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1905 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1SunAll at home in through the day. Dan and Kate and baby came here for dinner. Early mass at Mitchell. Some of the family attended.
Jan. 2MonThe boys and Dan drove to Plymouth with two loads of cordwood. Johnny came home with them from Milwaukee.
Jan. 3TueI was out early with Flora and the cutter. Drove to Plymouth to attend the insurance meeting. Dan drove to Plymouth with a load of wood.
Jan. 4WedI attended T. Devine's wake and stayed up there all night.
Jan. 5ThurI didn't do today. I got home from the Devine wake and went to bed. Got up at noon. The boys, all four, attended the wake at Devine's. Dick came along. Jimmy Devine returned this evening from Dakota, so did H. McHale from Chicago.
Jan. 6FriTom Devine was buried today in Mitchell. Sure was a very large funeral, about 100 teams. Jim Gilboy was director. Father Hughes had a high mass. Reverend Burke preached the sermon. Reverend Reilly also attended. John Heraty, John Connell, Owen Mugan, Ed Dooley, John Rooney and Tom McGrane were pallbearers. We got home at 3 p.m.
Jan. 7SatJohnny Devine called at 10 a.m. I passed him over all the papers in the case of the will of Tom Devine. He went to Sheboygan at noon to file papers with the county judge.
Jan. 8SunThere was no mass at Mitchell today. The priest was absent. Wrote Tom Devine's notice of his death to the papers.
Jan. 9MonSnowing and blowing. The wind rose to a hurricane and blew all day and night. The worst storm in this locality in many years. Devine came again this morning and I drove with him to Plymouth. We left for home at 4 p.m. Got as far as the Heck's hill. Our team and sleigh got stuck. Left team at Germas. We walked to Dan Riordan's and stayed there all night.
Jan. 10TueDevine and self at Riordan's till 9 a.m. Got home at 1 p.m. They were digging out the roads along the way.
Jan. 12ThurThe boys were out early this morning plowing out the roads. Got it in good passable condition.
Jan. 28SatHeard this morning of the death of Tom Connors of Osceola by pneumonia.
Feb. 7TueMade a contract for a deed between Johnny O'Connell and Johnny Lindsay for farm for $7,500.00
Feb. 11SatMrs. William Skelton died today of pneumonia at 3 p.m.
Feb. 13MonMrs. William Skelton was buried at Mitchell today. Mass by Reverend Heisler.
Feb. 14TueI went up to Connell's today to acknowledge mortgage from Mary Connell to Willie Martoon at 4 %, payable in 5 years.
Feb. 28TueBid Burke has scarlet fever. Everyone around Parnell has it.
March 2ThurI was at O'Connell's last night at Plymouth. Left for Sheboygan at 8 a.m., electric car. Reported at court at 10 a.m. as a witness in the Devine will. Contested case. Court convened at 4:30. Present in court till 6 p.m. Reverend Burke, first witness. It was a lively day in court. Martin Brogan simply made an ass of himself.
March 3FriStayed at Gaynor's last night. Reported at court at 9:00. In court all day by examination of expert testimony and Mrs. Brogan, John Devine, Joe Schule (?) and self on stand. Had dinner and supper at Rosey's. I walked to Gaynor's and stopped there at night.
March 4SatSpent the night at Gaynor's. Got to court at 9:45. In court till 5 p.m. Court adjourned till next Monday at 9:30 a.m. Left here for Plymouth on 5:30. Got home o.k. Jim was at Plymouth with team and woodrack. Left Plymouth at 7 p.m. and got home at 10 p.m.
March 6MonStarted for Plymouth with Dan who was after a load of bricks. Got to Plymouth at 8:30. Left for Sheboygan on 9 a.m. car. Court commenced at 10:00 a.m. and was in session all day till 4:30 p.m. All the witnesses in the Devine case were heard again today, so did Dr. Nutt, Rogers, Corbett and Minahan's of Green Bay. Left Sheboygan at 8:30 and got home at 2 a.m.
April 10MonWorked at making a deed from Mrs. Murray to John, George and Rose Murray, also a bequest to the other members of the family. Mrs. Murray is quite sick.
April 13ThurMrs. Pat Murray died today at 9:30 p.m.
April 14FriDan O'Connell reported sick.
April 16SunAttended late mass at Mitchell. After mass drove up to George Lindsay's for dinner. Drove from there to Dundee to corpse house to where Mrs. Pat Murray lies dead. Stayed there till 7:30 p.m. Got home at 9 p.m. I took supper at Johnny Murray's.
April 17MonMrs. Pat Murray was buried today at Mitchell. Funeral services were conducted at Dundee by Reverend Heisler, assisted by Reverend Downs. _______ Gilboy in charge of funeral.
April 21FriHeard this evening of Johnny Murray's girl dying. After dinner I walked to Connell's, Ninnemann's and Donahue's.
April 24MonBridget Murray, daughter of John Murray, was buried today in Mitchell cemetery. She died of consumption. Attended the funeral. Had dinner at Burke's.
April 30SunEd Graham's boy was buried today in Osceola. Was run over by a drag. Charley Pool called this afternoon after some blanks in an inquest case of VanDusen who died suddenly. Mrs. Reddington reported very sick.
May 5FriAttended funeral of Mike Prindiville who was buried today in Osceola.
May 6 A cheese maker born to the Robert Ninnemann family.
May 7SunEd Garity's boy No. 1 baptized today.
May 15MonAfter dinner I got ready and walked back to Dan's in a hunt after a corps of surveyors who are laying out a line S.E. through the town via Dan's, Murphy's, Gerity's, Murphy's to Parnell.
May 21SunRobert Ninnemann's boy baby baptized at Mitchell.
June 2FriThe Forester Ball at Parnell tonight. Jim and Johnny attended. Alice came up from Milwaukee.
June 9FriOwen Mugan called at 8 a.m. telling us of the death of Mrs. Mary (Tom) Reddington, which took which took place hour ago. She dropped off without warning while in a sitting position in a chair.
June 12MonMrs. Mary Reddington was buried today in Mitchell.
June 22ThurDance tonight at Jim Godfrey's barn.
June 26MonHeard today of the death of Jim (?) O'Brien of Fond du Lac and John Nolan of Minneapolis.
July 15SatOld man Carolan was buried today in Osceola.
July 16SunThe Lindsay's and Gaynor's here for dinner.
July 23SunMrs. William Keyes prayed for today at mass. She is sick unto death.
July 27ThurMary Daley was buried today at Osceola.
July 31MonHeard this morning of the death of Mrs. Dunn, John Murray's daughter, yesterday in the town of Holland.
Aug. 2WedMona and Mrs. Gill drove to Mt. Calvary today.
Aug. 3ThurMona and Mrs. Gill didn't get home at sundown.
Aug. 4FriHeard of the death of Mrs. Ella Keyes yesterday. Mona and Mrs. Gill didn't get home until 11 a.m.
Aug. 9WedEllen Moran and Mrs. John Brogan called this p.m.
Aug. 12SatA terrible thunderstorm passed through north of us last night. Did a vast amount of damage to crops, buildings and trees. Barns burned west of us.
Aug. 18FriAt 5 p.m. it clouded up. A downpour, a deluge accompanied by electrical fire which resulted in the burning down of Matty McNair's barn with his whole years crop.
Aug. 31ThurIt rained nearly every other day and grain was put up in very poor condition. Barley colored and in worst condition in years.
Sept. 10SunDan, Kate and Mag Reddington called this p.m.
Sept. 19TueMaurice Skelton here all day and night.
Sept. 22FriJim Reddington came and told me about two stacks of grain being burned in the lot. I went up there with him to view the fire.
Sept. 27WedMrs. Pat Slattery and Mrs. nee Knowd and Daniel called here this evening and stayed two hours.
Oct. 1SunDr. O'Neill and Mike Kilcoin called this morning telling me _______ paid his bill. So he (O'Neill) withdrew his suit for medical services.
Oct. 3TueI was called up to William Devine (Dwirer) and made and wrote a will for old Mrs. Gahagan.
Oct. 6FriElisha Ford died today at 11:00 o'clock after a short illness from apoplexy.
Oct. 9MonMrs. Chris Arimond of Duluth and Bid Burke called this evening.
Oct. 11WedFirst killing frost of season. _______ Murray was buried today in Mitchell cemetery.
Oct. 13FriHeard this evening of an accident to George Gilboy falling off a load of grain while helping thresh at James Gill's. Reported badly injured and unconscious. Pat Grogan was killed at Plymouth this morning by his horse taking fright at R.R. train.
Oct. 24TueEd Crosby married at St. Anne, Edwina Burg.
Oct. 25WedEllen Skelton of Mitchell and Mr. ____ Fitzgerald were married at Cascade today. Matty McNair had barn raising.
Oct. 28SatAuction at Mrs. John Burke's today.
Oct. 31TueAt 1:15 p.m. Mary Ann Heraty made her first effort to walk alone at our house.
Nov. 4SatHeard this evening of the death of old Mrs. John Graham of Osceola.
Nov. 7TueMiss McMullen of Holland and Tommie Phelin were married at St. Patricks. Mary Hardgrove and Mr. Lynch of Eden were married at Fond du Lac.
Nov. 10FriA barn warming was held at Matty McNair's this evening. Quite a crowd.
Nov. 11SatA house warming party at George Lindsay's tonight.
Nov. 18SatJoe Gilboy buried today at Mitchell.
Nov. 24FriBig dance at Reilly's and Dowling's Hall tonight.
Nov. 27MonMailed letter to Citizen about suicide.
Dec. 26TueWrote letter to McHale at Fulton.

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