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1912 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 24MonJohn Devine's daughter, Ruth, died at 6 p.m. today.
Jan. 28SunHeard of Robert Lindsay being low with typhoid fever at Milwaukee.
Jan. 30TueJust heard of the death of Robert Lindsay at Milwaukee from typhoid fever at 5:45 p.m.
Feb. 3SatFuneral of Robert Lindsay at Milwaukee.
Feb. 6WedEd Gosline had a phone call from Marshfield saying that his mother was dying.
Feb. 24SatJohnny Mangan had his auction today. Was a poor day for auction. Small crowd. Things sold cheap.
March 12TuePeter Murphy had an auction today.
March 14ThurTo Parnell. Had dinner at Slattery's. Stopped at Hotel Mangans. Treated house. Drove to Mrs. Hanahan's. Made a lease from Mrs. Hanahan to Frank Sherman on her farm, only year at $300.00 rent.
March 17SunDrove to Dimmer's to attend 10th Marriage Anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. Dimmer. Party till 4 a.m. Big crowd. 100 persons. Nearly all the neighbors were present.
March 18MonNothing doing at mill today.
March 30SatAttended meeting at the Larson cheese factory, acted as secretary to the meeting. W. Dwyer as chairman. There was a full attendance. Harmony prevailed.
April 7SunEaster Sunday. Easter mass at Mitchell. The Foresters attended in a body.
April 10WedThe Murphy Slattery wedding at Mitchell church by Reverend Fisher. A big crowd attended.
April 12FriJim Connors came this evening and made out his income tax. He paid me 50 cents. Mona milked all alone this evening.
April 14SunThe Titanic Liner came in collision with an iceberg at Newfoundland.
April 17WedPat Slattery called this evening and Alice went to Parnell with him. The great shipwreck of the Titanic is the talk of the nation and the world.
April 20SatGodfrey auto drove up to Brogan's this morning, took the Brogan's north and brought them home this evening.
April 21SunMona drove to George Lindsay's this p.m.
April 27SatGilboy's called with auto this p.m.
April 29MonMamie Devine asked for school again and I promised her for next term.
April 30TueJohnny Gaynor and two children called this morning.
May 3FriMrs. Ed Slattery called this evening. Charlie Piper, with auto, Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Pat Slattery and Mrs. Johnny Mangan called this p.m.
May 6MonWith Flora, drove off south this a.m. to qualify for justice to Dippels. He was not at home. Drove to Jim Gill's. There for dinner. He signed justice bond, from there to George Lindsay's. He signed justice bond. Drove to Joe Bowser's. He accepted bond. Drove to Hirsig factory. Gave him policy. He gave me a check for $10.00. Drove to Dan's, there for supper. Got home at dark.
May 9ThurMrs. Larry Reilly and son here today - dress biz, here till near sundown.
May 10FriEd Slattery and the Mrs. called this evening.
May 11SatMrs. Ephraim Conger of Forest was buried in the little Union cemetery in town of Forest. She died from stroke of apoplexy on last Tuesday, the 7th inst.
May 14TueAlice had a number of visitors this evening on dress biz. A picture man called this evening and applied for lodging. He stayed all night.
May 16ThurAscension Thursday. This is the 47th Anniversary of our Wedding.
May 17FriJim Connors got a new manure spreader.
May 25SatDick Garry came here this p.m. and stayed all night.
May 30ThurBig dance at Parnell tonight.
June 1SatDrove to Hanahan's and made out Frank Sherman's income report.
June 2SunLeo Carlin called at 12:30 a.m. at night for a drink of water, was here with a gray horse and buggy and a woman.
June 7FriBig dance at Plymouth high school at which Murray's, Devine's and Fitzpatrick girls graduated.
June 14FriA Forester dance at Parnell, Robert, Kit and Alice attended. The Shea girls came here with Alice this evening and went with them to the Forester dance. She drove her own horse to Parnell.
June 15SatI stopped at Dr. Meyers at Parnell to see about sore shoulder.
June 21FriDr. Meyers drove with his auto this evening. I met him at Bowen's, where he dressed my wound. Members appointed to meeting at Plymouth from cheese factory, Bill Dwire, Ed Gerity and Tony Reddington.
June 23SunA baby _____ named _______ was baptized today for Bill Mangan.
June 30SunDr. Meyers dressed my shoulder after mass today at Parnell. Brother Crosby at mass at Mitchell today. Several autos up and down today.
July 1MonSchool meeting. Mike Slattery was elected clerk for 2 years. Ed Gerity elected 3 years as treasurer. Raised $200.00 district tax.
July 3WedHeard at Plymouth that Mrs. Tom Caine died at the hospital in Sheboygan as a result of an operation for a tumor.
July 6SatPat Cooney had a barn raising today. Dr. Meyers called today saying he was going to practice in Elkhart Lake.
July 7SunLate mass at Mitchell. Mona and self attended. After mass stopped at Tony Reddington's for dinner and supper. A large gathering of the friends there for dinner and supper. All enjoyed themselves immensely. There was plenty to eat and drink. Music on the piano by Miss Lucile Heraty. Some of the old folks tripped the light fantastic.
July 12FriMike Slattery called this a.m. to fix up some school papers.
July 13SatOld man John Shea of town of Forest died at his home in Forest at 7 p.m.
July 16TueShea buried today in Osceola.
July 22MonCounty officials came this p.m., took away Dan's hired man in an auto to the asylum in Sheboygan.
July 26FriDance tonight at Manley's and Reilly's hall at Parnell. Adam Dutkevich called this morning to consult about the Snufkie case.
Aug. 12MonWrote letter to Tim Murphy about auto. Heard of the death of Pat Murphy of Holland at Milwaukee.
Aug. 14WedHeard that the daughter of Tom Carnes of Greenbush was drowned in Crystal Lake.
Aug. 24SatHannah Gaynor and the kids came from Plymouth to Connell's this p.m. with team.
Aug. 27TueA Turk came here this evening and stayed tonight. He was begging help to bring his family from Armenia to the U.S.
Sept. 15SunGeorge Murphy and Delia Madden Scott called today to be married.
Oct. 18FriA Forester dance at Lindsay hall in Parnell tonight.
Oct. 26SatPaddy Gerity got filled up last night and was laid down all day in our barn. Got up a little before sundown and went to Connell's. Bowen's girl here for eggs. Sold them a dozen.
Oct. 27SunCrosby-Mugan Banns called, last time, to be married, 30th inst. at Mitchell. Paid Tom Mangan $3.50 on priests salary.
Nov. 7ThurFred Wallinski funeral who died at his son-in-law's, John Ferguson. 74 years old.
Nov. 10SunHeard today at church of the death of Mrs. Michael Rodden. Will be buried tomorrow at Cascade. Had a phone call from Alice at Milwaukee this evening saying that Frank Daly was dead at Milwaukee. Alice to attend funeral.
Nov. 21ThurMrs. Ed. Calvey of Dundee was found dead in her home this morning in a kneeling posture with her beads in her hands, as in prayer. Death was from heart disease.
Dec. 8SunHeard at the church of the dangerous illness of Mrs. Thomas Gilboy. She was being prayed for at church.
Dec. 10TueMrs. Tom Gilboy died at the hospital in Green Bay tonight.
Dec. 11WedMy 76th birthday. I was born in Doon, 1 1/2 miles from the town of Westport, Mayo County, Ireland, on the 11th day of December, 1836.
Dec. 12ThurHeard that Michael Kilcoin died at 2 p.m. at his home in Dundee of tuberculosis.
Dec. 13FriAttended Mrs. Gilboy's funeral, who was buried in Mitchell. Was the largest funeral in years.
Dec. 14SatMichael Kilcoin was buried in Mitchell cemetery today.
Dec. 21SatMade a check to Pat Slattery for $31.09 in full for store bill to date.
Dec. 24TueMona and Alice attended midnight mass at Osceola tonight.
Dec. 25WedLate mass at Mitchell. There was a very large congregation in attendance. The larger cities of the country were represented and the custom of the absent ones of the family visiting the old home and birthplace and attending mass in the old church where many of them received the Sacred Rites of Baptism is strictly observed by the once members (?) of the Mitchell congregation.
Dec. 30SunA Miss Huberty and Miss Burke of Plymouth called on Kit.

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