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1916 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. ? Nothing much doing in the diary for January. The boys at their usual and daily jobs around the barn.
Feb. 10ThurHenry Mangan was buried in Mitchell cemetery.
Feb. 20SunA party of young people from Forest called and Kit served them lunch, all seemed to be pleased and happy.
Feb. 21MonMrs. Steel's auction today by Crosby and Reilly. Things sold at fair prices.
March 2ThurAt 7 p.m. every member of the family with team drove to the school house to attend a play given by Kit and her school.
March 19SunCharley Gahagan reported fire last night at his house.
March 25SatMrs. Pat Quinn died in Milwaukee.
April 3MonStopped to see old man Hanlon. He looks tough but active for a man of 97. Received a letter today from George Kohlman, Jefferson Barracks, Co. #23, State of Missouri.
April 5WedTown meeting at 1 a.m.(?) Mangan, Brooks and Payne were elected supervisors; Slattery, treasurer; L. P. Reilly, clerk; John Devine, assessor.
April 8SatThe Dan Connell auction this p.m.
April 14FriBurke called for supper. Teacher Wifler called this evening. Stayed over night.
April 25TueStopped to see old lady Slattery for an hour. She is fairly well.
April 28FriThe 3 youngsters 10th Wedding Anniversary.
May 4ThurThe rag man called, his team ran away and smashed his wagon. Rob took him to the shop at Parnell with car, to repair his wagon. The rag man, with his team, here over night.
May 5FriWent to Elkhart to attend the wake of James Hughes. Left home at 2 p.m., drove horse and buggy. Got there at 5:30 and stayed all night at Mrs. _____? Where the body was laid in death.
May 6SatJas. Hughes, a pioneer settler of the town of Mitchell, was buried today at Mitchell, St. Michael's church.
May 11ThurKit gave her children ice cream, cake and strawberries on the last day of school as a treat.
May 16TueWith horse and wagon, I started for Sheboygan to act as a witness in probate court in the case of John Kiuhl. The will was examined in court by Judge Krez. Testimony was accepted by the court and the will was accepted and validity established.
May 26FriMona, Kit, Robert, Johnny and Daniel drove to Plymouth to attend the movie picture play "The Birth of a Nation."
May 27SatJust heard of the killing of 12 cows by lightning on the McDougall farm near Dundee last night.
June 5MonAnother 5th of June. In 1846, my father, my mother, two sisters and my brother, Martin, together with my Uncles, Thomas and James Heraty and their families, sailed from Liverpool, England for America in the good sailing ship Manchester of Cork. After a voyage of 4 weeks and 3 days, landed in Montreal, where my brother Martin died from ship fever and was buried there and where Anthony Moran was drowned and buried.(Here's an interesting family story passed on to me by Mrs. Mary Golinveaux. Mary said, "My mother, Loretta Gaynor Kelly, tells me that Grandma O'Connell (Mary Heraty O'Connell) told her that her baby brother, Martin, died on the ship and that her mother (Bridget Flannery Heraty) hid the baby under her skirts to avoid burial at sea. He was buried when they arrived in Montreal." - Frank Slattery)
June 7WedNational Republican Convention for nomination of President and Vice-President at Chicago. Keynote speech by Harding and Robins. Harding for Republican. Robins for Progressive.
June 10SatA boy baby born to J. J. Sullivan.
June 12MonA girl baby born to the Martin Gallagher's.
June 18SunLate mass at Mitchell, they got part way when the Ford took a fit of kicking. The girls came home. The boys, after getting the rig over her balk, drove to Parnell.
June 24SatHomecoming celebration at Cascade. Dan took Mona and self in his car. Had dinner at Mrs. Gill's
July 3MonSchool meeting tonight. I acted as secretary. Got home at 11:30.
July 5WedRobert Skelton died at 2 o'clock this morning.
July 7FriRobert Skelton was buried today in Cascade. 11 horse rigs in line including the hearse and 3 hacks, 3 wagons and buggies. Hot, 92 degrees.
Aug. 16WedJohnny threshing this week with Tom Kelly outfit.
Aug. 24ThurMrs. Jas. Keyes, nee Bridget McNicholas, was buried in Cascade today.
Sept. 1FriEllen Naughton died at Dundee.
Sept. 3SunReverend DaLaney comes to this parish next Sunday. 85 degrees. Today is the last Sunday of Father Hoog's mission in this parish and Cascade. He goes to New Cassel.
Sept. 4WedEllen Naughton was buried today in Mitchell. Osceola priest celebrated the mass. Gilboy was undertaker. Pall bearers: Dan Connell, Willie Brogan, Ed Slattery, 2 Kilcoins, William Calvey. 86 degrees.
Sept. 7ThurTook in County Fair, stayed till 4 p.m., fed horse, drove home, got home after dark. The others of the family drove to Plymouth with car after dark to a play. There was nothing doing at the Fair Grounds but a ball game.
Sept. 11MonMona and Kit started for Plymouth with the auto on the way to Milwaukee to attend the State Fair. Tire busted, sent for expert to Plymouth to repair. Got to Plymouth O.K., missed the train. Stayed over night at Gaynor's and took morning train to Milwaukee. Got there at 4 p.m. Got to Alice's at 7 a.m.
Sept. 16SatThomas Fitzgibbons died at St. Francis, Milwaukee at age 62.
Oct. 1SunLate mass at Mitchell by Reverend Hoog. Mona and self attended. I drove horse and wagon. Got home at 12:30. A meeting was held at church after mass and a delegation appointed to go before the Bishop at Milwaukee and asked for the removal of Reverend Hoog from this parish. The delegation was Tom Mangan, Jas. Gill, Jerry Crosby, Rich Phalen.
Oct. 20FriThe 20th Anniversary Celebration of the marriage of Mr. And Mrs. Ed Gilboy in the town of Osceola. Our Kit, Jim and the kid attended. Robert and Johnny did not go.
Oct. 31TueJohnny Brogan's auction today. Walked up there this noon, stayed until 4 p.m. A good crowd, sold at high prices. Cows from $65.00 to $98.00. A team of mares sold for $445.00, other horses sold from $50.00 to $160.00.
Nov. 1WedI mailed check for $35.19 to the Hitchcock Mill Co., Chicago, Illinois for bill of groceries.
Nov. 8FriThis morning I walked down to the Cosgrove's and bought a 1 1/2 year old bull from Gus Cosgrove for $65.00.
Nov. 14TueClear, bright and sharp cold with about 12 inches of snow, enough snow for splendid sledding. Jim drove team and sleigh to factory and Kit to school this morning.
Nov. 18SatRobert, with team and sleigh, drove to Dundee with a load of oats to grind for feed. Gave him $1.00 to shoe "Block."
Nov. 29WedA big dance at Parnell at Lindsay's Hall, a Thanksgiving affair. All our youngsters attended. The Cain-Hand wedding took place today at Plymouth by Reverend Meyers at St. John's church.
Nov. 30ThurThe Scannell-Grimes wedding took place today at Glenbeulah Catholic church.
Dec. 1FriRead in the Review of Henry Ott selling out the Central House. Received from the factory a $30.00 check for the first 1/2 of November.
Dec. 3SunHeard of the death of John Piper who died at Cascade this noon. He was a good and valuable citizen.
Dec. 4MonI drove from the Madden farm to Manley Hughes to meet the funeral of Ed Murphy who was buried today in Mitchell. I drove South to the cheese factory and from there East till I met the funeral and then to Mitchell church where burial was made. Father Meyers came and blessed the grave. There was only 12 teams in line.
Dec. 7ThurThere was a box social at the Red School House, Kit attended with the cheese Burk's. Mona drove to Burk's.
Dec. 11MonToday is my birthday, was born in 1836 near the town of Westport, Mayo County. I came with my parents to America in 1846 and Wisconsin in 1852 and settled with my parents on the same farm on which we now live. Was married to Mary Ann Scanlan on May 24, 1865.
Dec. 12TueThis morning I paid Frank Robb $16.20 for threshing bill for 1916 by check.
Dec. 13WedThere assembled here this evening, without my knowledge or consent, a number of young people of the neighborhood socially. But I found it was in celebration of Kit's birthday. The crowd left at 3:40 this morning. They had an enjoyable time, with music, dancing and games.
Dec. 21ThurCheck from factory for second 1/2 of November for $53.14. Milk brought for month of November $2.75 per cwt., most per cwt. ever received for milk before.
Dec. 22FriMona this morning got her poultry ready and with team and sleigh, drove to Plymouth. She sold to Stolper's at 14 cents per lb. Her bunch brought her $20.00.
Dec. 24SunThere is a vast change in the weather, snowing a perfect storm with a stiff East wind. Robert, with team and sleigh, started for Plymouth to meet Alice who is coming up to spend this Christmas at home. Robert and Alice got here at 2 o'clock a.m. Train two hours late because of deep snow to the South of us.

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