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1917 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3WedMailed letter to Citizen and Flannery in Kenosha.
Jan. 7SunHeard this evening of the death of Mr. Maas, husband of the former Minnie Murray, daughter of Mike Murray of Mitchell.
Jan. 14SunWas 22 degrees below 0. Heard they had a dispute in church between the priest and members of the congregation on general topics, salary, appointing a church committee.
Jan. 16TueMike Kiernan buried in Mitchell. Died at Cascade at his sister's, Mrs. Henry Skelton.
Jan. 20SatMailed a check for Pat Slattery this evening from $118.63 for tax of 1916.
Jan. 25ThurMet John Dwyre at Plymouth out from the wild west. He is sport imbiber and full of money.
Feb. 2Fri-28 degrees. The Lord save us from such weather. This was the coldest day and the worst weather conditions known in many years. There was a high wind blowing and drifting and was -20 degrees all day. Jim drove Kit to school this morning. There was no children in attendance. He drove after her and she got home at noon.
Feb. 5MonHeard of the death of Johnny Gaynor at Plymouth as a result of a fall while employed as a motorman on the Sheboygan & Plymouth, Elkhart Lake electric R.R. He died as a result of the fall from heart failure at 3 a.m.
Feb. 25SunNo mass at Mitchell today. It is so reported that the smart ones of the congregation have locked the church against Reverend Father Hoog. Heard no cause or reason for committing the unlawful act.
March 4SunNo mass at Mitchell today. It is reported that some persons without the authority of the congregation, locked the church doors to keep out the priest.
March 9FriJames Hanlon died this morning at his home in Mitchell.
March 10SatFirst thunder storm of the season.
March 11SunJames Hanlon lying dead at his house, aged 50 years, son of Felix Hanlon, never married. Funeral held at St. Michael's Church in the town of Mitchell. Services by Reverend Hoog.
March 15ThurThe great Russian Revolution on at Petrograd. It proved to be a success so far. The Emperor abdicated and hid himself away.
March 18SunNothing doing this morning. No mass at Mitchell. Reverend Hoog has abandoned the congregation which makes a bad condition for St. Michael's congregation.
March 22ThurGus Cosgrove's auction.
March 28WedRead after mail of prospective revolution in Austria, Hungary aimed at German direction (?) (dictation)(?) Would be a blessing to the world at large.
April 1SunNo mass at Mitchell. Reverend Hoog has forsaken us.
April 7SatHeard Dutkevich didn't get for rent the Enright farm for this season. Could get no backers to his notes to satisfy Enright.
April 8SunEaster. Nothing doing today in the church line. No mass at our church in Mitchell today. The Bishop is responsible for this big congregation not having the services of a priest in their need. The congregation has simply been abandoned to its fate.
April 9MonWilliam Dwyre here this morning with a petition for signers to the Bishop to have Reverend Hoog re-instated in the Mitchell parish.
April 15SunNo mass at Mitchell. Ecclesiastics have given up on us as being perfect morally and not in need of ministration of clergyman.
April 17Tue74 degrees in the p.m.
May 6SunThe Devoy's came to Connell's this morning with auto.
May 14MonThe Rathbun blacksmith is moving his building on a new concrete foundation.
May 17Thur85 degrees.
May 20SunNo mass at Mitchell. We are left like "Hathins" by the German Bishop.
June 10Sun10 o'clock mass at Mitchell today by Reverend VanTreeck of Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Read mass and after mass he read a letter from Bishop Messmer of Milwaukee in relation to the Father Hoog controversy which caused a lot of insidious controversy. A vote was taken by the congregation in relation to the removal of Reverend Hoog, which unanimously favored his removal from the parish. I voted in favor of his removal for the sake of harmony in the congregation, but not personally.
July 20FriI found McNicholas lives at Reedsville, Manitowoc Co.
July 21Sat96 degrees at 1 p.m. Robert drove to Plymouth with a load of cheese at sundown. He stated that he and Jim were drafted yesterday.
July 24Tue88 degrees in the p.m.
July 26ThurMade insurance on John Lindsay's new home.
July 27FriA girl baby born to the Nelson-McNair family.
July 29Sun96 degrees all day. A melter.
July 30Mon98 degrees at 2 p.m. Hottest yet. A big barn dance at Johnny O'Connell's tonight. Everybody in the surrounding county attended with autos, were 100 autos at the barn.
Aug. 1WedSheboygan. Attended Old Settler's Club socially till p.m.
Aug. 15WedInsurance on farm property of John and Patrick McBride. Wrote McBride.
Aug. 25SatMade out deed from Felix Hanlon to Leo Hanlon as free gift, W1/2, SW1/4, Sec. 34, Town of Greenbush.
Aug. 26SunMrs. William Scanlan of Milwaukee came here this _____(?) with Michael Murray and his auto. She was here at night.
Sept. 17Mon85 degrees in p.m.
Sept. 23SunMrs. Phelim Hughes formerly of Mitchell, died at John Gannon's in Glenbeulah.
Sept. 26WedMrs. Julia Hughes was buried in Mitchell Cemetery today. Requiem mass was celebrated at Glenbeulah by Reverend J. (?) W. Heuper, a nice appearing young man. God preserve him. The funeral was by auto, the first of the kind that here-to-fore came to Mitchell church. The funeral was largely attended by Mitchell people, which attended with numerous autos. The Glenbeulah priest attended the burial exercises at Mitchell, which makes it plain how badly the Mitchell congregation is treated by Archbishop Messmer.
Sept. 28FriI wrote to Pete Heraty this a.m. at Milwaukee, giving an account of Mrs. Julia Hughes' death and funeral.
Oct. 20SatJames Mangan, Kate Connell's man, called here this a.m. He only stayed a short time.
Oct. 23TueThere was a number of autos drove to Plymouth this morning to meet intended son-in-law who are to attend the wedding this p.m. The Wedding Rite was performed by the Reverend Hoog at Mitchell church at 9 a.m. with a Nuptual Mass p.m. Jim and Jenny and Kit attended the wedding in the p.m. and evening.
Oct. 24WedAt 7 a.m. there was a phone call from Plymouth stating that Jenny's mother, Mrs. Fryer, died last night and was found dead this morning. The Liberty Bond Sheboygan bunch called here this p.m.
Oct. 27SatMrs. Frier, Jim's mother-in-law, was buried today at Plymouth.
Nov. 13TueThe Devoy-Graff marriage took place at Plymouth today by Reverend Father Meyers.
Nov. 19MonThe soldier boys left Plymouth at 12 tonight for Camp Custer, Michigan.
Nov. 23FriA good-bye reception held tonight at Parnell for J. J. Crosby and family who are to move away from the town of Mitchell to Fond du Lac county where they are to make their future home. The Crosby family were a pioneer family in Mitchell. Jerry was in favor of #1 regardless of past favor received by him.
Dec. 2SunNo new priest at Mitchell today.
Dec. 11TueMy birthday. Dec. 11/'36, near town of Westport, Mayo County, Ireland, came to America - 1846, came to Wisconsin - 1852, settled in the town of Mitchell, in the farm where I live today. Was married May 24/'65 to Mary Ann Scanlan of the town of Sherman.
Dec. 12WedEdwin Keuper, Sheboygan and Miss Mamie Burke of Mitchell, daughter of Ed Burke of the town of Mitchell, were married at Plymouth.
Dec. 31MonI got a $5.00 gold piece at the bank for a Golden Wedding gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phalen.

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