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SC MASSEY Family June 1938 - Muscogee County, GA
Front row: Allie BROOKS and Simeon Columbus MASSEY
Second row: Ruby, Sidney Columbus (SC), Willey, Olga, Edgar and Preston MASSEY

SC MASSEY Family date unknown  - Muscogee County, GA
Preston, Edgar, Olga, Willey,  Sidney Columbus (SC), and  Ruby MASSEY

Raymond MASSEY son of Sidney Columbus (SC) MASSEY
Muscogee County, GA 1930's

John Edgar MASSEY, Jr -  1972
Columbus (Muscogee County), GA

Edgar MASSEY Family 1974 - Colorado Springs, CO
Deanie FOUNTAIN, John Edgar MASSEY, Sr., John Edgar MASSEY, Jr. and Kemis SONGER

Deanie FOUNTAIN and  John Edgar MASSEY, Jr. - Muscogee County, GA  2005

Deanie FOUNTAIN and Kemis SONGER - the Mrs. John Edgar MASSEY's Muscogee County, GA  2005

J. W. MASSEY's store brother of Simeon Columbus MASSEY - located in Muscogee County, GA

Ellis MASSEY - April 2002 Harris County, GA
Ellis (to the best of my knowledge) isn't related to my hubbies line of MASSEY'S.  He is related by marriage to my OLIVER cousins on my EVANS side.  Ellis and 2 of his brothers lived with the EVANS in Harris County as children for a short period of time.  He attended the EVANS family reunion in 2002.  He and my Uncle Cecil threw their arms around each other and jumped in circles holding on tight.  They hadn't seen each other in 40 years.  It was a heart warming, tear flowing sight.   That was the last year Uncle Cecil was well enough to attend the reunion.

Other Things MASSEY

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