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1915 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 4MonRead today from Mrs. Donohue this copy of diary and calendar for 1915. Thanks for favor.
Jan. 5TueThe annual meeting of insurance company at Plymouth, was elected director for the town of Mitchell.
Jan. 12TueOld Mrs. Ed Smith was buried today in Greenbush.
Jan. 17SunA social at Donahue's, all got ready and drove with sleigh and team. Mona, Kit and self attended, stayed till 9:30. Present were: Bill Dwyre, Tony Henry Burke, John Connell. A happy time and splendid dance and supper, refreshments of all kinds. This party was one of a series of winter among families in the neighborhood.
Jan. 23SatMrs. John Murray, of the city of Fond du Lac, was buried today in Mitchell cemetery. Started this morning with Flo and cutter for Dundee to meet the funeral from Campbellsport, got as far as Reddington's, found roads snow bound and drifted full, so I turned back home as a horse could not get through drifts.
Feb. 13SatHeard this p.m. of the sudden and unexpected death of young John Mangan's wife, nee Stella Burke, only a short time married, no cause for death given.
Feb. 16TueStella Burke Mangan was buried in Mitchell today. Mass by Reverend Hoog.
Feb. 18ThurToday the German blockade around England begins.
Feb. 28SunA Mr. Schockmel came here this evening with his violin. He and Kit played some pieces on the piano and violin. He took Kit to school with his horse and cutter.
March 2TueThe Ed Gerity auction today.
March 3WedThe Mike Schomer auction. The mail man came today with a wagon, the first time of the season.
March 9TueTommy Murray, formerly of the Murray family of Mitchell, was buried in Mitchell today. He died in Denver, Colorado. Body brought here for burial and mass.
March 11ThurRosy Grahn's of Osceola was buried in the little church yard near the Gary farm in Osceola.
March 13SatGeorge Murphy auction today.
March 17WedDutkevich auction today.
March 21SunAll Catholic churches over the world prayed for peace by order of the Pope Benedict the 15th.
March 26FriMission at St. Michael's in Mitchell.
March 28SunPalm Sunday. Reverend Murdock said mass, blessed the palms. The largest number ever at mass.
March 31WedYoung Manley, son of Bill Manley and Rosy (?) Lynch, was buried today in Mitchell.
April 1ThurIt was a hell of a drive in the mud west of Dooley's. The fish man here at night.
April 2Fri50 years ago tonight, Lincoln was shot in Washington.
April 3SatThis was a splendid day. The first good sap day of the year. Mona gathered 6 cans full.
April 7SatAlice came home from Milwaukee to Plymouth, Paddy Slattery took her home with his auto. A great deal on autos today with Paddy.
April 18Sun9 o'clock mass at Mitchell. Mona, Kit and self attended. Paddy Slattery came here with a new auto, our boys bought one yesterday. Paddy took us to mass and home again. He stayed for dinner and instructed the boys how to run the auto. He took Kit to her school this evening. Larson took Paddy home this evening. It was an eventful day. The first time we rode to Mitchell church in an auto.
April 19MonMrs. Jas. Connell died at 5 o'clock this p.m. at Rice's in Greenbush.
April 22ThurMona and self were at Aunt Connell's wake at Rice's all last night. Funeral left for Osceola church at 10 a.m. Mass by Reverend Meyers from Plymouth. A large funeral, mostly automobiles.
April 29ThurMary Connell went to Dundee to Dr. to have her arm treated. Alice went with her.
April 30FriRosy Pool with auto came to get Alice to make a dress for her. Alice went off with her to Osceola.
May 2SunThe home crowd went for a joy ride. Reverend Hoog has a new car. Mostly all autos at church today.
May 6ThurRobert, with his auto, drove to Plymouth with his mother, who went to do some trading. The auto party got home from Plymouth inside of two hours from time of starting.
May 8SatOld Mrs. John Hughes was buried in Mitchell today. Mass at Plymouth by Reverend Meyers. She was one of the old settlers of the town and a good woman.
May 13ThurThe 50th Anniversary of our wedding. We were married at St. Patrick's church in the town of Sherman on the Holy Day in May 1865. Tim Scanlan and Catherine Heraty stood up with us. Both are now dead. We were married by Father Krief. Ascension Thursday.
May 30ThurThe boys received a set of chains from Chicago by parcel post for their auto from Sears, Roebuck & Co.
May 25TueThis was Kit's last day of school in the town of Forest, Fond du Lac Co.
May 27ThurThe oil man from Plymouth came this morning and put us up 50 gallons of gasoline at $6.20, and 10 gallons of kerosene at 59 cents. I bought Mona a new wedding ring, 18 carat from Carbutt at $4.00.
May 28FriSome girls helping here. Ella Shea, Stella Dwyre, all mixing and baking and cooking.
May 29Sat(50th Anniversary Celebration) It's all busy business with the women folks this eventful day. Robert and Alice got back at 1:30 with Jenny's two sisters, they brought flowers. Stayed all night at the wedding which was simply superb in every detail, an immense crowd. All friends and neighbors who enjoyed themselves in the social Anniversary, partaking of good things and various refreshments.
June 3ThurMangan has a stone bee today, Johnny helped fix stone boat.
June 5SatLebenstein vet came from Adell to attend to the colt who was sick. Fed it some bread and sugar, colt won't die.
June ?SunJim Prindeville had 5 cows killed by lightning.
June 9WedFather Hoog gave them two rosaries as an anniversary gift, one for me and one for Mona.
June 21MonThe book agent called at noon. I paid him 98 cents for 3 papers, a pocket book and 1/2 dozen tea spoons. He had his dinner here.
June 22TueA Miss Murphy, Peter's daughter, came here this p.m. with Alice from Parnell, she is a trained nurse at Milwaukee.
June 30WedThe event of today was the marriage of Mary Stella Dwyre of the town of Mitchell and John Sullivan of the town of Lyndon. There was a Nuptual mass at the church by Father Hoog. Lucile Heraty and Mamie Burke were bride's maids. Earl Dwyre and George Sullivan were groom's men. The young married couple left for San Francisco, California in p.m. Sullivan made a good deal securing Estella for his wife. She is a splendid girl.
July 2FriSigned school reports for Michael Slattery this morning as a notary.
July 5MonEverybody is off motoring this morning, Rob, Daniel, Johnny and Paul off in auto. Jim, his wife and kid, off with Nelly and buggy. All headed for Plymouth. Mona and self, the dogs, pigs at home. They were home at 5 p.m.
July 17SatHeard of the death of Patrick Doherty of Mitchell, who died at St. Nicholas hospital in Sheboygan.
July 19MonMass for Patrick Doherty at Cascade celebrated by Father Hoog assisted by Reverend Meyers.
July 15SunYoung Wiffler from Plymouth was here for dinner.
Aug. 20WedRobert, Johnny, Paul and mother drove to Plymouth to meet Kit who came from the teacher's convention in Milwaukee. Mona is going to Adell to meet Alice tomorrow.
Aug. 25WedJohnny Connell's little boy died as a result of scarlet fever, after a long illness. Mass celebrated by Father Hoog.
Aug. 28SatThe piano tuner called this p.m.
Aug. 30MonWe had the first frost of the season last night, 30 degrees.
Sept. 19SunLate mass at Mitchell. Self, Kit and young Whiffler attended. Drove Woozy (horse) and buggy.
Sept. 20MonKit this morning commenced school in Dist. #1, town of Mitchell in our own Dist. For 8 months at $50.00 per month.
Sept. 23ThurOld Dutkevich is having an auction of everything, the biggest auction ever held in Mitchell and the finest herd of cows you ever saw. All high, good Holsteins.
Sept. 29WedMrs. Peter Baker was buried in Osceola today.
Oct. 19TueTom Gilboy and Miss Susan Doherty were married today at Cascade.
Oct. 20WedGeorge Leonard and Miss Hand married today.
Nov. 7SunEd Gilboy and Mrs. Gilboy and all the youngsters called this p.m. and stayed till 4 p.m. They came in their $1,600.00 car. It's a dandy. It was a social day for the cousins all around.
Nov. 10WedJoe Radder was buried in Mt. Pleasant today. Mona went to Milwaukee November 9th, got back November 23rd. She went with Dan's girls for her yearly treat.
Nov. 25ThurThanksgiving. All the members of the family at home. Dan and Kate here for dinner, so was young Whiffler. All were at dance at Parnell last night. Got home at 4 a.m.
Dec. 11SatToday is my birthday. Born December 11, 1836, near the town of Westport, Mayo County, Ireland.
Dec. 15WedReceived many Christmas gifts from Paul, Chicago - pair of gloves, Mona a jacket.
Dec. 24FriI am off this p.m. to insure Mike Gaynor place.
Dec. 25SatAt St. Michael's there was a lot of excitement by the collapse of two brick pillars supporting the main floor allowing the floor to settle. No serious results.
Dec. 31FriMrs. Johnny Gibbons was buried in Mitchell. She died in Sheboygan of old age.

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