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All Known descendants of William Stanier


Henry Stanier was British Vice Consul in Granada, and an accomplished painter

Letters of Administration for Thomas Stanier
of	Wolverhampton STS, japanner
died	13 April 1861 at Wolverhampton
Granted	at Lichfield 28 June 1861
to	Ann Catherine Stanier, widow, the relict
Estate	under £100

Letters of Administration for David Phillips
of	formerly of 176 Conybere Street, Birmingham but late of 18 Main Street Sparkbrook WAR traveller
died	17 October 1882 at 18 Main Street
ADMIN	(with the Will) granted at Birmingham 29 November 1882
to	Elizabeth Phillips of 27 Islington Terrace, Wenman Street, Balsall Heath WOR, widow, the relict the residuary legatee for life
Estate	£76 10s
Letters of Administration for Charles Frederick Stanier
of	8 Hillside Road, Tamboers Kloof Cape Town SA
died	18 September 1910 at sea
Granted	at London 11 October 1910
to	Annie Stanier widow
Estate	£60
Will of Thomas William Stanier
of	26 Delavel Road, Whitley Bay NBL
died	16 May 1915
WILL	proved at Newcastle upon Tyne 10 June 1915
by	Emily Sarah Stanier widow
Estate	£308 3s 7d

Will of Sarah Emily Stanier
of	47 Murdock Road Handsworth Birmingham WAR spinster
Dated	28 April 1915
Witness	Florence Wootton
	Amy Gertrude Silver
died	6 July 1919 at the Infirmary West Bromwich STS
Proved	at Birmingham 12 September 1919
by	Philip Henry Stanier of 34 Ferry Street Dudley, retired railway agent
	Alfred Sydney Stanier of 7 Union Row, Handsworh Birmingham, musician
Estate	£251 7s
	All debts to be paid.
	All estate to be held in trust for sister Francis Ada Stanier of 47 Murdock Road Handsworth.
	Should there be any residue after the death of Francis Ada Stanier, to be given to Alfred Sydney Stanier
	to dispose of as he may see fit.

Will of William Henry Stanier
of	South Place Calne WIL
died	17 June 1924
Proved	at London 14 February 1925
by	William Arthur Stanier and Charles Edward Stanier engineers
Estate	£1,673 18s 10d

Letters of Administration for James Stanier
of	Royal Oak Hotel Sutton Coldfield WAR
died	8 July 1927
Granted	at Birmingham 6 September 1927
to	Clara Ann Stanier, widow
Estate	£943 1s 7d

Will of Emily Sarah Stanier
of	32 Devon Gardens Gateshead widow
died	24 November 1927
Proved	at Newcastle upon Tyne 28 December 1927
by	Donald Dunn Stanier engineer
Estate	£234 16s 8d

Will of Anne Catherine Stanier
of	19 Ravensbourne Gardens, West Ealing MDX spinster
died	24 March 1934 at West End Hospital St Pancras MDX
WILL	proved at London 3 July 1934
by	Thomas William Stanier engineeer
	John Francis Brazil solicitor
Estate	£9,741 17s 2d

Will of Harold Richard Stanley Williams
of	Holm Lea, Moss Lane, Altricham CHS
died	3 February 1935
Proved	at Manchester 20 March 1935
by	Bessie Williams widow
Estate	£2,555 0s 3d

Will of Frank Stanier
of	184 Alexander Road Acocks Green Birmingham WAR designer
Signed	11 July 1934
Witness	L F Williams solicitor of Birmingham
	Frances V Roper, clerk to Mr L F Williams
died	26 July 1937
Proved	at Birmingham 13 September 1937
by	Eliza Stanier widow
Estate	£1,649 0s 4d
	All estate to wife Eliza, and she to be sole executrix.
	Should she predecease him:
	    Joseph Samuel Sheppard solicitor of Lloyds Bank Chambers, New Street Birmingham to be executor
	    All debts and funeral expenses to be paid, remainer equally between:-
		brother Albert James Stanier
		sister Lily Roberts
		sister-in-law Rose Hannah Whale
		sister-in-law Florence Siddaway

Will of Maria Elizabeth Stanier
of	Castle Bar Lodge, 53 Castle bar Road, Ealing MDX spinster
died	9 February 1947
Proved	at Winchester 23 April 1947
by	Sir William Arthur Stanier knight
	James Gordon Stanier solicitor
Estate	£552 16s 3d

Letters of Administration for Ada Stanier
of	94 Greenhill Road Birmingham 21 (wife of Ernest Stanier)
died	30 April 1952
Granted	at Birmingham 23 June 1952
to	the said Ernest Stanier insurance agent
Estate	£544 18s 11d

Will of Ernest Stanier
of	94 Greenhill Road Birmingham 21
died	15 December 1953 at 77 Dudley Road Birmingham 18
Proved	at Birmingham 8 February 1954
by	William Heath Terry coppersmith
Estate	£936 5s 2d

Will of Clara Ann Stanier
of	47 South Parade, Sutton Coldfield WAR, widow
died	19 February 1953
Dated	15 August 1952
Witness	Eva Hilda Goodwin, 47 South Parade, housewife
  	Arthur Charles Goodwin, 47 South Parade, Factory worker
Proved	at Birmingham 17 August 1953
by	Son George Edward Stanier, licensed victualler
	Daughter Doris Mary Parmley (wife of Frank Charles Parmley)
Estate	£2,035
	all debts to be paid.
 	£100 to George Edward Stanier, remainder to be held in trust
	for George Edward Stanier and Doris Mary Parmley or the survivor of them.

Will of Katie Stanier
of	Trethella West Newquay CON (wife of Thomas Macpherson Stanier)
died	24 February 1954
Proved	at Bodmin 30 March 1954
by	the said Thomas Macpherson Stanier retired duchy land steward
Estate	£408 11s 8d

Will of Lady Elle Elizabeth Stanier
of	Newburn, Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth HRT (wife of Sir William Arthur Stanier knight)
died	30 August 1957 at The Hospital, Winchester
Proved	at London 13 November 1957
by	the said  Sir William Arthur Stanier knight
	Joan Elizabeth Stanier spinster
	William John Humphries Stanier engineer
Estate	£53,858 13s 9d

Letters of Administration for Edith May Harris
of	72 Poplar Road Birmingham 17 (wife of Walter Harris)
died	4 March 1958 at 77 Dudley Road, Winson Green, Birmingham
Granted	at Birmimgham 5 May 1958
to	the said Walter Harris crane slinger
Estate	£1,615 5s 11d

Will of Thomas Macpherson Stanier
of	Trethella West Newquay CON
died	14 October 1960
Proved	at Bodmin 30 November 1960
by	Barclays Bank Ltd
Estate	£7,117 5s 9d

Will of Sir William Arthur Stanier
of	Newburn, Chorleywood Road, Rickmansworth HRT
died	27 September 1965
Proved	at London 9 December 1965
by	Joan Elizabeth Stanier spinster
Estate	£62,086

Will of William John Humphries Stanier
of	38 Evans Avenue, Allestree Park Derby
died	30 April 1966 at Middlesex Hospital, St Marylebone London
Proved	at London 7 July 1966
by	Eve Stanier widow
Estate	£53,099

Will of Donald Dunn Stanier
of	18 Barrow Bridge Road, Bolton
died	3 June 1969
Proved	at London 20 August 1969
Estate	£6,754

Will of James Gordon Stanier
of	439 Penn Road, Wolverhampton
died	3 June 1969
Proved	at Oxford 16 December 1969
Estate	£20,330

Will of Winifred May Stanier
of	8 Conway, Worcester WOR
Dated	1 February 1982
Witness	Dawn Letterill, solicitors clerk
	Margaret L Townsend, solicitors clerk
died	27 November 1987
Proved	at Llandaff, 22 January 1988
by	Daughter Patricia Allison O'Keefe
Estate	under £70,000
	All estate to Patricia Allison O'Keefe

According to family tradition, Thomas Stanier played the flute at the first performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah".

John Bawden says of the performance

The first performance, conducted by Mendelssohn himself, took place on the 26th August 1846 before an audience of two thousand who had packed into Birmingham Town Hall for the eagerly-awaited event. It was an unprecedented success. No less than four choruses and four arias were encored, and the applause evidently bordered on the hysterical. Mendelssohn recounted the experience in a letter to his brother. 'No work of mine went so admirably the first time of execution, or was received with such enthusiasm by both the musicians and the audience,' he wrote. The Times' music correspondent was even more effusive. 'The last note of Elijah was drowned in a long-continued unanimous volley of plaudits, vociferous, and deafening,' he reported. 'Mendelssohn ..... descended from his position on the conductor's rostrum; but he was compelled to appear again, amidst renewed cheers and huzzas. Never was there a more complete triumph; never a more thorough and speedy recognition of a great work of art.' It was without doubt the crowning glory of Mendelssohn's spectacularly successful career.

Ellen Warner divorced James Harris, and resided with Alfred Bolus, adopting his surname by deed poll. But they never married, as Alfred Bolus never divorced his first wife.

James Archibald Warner emigrated to the USA, arriving 20 November 1922. He went to Brackenridge PA and lived with his sister Lilian, until he could bring his family. His wife and 2 children arrived in the USA 8 September 1923. Eventually he moved to Niagara Falls NY, where he lived for the rest of his life

Frederick Thorneywork had sailed to New York on the "Carmania", arriving 11 November 1906, leaving his family behind. The 1911 Census shows the household as

NameRelationshipAgeMarital StatusOccupationBorn
Alice Thorneyworkhead 36married (11 years) Bolton LAN
Fred Thorneywork 10  SchoolWylde Green STS
Nellie Thorneywork  6 SchoolWylde Green STS
David Thorneywork 1   Small Heath WAR

However, at some point he and his family moved to Australia: in 1914 he and Alice are listed in the Electoral Roll of Alphington VIC, living at Miller Street. Both Frederick and his son David are listed in the 1931 Electoral Roll of Melbourne, Frederick a jeweller at 206 Roden Street and David a tool maker at 90 Roden Street. Nellie Thorneywork married in England in 1937, so either did not emigrate with the family, or subsequently returned.

An engagement notice in the Argus (Melbourne VIC) for 17 September 1945 reads
GRANT - THORNEYWORK: Evelyn Septima Resch, only daughter of Mrs E. Grant and the late Capt. A. E. Grant, Avondale St., Hampton and David, second son of Mr. F. Thorneywork, of Montrose, and the late Mrs. F. Thorneywork.

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