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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1908 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1WedL. O. Reilly and Miss Molly Flynn married today. At Cascade by Reverend Burke.
Jan. 2ThurEllen Quinn, sister of Pat Quinn, was buried in Mitchell today, died at Milwaukee.
Jan. 3FriMrs. McNair and her four daughters made a social call.
Jan. 4SatSmith, Conger, Daley and McGrain came along. I made out their pension voucher.
Jan. 6MonMade out Mrs. Phillipsen's pension voucher.
Jan. 7TueLeft home at 9 a.m. for Plymouth with Jas. (?) Naughton. Took freight to Grafton and electric from there to Milwaukee. Stopped at William Scanlan's over night.
Jan. 8WedAt Scanlan's in Milwaukee till 9 a.m. Called on Mrs. Holland. Walked to Daley's and stopped there for dinner.
Jan. 9ThurAt Milwaukee. Stopped to see Aunt Winnie (having ridden over on National Avenue). Stopped to see Tom Dwire at his shop on Grove Street.
Jan. 14TueOld man Tommie Gahagan died at 6 o'clock this evening.
Feb. 1SatDrifts over 10 feet high after blowing of gale. James Gill's wife lay dead at her home in Mitchell today. Lord have mercy on her soul.
Feb. 2SunNo mass in Mitchell today on account of the drifted roads.
Feb. 3MonThe mail man came today, first time since Friday.
Feb. 4TueMrs. James Gill buried today in Mitchell.
Feb. 10MonThe roads are packed down more. Several teams passed to Plymouth today, the first time in 10 days.
Feb. 11TueJohnny Devine sold Tom Gahagan his old farm.
Feb. 12WedDrove to Parnell. I paid Pat Slattery $60.29 taxes for 1907 for M. Gilboy, Town Treasurer. Paid: Reilly store up in full to February 12, $47.96.
Feb. 13ThurAnthony Reddington has a bee today at cutting logs for his new house. Hauled logs to our mill for timber for his new house.
Feb. 15SatMary Mangan has a wood sawing bee today.
Feb. 17MonDan Connell drove to Plymouth with a load of barley. He lost a bag on the way. Old man Plautz found the bag of barley. He took it in to Plymouth. Sold it and denied finding it.
Feb. 19WedSnowing till 7 a.m. Everything drifted full. No mail today. Wrote "Information" letter to the Review.
Feb. 28FriHeard over the phone that William Murphy's baby was dead.
March 1SunJerry Donahue of Sheboygan died. He married that Clarke woman.
March 2MonA big Lenten dance at Flood's, Parnell.
March 3TueMrs. John Bowen called on ______ this p.m.
March 15SunHenry Mangan called this evening and made out an application paper for an orphan boy to Wauwatosa.
March 22SunWalked to see old man Donahue. First time since their marriage, met Mr. And Mrs. Tom Butler. They were at Donahue's.
March 23MonTom Fitzpatrick came here with horse rig and mop sticks and stayed over night.
March 24TueBought a mop from Tom Fitzpatrick, $1.50.
April 4SatHeard this p.m. of the death of John Reilly, town line of Mitchell and Scott, from inflammation of the bowels.
April 7TueTown meeting today. Town ticket: Crosby, Murray, Helmer - Superintendant; Phalen - Clerk; Burke - Assessor; Hanahan - Treasurer.
April 23ThurAt about 5 p.m., Kit came to mill and told about the sudden death of Mrs. Bart Donahue at 4 p.m. Mona walked up there.
April 24FriThe death of Mrs. Donahue was the saddest in this locality in years.
April 25SatMrs. Bart Donahue (Annie) was buried today in St. Michael's cemetery, Mitchell. Mass by Reverend Burke. Largest funeral to Mitchell. Mona and self attended. Got home 2 p.m. Pall bearers: Jim Connors, Bill Dwire, Jack Bowen, Peter Murphy, Tony Reddington and Ed Slattery. Jim Gilboy, director.
April 27MonMailed application from Mrs. Gilboy for pension today.
May 3SunThe first all game of the season was played at Parnell today. Parnell vs. Osceola.
May 10SunA ball game at Parnell, White Sox vs. the West Ends from Sheboygan. 5 to 1 in favor of Parnell.
May 16SatMilwaukee. Went downtown, called on Alice, Holland and spent till 10:30 at Jim Reilly's. Got back to Bill Scanlan's at 11:30 at night.
May 23SatWilliam Delahunt of Russell township was buried today at St. Anne. Died from pneumonia, age 47 years. 6 children survive.
May 25MonWrote letter to Margaret at Fulton, N.Y.
May 27WedTomorrow will be out 43rd Wedding Anniversary. Married at St. Patrick's in the town of Sherman, Holy Thursday, 1865, by Reverend Father Krief.
June 24WedZeke Bowen and his saw mill passed down to Jim Devine's this a.m. Jim still in bed but gaining fast.
June 26FriMrs. Naughton quite sick. Reverend Burke called at Henry Mangan's.
June 27SatDr. O'Brien called to see Mrs. Naughton.
June 28SunAlice went to Dotyville to stand sponsor for a boy child of John Richardson.
July 2ThurThe Zeke Bowen sawing rig left Jim Devine's today on a dispute on sawing.
July 4SatBig picnic at Newton's.
July 7TueWrote letter to McNamara to Fulton, N.Y.
July 8WedTwo barn raisings today, Johnny Mangan and Paddy Connors.
July 11SatLamb came here this p.m. Sold him 2 steers and dry cow for $80.10 and calf for $7.00.
July 18SatA dance at John Mangan's new barn tonight. All our youngsters attended.
July 19SunMiss Reed of Lincoln, Nebraska, Miss Sellars of Oshkosh and Frank McNicholas called here today.
July 20MonReceived from Mrs. Holland money order for $5.00 for Kit.
July 29WedRode home from Plymouth with Mike Slattery.
Aug. 10MonMailed letter to McNalery (?) (McHales?), Syracuse.
Aug. 13ThurOld man Carl Plautz was found dead at Dundee this morning. No cause given for death.
Aug. 14FriCarl Plautz was buried in Bartlet cemetery in Mitchell.
Aug. 16SunEarly mass at Mitchell. The last mass to be said by Reverend Burke in Mitchell. He is going to be moved to another parish in East Geneva, Wis.
Aug. 19WedOld man Plautz's body removed today from Mitchell to Plymouth cemetery.
Aug. 23SunThe first day and time of the Reverend Fishers pastorate in Mitchell Congregation. He creates a good impression. There was no mass today. Simple rosary. Some altar articles were missing.
Aug. 31MonI drove to Johnny Slattery to draw up a lease between Mrs. Margaret Michaels and Johnny Corbet. She has note by Corbet for 3 years with privilege of holding for 5 years.
Sept. 2WedJohnny Rooney and Maggy Stokes were married today at Mitchell church by Reverend Fisher. His first marriage in Mitchell.
Sept. 6SunA meeting held after mass to make arrangements with priest. Only business of the meeting was the election of a committee of two, Thomas Phalen-Secretary, and Bart Donahue-Treasurer.
Sept. 8TueMilwaukee. Mona stopped at Mrs. Holland's over night.
Sept. 15TueThe first cars on the Milwaukee and Northern Electric came in Sheboygan from Milwaukee.
Sept. 20SunJohn Leonard died at about 3:00 this p.m. Gilboy took care of the body.
Sept. 22TueThe Gilboy-Manley wedding.
Sept. 23WedJohn Leonard was buried today in Osceola cemetery by Reverend Heisler. Very large funeral.
Sept. 27SunGeorge skipped out and left Dan today.
Oct. 8ThurHeard this morning of Tom Mangan's boy being dead. Cause of death not known.
Oct. 10SatTom Mangan's boy, Martin, was buried today in Mitchell. Mass by Father Hughes. Heard this evening of the death of old Mrs. Larry Reilly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jim Cahill in Osceola.
Oct. 18SunLate mass at Mitchell. Vespers held at Mitchell church this evening. The first Vespers Services in Mitchell church in 18 years. Reverend Fisher held services.
Oct. 20TueHeard today of the death of old man Peter Hand at Plymouth.
Nov. 15SunTim (?) Donahue and Mrs. McDonnell, nee Devoy, were called to be married at Glenbeulah.
Nov. 24TueHeard today over phone that Miles Gallagher was married today at Chicago to Miss Mary (?) Laura Donahue.
Nov. 26ThurTim Donahue and Miss Devoy were married at Plymouth yesterday by Reverend Meyers.
Nov. 29SunAfter dinner, I drove up to Slattery's and looked over some papers connected with old Mrs. Slattery and Tom. Took agreement to send and have that and guardian papers registered at Sheboygan
Dec. 4FriHeard today of marriage of Johnny Franey to Miss (?) McCaffery at Green Bay on 25 inst.
Dec. 8TueHeard from Dotyville that Jas. McCrory would be buried tomorrow. McCrory was killed by a team of colts running away. He was thrown on a curb breaking a leg. Burial at Mt. Calvary.
Dec. 11FriThe church choir met here for rehearsal. A good time. They stayed till 11 1/2. Mamie Phalen, the Lindsay girls, the Gill youngsters, Tony, Mag, Kate and Dan and the Murphy's and young Bowser's were here. Delicious lunch was served.
Dec. 20SunMr. And Mrs. George Lindsay called this p.m., stayed till 8 1/2 p.m.
Dec. 26SatMona and self drove over to George Lindsay's today in cutter. Stayed till dark. Home at 6:30.

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