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1914 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 7WedJim Connors left the town today to live at Appleton. The DeMunch family moved into the Connors farm.
Jan. 8ThurFather Mulloy at Lyceum Hall, Plymouth, to answer the bogus French priest.
Jan. 14WedHenry Mangan and his help sawing stove wood with gasoline rig. North hill in his former woods.
Jan. 17SatFather Fisher gave a plain big talk today in sermon complaining of the negligence of Catholics in the treatment of the boys of the family, and the favor shown daughters, making them incapable housekeepers and challenged their ability as breadmakers. Showing by gesture the effect if one were hit by a projected loaf.
Jan. 19MonI made a lease from William Enright to Adam Dutkevich on the S.W. 1/4 Sec. 18 for 3 years.
Jan. 27TueTom Henry and Miss Burke of Milwaukee were married today.
Feb. 5ThurJ. B. Reilly of Mitchell auction today. Highest priced cow sold for $88.00.
Feb. 8SunOld Mrs. Martin of Fond du Lac, Mrs. Phalen's mother, died at 7:45 this evening.
Feb. 11WedI drove to Lew Crosby's with Flora and cutter and made out contract from Lew Crosby to William Dwyer Jr. for 40 acres of land. He also made out a contract to William Dwyer Sr. for sale of 120 acres of land. The 40 acres for $1,000.00 and the 120 acres for $8,000.00. Jim Reilly and Jerry Crosby, witnesses. I received a dollar.
Feb. 13FriReceived announcement from George Lindsay of the marriage of his daughter Loretta to William Ninnemann to take place 19 February 1914.
Feb. 19ThurTwo weddings today. Willie Ninnemann and Loretta Lindsay, and Jim Gill and a Miss Rose Somer's of Milwaukee.
March 1SunNo mass in Mitchell today. Priest could not come through on account of the poor condition of the roads. Heard of the death of Mrs. James Hughes of Sheboygan.
March 3TueMrs. Jas. Hughes of Sheboygan buried in Mitchell Catholic cemetery today. She died suddenly after a few days illness.
March 5ThurWilliam Skelton had an auction today. Sale of his personal property.
March 10TueFrank Harvey died between 3 and 4 o'clock this p.m.
March 13FriFrank Harvey was buried today in Mt. Pleasant cemetery in the town of Mitchell. I met at Dundee today, Joe Murray, son of Pat Murray, formerly of Dundee, the blacksmith.
March 14SatHeard of the death of Mrs. Patrick Gannon Sr. at Sheboygan yesterday.
March 24TueOld Mrs. Clark of Cascade died at the age of 104 years.
March 26ThurGus Cosgrove had an auction today of his personal property. Everything sold good. Auctioneers: Reilly and Crosby. Billy Philipsen, clerk.
April 3FriWilliam Dwyre and Lew Crosby came here. Dwyre rented his farm (The Crosby Place) to Lew Crosby till November 1, 1914 for rent of $350.00.
April 6MonMona drove with Flora to Ed Gerity's this a.m. and got 85 sap buckets to tap trees on the hill in back of house.
April 7TueTown meeting and election. Town officers elected: J.F. Murray, Chairman; John O'Connell and Helmer, Supervisors; King, Clerk; T. Gilboy, Treasurer; Harvey, Assessor; Heraty, Justice of the Peace.
April 8WedPat Connors auction today. Things sold high, cows as high as $158.00. Crosby and Reilly, auctioneers.
April 9ThurMike Schommer's auction today. Crosby and Reilly auctioneers. Schommer's stuff sold well.
April 10FriI wrote Mrs. Libbie Rooney at Milwaukee regarding her application for teacher's pension.
April 12SunEaster Sunday. There was a nasty, indiscreet, controversy between the priest and the "smart" subjects of the congregation after mass today. There was a big Easter collection never-the-less.
April 14TueMrs. Ed O'Hearn died at Cascade this a.m.
April 16ThurMrs. Ed O'Hearn buried at St. Mary's cemetery, Cascade. Married in 1866.
April 27WedNew people are moving into the neighborhood today. One on the Henry Mangan farm. One on the Jim Cosgrove farm and Johnny Cosgrove and family into the Mrs. Kearnan house.
April 25SatHeard this evening of Father Fisher leaving Cascade and the parish's new German priest at tomorrow's mass at 11 o'clock in Mitchell.
April 26SunWe had a new priest at Mitchell today. Well may he do for awhile.
April 29WedMilwaukee. Called on Peter Heraty today, 316 21st St.
May 6WedDennis Riordan was buried in Plymouth Catholic cemetery. Funeral from the Catholic church there.
May 10SunLate mass at Mitchell. Had a meeting of the male members of the congregation after mass and a general discussion of matters and things by the priest and congregation. The result was the fixing of the priest's salary at $1,000.00 per annum. Mitchell to bear the sum of $550.00 and Cascade $450.00 and the fixing of pew rents at $16.00 for the front half and $14.00 for the back half. Rents to be paid in advance. Got home at 2 p.m.
May 13WedMrs. Connell and her buggy smashed at Plymouth by Jake Bubb running into it with an auto.
May 17SunEarly mass at Mitchell. Stopped at Murray's, got $6.00 order for insurance on townhouse. A large number of Foresters received today. And a big bunch of autos at church today.
May 22FriReverend Hoog called this p.m. with Tom Mangan on a biographical tour of the parish. I don't see what he intends to accomplish by this sketching of the people of the parish.
May 29FriMrs. Harriet Thackeray Clark of Glenbeulah died at 6 o'clock this morning at Glenbeulah of old age. Knew her since 1849 in New York State.
May 30SatJohn Connell, with his new Overland auto, his wife and children and maid, called this evening on auto insurance.
May 31SunFirst day of mission at Mitchell. Big attendance. The missionary priest celebrated the mass. He is to be here all week every morning at 9 a.m. and each evening at 7:30. Say mass and give sermon.
June 4Thur5th day of mission. It rained a perfect deluge this morning and rained nearly all night.
June 7SunJames Mangan's first born son baptized yesterday by Father Hoog at Mitchell, named Martin.
June 11ThurI walked up to Tony's this morning to make enquiry about young Weber who lives with Mike Slattery. Enquiry made by N. W. Klein of Milwaukee. Mailed answer.
June 12FriPaddy called this morning about selling "Fords" No Go Here!
June 18ThurMilwaukee. I got to the auditorium at 1:00 and attended the graduating exercises for Marquette College. John Heraty graduated from the "Medicine" class.
June 19FriWalked over to Pa Quinn's at 179 21st St. Stayed till 4 p.m.
June 25ThurSaw Mike Slattery on school business.
June 28SunPaid Tom Mangan $5.00 on church dues.
June 29MonHeard of the death of Johnny Cosgrove. Took place yesterday. He has been ailing for a long time. Died from tuberculosis. Leaves wife and several young children.
July 1WedJohn Cosgrove buried in Osceola today.
July 2ThurMet at Gal's in Greenbush, Mrs. Mamie Reed and her daughter Genevieve. We called this evening on Aunt Anne Connell.
July 8WedDrove to Mike Slattery's and delivered to him as District Clerk the insurance policy on school house, Dist. #1.
July 10 Wolf called this p.m. or evening from Plymouth on auto dealer canvass. He was selling the "Carter Car" a $1,250.00 car. No Go Here!
July 15WedDutkevich called at 6 a.m. and made complaint against Dick Grogan for abusive language. I took no action.
July 16ThurEd Gerity called for insurance on his property on the Pete Murphy farm this evening.
July 19SunThere was to be the ceremony of erecting of a crucifix to the memory of James Reddington by his brother Anthony Reddington and Mrs. John O'Connell of the town of Mitchell. The cross was consecrated by Reverend _______? of St. Louis, assisted by Reverend Hoog of the parish. There was an immense congregation at the church today to witness the ceremony of the consecration. The statue is bronze and life size. The cross of steel.
July 22WedWrote letter to Review on the ceremony.
July 24FriMary Cannon called this morning, was picking berries. Here for dinner. (Mrs. Benno Wifler, Lucile Heraty, said that Mary Cannon used to spin cloth on a large spinning wheel at their home)
July 25SatHeard of the death of Frank Murphy.
July 26SunTony and Mag Reddington came here at 1:30 p.m. and took us to the Frank Murphy wake.
July 28TueAustria declared war on Servia. No telling how or where it will terminate. It may involve all the leading powers of Europe and change the map of the continent.
Aug. 3MonThe old Spring Farm sawmill burned this p.m. at 1:30.
Aug. 9SunWilliam Burke, who died in Green Bay last Saturday, will be buried in Mitchell tomorrow.
Aug. MonMona and self attended funeral. Met the funeral half way between Adell and Cascade. Got to Mitchell church at 10:30 a.m. Requiem mass by Reverend Hoog. Sermon preached by Reverend Gale, was a flowing nothing. A large funeral with many autos and 100 teams.
Aug. 14FriHeard of the death of James McGrath, son of Mike McGrath formerly of Osceola, to be buried in Osceola cemetery.
Aug. 20ThurPope Pius X died at 1:20 this morning. Jerry Crosby and Jim Reilly called on me to make a bond for a deed from Tom Butler to Christ Brawand for sale of Butler farm to Braward according to the terms of the contract.
Aug. 23SunSister, Catherine Heraty Gallagher died at 9:30 this evening. Lord have mercy on her soul: Amen.
Aug. 26WedOur sister, Catherine Heraty Gallagher, was buried today in Osceola. Reverend Krause officiating. Funeral director, Hardgrove of Fond du Lac. Pall bearers: Patrick Carlin, Mike Mullen, John Rice, Jas. Godfrey, Jac Fee and John Shea.
Aug. 27ThurMamie Reed and daughter Genevieve returned to Lincoln, Nebraska today.
Aug. 31MonAttended the Tom Gilboy's man's funeral. Got as far as Parnell, met funeral and drove to church. Tom Gilboy's young man's name was Nick Pergantika, age 17, was taken from the Catholic orphanage home in Milwaukee, was killed by a fall off a straw wagon.
Sept. 6SunThe congregation today elected a new church committee. Richard Phalen Jr. as secretary and William Murray as treasurer and James Mulvey and Tony Reddington, consultors. The Reverend Hoog gave a long harangue on nothing today. Gave us quite a talk on the money question. A large congregation today. A great crowd of autos.
Sept. 9WedWillie Lindsay and Miss Genevieve Bowser, daughter of Joseph Bowser, were married at 9 o'clock at Mitchell church by Reverend Hoog. Heard this morning of the death of George Gibbons of Milwaukee, son of Thomas Gibbons. A dance at Parnell tonight.
Sept. 11FriGeorge Gibbons buried in Mitchell.
Sept. 15TueHeard of the death of old Mrs. Dooley.
Sept. 26SatMailed paper on Kate Gallagher's death to Kitty Connell-Mangan to Chandler, North Dakota.
Sept. 27SunBig crowd at Mitchell church today from various places. Eugenia (McGrath) McCrory and sons, Jas. Hardgrove from Fond du Lac with autos, Hugh Rooney and others from Plymouth.
Sept. 30 The old Pioneer Club of Sheboygan county held the annual banquet at Sheboygan Falls. Richard Phalen and I attended.
Oct. 21WedThe auction on the Pat Murphy farm in the town of Mitchell.
Oct. 22ThurA fish peddlar stayed here all night. He was from Sheboygan.
Oct. 20MonThe John Kelly big auction held near Cascade. Crosby and Reilly, auctioneers.
Nov. 5ThurHeard of old Mrs. Leahy's death. Will be buried in Osceola.
Nov. 8SunThere were three marriage announcements in the church today. Willie Dwyre and Frankie Kelly, Johnny Reilly of Parnell and Maggie Gannon, daughter of John Gannon of Greenbush, and the Dutkevich girl and a man from Sheboygan.
Nov. 12ThurThe Altar Society festival dance at Parnell tonight, a big crowd attended. A fine supper and general good time.
Nov. 18WedW. Dwyre and Frankie Kelly were married by Reverend Hoog at Cascade.
Nov. 20FriThomas Cooney was buried today in Mitchell cemetery by Reverend Hoog and an outside priest. Mailed letter to Kate Donohue, Hartington, Nebraska.
Nov. 22MonJohn Naughton's auction today. Things sold big.
Nov. 29SunThe Burk's had a dinner party for Mr. And Mrs. John Mangan.
Dec. 2WedMona received some rosaries, fine presents, from the Gallagher youngsters in Chicago.
Dec. 9WedMrs. Johnny Mangan called this p.m. to get up a petition in the town of Mitchell, Scott and Lyndon Catholic congregation to have Father Fisher recalled as pastor of said congregation. I wrote out petition for her at her request.
Dec. 15TueAt 1:15 p.m. drove to Ed Gerity's, made a lease from Ed Gerity to Charles Morton and son on his farm, the S 1/2, S.E. 1/4, Sec. 18 for a term of 3 years from March 15, 1915 (?) at annual rent of $450.00 (?) They gave a note to secure payment of $1,350.00.
Dec. 17ThurStopped in at Ed Gerity's and returned the Morton note.
Dec. 23WedHeard this evening of the death of "Kitty Mac" or Mrs. James Godfrey. Also of the death of Sig (?) Elliot at Dick Gwyn's on county line.
Dec. 25FriThere were two masses at Mitchell today by an outside priest.
Dec. 31ThurMailed an address of greeting to old settlers to the Review.

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