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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1906 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1MonMona and self attended mass at Osceola. Pete Thompson and Frank McQue called today.
Jan. 2TueCheese (?) meeting at Plymouth today. I was elected as director for one year from town of Mitchell and Scott. I had several resolutions passed after meeting. Received factory check for $24.65.
Jan. 3WedJohn Gallagher and Alice Shea were married today at Osceola church by Reverend Heisler. Aug. Meyer and John Baker here today on fox hunt. They got no fox but got a good wetting.
Jan. 4ThurMade an application for Mike Murray. A big dance at Pool's tonight. Our youngsters attended.
Jan. 5FriMade out pension papers for McGrain and Dooley.
Jan. 6SatDrove to Greenbush to see Otto folks.
Jan. 7SunFine day. Early mass at Mitchell.
Jan. 8MonSlattery collecting tax at Parnell. Our tax and land, 280 acres and personal $77.25.
Jan. 9TueA party in defiance for John Gallagher and wife. Attended by George Lindsay's three girls, Johnny, Connell, Jim Reilly, Reddington boys, Jim Shea and sisters, two Gallagher girls and Mr. And Mrs. Gallagher and Kate and Dan.
Jan. 10WedMrs. Tim Donohue died at 12:00 o'clock today at Glenbeulah. I made a real estate mortgage for Chas. Corbett and his wife, from Chas. Corbett and his wife to Jas. Reddington, sum of $300.00, time 2 years at 4 1/2%. Walked to Reddington's to seal mortgage.
Jan. 11ThurDrove to Plymouth today. Paid at State Bank to Henry Skelton for work done, $11.92. Bought a suit of clothes at Goelzer's for $12.00. A big Catholic Forester dance at Parnell.
Jan. 12Fri200 numbers sold for Foresters dance at Parnell last night. Tim Donohue's wife buried at Cascade.
Jan. 13SatJohnny drove to Plymouth with a load of barley. Sold 52 bushels @ 40 cents, $20.80.
Jan. 14SunSaw Hanrahan and Mike Gerity. Took insurance on Hanrahan property for $14.50 and on Gerity for $11.30. They paid premiums.
Jan. 15MonDay, Leo Carlin and Ed Gould set up saw rig to cut wood.
Jan. 16TueRoads badly drifted.
Jan. 17WedMail came through today. Letter to McHale.
Jan. 18ThurHeard of Lang being killed at Plymouth. Coasting on west hill of Main Street.
Jan. 19FriMailed letter to Jordan today.
Jan. 20SatIt was 60 degrees at noon with high wind. Thunder heard in the west.
Jan. 21SunFitzgerald and Richardson called on way from seeing Reverend Burke.
Jan. 22MonMade annual report to insurance company.
Jan. 23TueNo mail today, carrier no good, too lazy.
Jan. 24WedMailed 15 cents for Farm Journal today.
Jan. 25ThurSold 50 bushels barley, $21.21.
Jan. 26FriSlattery paid taxes on both farms, for 1905 $79.05.
Jan. 28SunJohnny O'Connell and Mary Reddington called to be married.
Feb. 4SunMike Crosby and Hannah Hughes called to be married.
Feb. 8ThurAt Madison till noon at University. Supper at Simon house. Stopped over night at Grace O'Malley's.
Feb. 9FriStopped at Grace O'Malley's last night. I walked to Agriculture Bldg.
Feb. 11SunTook morning train for Milwaukee, got there 7:30, stayed over night.
March 3SatJohnny went on a "skunk hunt," didn't get a smell. Mona paid Reverend Burke $2.00.
March 10SatTook insurance out for Mattie McNair for personal property and clothing for $300.00.
March 11SunMr. And Mrs. Burke called today.
March 17SatSt. Patrick's Day. Dance at Pool's tonight.
March 20TuePrimary Election today. Matt McNair and Jas. Devine called this a.m. for a lease to rent the farm for one year for $441.00.
March 26MonMona mailed hat fixings to Alice at Milwaukee.
March 18WedReilly and Johnny Mangan called on town politics.
April 3 Attended town meeting today. Mayor Becker was elected in Milwaukee and Bart Donohue was elected in Mitchell.
April 4WedToday was pension day and they all came to have their vouchers filled out.
April 7SatCharley Daley died at Milwaukee today, at 55.
April 10TueThe boys fished at Long Lake. They got 40 pickerel.
April 11WedHenry Mangan's house burned last night.
April 12ThurHenry Mangan's claim settled in full (face value) $950.00.
April 14SatA lot of Mitchell people at Sheboygan today. Burke vs., Devine and Slattery law suit.
April 26ThurChrist McNally, born in Ireland, 73 years old, died today, buried in Plymouth.
April 29SunFather Mueller of Random Lake read mass at Mitchell today.
May 4FriTwo applications from Rob Ninnemann for his fire loss. Report from Mrs. Douglas.
May 6SunCollection taken up for "Quake Sufferers" today.
May 7MonJohn Dowling and Jimmy Reilly called to have a patent application signed.
May 9WedInsured the Hersig factory for $2,000.00 and cheese at $500.00.
May 17ThurMrs. William Gilboy and sons called for assistance with pension papers.
May 20SunKit (Lucile) received First Communion today.
May 21MonA gala day for the Mitchell Congregation. Right Reverend Bishop Marldoon of Chicago Diocese administered Confirmation to 23 children and six priests. Kit was confirmed.
May 22TueWrote letters to Reporter and Review about Confirmation at Mitchell on Monday.
May 24ThurOur 41st Wedding Anniversary.
June 1FriWent to Dundee to get death certificate from Dr. O'Neill in regard to William Gilboy in behalf of his wife.
June 10SunMatt McNair laid up with a sore leg.
June 16SatWilliam Mugan was buried today in Mitchell. It was one of the largest funerals. Mass by Reverend Burke.
June 23SatHeard the exhaust of an electric launch first time on Long Lake.
June 27WedFrank Rooney and Margaret O'Connell were married today at St. Michael's, Mitchell by Reverend Burke.
June 30SatDr. Nutt passed going to the Naughton's. Ellen is sick.
July 1SunCollection for Peters Pence. I paid 25 cents. Baptism for Ed Gerity family today by Reverend Burke. (Vera)
July 3TueBen Butler had barn raising.
July 9MonWrote letters to the Review today.
July 12ThurHeard of the death of old Mrs. Mullens of Ironwood, Michigan. Met her son Mike at Plymouth who told me of it.
July 13FriMullens funeral at Glenbeulah by Reverend Meyers. Burial in Greenbush cemetery.
July 15SunDrove to Patt Connors before mass and viewed his cow which was struck by lightning and awarded him $45.00. Stopped at Naughtons and had Mrs. Naughton sign letters regarding Gilboy pensions. I met Tony Naughton at home this evening.
July 28SatJim Connors had a barn raising today.
July 31TueMr. _______ McGolrich and Mamie Quinn were married today at Mitchell by Reverend Burke. They left for Milwaukee.
Aug. 21TueDrove with Scanlon to Phil King's. I stopped at Burke's and came back by Naughton's. Naughton on the rampage.
Aug. 29WedJohn Carroll was buried today at Plymouth. Heart disease.
Aug. 31FriBob LaFollette spoke at Plymouth this morning (or Monday)
Sept. 10MonThreshers at Connell's all day today.
Sept. 19WedJohn Hughes of the town of Mitchell was buried today in Mitchell. Mass by Father Hughes. Sermon by Reverend Burke.
Sept. 20ThurMrs. Ellen McBride was buried today in Mitchell. Service by Reverend Burke.
Sept. 23SunA boy baby born to Ed Gilboy.
Sept. 29SatPat Gariety to H. J. Mangan his farm near Dundee for one year at rent of $245.00.
Oct. 14SunMartha Brogan and Charles Cheney also William Murphy and Margaret Phalin married at Mitchell.
Oct. 17WedWilliam Mangan and Anna Sullivan married at St. Patrick's by Reverend Miller. W. Bryan speech at Milwaukee.
Oct. 18ThurRead speech of W. J. Bryan at Milwaukee published in the Press.
Oct. 30TueMailed letter to S. West Sheboygan.
Nov. 11SunOld man Jas. Lyons died this evening at Eden. Complications of old age.
Nov. 18SunAndy Caufield, formerly of this town, was killed in a R.R. wreck in Minnesota. He was buried today at Cascade.
Nov. 27TueOpening Ball at Flood's tonight. A big crowd.
Dec. 6ThurOld man Burke reported quite sick. Priest and doctor called.
Dec. 12WedAnthony Naughton died.
Dec. 13ThurWent to Naughton "wake house." Stayed all night until 6 a.m.
Dec. 15SatAnthony Naughton buried today in Mitchell. Reverend Burke.
Dec. 16SunWalked to Naughton's to get facts about Naughton life to publish.
Dec. 17MonIn the house all day writing obituary of Anthony Naughton.
Dec. 23SunOld man John Burke died at 6 p.m. at age 87 years.
Dec. 24MonGot home from Mr. Burke's wake at 12:30.
Dec. 25TueChristmas Day. Mass at 11:30 a.m.
Dec. 27ThurDance at Parnell tonight. At home all day writing Mr. Burke's obituary.
Dec. 28FriDance at George Alcox at Cascade. Writing letters to Reporter and Review.

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