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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1909 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1FriGathering of relatives for dinner: 3 Gilboy's, Dale, Tom, Mag; Miss Reilly, Johnny Bowser, all our family. The boys played cards and the girls sang and played.
Jan. 5TueDrove to Plymouth to attend beer (?) meeting. Resolved to discontinue insuring cheese factory. I was elected again for town of Mitchell for another year.
Jan. 14ThurAndy McDonnell died at his home in city of Plymouth.
Jan. 19TueAttended Requiem mass for Andy McDonnell. Funeral started from Plymouth at 10 a.m. for Mitchell cemetery.
Jan. 27WedExhibition at St. Michael's, auspices of the choir. All our folks went to Parnell to the church entertainment.
Jan. 29FriSnow, snow, snow, piles and drifts. Snowed all day a perfect hurricane, blinding storm. 10 foot drifts, worst day in 72 years.
Feb. 4ThurHeard this p.m. of the death of Henry Fisher of Plymouth after a short illness, age 61. Also heard of the death of Patt Grimes' son, killed in lumber camp near Seattle, Washington.
Feb. 5FriSent for Farm Journal, 25 cents inclosed for a 2 year subscription.
Feb. 13SatMartin Devine was buried today in Mitchell. High mass by Father Fisher.
March 7SunJohn Mulkearns was buried in Mitchell cemetery, he was 46 years old. Died at Pestigo.
March 21SunPhilip Hand was buried today at Cascade.
April 10SatAuction at Tom Phalen's, everything sold at high prices. Cows as high as $79.00. Horses as high as $200.00.
April 12MonHad message by phone that Mrs. Anthony Naughton had died.
April 15ThurMrs. Naughton was buried today in Mitchell. High mass by Reverend Fisher. Pall bearers: B. Donahue, Tom Reilly, J. Gilboy, Ed Smith was director.
April 16FriOld Mrs. James Lavelle was buried today.
April 27TueI drove down to Smith's to get blanks for doctors report about Smith's death. Told Gariety to get check from Ninnemann.
April 28WedThick and cold. Snowed the worst storm of the winter. At 11 p.m. there was about 9 inches and still snowing. Dr. Nutt made a statement about the death of Edwin Smith. Got home at 9:10 p.m. Worst drive in years with the storm. Cold, everything sailing in water and slick. No getting around, no sign of spring. It's a terrible condition of things for many years.
May 4TueStill have snow along fences and in the woods. Roads in bad shape, poor going.
May 4TueJohn Burt called today about the Burkhart house. Heard of sale and purchase of the McNicholas factory by Nick Cosgrove.
May 5WedThe first Spring day in 1909.
May 14FriMrs. McGinty was buried today in Mitchell. Mass by Reverend Fisher.
May 16SunA number of outsiders at church today. The Doctors Connell and Rooney from Appleton, Stack from Osceola and others.
May 27ThurThree carpenters came to build the wagon shed.
May ?SatThree carpenters here till supper when they went home to Beechwood.
June 2WedSelf and Kit left for Milwaukee at 7:30 a.m. from Plymouth to Sheboygan at 10:30, from Sheboygan to Milwaukee at 12 o'clock and got to Milwaukee at 2:30.
June 13SunJas. Mangan and Kate O'Connell were called to be married, so was Mike Donahue and Ella Clifford of Scott.
June 15TueHeard of Mrs. McWilliams death in Milwaukee.
June 18FriStarted to Plymouth to attend Mrs. McNair Williamson funeral, drove from Plymouth to Greenbush cemetery. A big Forester dance tonight, youngsters attended.
June 22TueWell, this is a regular melter all day at 86 degrees. Willie Conger was buried today in the little Union church cemetery, Forest.
June 24ThurClear and melting hot again, today was 84 degrees at 2 p.m.
June 30WedKate O'Connell and James Mangan were married in Mitchell church at 8 a.m. by Reverend Father Fisher. Breakfast served at the O'Connell home. The young couple left for Plymouth for their home in South Dakota. I gave as a present a $5.00 gold piece.
July 2FriMrs. Sarah Gallagher was buried today at Mitchell. She died at the Alcox Hotel in Waldo at age 86 years.
July 4SunTom Dwyer's son, John, died at 5 o'clock this morning.
July 6TueSchool meeting tonight. I attended.
July 17SatBaby Dee had a birthday party today. Had all the babies in the neighborhood at party and supper. Her 5th birthday.
July 20TueThe Moynihan girl died today at Greenbush.
July 2?  Mrs. Smith called telling she got a letter that she had been allocated a pension for $12.00 starting the 26th of April.
July ?  Nervating hot and clear and muggy warm at 95 degrees, suffocating.
July ?  A daughter brought to the John Gallagher estate.
July 31SatHeard of the death of John Dooley. Buried August 1st in Mitchell cemetery.
Aug. 6FriExecuted a mortgage at the Brogan farm to Hugh Rooney in the sum of $500.00 at 5 %. Payable in 3 years.
Aug. 25WedTwo autos went up and down road today.
Aug. 28SatLeonard's house on fire. I went there to examine the loss. It is serious and came near being a total and heavy loss.
Aug. 30MonThis morning, I, with Flora, wagon and Kit, drove and attended John Lynch's funeral, who was buried in Mitchell cemetery. It was the biggest funeral in Mitchell in many years. About 200 teams in line.
Sept. 3FriJohn Gill's girl child died last night from operation for appendicitis.
Sept. 7TueFirst day of the County Fair. The R.R. surveyors passed through the south lots on the way East towards Sheboygan this a.m. Hope they will locate ______????
Sept. 10Fri4th last day of the County Fair.
Sept. 13MonState Fair in Milwaukee, went to fair grounds via National Avenue.
Sept. 18WedWent to Chicago. Rode into city from Evanston on elevated, met Milo Gallagher.
Sept. 22WedBoys, Jim and Rob, attended dance at Parnell tonight.
Oct. 6WedThe Flaherty-Reilly wedding took place at Mitchell today. Mass by Reverend Fisher.
Oct. 16SatThe Conger auction held today at the Will Conger home in the town of Greenbush. Jerry Crosby was the auctioneer and I the clerk.
Nov. 10WedA son born to Mr. And Mrs. John O'Connell at Milwaukee.
Nov. 14SunFour deaths: Austin Quinn, Mrs. McLaughton, James Lynch and Laura Brown Murphy, all dead of different causes.
Nov. 16TueAustin Quinn buried at Mitchell. Mass by strange priest. Father Fisher absent. Small funeral, 26 teams.
Nov. 17WedLaura Brown Murphy, daughter of Adon Brown, was buried in Dundee cemetery.
Nov. 24WedGenevieve Gwendoline Gallagher and James John William Graff married at Cascade by Father Fisher.
Nov. 26FriGreat football game of Marquette vs. Notre Dame at Milwaukee. Two great Catholic Universities.
Dec. 2ThurPat Grimes of Greenbush was buried today in Mitchell.
Dec. 11SatMrs. Patrick Cooney buried in Mitchell cemetery.
Dec. 17FriMrs. Stack buried in Osceola today.
Dec. 19SunHenry Mangan, his wife, Mrs. John Mangan and boy went to Milwaukee with team and sleigh. They left here this morning at 8 a.m. They will have a cold drive. Sharp cold all day and night, 0 degrees.
Dec. 20MonOld man Donahue died tonight at 9:30, 89 years of age.
Dec. 23ThurOld man Jeremiah Donahue was buried. Mass at Mitchell by Father Fisher. Pallbearers were Tom Dwyer, Peter Murphy, Will Dwyer, Joe Bowser, John Brogan and Tom Heraty.
Dec. 25SatTommy Slattery was buried. High mass at Mitchell.
Dec. 29WedDance at Lindsay's Hall, Parnell. Dan took Alice and Robert took Kit, Johnny did not go.
Dec. 30ThurJoe Skelton had a wood chopping bee.
Dec. 31FriThis makes my 49th diary, started keeping diary on January 1, 1860.

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