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    Welcome Parks DUKE (1815 - 1888) married  Polly HICKEY (1817 - 1899)

Welcome Parks DUKE log cabin built in 1838 in Harris County, GA on Duke Road.
his picture was taken in 2000. It was on the National Historic Register as being the
only "single pen" cabin. The condition of the cabin was in such poor condition
is has since torn down. In the 1960's a DUKE descendant was living in the cabin.

Aileen and Mattie DUKE
This was Aileen's 80th birthday.
Hamilton (Harris County), GA
On the corner of Barnes Mill Road and Duke Road.
Both Aileen's husband Jim EVANS and his mother Dora ROSAMOND were born at this location.

Wilburn Marvin DUKE, Aubry Duke, Valeria OLIVER, and Alfered Bernard DUKE

Marshall Johnson Wilburn DUKE, Sr. is the gentleman in the middle.
At this time I'm not sure who the others are.

Marshall Johnson Wilburn DUKE, Jr.

Marshall Johnson Wilburn DUKE, Jr., Luther Monroe DUKE, and Mittie Lee GIBSON

Marshall Johnson Wilburn DUKE, Jr. and Ida Victoria ORRICK

28 December, 1885 Marriage License
of Benjamin A. ROSAMOND and Emma DUKE
Emma was the daughter of Welcome Parks DUKE and Polly HICKEY

12 October , 1870 Marriage License of J. G. Davis & Missouri DUKE
I'm not sure if Missouri is part of my DUKE line or not.
But here's a copy in case someone is looking for her.

This was in a photo album of one of my EVANS cousins.
I inherited all the photo albums and pictures.

Let me say names, dates and anything else to identify pictures. It's important for the next generations to know who they were.

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