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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1913 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 5SunHeard of the death of Jas. Carlin at Sheboygan yesterday as a result of operation. Paid J. (?) Mangan $3.50 on pew rent to February 15, 1913.
Jan. 7TueJas. Carlin buried in Osceola.
Jan. 15WedLarry Reilly called this p.m. collecting oats for priest.
Jan. 16ThurBessie Gahagan, teacher, called this p.m. I signed an order for her for $105.00.
Jan. 17FriA daughter of Chas. Gahagan from Minnesota brought here for burial today.
Jan. 18SatI have known Mrs. Weeks since 1852 and the Burchard family. Mrs. Weeks buried at Plymouth.
Jan. 20MonW. Ninnemann and John Scannell here this evening. Ninnemann sold his Rathbun factory to J. Scannell for $4,300.00. A dance at Foresters, Parnell tonight.
Jan. 22WedEllen Gould and Shephard were married at New York.
Feb. 1SatAustin Hinkley, one of the first settlers of Mitchell, died on last Thursday, was 87 years. Buried in Winooski cemetery.
Feb. 2SunA C & F card party at Lindsay hotel, Parnell. Priest blessed candles and throats today.
Feb. 4TueHeard today of the death of Dave Twohig last Monday morning at 6 o'clock. Buried at Calvary cemetery, Fond du Lac.
Feb. 10MonReceived postal from Mrs. Buckley giving Pete Heraty's address as 316 21st St., Milwaukee.
Feb. 16SunThe Stations of the Cross were chanted by Reverend Fisher with the congregation after mass.
Feb. 24MonJohnny Rodden was buried today in Greenbush Catholic cemetery.
March 6ThurAt 11:30 tonight the Dimmer house caught fire from a chimney and burned to the ground.
March 9SunJohn Devine's eldest daughter and Lizzie Crosby's son, Murphy of Plymouth, were called to be married. Heard of the death of another daughter of John Murray's at Fond du Lac.
March 13ThurMr. And Mrs. Tom Mangan and Alice and self walked to and attended the Hibernian celebration at the auditorium. Immense crowd. 6,000 persons there. Father Sheely of New York was the principal attraction.
March 23SunEaster. The town health doctor called this a.m. and pronounced Kit as down with scarlet fever. Mattie's family also down with it.
March 25TueDr. Hanon called again this evening. He pronounced Kit's a case of true and actual measles.
March 26WedThe Murphy-Devine wedding took place at Mitchell church at 10 a.m. today. George Murphy of the town of Plymouth and Miss Agnes Devine of Mitchell. Ceremony by Reverend Fisher of Cascade. Fairly good match financially.
March 28FriMattie McNair was taken violently ill this p.m. and died at 4 o'clock this p.m.
March 29SatJoe Bowser called Dr. Block this morning to come to fumigate the McNair house. He came and did so. Old Matty (McNair) came up from Milwaukee this p.m. and Winsink came from Plymouth and prepared the body. Burial at Greenbush cemetery.
April 18FriMrs. Dick Hardgrove was buried today in Eden. Mr. And Mrs. Mike Gaynor called on way home from funeral.
April 19SatTom Madden died at his home as a result of a fall from a wagon.
April 22TueTom Madden buried today in Mitchell cemetery.
April 23WedNell Donahue died at Antigo of paralysis. Buried Meeme.
May 1ThurHeard today of the death of Mike Reilly, son of Smith Reilly in Ohio.
May 3SatMike Reilly's body came to _______? At 4 p.m. A number of neighbors met the body and accompanied it to Parnell to his fathers.
May 4SunJohn Reed of Lincoln, Nebraska, is dead. Kate Gallagher went to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit Mamie.
May 10SatThe Madden auction today. Everything sold at good prices.
May 14WedJoe Naughton called about a cow case.
May 15ThurReceived a letter from Mrs. Kenny, Chicago, 1332 Eddy St.
May 18SunNo mass at Mitchell. Priest sick.
May 24SatThe 48th Anniversary of our wedding. Married by Reverend Krief at St. Patrick's Catholic Church of Sherman, 1865.
May 28WedMona's incubator hatch is coming out finally. This is the worst night for rain in a long time. It fairly poured down all night with heavy thunder and lightning.
May 31SatWillie Dwyre came after me in a.m. I drove to Dwyer's in p.m. and made a warranty deed from Thomas Dwyre and wife to William E. Dwyer and Leo P. Dwyer, undivided, share and share alike, of all real estate. And a mortgage to Mrs. Dwyre and their 4 daughters by W.E. and Leo P. Dwyre in the land just deeded to them. Girl born to the Prindeville family today.
June 8SunIce in tubs this morning. A dozen autos at church.
June 12ThurKit graduated today from Plymouth High School.
June 13FriCarl Grosskreutz and wife called this evening and presented a bill for loss of chimney $33.21.
June 15SunBoys drove to Dundee with colt to break to single.
June 18WedToday was noted day at Mitchell church, being the dedication of the church bell donated by Mrs. Julia (Phelim) Hughes in memory of her priest son, Phelim Hughes. There was an appreciative and large congregation in attendance. Father Fisher was alone. The rain of last night hindered many priests from coming.
June 19ThurHenry Meyers buried today at the new cemetery. Knew him for many years.
June 23MonInsured Catholic church, priest's house and contents.
June 27FriA baseball dance at Parnell tonight.
June 30MonHeard of John Mangan being sick. Mrs. Kenny and baby here.
July 6SunHeard this morning of the death of Tom Dwyer at 7 a.m.
July 7MonI drove up and attended school meeting and from there to Dwyre's. Offered rosary.
July 8TueTom Dwyer buried today at St. Michael's. Requiem mass by Father Fisher. Wittkopp of Plymouth in charge. Pall bearers: Thomas Heraty, John Brogan, Tom Butler, Tony Reddington, Pat Quinn and Ed Slattery. Drove up to Ed Gerity's and made a lease on hotel from John Mangan to C. H. Piper for 1 year at $350.00.
July 13SunHeard of the Johnny Mangan family moving into Pete Murphy house.
July 15TueMade obituary of Rodger Smith to Sheboygan Herald.
July 16WedHeard today of Mrs. Tom Butler falling from a cherry tree and breaking one of her limbs yesterday.
July 17ThurMrs. Jas. Rooney died at Plymouth this morning. Mrs. Tom Nolan died at Milwaukee yesterday. To be buried at Greenbush Catholic cemetery tomorrow.
July 20SunThe boys, Kit and Paul drove to Parnell to attend ball game, Osceola vs. Waldo. Waldo 28 - Osceola 8. The Dwyre's took Kit home in auto. A great many strangers at church today and road full of autos. Larry Flanigan, his wife and 3 daughters, from Beaver Dam, Jas. Hughes of Sheboygan, etc. all with autos and many others.
July 23WedEllen Moran called here this p.m. and went to Brogan's.
July 28MonInsured Ed Gahagan's new barn.
Aug. 3SunMona came up from Milwaukee this morning. She attended the Irish picnic at Pabst Park, Milwaukee yesterday. She had a splendid time. She reports on seeing the Chicago dancers, pipers and hearing the public speakers.
Aug. 8FriClear and hot nearly all day till 4 p.m. when it began to look like rain. Just before dark from the N.W. came a terrible heavy thunder storm. Rain came down in torrents. Severest storm of the season.
Aug. 13WedMrs. Corbett of Mitchell died yesterday.
Aug. 14ThurAt 11:30 Schommer's house was struck by lightning and burned down. Mrs. Corbett's funeral was largely attended.
Aug. 17SunHad phone call this morning from Patt Cooney stating he had 4 cows killed last night. Saw 4 dead cows. Told Cooney I'd pay $60.00 each. The Strack-McNair marriage at Batavia.
Aug. 30 (?)WedMiss Giffen drove to Osceola and attended the Tom O'Brien funeral, who was buried today in Osceola.
Aug. 25MonKit drove to Graham's today and got her school contract for 8 months at $40.00. Pat Slattery came here this p.m. with his auto. Took home Alice.
Aug. 28ThurA Catholic Forester picnic at Newton's Grove. Lots from here attended in autos.
Sept. 3WedStarted South via Naughton's and the county line via Mike Slattery, Butler's, Dwyre's, Bowen's and Larson's and Tony's. Got home at dark.
Sept. 7SunDan O'Connell had a "bee" at stacking up seed clover. Robert, with team and neighbors, helped most all day.
Oct. 1WedThe thresher's finished at Dan's this morning and moved to Naughton's
Oct. 4SatThe Jubilee doings at the Mitchell church this a.m. Fathers Meyer and Krause assisted Father Fisher in hearing confessions. Performed 4 visits to the church.
Oct. 5SunThe Andy O'Connell family of Scott had a baby boy baptized today by Reverend Fisher.
Oct. 7TueAt 1 p.m. I drove to Jim Failey's auction. Things sold well at auction. A small crowd.
Oct. 13MonThe Bishop at Mitchell church today and confirmed a large class of children. The first in many years.
Oct. 16Thur10:30 a.m. Drove to Parnell after 4 gallons of gasoline at 20 cents. Got back at 1 p.m.
Oct. 19SunGot a phone call from Milwaukee this evening stating that Jas. Reddington died at the hospital at 6 o'clock. (I recall this funeral. I was not attending school at the time as I was too young. But my folks must have sent me to school with the older children so that they could attend the funeral. The teacher must have let the children out to watch the funeral with the long line of buggies and cars as it passed the school. I remember this event very well. It was very impressive on my young mind. - Michael Francis Slattery)
Oct. 21TueJohnny went to church today and helped dig Jim Reddington's grave.
Oct. 23ThurThe funeral was the largest that approached Mitchell church in many years and was a just tribute to the moral attributes and Christian character of the deceased. There were 150 teams in the procession.
Oct. 29WedChris Baker of Greenbush was buried today in Osceola.
Nov. 2SunJohn Graff's baby girl died this morning at 6 o'clock.
Nov. 12WedMike McBride's auction.
Nov. 14FriReceived letter from H. J. Rooney in relation to the Irish Historical Society.
Nov. 26WedThe baler's moved to Dan Connell's this evening. The Gilboy outfit. Hay baling.
Nov. 28FriA Forester's dance at Parnell tonight.
Dec. 2TueI joined the Old Settler's Club at Plymouth today per Major Mead. Paid $1.00 entrance fee.
Dec. 8MonHeard of a family from St. Joe buying the Henry Mangan farm.
Dec. 11ThurToday was Jim Connors' auction. Cows sold from 85 to 100 dollars and everything else in proportion. Jerry Crosby, auctioneer. Jim Reilly, clerk.
Dec. 22MonKit had an entertainment in her school tonight over in Forest. Mona and Johnny attended.
Dec. 28SunWrote a letter to John Manley, Pomona, California.
Dec. 30TueMamie Phalen and John Humphrey married by Reverend Fisher at Cascade.

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