, married Rebecca McMahan, born 1835.


                  i     Mary McMAHAN born 1848.

          127.  ii    Sanders McMAHAN born Jan-15-1850.

                  iii    Rebecca McMAHAN born 1860.

          128.  iv   Barbary Aletha McMAHAN born Mar- -1864.

                  v    Tilson McMAHAN born 1869.

                  vi   Woodvill McMAHAN born 1869.

                  vii   Elbert McMAHAN born 1874.


49.   Nancy RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born 1826, married John W. HOLCOMBE, born 1823.


                  i     Nathaniel H. HOLCOMBE born 1849.

                  ii    Julia Ann HALCOMBE born 1853.

                  iii    James A. HOLOCMBE born 1854.

                  iv   Fanny L. HOLCOMBE born 1858.

                  v    Starlin HOLCOMBE born 1860.

                  vi   Rebecca P. HOLCOMBE born 1860.

                  vii   Hiram L. HOLCOMBE born 1866.

                  viii  Edmond HOLCOMBE born 1866.

          129.  ix   Matilda L. HOLCOMBE born 1847.


50.   Julia Ann RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born 1830, NC, married Aug-01-1856, in Marshall, Madison County, NC, Robert "Franklin" RECTOR, born Sep- -1834.

                       Children by Robert "Franklin" RECTOR:

                  i     Emuline RECTOR born 1855.

                  ii    Eliza RECTOR born 1857.

                  iii    Wesley RECTOR born 1859.

                  iv   Liza J. RECTOR born 1859.

                  v    Gaither RECTOR born 1861.

                  vi   Hiram RECTOR born 1863.

                  vii   Catharine RECTOR born 1865.

          130.  viii  John Melvin RECTOR born Jul-09-1867.

                  ix   Elihu RECTOR born Apr- -1870.


51.   Hiram Burton RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born Abt 1831, married (1) Oct-30-1853, in Madison County, NC, Eliza ROBERTS, married (2) Mar-02-1867, in Madison County, NC, Martha Jane Tweed REESE.  Hiram died Sep-16-1893.

                       Children by Eliza ROBERTS:

                  i     Nancy RIDDLE born Abt 1854.

                  ii    Margerate RIDDLE born Abt 1856.

                  iii    John Wesley RIDDLE born 1861.

                  iv   James RIDDLE born 1862.

                       Children by Martha Jane Tweed REESE:

                  v    Eliza RIDDLE born 1868, married Dave PAYNE.

          131.  vi   Aldophus C. RIDDLE born Nov-11-1869.

                  vii   Lucinda RIDDLE born 1871.

          132.  viii  Jackson RIDDLE born 1874.

                  ix   Emily RIDDLE born 1876, married Robert PAYNE.

                  x    Alice RIDDLE born 1879, married James COCKERY.

          133.  xi   Elbert Lee RIDDLE born Jun-22-1881.

                  xii   Naoma RIDDLE born Aug-11-1886, married Pinkney LEDFORD.

                  xiii  Harrison Burton RIDDLE born Aug-30-1889, married Dec-30-1914, Bessie PAYNE, born 1896.  Harrison died Jul-26-1964.


52.   James Edward RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born 1836, Bull Creek, Madison County, NC, occupation Farmer, married Apr-09-1854, in  Madison County, NC, Epsa (Epsey) CODY, born 1837.


                  i     Mollie "Pollie" RIDDLE born Aug-24-1857, died Oct-22-1902, buried: Grapevine Cemetery, Madison County, NC.

                  ii    Rebecca L. RIDDLE born 1861.

                  iii    Hiram U. RIDDLE born 1865, Bull Creek, Madison County, NC.

                  iv   Martha M. RIDDLE born 1865, Bull Creek, Madison County, NC.

          134.  v    Rintha Jane RIDDLE born Jul-15-1871.

          135.  vi   James N. RIDDLE born 1875.

                  vii   Joseph RIDDLE born 1879, Bull Creek, Madison County, NC.


53.   Matilda Lorena RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born Aug-23-1845, NC, occupation Housewife, married Mar-08-1866, in Paint Gap, NC, John Wesley SHEPHERD, born Jan-10-1842, Indian Creek, Yancey County, NC, occupation Farmer, died May-19-1917.


                  i     Augustus Nathaniel SHEPHERD born Dec-20-1866, Bald Creek, Cainey River TWP, Yancey Co.

                  ii    Serafina "Sophina" SHEPHERD born Oct-16-1868, Bald Creek, Cainey River TWP, Yancey Co., died Thrown from a horse and died.

                  iii    James W. SHEPHERD born Dec-05-1870, died In infancy.

                  iv   A. Elbert SHEPHERD born Oct-15-1872.

                  v    Elliott E. SHEPHERD born 1873.

                  vi   Henry Taylor SHEPHERD born 1874, died 1944.

                  vii   Eugenia "Jennie" SHEPHERD born Apr-01-1877, died Dec-19-1957.

                  viii  Lula J.. SHEPHERD born Mar-07-1879, died Jul-04-1942.

                  ix   Walter G. SHEPHERD born Nov-09-1881, died Aug-01-1903, Typhid Fever Epidemic.

                  x    Fred Jack SHEPHERD born May-26-1884, died Sep-27-1946.

                  xi   A. Elmer SHEPHERD born Apr-17-1889, died Sep-07-1902, Typhoid Fever Epidemic.


54.   Smith RIDDLE (10.Nathaniel2, 1.John1) born 1864, NC, occupation Farmer, married Dec-17-1893, in Yancey County, NC, Sarah WILSON, born 1855, NC, occupation Housewife, died AFT. 1910, Prices Creek, Yancy Co., NC.  Smith died AFT. 1920, Prices Creek, Yancy Co., NC.


          136.  i     Walter Lee RIDDLE born 25 Sep 1893.

                  ii    Lillie Bell RIDDLE born 28 Mar 1895, Madison Co, NC, died 1 Sep 1898, Madison Co, NC, buried: 1898.


Fourth Generation


55.   Elizabeth HENSLEY (11.Blanchey3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) (See marriage to number 33.)


56.   Abraham HENSLEY (11.Blanchey3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Abt 1832, married Feb-26-1853, in Yancey County, NC, Ellenor "Nellie" McMAHAN, born ca 1831, buried: Unmaked, Jay Allen Cem. Barnardsville,NC.  Abraham buried: Unmarked, Jay Allen Cem. Barnardsville.


                  i     Edmund "Ed" HENSLEY born ca 1854.

                  ii    William Nelson HENSLEY born ca 1855.

                  iii    McCarson "Mack" HENSLEY born ca 1857.

                  iv   Burgess Gather HENSLEY born Feb-18-1859.

                  v    Mary M, "Polly" HENSLEY born ca 1860, Pensacola, NC.

                  vi   John HENSLEY born ca 1861.

                  vii   Elizabeth J. HENSLEY born ca 1863.

                  viii  Blanchey HENSLEY born ca 1865.

                  ix   Elllis HENSLEY born June 1870, Buncombe County, NC.

                  x    Samuel Flemons HENSLEY born Mar-08-1871, Buncombe County, NC, died Oct-24-1947, McDowell Co., NC.

                  xi   Mark E. HENSLEY born 1873.

                  xii   David "Dave" Alexander HENSLEY born Mar-01-1875, Barnardsville, Buncombe Co. NC.

                  xiii  Louise HENSLEY born ca 1876.

                  xiv  Pallie HENSLEY born Mar-14-1877, Yancey Co. NC.

                  xv  Ida Elizabeth HENSLEY born Mar-03-1878.


57.   Nancy HENSLEY (11.Blanchey3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) (See marriage to number 24.)


58.   Adolphus Erwin "Irvine" ALLEN (13.James3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1847, Yancey County, NC, married Sarah Emmeline WHITTEMORE, born Jun-06-1852, Yancey County, NC, died Mar-30-1902, Marshall, Madison Co. NC.  Adolphus died Jul-20-1927, buried: Station Cemetery, Marshal, Madison Co.NC.


          137.  i     Robert E. (K.) ALLEN born Oct-22-1875.


59.   Nelley ALLEN (13.James3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1855, Yancey County, NC, married John Washington BURLESON.


          138.  i     Etta BURLESON born Dec-17-1877.


60.   Ulysses G. ALLEN (13.James3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Jul-16-1868, Buncombe County, NC, married Mary S. McMAHON, born Nov-25-1872, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, died Sep-12-1920, buried: Allen Cemetery, (Cat Tail), Pensacola,NC.  Ulysses died Mar-14-1949, Buncombe County, NC, buried: Allen Cemetery, (Cat Tail), Pensacola,NC.


          139.  i     Bessie ALLEN born Mar- -1891.

                  ii    Clyde ALLEN born Mar-26-1892, died Feb-11-1966, Yancey County, NC.

                  iii    Dora ALLEN born Apr-19-1894.

                  iv   Pearl ALLEN born Apr-14-1897, died Apr-23-1941.

          140.  v    James Tarp ALLEN born Jun-10-1905.

                  vi   Clara ALLEN.

                  vii   Edna ALLEN.

                  viii  William Hayes ALLEN born Mar-04-1911, Yancey County, NC, died Nov-29-1979, buried: Mtn. View Memorial Park, Black Mount. NC.

                  ix   Ethel ALLEN.

                  x    Chloe ALLEN.

                  xi   J. Bennett ALLEN born Nov-28-1914, died Aug-10-1916.


61.   Rachel R. ARROWOOD (14.Mary3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born c. 1845, NC, married Samuel "Sam" RIDDLE, born c. 1846, NC, (son of Andrew Jackson RIDDLE and Dorothy Olivia "Olley" WILSON) occupation Miller, died Feb-27-1927, buried: Morgan Hill Cem. Buncombe Co. NC.


                  i     Alleghany RIDDLE born ca 1868.

          141.  ii    James W. RIDDLE born ca 1869.

          142.  iii    Andrew Jackson RIDDLE born ca 1872.

          143.  iv   Willard Grayson RIDDLE born Oct-04-1874 ?79.

                  v    Hughey D. RIDDLE born ca 1878.

          144.  vi   Fred RIDDLE born ca 1881.


62.   John ALLEN (15.Adoniram3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Oct-15-1852, married Oct-14-1874, in Yancey County, NC, Mary Jane RIDDLE, born Feb-22-1859, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of John RIDDLE and Nancy E. McKinney) died Aug-14-1905, Yancey County, NC, buried: McMahan/Allen Cem. Pensacola, NC.  John died Jul-01-1916, buried: McMahan/Allen Cem. Pensacola, NC.


                  i     James Henry ALLEN born Jan-01-1876, married Catherine ROBINSON.  James died 1946, buried: Piney Mountain Church Cem.

                  ii    William Tildon ALLEN born Apr-17-1878, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Nancy McMAHAN, born 1884, (daughter of Edwin Ellis McMAHAN and Roseanna AUSTIN).

                  iii    Lillie ALLEN born Jun-22-1880, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Gilbert McMAHON.  Lillie died Feb-21-1907.

                  iv   Idella Emma ALLEN born Jun-22-1882, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Willaim York McMAHON.

                  v    Charles Ellis ALLEN born Aug-03-1884, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, died Jul-17-1886, buried: McMahan/Allen Cem. Pensacola, NC.

                  vi   Alonzo Thomas ALLEN born May-30-1886, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Myrtle GARDNER.  Alonzo died Apr-24-1918.

          145.  vii   Emmett A. ALLEN born 1888.

                  viii  Maggie J. ALLEN born Aug- -1890, married Fred MOORE.

                  ix   John Robert ALLEN born Jun-11-1892, married Bertha HANEY.

                  x    Niram (Hiram) Houston ALLEN born Mar-07-1895, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Margaret GARLAND.

          146.  xi   Joseph Jennings Bryant ALLEN born Jun-28-1897.

                  xii   "Onnie" Garnel Leona ALLEN born Oct-09-1899, married Robert Henry McMAHAN, born 1879, (son of Edwin Ellis McMAHAN and Roseanna AUSTIN).

                  xiii  Eullah ALLEN born 1904, married (1) Horace McMAHON, married (2) Horce McMAHON.


63.   Hiram N. ALLEN (15.Adoniram3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born Dec- -1856, married ca. 1879, Emily Jane RIDDLE, born May- -1860.


                  i     Ana B. ALLEN born Sep- -1880.

                  ii    Lillie I. ALLEN born Jul- -1882.

                  iii    Mary E. ALLEN born Nov- -1884.

                  iv   Bascom N. ALLEN born Oct- -1887.

                  v    Maiyard D. ALLEN born Aug- -1890.

                  vi   Rachel E. ALLEN born Apr- -1893.


64.   Garrard DeWeese WILSON (16.Nancy3, 2.Lucinda2, 1.John1) born 1841, married in Clay County, KY, Nancy Jane KELLY, born Nov-11-1844, Harlan County, KY.


          147.  i     Green Kelly WILSON born Feb-27-1871.


65.   Louisa "Eliza" RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1843, Buncombe County, married (1) No Record, Ed AUSTIN, married (2) Manuel LINGERFELT.  Louisa died Aug-16-1937, Crabtree Twp. Yancey County.

                       Children by Ed AUSTIN:

          148.  i     William RIDDLE born Dec-25-1865.


66.   William Marvel RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1847, married Jul-16-1867, Sarah Ann T. PATTERSON, born 1850, (daughter of William PATTERSON and Lucinda Unknown Patterson) died 1925, buried: Burleson Cem. Black Mtn. Church, Barn.  William died Dec-25-1888, buried: Silver? Cem. Pensacola, Yancey County,.


          149.  i     Ezekiel H. RIDDLE born 1873.

          150.  ii    Katherine "Kitty" RIDDLE born 1874.

                  iii    Hetta R. RIDDLE born ca 1879.

          151.  iv   Charlotta RIDDLE born Aug-31-1882.

          152.  v    James Samuel "Jim Sam" RIDDLE, Rev. born Jun-20-1885.


67.   James W. RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1850, married Rebecca "Becky" WHITAKER, born 1848, died 1942, buried: Whitaker Cem. Ivy Twp. Barnardsville NC.  James died Aug-24-1930, Weaverville, NC, buried: Whitaker Cem. Barnardsville, NC.


          153.  i     James Lattie Albert RIDDLE born Dec-19-1883.

                  ii    Mattie RIDDLE.

                  iii    Ida RIDDLE.

                  iv   Mary RIDDLE.

                  v    Rena RIDDLE.

                  vi   Sue Etta RIDDLE.

                  vii   John RIDDLE.

                  viii  Jane RIDDLE.

                  ix   Elizabeth RIDDLE.

                  x    Molton RIDDLE.


68.   Nancy L. RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1853, married No Record, Unknown Hus. Nancy Riddle.  Nancy died 1888, buried: Metcalf Cem., Paint Fork, Madison Co.


          154.  i     U. Thomas Grant Wasker RIDDLE born Jun-14-1870.

                  ii    John H. RIDDLE born Feb-12-1872, married Eddie PETERSON, born Nov-12-1876, died Dec-16-1953, buried: Peterson Cem. White Cove Rd. Unicoi, TN.  John died May-12-1960, buried: Peterson Cem. Unicoi, TN.

                  iii    Robert "Bob" RIDDLE born Apr-10-1880, died Dec-25-1900, buried: Wheeler Cem. Dodd Rd. NC197,Barnardsvill.

                  iv   "May" Mae RIDDLE born Sep-04-1886, married Sam BANKS.   "May" died Jun-16-1911, buried: Town Branch Cem. Big Ivy Twp Bunc. Co NC.

                  v    Dullia RIDDLE married Robert FORSTER.


69.   "Mandy" Amanda RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1855, married Jan-14-1875, in Yancey County, NC, Dock BRYANT, born 1859.  "Mandy" died Oct- -1929.


                  i     Jane BRYANT born 1888.

                  ii    Samuel BRYANT born 1890.

                  iii    Mary BRYANT born 1893.

                  iv   Elmer BRYANT born 1895.


70.   John W. RIDDLE (23.Marvel3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1863, married Lydia BAILEY.


                  i     James Marion RIDDLE.

                  ii    Thomas RIDDLE.

                  iii    Lewis RIDDLE.


71.   Carlo (Charles) B. RIDDLE (24.James3, 4.William2, 1.John1) born 1855, married Apr-23-1876, in Yancey County, NC, Catharine (Katherine) HILEMON, born 1856.


          155.  i     George RIDDLE born Apr-11-1881.

          156.  ii    Columbus "Lum" C. RIDDLE born Apr- -1885.

                  iii    Fredrich RIDDLE born Aug- -1887.

          157.  iv   Thomas RIDDLE born Jul- -1890.

          158.  v    Nancy RIDDLE born Mar- -1893.

                  vi   William "Will" RIDDLE.

                  vii   Mollie RIDDLE.


72.   James Marion RIDDLE (27.Nathan3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1845, married Alice Unknown Riddle, born 1852.


                  i     Jennie RIDDLE born 1871.

                  ii    Hattie RIDDLE born 1877, TN.

                  iii    Ellen RIDDLE born 1880.


73.   John A. RIDDLE (27.Nathan3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Aug-24-1853, married (1) Margie BOWMAN, born Dec-12-1853, died Oct-07-1890, married (2) Jan-27-1891, Augusta OLLIS, born Feb-02-1871, died May-30-1946.  John died Sep-20-1933.

                       Children by Margie BOWMAN:

          159.  i     William "Will" Clayton RIDDLE born Mar-22-1871.

                  ii    Malissa RIDDLE born 1873.

                  iii    Aden "Ade" RIDDLE born 1875.

          160.  iv   Nathaniel "Nat" Dudley  RIDDLE born Oct-29-1876.

                  v    Lottie RIDDLE born 1879.

                  vi   Freddie Lee RIDDLE born May-03-1881.

                  vii   Cleveland R. RIDDLE born 1888.

                       Children by Augusta OLLIS:

                  viii  Otis Delanie RIDDLE born 1892, died Oct-12-1964.

                  ix   Clyde M. RIDDLE.

                  x    Edward Carl RIDDLE born 1898, died 1967.

                  xi   John Wesley RIDDLE born Aug-23-1900.

                  xii   James Ernest RIDDLE born May-13-1905.


74.   Lydia Margaret RIDDLE (28.Ansel3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1851, married Mar- 3-1870, in Yancey Co. NC, Charles Pinckney DEYTON, born 1848, died 1932, Yancey County, NC, buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brushy Creek,Yancey Co.  Lydia buried: Deyton-Riddle Cem.Brushy Creek,Yancey Co.


          161.  i     Gaston Basil DEYTON born 1875.

          162.  ii    Robert Cornelius DEYTON born 1879.


75.   Ellen Louise RIDDLE (28.Ansel3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Sep-15-1855, married James LETTERMAN, born Dec-17-1850, Yancey County, NC, died Dec-21-1938.  Ellen died Jan- 5-19??, buried: Happy Valley Cem. Johnson City, Tenn.


                  i     Cordelia LETTERMAN born 1873, Yancey County, NC.

          163.  ii    Matilda LETTERMAN born 1875.

                  iii    Margaret "Maggie" LETTERMAN born 1877, Yancey County, NC.

                  iv   Nancy J. LETTERMAN born Nov- 3-1878, Yancey County, NC, married Mar-29-1896, in Yancey County, NC, John Wesley BAILEY, born Jan-03-1878, Yancey County, NC, died Apr-14-1961, Yancey County, NC.  Nancy died Apr-12-1964, Yancey County, NC.

                  v    Pansey LETTERMAN born 1884, Yancey County, NC.

          164.  vi   Martha M. LETTERMAN born Dec-21-1885.

                  vii   Robert H. LETTERMAN born 1888, Yancey County, NC.


76.   Sarah M. RIDDLE (28.Ansel3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1866, married Feb-11-1885, Alpheus MASTERS, born 1862, Yancey County, NC.  Sarah died 1948.


                  i     Jason MASTERS born 1886, Yancey County, NC.

                  ii    Lyda H. MASTERS born 1896.

                  iii    Vero MASTERS born Mar- -1900, died Oct-01-1985, Yancey County, NC.

                  iv   Angus MASTERS.


77.   Nancy E. RIDDLE (29.James3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Apr- 9-1855, Yancey County, NC, married William K.  PRESNELL, born Mar-20-1858, Yancey County, NC, died Oct-03-1933, Yancey County, NC, buried: Pleasant Gap, Double Island Rd, Yancey.  Nancy died Dec- 3-1941, Yancey County, NC, buried: Pleasant Gap, Double Island Rd. Yancey.


                  i     Sinai PRESNELL born 1888, Yancey County, NC.

          165.  ii    Mary J. PRESNELL born 1891.

          166.  iii    Sarah Cimi PRESNELL born 1892.

          167.  iv   Mollie B. PRESNELL born Nov-28-1894.

                  v    Josephene "Joe" PRESNELL born 1898, Yancey County, NC, died Sep-21-1925, Yancey County, NC.

                  vi   Katie PRESNELL.


78.   Talitha Cumi RIDDLE (29.James3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Jan-21-1858, married Apr-17-1881, in Yancey County, NC, John Alexander Theopolis WOODY, born Oct-11-1859, Yancey County, NC, (son of John M. WOODY and Miverva E. WISEMAN) died Sep-21-1940.  Talitha died Apr-17-1932.


          168.  i     Nettie Cumi  WOODY born May-18-1882.

                  ii    Zora  Louisa WOODY born Oct-09-1883, Yancey County, NC.

          169.  iii    Willard Jeston WOODY born Apr-27-1885.

                  iv   D'Ana Madora WOODY born Nov-20-1886, Yancey County, NC, married William Alfred "Alf" SPARKS, born Jun-16-1876, Yancey County, NC, died Jun-30-1961, buried: Pleasant Valley Cem.  D'Ana died Oct-04-1968, buried: Pleasant Grove Ch. Cem. Yancey County.

          170.  v    Julia E. WOODY born Jun-20-1890.

                  vi   Lillie WOODY born Mar-14-1894, Green My., Yancey County, NC.

          171.  vii   Rosa Ellen WOODY born Dec-13-1898.


79.   William Harvey RIDDLE (29.James3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Feb-25-1860, married Mary Jane Dixie THOMAS, born Oct-17-1861, (daughter of Ahijah THOMAS and Martha HENSLEY) died May-28-1945.  William died Oct- 6-1941.


          172.  i     Mary Magdalene (Maggie) RIDDLE born Jan-13-1881.

          173.  ii    Martha Ella RIDDLE born Oct-12-1882.

          174.  iii    James Coleman RIDDLE born Mar-20-1882.

          175.  iv   David Clingman RIDDLE born Jul- 1-1886.

          176.  v    William Palmer RIDDLE born 1888.

          177.  vi   Ranzie (Ransie) L RIDDLE born Jun- 6-1894.

                  vii   Abigail RIDDLE born 1895, died 1895.

          178.  viii  Pearl RIDDLE born Jun- 5-1898.

          179.  ix   Nathan McKinley RIDDLE born Sep- 2-1900.

          180.  x    Anne Mae RIDDLE born Sep-30-1910.


80.   Baccus L. RIDDLE (29.James3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Oct-17-1864, married Georganna (Anna) HUGHES, born Mar-31-1866, died Nov-10-1953, buried: Hushes Cem. Brush Creek, Yancey County,.  Baccus died Nov-15-1934.


                  i     Sina M. RIDDLE.

          181.  ii    Nancy Jane RIDDLE born Sep- 8-1887.

          182.  iii    James Garrett RIDDLE II born Mar-26-1890.

          183.  iv   Molly Belle RIDDLE born Jan-31-1893.

                  v    Joseph Nathan RIDDLE born Sep-28-1898.

          184.  vi   Handy Charles RIDDLE born May-15-1904.

          185.  vii   Jesse C. RIDDLE born Feb-27-1906.


81.   James Marion RIDDLE (30.John3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1856, married Nancy Jane TOMPKINS, born Aug-25-1854, died Feb-18-1936.


          186.  i     John Tompkins RIDDLE.

                  ii    George Washington RIDDLE born Jul-09-1880, died Dec-12-1976.

                  iii    Thomas N RIDDLE born 1882, died 1961.

                  iv   Martha C RIDDLE born Dec-04-1884, died Feb-13-1958.

                  v    Margaret Ellen RIDDLE born 1885, died 1977.

                  vi   Loretta Eunice RIDDLE born Feb-04-1888, died Apr-25-1950.

                  vii   William L. RIDDLE, Sr. born 1890, died 1986.

                  viii  Earnest RIDDLE born Mar-07-1893, died Aug-05-1893.

                  ix   Pearl RIDDLE born Nov-11-1894, died Feb-21-1977.

                  x    Dewey RIDDLE born 1898, died 1975.

                  xi   Daisy H RIDDLE.


82.   Sina (Scinia, Cinae) Louisa RIDDLE (30.John3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1857, married Jan-16-1876, in Unicoi Co,. TN, Henry Bert "H.B." FOSTER, born Jan- -1855, Washington Co. TN.  Sina buried: Sally Hole Cem. Clarks Ck. Unicoi Co.TN.


          187.  i     Martha FOSTER born Jun-14-1874.

                  ii    Kanady FOSTER.

                  iii    John Andrew FOSTER.

                  iv   Dora Belle FOSTER.

                  v    Demple FOSTER.


83.   Althea S. RIDDLE (31.Lewis3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Sep-07-1847, Yancey County, NC, married Aug-02-1871, in Yancey County, NC, Amos PRESNELL, born Jul-06-1854, Alexander County, NC, (son of Peter PRESNELL and Susanna TEAGUE) died Aug-28-1942, Yancey County, NC.


                  i     Baccus PRESNELL born 1872, died 1901, Yancey County, NC.

                  ii    Manassa PRESNELL born 1873, died 1908, Yancey County, NC.

          188.  iii    "Cas" Caswell Richard PRESNELL born May-09-1875.

          189.  iv   Nancy J. PRESNELL born May- -1880.

                  v    Mary PRESNELL born 1881, married Dec-30-1898, James Finley WEBB.

                  vi   Hester Ann PRESNELL born Jun-10-1885, married Bob HARRIS.  Hester died Mar-22-1968.

                  vii   Mattie L. PRESNELL born May-01-1889, Yancey County, NC, died Nov-26-1992, Yancey County, NC.


84.   Lillia Adeline RIDDLE (31.Lewis3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born Mar-10-1857, Brush Creek Twp, Yancey Co. NC, married Feb-09-1877, in NC, Harrison Hiram PRESNELL, born Jul-14-1847, Red Hill, Yancey County, NC, (son of Peter PRESNELL and Susanna TEAGUE) died Jul-03-1919, Unicoi County, TN.  Lillia died Sep-07-1898, Red Hill, Yancey County, NC, buried: Jones Cemetery, Erwin, TN.


                  i     George PRESNELL born 1878, Mitchell County, NC, married (1) Susie BIDDIX, married (2) Clara Unknown Presenell.  George died 1965, Missouri.

          190.  ii    Sally PRESNELL born Oct-31-1881.

          191.  iii    Charles PRESNELL born Apr- -1884.

                  iv   Wesley PRESNELL born Feb- -1887, Mitchell County, NC, died 1930.

                  v    Nancy Elizabeth PRESNELL born Jun- -1889, Mitchell County, NC, died Oct-12-1968, NC.

                  vi   Phoebe PRESNELL born Mar- -1891, Mitchell County, NC, died Sep-04-1969, Erwin, TN.

                  vii   Althea PRESNELL born Feb- -1893, Mitchell County, NC, died Jul-07-1976, Phoenix, AZ.

                  viii  David PRESNELL born Feb- -1895, Mitchell County, NC, died 1930.

          192.  ix   Manasia James PRESNELL born Mar-23-1896.


85.   Nathan RIDDLE (31.Lewis3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1869, married 1888, Ester (Hester) Ann McMAHAN, born 1868, Pensacola, NC, (daughter of Jackson McMAHAN and Rebecca SMITH). Nathan died Jul-28-1911, buried: Eddie McMahan Cem. Pensacola, NC.


                  i     William RIDDLE born Nov- -1889.

                  ii    "Horace" Elbert Horace RIDDLE born Oct- -1891, married Bessie BIGGS.  "Horace" died May- -1980, buried: McCracken Cem. Yancey Co. NC.

                  iii    Indiana RIDDLE born Oct- -1897.

                  iv   Kinsey RIDDLE born 1906.

                  v    Elley RIDDLE born 1907.


86.   Margaret RIDDLE (31.Lewis3, 6.John2, 1.John1) born 1873, Yancey County, NC, married Mr. COOPER.


                  i     Hubert Coy COOPER born 1916.


87.   Benjamin Britton RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jan-28-1851, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, occupation Baptist Minster, Farmer, married (1) Aug- 1-1875, in Yancey County, NC, Nancy Elmore (PEAKE) PEEK, born Jun-13-1861, Yancey County, NC, died May- 5-1879, Yancey County, NC, married (2) Oct-18-1881, in Yancey County, NC, Phinetta BLANKENSHIP, born 1863, died Dec-10-1885, married (3) Apr-14-1887, in Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, Nancy Moriah RATHBONE, born Aug- 1-1872, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of Henry Christopher RATHBONE and Elendor Unknown Rathbone) died Jan- 2-1935, Dillingham, Buncombe Co., NC, buried: Jan- 8-1935, Riddle Cem., Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.  Benjamin died Sep-17-1928, Dillingham, Buncombe Co., NC, buried: Sep-19-1928, Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                       Children by Nancy Elmore (PEAKE) PEEK:

          193.  i     Lunel McGilvary RIDDLE born Jan- 8-1877.

                  ii    Anna Isabella Elvira RIDDLE born Sep-18-1878, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, died Mar-24-1879, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                       Children by Phinetta BLANKENSHIP:

                  iii    Nancy Elizabeth RIDDLE born Jun-29-1882, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Sheriff R.? S.? ROLAND.  Nancy died Mar-28-1914.

                  iv   Adoniram Alonzo RIDDLE born Jun- 8-1884, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Dec-28-1884, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                       Children by Nancy Moriah RATHBONE:

                  v    Arthur RIDDLE born Jul-18-1888, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Sep-27-1913, buried: Silver Cem. near the Pensacola School.

          194.  vi   Landon RIDDLE born Feb-10-1890.

                  vii   Helena RIDDLE born Jan-12-1892, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Jun- 3-1892, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  viii  Latimore (Lattie) M. RIDDLE born Apr- 4-1893, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Dec-29-1911.

          195.  ix   Sarah (Sallie) Grace RIDDLE born Mar- 5-1895.

          196.  x    Joeph Grady RIDDLE born Mar- 6-1895.

          197.  xi   Stanley Henry RIDDLE born Apr- 5-1897.

          198.  xii   Viola Alice RIDDLE born Apr-19-1899.

                  xiii  David Albert RIDDLE born Apr-14-1901, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Arlene BOYD.  David died Apr-14-1956.

                  xiv  Ola May RIDDLE born Apr- 5-1904, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Aug-13-1905, buried: Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  xv  James Russell (Russel) RIDDLE born Oct- 4-1905, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, occupation Capenter, WWII Vet, married Alma WILSON, born Oct-18-1911, Yancey County, NC, died Apr-27-1984, Asheville, NC, buried: Apr-29-1984, Piney Grove Presbyterian Cem. Swannanoa.  James died Jan-25-1985, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, buried: Jan-27-1985, Swannanoa Presbyterian Church Cem.

                  xvi  Robert Roy (Roy) RIDDLE born Oct- 4-1905, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Nell GREGORY Riddle, born May-29-1910, died Jul-20-1976, Asheville, NC, buried: Green Hills Cem. Asheville, NC.  Robert died Nov-30-1976, Asheville, Buncombe Co., NC, buried: Dec- 3-1976, Green Hills Cem. Asheville, NC.

                  xvii Ethel (Ethile) RIDDLE born Mar- 8-1908, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Sep- 1-1909, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  xviii Watson RIDDLE born Dec-26-1909, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, died Aug-15-1910, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

          199.  xix  William Brittion (Britt) RIDDLE born Jan-25-1912.


88.   "Martha" Margaret Marthann RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Oct-28-1853, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married Feb-21-1869, Sanders McMAHAN, born Jan-15-1850, (son of Archibald McMAHAN, Jr. and Rebecca McMahan) died Feb-02-1936, buried: Vixen, Yancey County, NC.


          200.  i     Ella McMAHAN born Nov-20-1884.


89.   Marcus Ervin RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Dec- 8-1854, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Aug- 2-1874, in Yancey County, NC, Beuna Vista "Vestie" WILSON, born Oct-13-1856, died Dec-21-1901, buried: Riddle Cem. #31, Pensacola, Yancey Co.  Marcus died Sep-28-1902, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, buried: Riddle Cem. #31, Pensacola, Yancey Co.


                  i     Erastus RIDDLE born Jul- 9-1875, married Apr-11-1897, in Yancey County, NC, Julia SILVER, born Mar-24-1878, died Feb- 2-1953, buried: Riddle Cem. #31, Pensacola, Yancey Co.  Erastus died Sep-24-1946, buried: Riddle Cem., #31, Pensacola, Yancey Co.

          201.  ii    Welzie (Uncle Welzie) RIDDLE Sr. born May-20-1881.

          202.  iii    Martha N. (Mattie) RIDDLE born Dec-30-1877.

          203.  iv   Pearson Kenilworth RIDDLE, Sr. born Apr- 5-1897.


90.   William "Will" Michell RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-30-1857, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Jul-13-1884, in Yancey County, NC, Mattie HAULK, born 1864, died 1955, Lenior, NC.  William died Jan- 4-1923, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, buried: Silver Cem., Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


          204.  i     Blaine James RIDDLE born Jun-03-1886.

          205.  ii    Ulysses RIDDLE born Mar-  -1887.


91.   Adoniram (Niram) Houston RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1863, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, married Jan-20-1887, Amanda (Mandy) C. ALLEN, born 1868, (daughter of George ALLEN and Caldonia SILVER) died 1948, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, buried: Riddle Cem. #29, Pensacola, Yancey, Co.  Adoniram died 1948, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC, buried: Riddle Cem. #29, Pensacola, Yancey Co.


          206.  i     Belva RIDDLE born Mar-  -1888.

          207.  ii    Quillin E. RIDDLE born Aug- -1890.

                  iii    Elmer R. RIDDLE born 1892, died May-30-1965.

          208.  iv   Richmond Carlyle RIDDLE born Jun-29-1897.

          209.  v    William Homer RIDDLE born Jul-05-1901.

          210.  vi   George Kermit RIDDLE born Nov- 6-1904.


92.   Samuel "Lubbie Sam" M. RIDDLE (33.James3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-22-1865, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, married (1) Dec-25-1883, in Yancey County, NC, Barbary Aletha McMAHAN, born Mar- -1864, (daughter of Archibald McMAHAN, Jr. and Rebecca McMahan) married (2) Nellie HENSLEY, born 1881, died Oct-27-1973.

                       Children by Barbary Aletha McMAHAN:

          211.  i     Sanders Kennedy "Kennedy" RIDDLE born Sep-13-1884.

          212.  ii    William Theodore RIDDLE born Apr- 3-1886.

          213.  iii    Dallas C. RIDDLE born April 1893.

                  iv   Pearl M. RIDDLE born April 1894.

                  v    Leanora RIDDLE born Mar 1900.


93.   Benjamin Baxter RAY (34.Margaret3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Dec- 5-1854, married Jan-21-1877, Martha (Mattie) RAY, born Jan-21-1862, (daughter of James Baccus RAY and Margaret PICKENS) died Apr- 8-1949, buried: Cem. #30, Silvers, Pensacola, NC.  Benjamin died Jun-22-1933, buried: Cem. #30, Silvers, Pensacola, NC.


          214.  i     Margaret (Maggie) Lee RAY born Mar-18-1878.

          215.  ii    Elizabeth  "Lizzie" Ann RAY born Nov- 7-1880.

          216.  iii    Lenora Jane RAY born Jan-22-1883.

          217.  iv   Corrie B. RAY born Jan-19-1886.

          218.  v    Essie Lillian RAY born Feb- 5-1889.

          219.  vi   Julia Mae RAY born Sep- 6-1891.

          220.  vii   James Hobart RAY born Mar-12-1896.

                  viii  Rollin RAY.

                  ix   Wayne Baxter RAY born 1902, occupation ASC (tobacco allotments), married Willie RIDDLE, born 1907, (daughter of Welzie (Uncle Welzie) RIDDLE Sr. and Jessie McMAHAN). Wayne died 1973.

          221.  x    William Edgar RAY born 1909.


94.   "Little Garrett" Garrett Lenoir RAY (34.Margaret3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Oct-31-1857, married Sep-12-1877, Margaret RAY, born Jan- 1-1860, (daughter of John Henry RAY and Elizabeth BLANKENSHIP) died Sep-14-1926.  "Little died Jan-13-1931.


          222.  i     Zeb Lenoir RAY born Sep-17-1878.

          223.  ii    Clarence Burdett RAY born Oct- 4-1892.

                  iii    Lennie RAY.

                  iv   Henery Ernest RAY.

                  v    Sallie RAY.

                  vi   Ella RAY.


95.   William Benjamin RAY Sr. (36.Elizabeth3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1849, married Eliza Amanda BANKS, born 1849, (daughter of Samuel B. BANKS and Jane RAY) died Apr-13-1928, buried: Silvers? Cem. #30, Pensacola, Yancey Co.  William died Jan- 7-1930, buried: Silvers ? Cem. #30, Pensacola, Yancey Co.


                  i     Wm. Benjamin "Will Ben" RAY Jr. born 1876, married Aug-30-1897, Martha "Mattie" A. RIDDLE, born Nov-13-1876, (daughter of Robert  RIDDLE and Sophronia E. BURLESON) died Dec-11-1902, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.  Wm. died May- 5-1911, buried: Silvers ? #30 Cem, Pensacola, Yancey Co.

          224.  ii    Harriet Orpha RAY born May- 3-1885.


96.   Harriet J. RAY (36.Elizabeth3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1854, married Goodson RAY, born 1855, (son of Hiram RAY and Millisa (Elizabeth) BENNETT RAY) died 1932.  Harriet died 1930.


                  i     Rosetta RAY.

                  ii    John Bynum RAY born Apr-13-1878.

                  iii    Thomas RAY born Aug-17-1888.

                  iv   Bertha RAY born Feb-20-1893.

                  v    Joseph RAY.

                  vi   Alice RAY.

                  vii   Sylvester RAY.


97.   Edwin Ellis McMAHAN (36.Elizabeth3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jul-07-1859, married Dec-27-1877, in Yancey County, NC, Roseanna AUSTIN, born Sep-10-1860, (daughter of Sam AUSTIN and Carolina BANKS) died Jun-22-1945.  Edwin died Nov-17-1935, buried: Pensacola, Yancey County, NC.


                  i     Robert Henry McMAHAN born 1879, married "Onnie" Garnel Leona ALLEN, born Oct-09-1899, (daughter of John ALLEN and Mary Jane RIDDLE).

                  ii    John W. McMAHAN born 1880.

                  iii    Nancy McMAHAN born 1884, married William Tildon ALLEN, born Apr-17-1878, Pensacola, Yancey County, NC, (son of John ALLEN and Mary Jane RIDDLE).

                  iv   James S. McMAHAN born 1886.

                  v    Rosco McMAHAN born 1889.

                  vi   Mary L. McMAHAN born 1891.

                  vii   Willard McMAHAN born 1893.

                  viii  Hillard McMAHAN born 1893.


98.   Samuel M. RIDDLE (37.Robert3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jan-19-1862, occupation Farmer, Merchant, married Dec-25-1881, Martha M. YOUNG, born Dec-17-1860, (daughter of Cannon Drate YOUNG and Sarah Pauline SILVER) died Apr-17-1922, buried: Riverside Cem. Sec. Q, Asheville, NC.  Samuel died Mar- 1-1949, buried: Riverside Cem. Sec. Q, Asheville, NC.


                  i     unnamed born Apr- 5-1883, died Apr- 5-1883, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  ii    Roscoe R. RIDDLE born May-18-1884, died Mar-26-1941, buried: Mars Hill Cem. Mars Hill, Madison Co. NC.

                  iii    John Drayton RIDDLE born Oct- 6-1886, died Aug- 6-1946, buried: Riverside Cem. Sec. Q, Asheville, NC.

                  iv   H. Euart RIDDLE born Mar-20-1889, died Jun-21-1960, buried: Riverside Cem. Sec. Q, Asheville, NC.

                  v    Jeter P. RIDDLE born Jan-18-1891, occupation WWI Vet.Produce Mer., died Apr-29-1955, buried: Riverside Cem. Sec. Q, Asheville,NC.

                  vi   Alice W. RIDDLE born April 1896, married Jennings FITZGERALD, born Sep-16-1896, died Dec- 2-1975, buried: Riverside Cem. Asheville, NC.  Alice died 1952, buried: Riverside Cem. Asheville, NC.

                  vii   Bis L. RIDDLE born Feb 1899, died 1977, buried: Mars Hill Cem. Mars Hill, Madison Co.,NC.


99.   James Sherman RIDDLE (37.Robert3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep- 3-1865, married (1) Aug-22-1886, in Yancey County, NC, Margaret Lou Emma RAY, born May-14-1868, (daughter of Leander RAY and Sarah C. ROLAND) died Sep-23-1899, buried: Riddle Cemetery, Pensacola, NC, married (2) Jan-13-1903, Harriet Orpha RAY, born May- 3-1885, (daughter of William Benjamin RAY Sr. and Eliza Amanda BANKS) died Feb- 5-1963, buried: Banks Creek Cemetery, Yancey County.  James died Apr-21-1946, buried: Jim Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co.,NC.

                       Children by Margaret Lou Emma RAY:

                  i     Charles Lewis RIDDLE born Jun- 4-1887, died Jun-22-1970, Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  ii    Robert Lee RIDDLE born Sep-11-1889, Yancey Co., NC, occupation Civil Engineer, married Jul-20-1930, in Huntingdon, Tenn., Sudie Anna WHITLOCK, born Sep-28-1904, died Oct-19-1985, buried: Eastside Cemetery, Martin, Tenn.  Robert died Aug- 7-1966, Brandon Mem. Hosp., Martin, Tenn, buried: Eastside Cem. Martin, Tenn.

          225.  iii    Dora RIDDLE born Dec- 9-1891.

                  iv   Frank Burdett RIDDLE born Nov-28-1893, married Gertrude McMAHAN, born 1900, died Jan-23-1969.  Frank died Mar-11-1977, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.

                  v    Mattie E. RIDDLE born Mar-28-1896, died Feb-17-1897.

                  vi   Sallie S. RIDDLE born Jan- 5-1898.

                       Children by Harriet Orpha RAY:

          226.  vii   Benjamin Ray (Ray Ben) RIDDLE born Nov-28-1903.

          227.  viii  James Eugene RIDDLE born Apr-27-1905.

          228.  ix   Jonsie Ella RIDDLE born Mar-11-1907.

          229.  x    Opal RIDDLE born Apr-23-1911.

                  xi   Kelley RIDDLE born Feb-18-1913, died Jun- 4-1914.

          230.  xii   June RIDDLE born May- 8-1915.

          231.  xiii  Walter Worley RIDDLE born Jan-25-1918.

          232.  xiv  Howard Harding RIDDLE born Jan-28-1922.

                  xv  Calvin C. RIDDLE born Aug-27-1925, died Nov-18-1926.


100. Rachel Loula RIDDLE (37.Robert3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jan- 3-1871, married Dec-14-1890, in Yancey County, NC by Rev. B.B. Riddle, James (Jimmy) Pegram DILLINGHAM, born Apr-15-1866, Buncombe County, NC, died Aug-17-1928, Buncombe County, NC, buried: Antioch Cem. Democrat, NC.  Rachel died Apr-17-1910, Wellington, Weld County, Colorado, buried: Riddle Cem. Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


                  i     Clyde F. DILLINGHAM born Apr- 1-1893, Democrat, NC, died 1969.

                  ii    Robert A. DILLINGHAM born Dec- 6-1895, Denocrate, NC, died Oct-28-1896, buried: Antioch Cem.

                  iii    Matt Stephen DILLINGHAM born Sep-16-1896, Democrat, NC, occupation School Teacher, died Jul-25-1969, Durham, NC, buried: West Mem. Park, Weaverville, NC.

                  iv   Harold Winton DILLINGHAM born Nov- 7-1898, Democrat, NC, died Nov- 9-1967, buried: Antioch Cem. Democrat Comm. Buncombe Co.

                  v    William Bradley DILLINGHAM born Jun-21-1901, Democrat, NC.

                  vi   Harris Lee DILLINGHAM born Feb-16-1904, Democrat, NC, died Jan- 2-1968, Asheville, NC.

                  vii   Lula James (Jamie) DILLINGHAM born Aug-21-1905, Deocrat, NC.

                  viii  Samuel Riddle DILLINGHAM born Oct-24-1907, Democrat, NC, died Oct- 6-1976, Chicago, Ill.


101. Alice Etta RIDDLE (37.Robert3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born 1873, married Jan-26-1899, Zeb Lenoir RAY, born Sep-17-1878, (son of "Little Garrett" Garrett Lenoir RAY and Margaret RAY) died Aug- 2-1957.  Alice died 1966, Colorado, buried: Loveland Cemetery, Colorado.


          233.  i     Samuel "Lew" RAY born May-13-1904.

          234.  ii    Robert "Bob" RAY.

          235.  iii    Henry Lee "Red" RAY.

                  iv   Sue RAY.


102. Mary Jane RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) (See marriage to number 62.)


103. Robert Henry RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Abt  1862, Henderson County, NC, married Nov-19-1882, in Yancey County, NC, Jane CASE.


                  i     Anna Cordelia RIDDLE born Oct-20-1884, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Charles CARSON.  Anna died 1958.

                  ii    Charles McClellan RIDDLE born Jul-31-1886, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Linda ANDERSON.

                  iii    William Sherdon RIDDLE born Mar-30-1889, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Tinnie May HANEY.

                  iv   Thomas Henry RIDDLE born Apr-20-1891, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Ada SILVERS.  Thomas died 1963.

                  v    Lillie Emma RIDDLE born Apr-27-1893, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, died as a child.

                  vi   Mary Iona RIDDLE married Oliver Joseph FRISBEE.


104. Charles McKinley RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Oct-13-1863, Merchinson, Yancey County, NC, married Oct-16-1881, in Asheville, NC, Maggie McKINNEY, born Nov-05-1863, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of Henry McKINNEY and Massinda "Cindy" STARNES) died Feb-04-1947, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC.  Charles died Sep-19-1948, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC.


          236.  i     James Arthur RIDDLE born May-12-1882.

          237.  ii    Allie Garney RIDDLE born Jul-03-1884.

          238.  iii    Emma Jane RIDDLE born Oct-01-1886.

          239.  iv   John Henry RIDDLE born Jun-19-1889.

                  v    Thomas Garland RIDDLE born Apr-12-1891, Madison County, NC, married Mary Ethel ELLENBURG.  Thomas died Dec-22-1922, Madison County, NC.

          240.  vi   David Lester RIDDLE born May-05-1893.

          241.  vii   Jeter Conley RIDDLE born Aug-06-1895.

          242.  viii  Mildred RIDDLE born Jun-17-1901.


105. Littie L.D. RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Abt 1866, married Tom CASE.  Littie died Buncombe County, NC.


                  i     Waymon CASE.

                  ii    Jennie CASE married Alonzo BLANTON.


106. Martha C. RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Feb-02-1869, Madison County, NC, married Apr-20-1890, in Madison County, NC, William DAVIS.  Martha died Roan County, TN.


                  i     Henry William DAVIS born Apr-26-1891, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Hannah COGDILL.  Henry died May-23-1976.

                  ii    Robert Clairon DAVIS born Aug-29-1892, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Minnie CLARK.  Robert died Mar-12-1961.

                  iii    Alice L. DAVIS born Aug-24-1894, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Joseph ROBERTS.  Alice died Jul-30-1970.

                  iv   Annie DAVIS born Jun-25-1899, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Charles O. PLEMMONS.  Annie died Jun-23-1968.

                  v    Cauley McCleelon DAVIS born Sep-18-1904, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Annie E. WRIGHT.

                  vi   Ida Belle DAVIS died as a child.

                  vii   Nora Jane DAVIS.


107. William Lester RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Jan-30-1874, Madison County, NC, married Jan-18-1898, in Madison County, NC, Dovie Lou CARVER.  William died Jul-25-1967, Haywood County, NC.


                  i     Roy McKinley RIDDLE born Nov-08-1898, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, died Mar-03-1907.

                  ii    Henry Alfred RIDDLE born Feb-13-1900.

                  iii    Elizabeth Eleanor RIDDLE born Dec-17-1902, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Theodore Roosevelt DAVIS.  Elizabeth died Nov-01-1978.

                  iv   Roberta Ann RIDDLE born Mar-27-1905, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married John K. MUNDY.

                  v    William Grady RIDDLE.

                  vi   Waymon Richard RIDDLE born Dec-19-1916, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC.

                  vii   Ledora Pearl RIDDLE born Jan-09-1922, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, died Sep- -1922.

                  viii  Bonnie May RIDDLE born Jan-09-1924, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC.


108. Roberta Ann RIDDLE (38.John3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Mar-21-1880, Transylvania County, NC, married Soloman Henry DAVIS.  Roberta died Feb-16-1961, Knoxville, TN.


                  i     Handy Howard DAVIS died as an infant.

                  ii    Dovie Mae DAVIS died as an infant.

                  iii    Cartie Aletha DAVIS born Dec-22-1902, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Benjamin Franklin RUPPE.  Cartie died Jul-21-1979.

                  iv   Phelma DAVIS born Sep-07-1907, Spring Creek, Madison County, NC, married Huse HOWARD.  Phelma died Nov-20-1972.


109. Joseph Bennett RIDDLE (39.Samuel3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep-17-1870, Yancey County, NC, occupation Doctor of Medicine, married Jun-30-1898, in Yancey County, NC, Lenora Jane RAY, born Jan-22-1883, Yancey County, NC, (daughter of Benjamin Baxter RAY and Martha (Mattie) RAY) died May- 1-1947.  Joseph died Jan- 1-1947.


          243.  i     Georgia Ray RIDDLE born Jun-14-1900.

          244.  ii    Joseph Bennet RIDDLE II born Apr-30-1902.

          245.  iii    Kathleen McRae RIDDLE born Nov- 2-1904.


110. Cora B. RIDDLE (39.Samuel3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Nov-10-1872, Yancey County, NC, married Dec-16-1896, Theodore Lemuel COFFEY, born Feb- 9-1874, died Jan-12-1937, buried: Cem. #29, Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.  Cora died Apr-13-1929, buried: Cem. #29 Pensacola, Yancey Co., NC.


          246.  i     Leah Joe Tate COFFEY born Jan- 1-1907.

                  ii    Charles COFFEY died in infancy.

          247.  iii    Ralph Donald COFFEY born Dec- 3-1909.


111. Evie May RIDDLE (39.Samuel3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Dec- 3-1877, married Mar-27-1898, William  Hayes McMAHAN, (son of Bryson McMAHAN and Unknown) died 1931.  Evie died Aug-10-1962, buried: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marion, NC.


          248.  i     Edna Tate McMAHAN born Jun-11-1899.

                  ii    Edward Hays McMAHAN occupation Lawyer.

                  iii    William Hays McMAHAN.


112. Harry Lee RIDDLE (39.Samuel3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) born Sep- 1-1891, Yancey County, NC, occupation Doctor of Pharmacy, married Jan-17-1914, Helen Atlanta DAVIS, born Feb- 2-1892, Burke, County, N.C., (daughter of Isaiah Iverson DAVIS and Lucy Isbel BETTIS) died Nov-24-1969.  Harry died Mar-23-1976, buried: Forest Hill Cemetery, Morganton, NC.


          249.  i     Harry Lee "Chick" RIDDLE, Jr. II born Sep-13-1914.

                  ii    Mira Davis RIDDLE born Sep-21-1923, Morganton, N. C.

          250.  iii    Joseph Iverson RIDDLE born Apr-25-1931.


113. Mae BANKS (41."Nancy"3, 7.Benjamin2, 1.John1) married Robert Wesley RIDDLE, born Jul-30-1911, Yancey County, NC, (son of Blaine James RIDDLE and Emma Sue BANKS) died Jun-07-1994, buried: West Burnsville Church Cem., Burnsville.  Mae died 1970.