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1911 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1SunEarly mass at Mitchell. Drove team and sled to Parnell after mass. Heard this p.m. of the birth and death of a child to Martin Gallagher.
Jan. 3TueFather Meyers lecture at Turner Hall tonight on his foreign trips last summer.
Jan. 5ThurJohnny Brogan came this evening and refused to serve as _____? Agent. I telephoned Ott and told him I would serve.
Jan. 6FriDance at Lindsay Hall, Parnell.
Jan. 8SunThe Mission commenced at Mitchell church. Mass by Father Fisher.
Jan. 9MonMission on at Mitchell. Most all family attended. Took the Mangan's to the lecture this a.m. The subject was mortal sin. Sent paper to Mrs. Kenny, Chicago.
Jan. 10TueThe mission continues. Lecture on married life.
Jan. 11WedSubject of mass was general confession. Mission priest and Reverend Fisher at Phalens for dinner.
Jan. 15SunThe Mission continues. In the evening all rode with Henry Mangan. Sermon and Benediction. Repetition of baptismal vows by congregation and procession by the children. The services this evening were simply grand and edifying. Something the Mitchell congregation never before witnessed.
Jan. 19ThurPaul and I drove cutter to Plymouth. Paul and self left for Milwaukee on train at 4:45. Went to Mrs. Holland's where I stopped over night.
Jan. 20FriFound Scanlan's at 1012 15th St. South of Center. Went to the Harkins' on 18th Ave. Attended Auto Show at the auditorium, a grand show.
Jan. 22SunAt Milwaukee at Bill Scanlan's. Attended mass at Father O'Keefe's church on 3rd St. Went from there to Maggie Albert's at 628 Oakland Ave.
Jan. 25WedReceived a letter from Mrs. Margaret Heraty Kenny of Chicago today in response to rosary sent her.
Jan. 26ThurJohn C. O'Brien of Milwaukee, formerly of Scott, died today at Milwaukee, age 69 years. Survived by his wife and 4 daughters.
Jan. 31TueRobert helping Johnny Mangan butchering this p.m.
Feb. 1WedEd Slattery called this morning for me to go up to John Slattery to make out deeds and will. Wrote deed from John Slattery and wife to Ed Slattery, and deed from Ed Slattery and wife to Mrs. John Slattery. John Slattery going to Chicago to consult doctor.
Feb. 2ThurHeard about Reverend Fisher's poison case.
Feb. 10FriKate Madden died at 10 o'clock a.m. today suddenly.
Feb. 11SatMrs. Charley (M)aase died today. Buried at Milwaukee.
Feb. 12SunNo mass today. Priest sick with bad cold.
Feb. 13MonIn a.m. Catherine Madden was buried in Mitchell cemetery. After funeral drove to McDonnell place to view loss as the house burned down this morning.
Feb. 7 ?FriHeard this p.m. of the death of Jas. Rooney at 1 o'clock today at his home in Plymouth, of pneumonia. 3rd attack.
Feb. 20MonJas. Rooney buried at Mitchell today.
Feb. 21TueThe Devine and Mugan girls called here this p.m. and Alice went with them.
Feb. 22WedThe Grosskreutz boy, who was drowned Sunday, was buried today at Cascade.
Feb. 25SatDrove to Eden to see the condition of Pete Heraty. Found him not very sick, only his feet are gangrened.
Feb. 27MonPatt Gallagher was buried today at the New Prospect cemetery. He died at Milwaukee from pneumonia after a few days sickness.
March 9ThurThe Gilboy's had an auction today on the Mitchell and Osceola farms.
March 11SatDrove to the Ben Butler's and made deed from Tom to Ben Butler on a parcel of land in Section 20.
March 13MonMrs. Leonard Hefling buried today in the St. Michael's cemetery.
March 17FriHeard today of the death of Jim Butler in South Milwaukee from heart disease, fell dead on the street.
March 20MonJim Butler buried in Mitchell today.
March 27 Old man Roltgin of Greenbush died, buried Osceola.
March 30 Ed Gosline and Johnny attended John Gill auction.
April 2SunMona and self started for McNair's to bid the family goodbye. Johnny went to Bowen's to dehorn cattle. Heard this a.m. of a daughter being born to the Ford's. Bidella Lindsay. (This would be Iris Mary Ford)
April 3MonWas called to Dundee this morning by the Gilboy's to arrange papers for old Mrs. Gilboy, who is sick to death. Got there at noon.
April 4TueSnowed about 5 inches of snow. Town meeting. Opposition for clerk between Reilly and Dipple.
April 5WedRobert drove to Parnell this morning with 3 calves to sell. Johnny at bee at Art Phipps. I drove to Conger's to write his last will.
April 7FriRobert began hauling milk to factory this morning. First time in 1911. Matthew McNair this morning started for Waukesha County with team and buggy finally.
April 9SunPaid Ed Burke church dues $3.50.
April 13ThurMona, with Flora and buggy, drove to Plymouth today with live chickens, sold at 12 cents a lb. She got home at dark.
April 14FriSaw several teams plowing corn ground today.
April 16SunEaster Sunday. Paid priest $1.00 Easter collection.
April 19WedJim Johnson called this a.m. and placed 2 new batteries in the phone.
April 21FriThe play at Reilly's Hall, Parnell, for the benefit of the Altar Society. The play was a literary and financial success. All the family attended.
May 2TueWrote some letters to Review.
May 3WedDan Slattery and Mag Michaels called this morning on their way to visit Mrs. Johnny Hanlon Rise. Tony O'Malley of the town of Greenbush died at his home today.
May 7SunWe invited hands for stone digging "Bee" today for tomorrow.
May 12FriDance at Pool's tonight. Robert and Kit attended.
May 16TueOld Mrs. Eagan of Mitchell died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Pat Slattery, today at Parnell.
May 18ThurSolemn Requiem Mass for Mrs. Eagan celebrated by Reverend Fisher, Father Haensler and Mayer of Osceola and Plymouth.
June 2FriBig dance at Parnell.
June 7WedDr. Connell came from Fond du Lac today to Joe Naughton's to operate on the Naughton boy.
June 8ThurJas. Prindeville had a stone "bee" today for barn basement. John McLaughlin called about his colt being killed by lightning.
June 11SunEarly mass at Mitchell. Tom Reilly and Agnes Gill of Sheboygan and Luke Gahagan and Miss Theresa Hand of Lyndon called to be married.
June 13ThurJim Cosgrove puts rods on his barn today. So did Phillipson on their house. Buyer Walsh called this p.m. after hogs and cattle.
June 14WedGeorge Coleman came here this evening from the hospital in Sheboygan where he was placed last week by town board, being sick.
June 15ThurHeard this evening of Cummings buying out the Ed Smith farm.
June 16FriOld Mrs. Pat Crosby died at 4 a.m. today at her son Mike's at Plymouth. Archie McDougal died at his home in Dundee.
June 17SatMona and self drove Old Badger to wake house at Crosby's. Stayed till 5 a.m.
June 18SunA vote was taken in church today to pay $240.00 to raise a fund to pay a debt in the Polish church in Milwaukee. (St. Josephat's) There was only a few voted either way. The sentiment of the people was against such a sum. All the Crosby family and children were at the old home this a.m. George, Jerry, John Lew, Mike, Ed and all the girls, a big lot of them.
June 19MonMrs. Pat Crosby was buried in Mitchell cemetery, one of the largest processions whichever approached the church. Pallbearers were 6 grandsons.
June 21WedTom Reilly and Miss Agnes Gill married today.
June 22ThurAnother roaster. Was 93 degrees in the p.m. No wind stirring. George Smith auction today. Things sold fairly well. Jerry Crosby, auctioneer. Larry Reilly, clerk.
June 26MonStopped to see Bart Donahue. Bart no better.
July 2SunMrs. Luke Flynn, formerly of Mitchell, died at Cascade this morning of heart failure. Dr. Nutt came to see Mattie McNair this p.m. He's in bad condition.
July 3MonMona drove to Plymouth early this morning on a ring from Jim. It turned out he was sick from being over heated in the foundry where he worked. Mona got home at 9 p.m. Dr. Morganroth called this a.m. on his way to Johnny O'Connell's, who has a sick horse.
July 4TueA son born to our Jim today. A big picnic at Newton's today. Mrs. Luke Flynn was buried in Mitchell cemetery. The mass was celebrated at Mitchell. A large funeral.
July 5WedEd (?) Arimond called this morning on inspection trip with his whole family in auto on a trip in the interest of Phoenix Co.
July 6ThurMailed $16.70 to Cudahy Bros. for lard and meat. A Mrs. and Miss Devine called this p.m. on school biz. Went to Dwyer's with them. Did nothing. Called on Mrs. Slattery.
July 7FriHeard this morning of the death of Mary Devine at Chicago. Body brought to Mitchell for burial.
July 8SatMary Devine McDonnell of Chicago buried in Mitchell. Mass by Father Hughes.
July 14FriDwyer and self concluded to hire Miss Devine for school.
July 15SatMatty McNair Sr. called this evening.
July 16SunMona and Alice with Flora drove to Plymouth to attend baptism of Jim's son. Devine to receive $35.00 per month.
July 19WedThis evening made contracts to Mary E. Devine, teacher for Dist. #1.
July 21FriHeard today of Father Hughes to be buried in Mitchell and that the body will be brought to Plymouth at 7 p.m. tomorrow.
July 22SatFather Hughes body to be brought to Tom Mangan's this evening.
July 23SunBaptized at Plymouth, Edward Norman Heraty. Alice and Dan Mugan sponsors. Attended Father Hughes wake all night at Tom Mangan's.
July 24MonFather Hughes funeral, 30 priests attended. It was the largest funeral procession that ever attended Mitchell church. Estimated at 300 teams as well as 30 automobiles. Reverend Hughes was the first priest to be buried in Mitchell.
July 30SunIt was reported at the church today that Johnny Mugan, Plymouth, was murdered at Ludington, Michigan, where he went to buy a farm and carried money with him.
Aug. 2WedJohnny Slattery was buried in Mitchell cemetery. Mass by Reverend Fisher. Gilboy, undertaker. It was under control of the Catholic Foresters of Parnell Court. A delegation from Eden Court also in attendance.
Aug. 3ThurMrs. Johnny Hanlon was buried in Osceola cemetery today.
Aug. 5SatHeard of the death of Mrs. Dan Murphy and Mrs. Tom Gahagan Sr.
Aug. 6SunMona and self drove to Plymouth to Mrs. Murphy's wake. Stayed at Matt Gaynor's all night.
Aug. 7MonMrs. Murphy's mass at Mitchell. Mona and Kit attended Mrs. Gahagan's wake.
Aug. 8TueMrs. Gahagan buried in Mitchell today.
Aug. 10ThurDan drove to Plymouth today with a load of cheese for factory. Aunt Mary Scanlan, Alice Page and Mr. And Mrs. Ed Hays called here this evening and stayed over night.
Aug. 12SatDrove up to Dwyer's and Slattery's about a biography of Mrs. Gahagan and John Slattery.
Aug. 13SunKit and self went across the lake by boat and attended picnic at Newton's. Left at 6 p.m. and back by boat. Kit went by auto to Godfrey's.
Aug. 15TueReceived invitation to marriage of Miss Reed, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Aug. 17ThurTom Cooney is dead at Cascade and the body of John Leonard was brought home last night. Both funerals tomorrow. Cooney's at Cascade and Leonard's at Osceola.
Aug. 18FriJohn Leonard was killed in N.W. Canada in a R.R. wreck. Cooney died of cancer after a long illness. Albert S____? Of Merrill directed the Cooney funeral.
 TueGave Mrs. Slattery copies of Herald with obituary of John in it.
Aug. 24ThurHeard of the death of Michael McGrath of Osceola. The Forester's picnic held at Long Lake today at Newton's.
Aug. 26SatMichael McGrath funeral in Osceola, 85 years old. Was born in Town of Nahna, Tipperary County, Ireland and was married to Celia Heraty in 1856 or 54. (Should be spelled Nenagh)
Aug. 29Tue"Dick" called here this evening on his way to Eden to Flaherty's.
Aug. 31ThurHeard of the death of Mrs. Michael Butler at City of Plymouth of paralysis.
Sept. 2TueMrs. Butler buried in Mitchell. Funeral mass by Reverend Fisher.
Sept. 7ThurDan drove to Kewaskum today with hogs. Received letter from Mrs. Holland about Paul and where she lives in Chicago.
Sept. 21ThurHeard of the death of Henry Skelton of Lyndon after a long illness from cancer and of Bart Donahue of Mitchell from disease of kidney.
Sept. 23SatBart Donahue was buried in Mitchell. Large funeral. 1 1/2 miles long.
Sept. 24SunReverend Fisher gave the Foresters a rake down on their conduct socially.
Sept. 28ThurJohn Harkins and wife and baby of Milwaukee here over night. So was Loretta. First time called here as such.
Oct. 6FriJohnny Connell had 5 cows killed by eating green corn.
Oct. 27FriForester dance at Parnell tonight.
Oct. 31TueMrs. Rice of Greenbush buried at Osceola today.
Nov. 12SunNo mass at Mitchell today. The church furnace not being completed.
Nov. 24FriHeard of the death of Mrs. Eliza Murphy at Phil King's in Mitchell at 6 o'clock. Cause - apoplexy. Mrs. Ed Bowser (nee Hughes) was buried today at Colby, Wisconsin.
Nov. 27MonMrs. Eliza (1 - Murray) 2 - Murphy, nee Shea, buried in Mitchell today.
Dec. 21ThurEd Gilboy and Adam Dutkevich came here this evening. Dutkevich gave Gilboy a note for $251.00 on a chattel mortgage to secure it on cows, young stock and farm machinery, etc.
Dec. 24Sun1910 (?) Midnight mass at Mitchell.
Dec. 26TueClarence Gaynor called this morning to bid goodbye to his relatives, having enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

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