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Patterson Creek Baptist Church Records

Submitted by: Mary Creekmore

1828 to 1901

Patterson Creek Baptist Church was organized on September 6, 1828.   The following brethern met for the purpose of organizing a Baptist church:   Wolf Creek - Frederick Snyder and Stpehen Cox;   Poplar Creek-Frederick Cox and Giles Parman;   Patterson Creek-Elders John Moses and Andrew Evans. The nine charter members were Elder John Moses, Calvin Pickard, L. D. Sutton, G. W. Sullivan, Andrew Evans, Daniel Hamblin, Thomas Smith, G. P. Smith and William P. Foley.   They preceded to elect Elder John Moses as pastor.   Early pastors of the church were:   Andrew Evans, Calvin Pickard, Daniel Hamblin, G. W. Sullivan, L. D. Sutton, William P. Polly, William Siler and William Teague.    

It said the first meeting was in a log schoolhouse that was legated on the west side of Patterson Creek where the RR track now is.   This building was destroyed by fire in March of 1878.   Brother Elijah Smith donated the land oh which the church building now stands. This building was completed and moved into in June 1887.This building served the congregation until 1957.   At that time the old building was torn down and replaced with a concrete building.   The blocks were laid by Jerome Thomas, a contractor.   The members donated the labor to finish the building.   During construction, the members met at the home o Ida Smith for abut two months for Sunday school.   The Louden Baptist extended an invitation for them to meet with them during this time.   The first services were held in the building in January 1958.  


1828 Fredrick Snyder, Stephen Cox, Giles Parman ,Fredrick Cox, Andrew Evans , John Moses , Leona Foley , Richard Petrey , William Siler.

1829 Thomas Foley, Samuel Boyd , Elizabeth Johnson , Susaniah Sutton. 

1831 L.D.Sutton,Elijah Harp,Calvin Prichard. 

1839 Williamson Woods,John Sullivan. 

1840 Sary Veach. 

1841 Sinthy Polly,Anna Sullivan,Polly Smith,Amos Stanfield,Tilly Woods,Amos Bennett,Nellie Griffitts, Nancy Harp, Amy Lawson, Mendly Polly, Polly Boyd, Andrew Carr, Daniel Hamblin, Abe Bryant, John Polly, Lucinda Powers. 

1842 Catherine Bennett, John Hamblin, Polly Hollen, Nancy Hollen, Benjamin Hamblin, Elizabeth Monhollen, Sally McKeehan, William Bowling, Frank a colored woman, Polly Rapier. 

1843 James Stanfield, James Rapier, Nelly a free black woman, Easter Rapier, Betty Martin, Ruth Boline, John Bryant, William Vannoy, Betty Rains. 

1844 Winny Bryant, Johnathan Hopkins, Emily Cooper. 

1845 Nancy Lawson, Harriett Rains, Viney Bunch, James Wilson. 

1846 Nancy Wilson, George Petrey, Peter Hart, Margaret Carr. 

1847 Jesse Rapier, Nancy Pennington. 

1849 Sullivan.

1850 Cassandra Ellison.

1851 Ann Detheridge

 1852 Sarry Hickey.

 1856 Felix Rains.

 1858 Nancy Foley, William Smith, Elizabeth Campbell, Madison Jones, Martha Reeves.

 1859 James Chandler, Elijah Smith Sr., John Hamblin, Sary Hamblin, Samuel Sutton, Elizabeth Rains.

 1861 William P. Foley, Rebecca Hamblin, Polly Wilson, William Denan, Mary Ceacy, Sary Peavly, Polly Ann Adkins, Jain Veach, Lark Bunch, Sary Bunch, Milly Skeens, Armelday Rains, Volly Adkins, Cassandra Veach, Mary Bunch, Lucindy Woods, Polly Bunch, Seaberry Woods, Elizabeth Woods, Rebecca Smith, Assiah Faulkner, Anna Griffitts, James Rains, Samuel Hickey, Charty Chaplin, Celina Rains, Absalm Smith, James Jones, Patsy Bunch, Amy Rains, Lousey Sutton, Helen Rains. 

1862 Melinda Jane Sullivan.

1863 Judy Croley, Susaniah Veach.

1864 James Hicks, Mary Rains.

1865 J.L. Sullivan, Mary Sullivan.

1866 Terrell Rains, Lousey Hickey, Susan Woods, Thomas Woods, James L. Jones, G.B. Goins.

1867 Margaret Hickey, Sinthy Thomas, Mary Thomas, Leroy Thomas, Isom Goins, John Young, Sarry Young.

1868 Willy Hicks, Minor Rains, Elizabeth Rains, Benjamine Bennett, Susan Bennett, Nancy Freeman, Robert Monhollen, Rebecca Wilson, Sandle Rains.

1869 Charolete Hicks, Isaac Rains, Susan Bolin, William Monhollen, Juda Monhollen, Rebecca Monhollen, Elizabeth Hamblin, Kissy Monhollen, Biddy Hamblin.

1870 Diane Michel, Dorcas Clerinda Rains.

1871 Sarry Hill, Mitton Foley, Terrell Rains, Louis Stanfield, Samuel Smith, Jane Smith, Jerimoir Coleman, Easther Carr, Mary Carr.

1873 Susaniah Pennington.

1874 James Hickey, Carlene Young.

1875 Mary Coleman, Isaac Rains.

1876 Mary Ann Rains, Isom Bunch.

1877 Richard F. Rains, Jeph Wilson, Nancy Wilson.

 1878 James Ford, Nervy Rains Ford.

 1879 Martin Rains, Mary Ann Bolin, William Smith, Susan Rains, Rebecca Croley, Samantha Smith, George Powers, Sary Ann Powers, Pleasant Thomas, Matilda Bunch, Pleasant Hickey, Elizabeth Bunch, Vinny Bunch, Mary Gatliff, Mary Sharp, Williamson Woods, Charlie Jenkins, Emby Woods, William Rains, Mary Sharp, Rhoda Bolin, Nancy Bolin, Stephen Rains, William Robins, Elizabeth Robins.

 1880 C.B. Woods, Armeldia Jane Bunch, John Tye.

 1881 Anna Harp, Mary Jane Hamblin, Abe Smith, Bert Randle, Sinthy Randle, Silas Young.

 1882 Elijah Smith, Jane his wife, Mary Smith, Joseph Smith, Malinda Smith.

 1883 Nancy Hamblin, Mary Wilson, William Wilson.

 1884 Abagal Wilson, Nancy Jane Gibbs, Biddy Wilson, Julia Randal, Emily Young, Sara Hamblin, Burnetty Mowery.

 1885 Josephine Randles.

 1886 Juda Woods, Biddy Jones, Marion Jones, Lawrence Jones.

 1887 Robert Gibbs, Willie Chandler, Polly Woods, Carse Woods, Amanda Monhollen, Henry Young, Daniel Hamblin, Jones Wilson, Condory Sullivan, Ellen Rains, Alvis Rains, Rhoda Woods.

 1888 Thomas J.Young, Jones Campbell, Emalize Thomas, Sarry Gibbs, Mary Reynolds, W.V. Campbell, Bron Rickitt, DR.W.Tye, William Veach, Mary Wilson.

 1889 Helen E. Smith, Louivicy Smith, George M. Veach, Olly Hamblin, Greenberry Wilson, Lucinda Tye, Sally Beavers.

 1890 Adam Petrey, Sarah Petrey, Elina Richard, Temp Rains, Jane Risden, Allice Shipman, Margaret Jane Shipman, Thomas Brooks, Amanda Rains, Caldine Goins, Alice Brooksby, Sarah Siler, Martha Petrey, Elizabeth Smith, Rachel Thomas.

 1891 Nancy Veach, Elizabeth Petrey, Nancy Ann Petrey, Andrew L. Lemon, Nancy Siler, Wymer Petrey, Allifor Goins, Jane Logan.

 1892 Elizie Hamblin, Elizabeth Richardson, Rebecca Hamblin, Elizabeth McFarin.

 1893 Sary Jane Sharp, Harrett Rains, Lewvice Wilson.

 1894 Mary Petrey, William Petrey, Rosa Miller, Diane Rickett.

 1895 William Woods, John Bunch, William Hamblin, Nancy Randles, Francis Luerty Woods, Sofa Woods.

 1896 Marion Lawson, Thomas Woods, Susan Woods, Tilda Woods, Rebecca Jane Bunch, Sarry Peace, Juda Huddleston, James Huddleston, Serenia Huddleston, James Miller, R.S. Huddleston, Armeldia Siler, Elizabeth Huddleston, Silvester Huddleston, Susan Jane Smith, Hiram Stanfield, Richard Melt Rains, Mary Lawson, Becky Alice Standfield, Rhoda Smith, Margaret Rains, Granville P. Smith, Martha Alice Smith, Joseph T. Richardson, Elijah Smith, William R. Smith, Auster V. Jones, Simon Hill, Nancy Siler, Alice Rains, Flora Mae Lamion, Margaret Rains.

 1897 Sarah Smith, Joseph Bennett, Emmaline Bennett, Rosa Bennett, Henderson Bennett, Mance Tye, Orpha Young, Lucy Smith, Nannie Jones, Annie Rains, Rosa Taylor, Flora Mae Smith, Nora Bell Smith, Lottie Sullivan, Flora Monhollen, Silas Young, Amos Rickett, Henderson Smith, Willy Bennett, Angeline Bennett, Nervia Bell Smith, Robert Harp, Jackson Smith, Sarah Bell Standfield, Ann Elizabeth Sullivan, Sarah Bell Smith, Rhoda Ellen Smith, Harlin Hill, Sidney B. Smith, Angeline Smith, Mary Jane Woods, Mildred Smith.

 1898 Loulie Margaret Woods, Hutson Lawson, Sally Lawson, Almeldia Jones, Thomas Bennett, biddy Bennett, Melton Foley, Elvia Miller, Rachel Smith, Minnie Hamblin, Mary Malinda Hall.

 1899 Alvie Susania Bowling, Margaret Reece, Elizabeth Goins, Mary Ann Siler, Nancy Pennington, Ellen Bowlin.

 1900 Nelson Harp, Sary Harp, Minny Susania Bowlin, Martha Susan Rains, Milford Siler, Ledford Siler, William Siler, Sarah Petrey, Delorsia Siler, Elitha Siler, Vester Bennett, Terril Siler, John Quincy Siler, Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Rickett, Olly Taylor, Ida Smith, James Rickett, Bob R. Rickett, Bob Hill, Mary Jane Bowlin, Samantha Bell Petrey, Starlin Lawson, Samuel Rains, Dant Wilson, Joe Perkins.

 1901 Elisha Petrey, Oven Wilson, Vina Wilson, Sally Wilson, Isham Jones, Rachel Siler, Vincy Rains, John E. Lawson, William Lawson, Isham Lawson his wife, Jeff Woods his wife, Caroline Sullivan.



Anna Harp babtised 1881 excluded Nov 1892

Mary Jane Hamblin baptised 1881 died

Caroline Young babtised 1881 died 1901

Bert Randals “ 1883

Sintha Randals “ 1883

Silas Young “ 1882 died 1893

Eligah Smith “ 1882 died 1896

Sintha Smith “ 1882

Jane Smith “ 1882 dismissed by letter 1900

A.B. Smith “ 1884 died 1884

Mary Smith “ 1884

Joseph Smith “ 1884 dismissed by letter.

Malinda Smith “ 1884 dead.

Nancy Hamblin “ 1883 dead

William Wilson “ 1885 dismissed by letter 1897

Abagal Wilson “ 1885 dismissed by letter 1897

Nancy Jane Gibbs “ 1885 died 1886

Biddy Wilson “ 1885

Melvina Hamblin “ 1885

Julia Randals “ 1885

Emly Randals “ 1885 dismissed by letter 1890

Sarry Hamblin “ 1885 dismissed by letter

Burnetty Mowery “ 1885

James Veach “ 1886 excluded 1895

Joseph Smith “

Joseph Smith “ 1886 dismissed by letter 1896

Lavadabell Smith “ 1886 dismissed by letter 1896

Mary E. Smith “ 1886 dismissed by letter 1896

Sinthy Louisey Wilson “ 1886 dismissed by letter 1896

Josephine Randals “ 1887 excluded 1890

Marion Jones “ 1887

Biddy Jones “ 1887 died 1892

L.D.Jones “ 1887 dismissed by letter 1902.

Laverice Jones “ 1887

William Chandler “ 1887 excluded 1888.

Robert Gibbs “ 1887 died Aug 1890 


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