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  • Barbara Feldman Canadian picture-book artist
  • Dame Barbara Hepworth born 1/10/03, died 5/21/75, English sculptor reknowned for her abstract works in stone, metal and wood combining geometric and organic elements
  • Barbara Kasten abstract photographer
  • Barbara Lavallee Alaska art teacher, artist and illustrator known for her happy people doing everyday activities. You can view some of her artwork here, and more artwork here. She is probably best known for her illustrations in the book "Mama Do You Love Me?" by another Barbara, Barbara Joosse.
  • Barbara Morgan, 1900-1992, American photographer and painter
  • Barbara Cooney Porter, born 8/6/1917 in Brooklyn, New York, died in March 2000 in Portland, Maine; a Caldecott Medal winner for the best American illustrated children's books, 1959 "Chanticleer and the Fox" and 1980 "Ox-Cart Man;" here is another webpage about her.
  • Barbara Reid, Canadian picture-book artist
  • Barbara Cushman Rowell, born 1/29/1948 in Hawaii, died 8-12-2002 at age of 54; Nature photographe, pilot and former director of public relations for The North Face Inc., the outdoor clothing company. She was also president of the Rowell's art gallery, Mountain Light Photography. With her husband, Galen Rowell, both did work for National Geographic. Both unfortunately died together in a plane crash in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains near Bishop, California. Obituary
  • Barbara Slate is a cartoonist, artist and writer of Marvel Comics and other media

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  • Barbara Bodichon, 1827-1891, formed first Women's Suffrage Committee in England
  • Barbara Boxer, born 1940, Democrat, U.S. Senate from California, also a Representative, Congressional Biography
  • Barbara Pierce Bush, (Bush Library, under biographies) One of the most popular First Ladies in history, born 6/8/25 Rye New York. United States Government White House White House First Ladies biography, filmography; Not only the wife of the 41st U.S. President George Bush, but also the mother of the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush!
  • Barbara Bush born 11/25/1981, a daughter of the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush; granddaughter of Barbara Pierce Bush (whom she is also named for) and 41st President George H. W. Bush; fraternal twin sister of Jenna Bush; currently a student at Yale AND she is also my 10th cousin!! Really!! (SMILE)
  • Lady Barbara Anne Betts Castle, born 10/6/1911, died 5/3/2002 at age of 91 years; a pioneer for women in British politics; the fourth woman to hold a cabinet post in England; served in several British governments; a labour and socialist activist. Obituary
  • Barbara-Rose Collins, born 1939, Democrat, U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan
  • Barbara Cubin, born 1946, Republican, U.S. House of Representatives, from Wyoming, Congressional Biography
  • Barbara H. Franklin, 29th United States Secretary of Commerce, currently a lecturer at the Heritage Foundation
  • Barbara Fritchie, also spelled Frietchie or Frietschie was a legendary American Civil War heroine, who reputedly defied the Confederate troops under Stonewall Jackson as they advanced through Frederick, Maryland, by waving the Stars and Stripes from an upper window of her home. The story is the subject of a popular patriotic poem by John Greenleaf Whittier in 1864 and a play by Clyde Fitch in 1899.
  • Barbara Charline Jordan, born 1936, died 1996, lawyer, first Black woman to serve in the U.S. Congress from the South, Congressional Biography
  • Barbara Bailey Kennelly, born 1936, Democrat, U.S. House of Representatives from Connecticut
  • Barbara Lee, born 1946, Democrat, U.S. House of Representatives, from California, Congressional Biography
  • Barbara Ann Mikulski, born 1936, Democrat, U.S. Senate from Maryland, also a Representative, Congressional Biography
  • Barbara Kay Bracher Olson, born 12-27-1955, in Houston, Texas; died 9-11-2001 in the terrorist plane crash into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.; former federal prosecutor, congressional investigator, author, and, most recently, CNN television legal commentator. As chief counsel for the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee's Republican majority from 1995 to 1996, Mrs. Olson led the investigation into President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton's role in firing longtime employees of the White House travel office. She became a caustic and relentless critic of the Clintons. Since her marriage to U.S. Solicitor General Ted Olson, the Olsons were a formidable conservative pair. CNN said Mrs. Olson was scheduled to fly out of town on Monday but stayed until Tuesday morning to have breakfast with her husband. Tuesday was his birthday. Obituary
  • Barbara K. Roberts, former Oregon state Governor for two terms 1991 - 1994
  • Barbara Farrell Vucanovich, born 1921, Republican, U.S. House of Representatives from Nevada

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Barbara Olson
(NOTE: 2998 people were killed in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
Some of them were named Barbara.
There is a Memorial site to remember ALL the victims


  • Barbara Fusar-Poli, Italian figure skater-ice dancer, paired with Maurizio Margaglio; Official Website
  • Barbara Leonard, bicycle racing and cyclotouring in France
  • Barbara Ann Scott, born 5/9/1928; Canadian figure ice skater, winner 1947 World figure skating championship, winner 1948 Olympic Gold medal
  • Barbara Schett, Austrian tennis player
  • Barbara Ann Cochran, born 1/14/1951 in Claremont, New Hampshire; skiing
  • Barbara Underhill, Canadian figure skater, with partner Paul Martini won the 1984 World championships in Ottawa, now members of the Ice Capades
  • Barbara Wagner, Canadian figure skater, with partner Robert Paul formed one of Canada's most successful figure skating pairs, their 1960 Winter Olympics gold medal marked the first time that the gold had gone to a non-European pair
  • Barbro Svensson a golfer from Europe

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And Still More Barbaras

  • Barbara Clementine Harris, born 6/12/1930 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, became the first Episcopalian woman bishop in the Anglican Communion, Women's History Webpage
  • Barbara Hutton, born 1912 in New York City, New York, died 1979; granddaughter and heiress of five-and-dime-store magnate Frank W. Woolworth, who lived the life of a fairy-tale princess, was married seven times and died almost a pauper.
  • Barbara Piasecka Johnson, Humanitarian, widow of J. Seward Johnson, Sr., a founder of Johnson & Johnson
  • Barbara McClintock, born 6/12/1902 Hartford Connecticut, died 9/2/1992, cytogeneticist, won 1983 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for discovering that genes can transfer their positions on chromosomes, this being significant in understanding several human diseases and hereditary processes in general
  • Barbara R. Morgan, current NASA Astronaut, first Educator Mission Specialist
  • Saint Barbara, lived in the third century A.D. She embraced Christianity against her father's wishes and was killed for her beliefs.
  • Barbara Sinatra, widow of Frank Sinatra and founder of "Barbara Sinatra Children's Center," a national model in the treatment of child sexual and physical abuse
  • Barbara Strozzi born 8/6/1619; a Venetian composer, one of the better-known female composers of the Baroque period.
  • Barbara Ann Thomason, born January 25, 1937, was a California beauty queen and fifth wife of actor Mickey Rooney; the mother of four of his ten children,she had an affair in retaliation for Mickey's philandering; she was murdered by her lover Milos Milocevic in January 1966 in a murder-suicide (in Mickey's home!) thus ending that marriage.... she also acted under the name of Carolyn Mitchell.
  • Barbara Villiers, duchess of Cleveland, born 1641, died 1709, a King's mistress.
  • Barbara Ward, born 1914 in York, England, died 1981; British economist.

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