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1918 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1TueAttended the Phalen's 50th Wedding Anniversary till 3 a.m. tomorrow. Mona and I attended. It was a grand and glorious affair.
Jan. 2WedAll our youngsters drove to Plymouth today. Jim and Rob went for their military examination.
Jan. 4FriGordon Burke came this a.m. to have me notorize his papers. He and his wife called on a social visit.
Jan. 23WedAl Graham died this morning at 5 a.m. in a Fond du Lac hospital.
Jan. 24ThurHeard of Allen Graham's death from pneumonia in a Fond du Lac hospital this a.m.
Feb. 2SatWrote to the editor of the Catholic Citizen relating to our church trouble with the Reverend Hoog, asking his advice in the matter.
Feb. 11MonA farewell party at Bikousky's tonight. Our boys Johnny and Wab (Rob) attended. Bikowsky has a farm rented in Fond du Lac County, 163 acres at $550.00 per annum.
Feb. 12ThurHeard of the death of Mrs. Guy Comings this morning as a result of child birth.
Feb. 13WedMrs. Cummings lying dead at her home.
Feb. 14ThurHad a telephone dispatch this morning at 2 o'clock telling of the death of Michael Scanlan at a town in Ohio, Avondale by name. Died this morning.
Feb. 14FriMrs. Guy Cummins was buried today in Greenbush Cemetery. She was born July 20, 1891. She was married to Guy Cummins on March 14, 1910. Died February 12, 1918. Jim, Jenny and Dan Connell attended the funeral. She was a daughter of Jim Johnson and Julia Reilly, a granddaughter of Bill Reilly. I made a lease from Vanderkin to Bikausky for 3 years at $600.00 per annum.
Feb. 19TueHeard this morning of the death of John Lindsay at 1 o'clock. This morning is the 68th year of his age. Lord have mercy on his soul. Drove to Lindsay wake - stayed all night.
Feb. 22FriJohn Lindsay was buried today in Mitchell cemetery. Attended the funeral. Father Hoog read the mass. After mass drove to Dick Phalen's for dinner. Drove to Pat Slattery's and paid him for 1917 real taxes $98.95, personal taxes $22.52. Stopped at Reilly's and Lindsay's about lease.
Feb. 24SunGot home this a.m. Going to Parnell this p.m. to attend a meeting of the congregation to make an effort at conciliation in relation to church on matters toward the removal of Reverend Hoog from the parish. The result of the meeting was the congregation was to pay Reverend Hoog and unpaid salary of $400.00 after a new priest is located in his place for the Mitchell congregation. A Mr. Corbet is to collect the back salary and deposit same in the bank to the credit of the congregation.
March 1MonAttended Vanderkin auction. Bought nothing. Cows sold at enormous prices, nearly all at $1,000.00. Sold at more than they were worth. Calves sold for $20.00 and teams of horses for $370.00. Got home at 4 o'clock. Filled some paper this evening for George Darsnick for property sold by him in Chicago for $7,000.00.
March 17 Got a message from Plymouth this p.m. telling of the death of Lib Scanlan, wife of William Scanlan of Milwaukee.
March 19TueHeard today that Davies was nominated. If so, thank God!
March 20WedI, at 8 a.m., with team and wagon, started for Plymouth. I got as far as the Prairie factory when I had to drive through a deep pond where the water was 4 feet deep. Flora was lifted off her feet and would have drowned only for the cheesemaker who waded in and held her head above water and got her to land. Mr. Baker with team and wagon, drove to where she was hitched and put a rope around her neck and hauled her to dry land. After a while, got her on her feet and I drove her home.
March 31SunEaster. Late mass at Mitchell by Capuchin priest from Mt. Calvary today. There was a big crowd in attendance and every person in the church went to confession and communion. There was a liberal collection taken up for the priest. It was a happy occasion for the congregation in view of the existing condition in the congregation. There was no mass last year on Easter Sunday.
April 14SunThere was a grand rally at Parnell tonight in favor of Liberty Bonds #3, contributed. Addressed by Father Murphy and Lawyer Bowles of Sheboygan. There was a big crowd in attendance.
April 18ThurOur cousin, Celia (Heraty) McGrath, formerly of the town of Osceola, was buried in Osceola Catholic cemetery. She died in the city of Fond du Lac in the 78th year of her age. Dan O'Connell, with his auto, took self and Mona to Fond du Lac to attend the funeral.
April 24WedJohn Rice sold his factory to Baker. So did no business. Didn't meet Baker.
May 2ThurHeard today of Ira (?) Scanlan being married to Miss Mary Beatrice Allen of Milwaukee, May 1, 1918.
May 12SunNo church services in Mitchell.
May 15 86 degrees in p.m.
May 19SunNo church ceremony at Mitchell. No priest in this parish. I worked diligently all day getting paper ready for mail.
May 24FriThe boys, with Daniel, went to Plymouth to a farewell dance for boys going to the Army.
May 26Sun86 degrees before shower. No mass today in Mitchell. Reverend Hoog is in the hospital in Sheboygan.
June 2SunNothing doing this morning. No church services today. The congregation is giving up about what has been done to their religious fate. All the outside family at home for dinner, Kit, Robert, Jim, Johnny, Jenny and Kit. Robert drove Johnny to sawmill this p.m. Dan and Kate called this p.m. The announcement was made to me this evening by or Kit and Wifler that they were to be married on June 25, 1918. There is to be a reception at Parnell tonight for the occasion, a number of people from all over the neighborhood were in attendance.
June 7FriDan came here this p.m. collecting War Tax. I paid him $36.40 in full for War Tax for 1918.
June 11TueRobert, with car, got home with Kit, being her last day at school in Dist. No. 3, town of Greenbush. Mrs. Matthew McNair died tonight at Plymouth hospital of cancer.
June 12WedMrs. Jim Reilly from Milwaukee called this evening to have me insure the Reilly building at Parnell. She paid me $3.60 on premium.
June 14FriMrs. Matthew McNair was buried today in Greenbush cemetery. It was a strict auto funeral. The first we had of this kind in town of Mitchell.
June 23SunNo mass at Mitchell today. No priest. The Wiffler's young people came here this a.m. from Plymouth. All drove with car to Cascade to consult priest for Tuesday ceremony.
June 25TueThis is an eventful day in our family history. Being the Wedding Day of our Kit to Beno Whifler. Ceremony performed by Reverend Father Hoog at St. Michael's Church in the town of Mitchell. By whom was celebrated the Nuptual Mass. All members of the family attended. There was a big crowd here for dinner. A big number of Whifler's attended. The entertainment was superb and beyond the criticism of the most critical. The whole assembly has left at dark. It was a happy occasion. God bless our Kit.
June 26WedA big barn dance at Jim Gill's new barn.
June 30SunNo church service at Mitchell today.
July 3WedTransfer for Biakauski from Gerity to the Donahue farm of insurance policy.
July 5FriSimon Gillen (?) died of stroke of apoplexy at St. Nicholas Hospital, Sheboygan. 63 years old.
July 6SatRobert was called today to Army.
July 7SunNo services at Mitchell today.
July 8MonRobert off for military camp at Columbus, Ohio. Left Plymouth at 4 o'clock today.
July 10Wed86 degrees in p.m.
July 12FriHeard we would have a new priest next Sunday 14. A Father Regan from Milwaukee for Cascade and Mitchell.
July 14Sun83 degrees at 11:30. The first mass at Mitchell since the 17th of June, 1917. Celebrated by Reverend Father Regan from Milwaukee. He is a practical appearing man. He may be all right. Reverend Hoog has been changed to Kenosha.
Aug. 16FriRichard Phalen buried today in St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery. Requiem mass by Father Regan, his first funeral. Exclusively autos.
Aug. 18Sun10:00 mass today. There was a flag dedication at the church during mass. A service flag with 15 stars representing 15 soldiers who have entered service from the parish. Thomas Heraty and Michael Murray were flag bearers.
Aug. 21Wed90 degrees at 3 p.m.
Sept.25WedArchbishop Bolland died at 4 o'clock this morning. The Lord have mercy on his soul and give him the light of heaven. Amen, Amen, Amen. Was one of our grandest Americans and exponents of our religion. May his memory live in the hearts of country men.
Sept. 26ThurDutkevich's auction today. I attended, bought nothing. Traps sold for nothing. Livestock sold fairly good. Prices on cows from $65.00 to $90/00. Left for home at 3:30. There was a Liberty Bond meeting at our school house. Johnny helped at Will Dwyre's, filling silo with Jim Johnson.
Oct. 8TueThe John Crosby auction today. Reilly and Ninnemann auctioneers.
Oct. 12SatPatrick McNicholas was buried today, died October 9th, buried in Plymouth Catholic cemetery. He died at his home of heart failure, he formerly lived in Mitchell and was born there. He was one of my best pupils of my teaching days. Mona, Johnny and Dan O'Connell drove with our car to Plymouth to attend the funeral.
Oct. 26SatThis morning road to Plymouth with Dan Connell in car. Then drove to Cascade to attend the double funeral of Fred Ninnemann and his wife. Both died in Montana from the flu, leaving 5 youngsters, sad case. No Sunday mass in October because of the flu.
Nov. 3SunThe house that Tony Mugan lives in was struck by lightning this morning. Drove to their place, found the lightning did some bad work on the house and contents. Building has 5 rods and points but are no good.
Nov. 21ThurHeard this morning of the death of old Mrs. John Slattery from the effects of old age, 88th year of age. Mona and Alice visited the Slattery corps house this p.m., Dan also, Kate not being well after the flu.
Nov. 23SatOld Mrs. Catherine Slattery was buried today in Mitchell. Requiem mass by Reverend Regan. Funeral was directed by James Gilboy of Campbellsport. It was strictly an auto funeral and largely attended.
Nov. 26TueDrove to Parnell and got 4 gallons of gasoline at 30 cents per gallon.
Dec. 1Sun___________? that lived on the Madden farm died last night from the effects of the flu.
Dec. 11WedI was born near the town of Westport, County Mayo, Ireland on 11 December 1835. Baptized by Reverend Father Peter Ward in the chapel of Aughagour in the same parish. My sponsors in baptism were James Heraty, my Uncle and Winifred Mugan, a cousin.
Dec. 15SunHeard this evening of the death of Mrs. John Madden, formerly of Mitchell, in North Dakota. She will be buried in Mitchell.
Dec. 27FriAttended Robert Ninnemann's funeral, who was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.
  In the back of this diary is written: Mike Scanlan family, Avonsdale, Ohio.

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