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1910 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3MonBlowing, drifting and cold gale from N.W., 2 degrees below.
Jan. 5WedSnow from fence to fence. Ed Cummings died at 11:30 tonight at Bart Donahue's from heart failure.
Jan. 8SatEd Cummings was buried at Dundee cemetery today.
Jan. 16SunMona went to mass to carry Dan's baby girl to have her baptized.
Feb. 1TueCard party at Bart Donahue's tonight.
Feb. 7MonMartin Gallagher and Molly O'Mally married at Osceola. Mona, with Flora, drove Jim to Plymouth this p.m. where he is going to get married tomorrow to Jennie Fryer, which leads to his early death. Poor Jim!
Feb. 15TueMichael Reilly died this a.m., 11:30.
Feb. 18FriMichael Reilly buried today in Cascade.
Feb. 27SunHeard this evening of the reported death of Peter Alcox.
March 1TuePeter Alcox buried at Cascade. Very large funeral.
March 8TueMailman came this p.m. on foot to deliver mail. First mail since last Friday.
March 9WedCutting bee at Henry Mangan's.
March 17ThurA remarkable day. President Taft visited Chicago to address the Irish Hibernians and stood while doing so on a platform made from two tons of the "Auld Sod" from Irish soil brought particularly from Ireland.
March 20SunElla Lindsay and Mr. Ford were called to be married.
March 21MonJoe Skelton had a wood sawing bee today.
April 2SatPat Quinn auction today.
April 5TueTown meeting to vote for judge.
April 6WedBidella Lindsay and Charles Ford were married by Reverend Fisher at St. Michael's.
April 11MonMichael Collins of Fond du Lac, formerly of Osceola, was buried today at St. Michael's, he was 93 years old.
May 13FriBarn raising at Twohig's.
May 23MonMrs. Robert Skelton buried at Cascade. Mrs. Cannon's body was brought from Oshkosh to Mitchell where it was interred. Her children came from Oshkosh.
May ?ThurDrove to Dick Phalen's and took insurance on his farm buildings and personal property.
June 5Sun64 years ago today, our people sailed from Liverpool, England for America on the good ship Manchester of Cork with Captain Brown and 500 passengers.
June 6MonA Forester dance at Parnell tonight. Robert and Alice attended.
June 15WedJohn Harkins of Milwaukee and Kate Lindsay, daughter of George and Agnes Lindsay, of the town of Mitchell, were married today at St. Michael's church. Best man, J. Harkins; Bride's maid, Kate Lindsay.
June 24FriA dance at Pool's tonight. Robert, Alice and Kit attended.
June 27MonWilliam Murray, son of Patrick Murray, formerly of Dundee, died today at Campbellsport.
June 29WedBody of William Murray was buried at Mitchell today.
July 16SatDrove to Dan Piper's cheese factory and took out insurance for $1,000.00.
July 27WedBart Donahue called this a.m. with nomination papers for Collins for District Attorney for acknowledgement for notary.
July 29FriJohn Ferguson's dwelling house burned down last night, was insured in the Herman Co. of Dodge County.
July 30SatWilliam Reilly died today at his home in Rathburn.
July 31SunThe priest announced a collection to be taken up for the John Ferguson's whose home burned out a few days ago.
Aug. 2TueWilliam Reilly of Rathburn was buried today in Greenbush.
Aug. 15MonThe last day for Reverend Fisher, 2 years in Mitchell. Paid Pat Slattery $5.50 inful for last year church dues.
Aug. 17WedRobert and Alice went to the Ringling Circus today in Sheboygan. The circus people did not get home till 12:30.
Aug. 23TueAlice went to Beechwood to sew for Mrs. O'Connell.
Aug. 26FriHeard of the death of John Knowd of Plymouth whose death occurred today. He was an old pioneer R.R. man, stationed for many years in Plymouth.
Aug. 30TueJohn Knowd was buried today.
Sept. 6TuePrimary election day for State Legislature and County officers. First day of County Fair. Attended the primary election, voted the straight Democratic ticket on account of the 20% law. Would NOT have voted for Senator LaFollette, could not split ticket.
Sept. 7Wed50 years ago today, Lady Elagen sank in Lake Michigan. 400 lives were lost.
Sept. 11SunSkelton boy baby kicked by a colt of Jim Devine at Skelton home.
Sept. 18SunMiss Irene Smith, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. M. Smith of Mitchell, died today at her home. Born June 26, 1885.
Sept. 21WedAttended the Smith girls funeral, held at Cascade.
Sept. 28WedMona drove to Poole's after supplies and groceries. She got home at 5 p.m., did evening chores and watered stock.
Oct. 9SunElected John Gill and Ed Burke as church committee for ending term. They raised pew rent to $4.00.
Oct. 16SunA number of children received First Communion today. Father Fisher gave instruction and drill to those who are to be confirmed next Sunday and how to act themselves in front of the Bishop.
Oct. 18TueA big day in Mitchell for the congregation. Archbishop Messmer of Milwaukee and 3 priests. A big crowd. The Foresters attended in a body.
Nov. 2WedMona and self attended Tim Scanlan's funeral.
Nov. 5SatThe boys went to the Gerity auction.
Nov. 8TueGeneral election day. Jim's boy baby died this a.m. The Democrats nearly carried the county. Congressman Burke was elected by a big majority.
Nov. 10ThurJim's boy baby was buried today in Mitchell. Short service was held by Father Meyers.
Dec. 11SunThe Roaker chair factory burned down tonight at Plymouth.
Dec. 15ThurJames Giffens died at Plymouth this p.m. 84 years old. Born September 1, 1827.

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