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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1907 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. ?TueSocial at Tony Reddington's.
Jan. 17ThurPaid taxes for 1907 of $44.74.
Jan. 19SatA big C & F Ball at Flood's in Parnell.
Jan. 22TueMrs. Gilboy came here for her first pension, payed $10.40.
Jan. 24ThurA son born to the Johnny O'Connell's tonight.
Jan. 26SatMrs. John Mangan reported sick.
Feb. 5TueJohnny sold old pig to Haas at Plymouth for $5.75.
Feb. 8FriThe last dance before Lent at Flood's.
Feb. 9SatKit drove over to Lindsay's today to visit the sick folks.
Feb. 10SunThe John Connell's son and Ed Burke girl were baptized today by Reverend Burke at Mitchell. The Flood-Butler wedding called today. The throats blessed today. Reverend Burke $2.00 on salary to February 1st. B. Lindsay sick with appendicitis, may have an operation.
Feb. 12TueThe Flood-Butler wedding at Mitchell today by Reverend Burke.
Feb. 15FriDan found his boy at Stokes in Scott yesterday, brought him home. He can't be trusted here after.
Feb. 16SatThe 3 boys attended a Medicine Show at Parnell.
Feb. 27WedA blue cold mean start of a day, wind S.E. and inclined to snow. Did not snow much until night.
Feb. 28ThurDrove to Pool's Hall to attend a farmers meeting and program, a big crowd.
March 9SatDrove to Parnell to take out insurance on Reilly Bros. Stock goods in account, $600.00.
March 12TueJohn Scanlan and self attended auction at Devine's. The farm was not sold, $8,400.00 bid.
March 13WedRobert drove Alice to Plymouth on her way to Milwaukee.
March 15FriRode to Plymouth today with Bill Scanlan to see Rooney about bill to County Judge about Devine estate. Filed bill with Judge for $19.00. Paid Miller in fill $9.10. Renewed note at Exchange Bank for $180.00 for 3 months at 2 %. Paid interest at bank of $2.70.
March 22FriMrs. Mary Morgan, who was gored by a cow last Monday, died Wednesday and was buried today at Cascade. Services by Reverend Burke.
March 23SatMrs. Anne Mangan died tonight after a long illness.
March 24SunWake for Mrs. Mangan.
March 25MonAll the Rooney crowd at the wake.
March 26TueMrs. Annie Mangan was buried today at Mitchell. There was a large funeral.
March 27WedThe boys began hauling milk to the factory this morning. Began with 78 lbs.
March 28ThurAndy McDonnell's auction today.
March 30SatJim Devine auction, things sold at fair prices. There was a big crowd and everybody got drunk. I bought one horse for $58.00 and about 200 bushels of barley @ 64 cents per bushel.
March 31SunEaster Sunday. Sent a dollar to Reverend Burke by Mona today for Easter offering.
April 5FriBlue and cloudy with mean cold. Froze hard last night.
April 6SatThe Donahue girls went away this morning after their vacation.
April 7SunMrs. Mullaney of Cascade buried tomorrow at Cascade cemetery.
April 8MonSnowed 4 inches. Snowed all night and all day. The heaviest of the year. Not cold, but terrible going on the roads, mud deep and thick.
April 10WedFlunker factory took out insurance, the sum of $3,190.00 for 1 %.
April 13SatHeard today of the death of Patrick Crosby.
April 15MonOld man Patrick Crosby was buried today in Mitchell. Self and Mona attended. Fearful day for the occasion. Mass by Father Burke. Bearers: Johnny Leo Lindsay, Mike Reilly, Tom Devine, Dick Phalen, Tom Heraty, Gilboy _________?
April 20SatNat Seekins was found dead in his wagon on the road to Dundee from Armstrong Corner.
May 5SunPaid Reverend Burke for salary in full up to March 1, 1907, $2.00 and for church repair $3.00.
May 6MonMichael O'Grady of Milwaukee, formerly of Plymouth, died at Milwaukee tonight, age 57, at 1718 Wells St.
May 10FriReceived from factory this month $10.00 for milk.
May 9ThurHoly Day of Obligation. Our 42nd Anniversary of our marriage.
May 26SunThick, dark clouds and misty all day, was a mean, raw, cold day and felt like snow.
June 2SunPete Murphy's girl was called to be married.
June 8SatNick Cosgrove called this evening and gave me list of outstanding saloon bills to collect.
June 12WedDance at Parnell tonight, all our youngsters attended at Flood's Hall.
June 16SunHeard this morning of the death of John Michaels at 9 o'clock last night, brain trouble.
June 18TueWent to Nick's funeral, was the largest at Mitchell. Miss Lizzy Murphy, a daughter of Peter Murphy, and Mr. Kalb were married today by Reverend Burke.
June 24MonThe dedication of the new Catholic church today at Plymouth by Bishop Messmer of Milwaukee, assisted by numerous priests of the Diocese, an enormous crowd in attendance. The Catholic Foresters of Parnell made a fine appearance.
June 25TueAndy O'Connell and Miss Cassie Hughes were married today at Mitchell by Reverend Hughes.
June 14SunSarah Lindsay and James Reilly called to be married, first time today by Reverend Burke.
July 31 James Reilly and Miss Sarah Lindsay were married today by Reverend Burke at Mitchell church. A reception was held at the Lindsay home.
Aug. 5MonBarney Lindsay was taken to Fond du Lac for operation.
Aug. 6TueMona and John went to Lindsay's to wake, Bernard's body, came to Plymouth, our teams went to meet it.
Aug. 7WedBody of Bernard Lindsay was brought home from Plymouth. He died at 10 o'clock, lived 12 hours after the operation.
Aug. 8ThurBernard Lindsay, son of George and Agnes Lindsay, 10 years of age, was buried today.
Aug. 23FriMrs. Stanton of Osceola was buried today.
Sept. 2MonWeber girl went home today via Cascade. Alice drove her there. A good riddance.
Sept. 5ThurDan O'Connell sick with pleurisy. The Sheboygan County Fair, splendid day for the occasion.
Sept. 11WedJohn Lang died at Elkhart Lake, aged 76 years, after a long illness, diabetes.
Sept. 18WedDan Calvey of Dundee and Miss Rose Skelton were married today by Reverend Burke.
Oct. 2WedHannah McGrath and ______ were married today.
Oct. 11FriThe Lusitania made the fastest trip heretofore made across the Atlantic from Queenstown to Sandybrook in 4 days, 19 hours, 52 minutes.
Oct. 12SatJohn Dowling's auction at Patt Dewire farm. Things sold cheap, not a big crowd.
Oct. 24ThurMrs. Donahue and Miss Dan Heraty called today.
Nov. 7ThurMrs. Jim Gill reported sick with hemorrhage of the lungs.
Nov. 23SatAuction held at Otto folks.
Nov. 30SatBee today hauling sand from Reddington pit for barn basement.
Dec. 3MonJoseph Dwire was buried today in Mitchell. 200 teams, mass by Reverend Burke.
Dec. ?TueAttended town board meeting as a member, received $2.00. Mailed report to Review.
Dec. 11WedToday is my birthday 1836 - 71 years today.
Dec. 22SunJohn F. Burke Sawyer?(Lawyer?) died at St. Mary's hospital in Milwaukee of ______, was buried at Osceola cemetery.
Dec. 27FriAlice and Jim drove to Parnell to attend a social at Slattery's.
Dec. 29SunEllen Naughton reported very sick. Dr. O'Brien of Milwaukee called to see her.

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