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1919 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1 New Years Day. Holy Day of Obligation. Quiet day. Benno and Kit came here from Dan's in the evening.
Jan. 2 Turned extremely cold at night.
Jan. 4 Death of Alice Page at Adell. Burial at St. Patrick's. Alice Page, nee Scanlan, and daughter of Tim Scanlan (& Mary Skelton).
Jan. 6 Teddy Roosevelt died at 4:40 this a.m., cause rheumatism.
Jan. 20MonMrs. Will Mangan buried today. Father Regan in charge.
Jan. 22WedHeard from Alice in Milwaukee at 3 p.m. that Robert was on his way home from military camp.
Jan. 25SatReceived factory check for month of December $47.96. Milk for $3.84 per cwt.
Jan. 31FriRobert and Alice here from Milwaukee. Robert released and home for good from Army in Georgia with a commission. He looks good, strong, robust and healthy.
Feb. 17MonSent $1.00 with Jenny to Burke's to have him get stamps, 6 @ 5 cents and 5 postals 10 cents.
Feb. 18TueOur teacher, Miss Halstead, called here for supper.
March 12WedReilly auction at Parnell. Big crowd.
March 25TueGot home from Milwaukee.
March 29SatHad first heavy thunder storm of the season.
April 1TueA son born to Kit and her husband, Benno Wifler.
April 6SunHeard of the death of John Murray. (Crank). Buried at Mitchell.
April 8TueDrove to Batavia to visit our grandson who is a splendid specimen of a boy. Grandly developed with strong characteristics in head and features. He is a splendid physical combination of two noted families, the Heraty's and Wifler's. May God spare him and may he grow to be an eminent, noted and valuable citizen of church and state. Amen.
April 11FriHeard of John Murray's (Crank) death at Fond du Lac. He was killed by jumping from a window. Priest came from Fond du Lac to deliver the prayers at the grave.
April 13SunGrandson baptized today at Cascade by Father Regan. Alice and young Wifler were sponsors. Name given was Charles Thomas.
April 23WedBoys hitched up "Reddy" this p.m. She gave another kicking exhibition and smashed my little Road Wagon.
May 12MonDeath of Martin Gallagher from paralysis, in the 50th year of his age. Died at his cheese factory home at Armstrong. Buried in Armstrong. Reverend Father Scheuerell.
May 26MonA most noted day in the history of the town of Mitchell Catholic congregation. Archbishop Messmer of Milwaukee Diocese, with 14 priests, were present in church to administer the sacrament of Confirmation to a large number of recipients.
June 4WedDeath of Mrs. Henry Skelton (Annie McGraw) reported to me today. Buried in Mitchell.
June 12ThurHeard of the death of Mrs. Tom Rooney of Milwaukee, nee Ellen Murphy, buried in Mitchell. 80 years old.
July 27SunFuneral of Martha Slattery to Campbellsport from where the body was shipped to St. Louis, her home. This woman, Martha Slattery, came to visit the Slattery family cousins and was taken suddenly ill on the 25th inst. She died at Ed Slattery's. There was a big procession of autos. Peter Heraty, a first cousin, died at noon today of old age, about 84 years. We were born in the same village of Doon, one mile from the city of Westport, Mayo County, Ireland and came with our parents to America in 1847. Peter Heraty to be buried in Milwaukee. Holy Cross Cemetery.
Sept. 2TueElection at town house this p.m. to decide to raise a fund for a soldier's bounty. I didn't attend. Did not feel able.
Sept. 9TueFrank Day of West Bend called. He has bought out Matt McNair's farm.
Oct. 20MonTerance Carlin of Osceola, formerly of Greenbush, was buried today in Osceola.
Nov. 20ThurHeard while at Plymouth of the death of Peter McGrain at his home in Mitchell.
Nov. 22SatPeter McGrain was buried today in Mitchell Catholic Cemetery. Mass was celebrated by Reverend Regan. The funeral was strictly automobile and was the largest that has here-to-fore approached Mitchell church of that kind. There were 75 autos. The pallbearers were Ed Dooley, Ed Harvey, John Crosby, Mike Murray and John Devine. Mass by Reverend Father Regan.
Dec. 13SatAttended mass for John Gallagher who was buried in Osceola cemetery today. He died at hospital in Sheboygan after a long illness. 83 years of age, he was unmarried and lived for many years in the town of Greenbush.
Dec. 22MonMet Dick Garry at Plautz's today.
Dec. 26FriDick Garry came here at 11 a.m. Had dinner here.
Dec. 31WedThanks to Thee, O Lord, for the many Blessings Thou hast conferred upon us during the past years in preserving us in health and happiness and prosperity. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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