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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1904 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3SunHeard of old Mrs. O'Hearn's death at Sheboygan.
Jan. 11MonBid Naughton and Loretta Lindsay are on the sick list.
Jan. 20WedFee buried today at Osceola. Died from effects of a horse kicking him 5 years ago.
Jan. 24Sun30 degrees at 8 a.m. Didn't go above 27 degrees all day.
Jan. 31SunMike Gaynor and Bid Manley called to be married - 1st time - Mitchell.
Feb. 7SunHeard of Mrs. Nolan's death at church.
Feb. 16TueMailed letter this p.m. to Fulton, N.Y., an inquiry about the Flannery's.
Feb. 21SunDrove to Slattery's and Donahue's to talk telephone with them.
Feb. 24WedPat Quinn called today in relation to his boy working for the R.R. Co.
Feb. 27SatDeath of Bridget Daley at Milwaukee yesterday, age 54.
Feb. 29MonBridget Daley buried in Calvary cemetery, Milwaukee.
March 3ThurPatsy Reddington died 23 years ago today, March 4, 1881. Johnny Whalen was found dead in the road north of Eden Station froze into the ice, this morning by John Rock.
March 6SunOld man Foy died at 5 o'clock a.m. at his home in Osceola. His wife was buried in Osceola yesterday.
March 8TueBoth Mr. And Mrs. Foy were buried in the same grave today.
March 25FriDan Murphy died last Wednesday. All Murphy children present except Mag.
March 27SunOld Mrs. Michaels died this morning. Mrs. Slattery Sr. sick, also John Gill and H. Gahagan children. Jack Mangan died this morning.
March 28MonJohnny Gill's boy died this morning.
March 29TueFirst saw Ed Slattery's boy John.
April 3SunReverend Burke took up a collection, gave $1.00. Easter.
April 10SunOld Tom Moriarty of Osceola died today.
April 16SunHeard of the death of John Foley by kick from a horse.
April 23SatOld Mrs. Bowen died at 3 p.m. yesterday, 94 years of age.
April 25MonMrs. Bowen buried today in Mitchell. Pallbearers: John F. Murray, Tom Dewire, Tom Gahagan, Tom Hearty (Heraty) and Pat Quinn.
April 26TueOld Mrs. Pat Murphy buried today at Cascade.
April 27WedThe Kelly-Riordan wedding at Plymouth.
May 8SunGus Cosgrove and Foy girl called to be married.
May 9MonA caucus composed of Murray-Gill-Butler-Phalen gang at town house tonight. Myself and Johnny attended but took no part in it.
May 12ThurAscension Thursday. Owen Morgan died today at home.
May 15SunHeard today of illness of Mrs. John (Julia Donohue) Murphy at Chicago.
May 18WedThe Cosgrove-Foy wedding at Osceola.
May 19ThurCinch party at Reddington's tonight.
May 20FriOld man Alfred Raymond of Cascade was buried yesterday, he carried mail 4 years from Cascade to Pius P.O.
May 26ThurEd Crosby, Joe Murray and Dan O'Connell graduated at Milwaukee today.
June 1WedHeard of Joe Murphy being ready to die.
June 11SatBody of Wm. Egan of Escanaba died of paralysis. Brought Parnell, single, age 54, R.R. Engineer.
June 13MonEgan funeral. Pat Murray died today.
June 16ThurPat Murray buried in Mitchell today. Services were held from Dundee church.
June 17FriBody of Julia (Donahue) Murphy came to Plymouth on 7 p.m. train. Taken by O'Connell to Donahue's in Mitchell. Paddy Barrett of Sheboygan rode home with me.
June 29WedNinnemann-Gahagan wedding took place at Cascade this a.m.
July 5TueReceived a letter giving account of the death of Michael McHale of Syracuse, N.Y.
July 31SunMary Ann Mildred Heraty was baptized at Mitchell by Reverend Burke. Mona and myself sponsors. Mrs. Devine quite sick. Priest and doctor called.
Aug. 3WedHeard of Pete Murphy breaking his leg.
Aug. 24WedThe Duffy Kearn girls here all day.
Aug. 28SunAlice drove the Duffy and Kearn girls to Gallagher's this p.m. on their way home to Oconto. Reverend Burke took up a collection for the seminary.
Aug. 31WedA social at Parnell in honor of Martin Brogan's girl from Ironwood.
Sept. 2FriMrs. Johnny Franey nee Kelly buried in Cascade. Died at Fond du Lac Wednesday.
Sept. 12MonOur boys machine threshing at Anthony Naughton's today and Raab's at Slattery's threshing.
Sept. 14WedHeard this morning of the successful operation on Tom Devine at Green Bay.
Sept. 15ThurFroze hard last night. Drove to Plymouth, got 1,575 lbs. Of coal at $5.00 per ton.
Sept. 17SatThe Leahy's auction today.
Sept. 18SunHeard this morning of the death of old Anthony Reddington at 10 o'clock last night of old age.
Sept. 21WedA black killing frost.
Sept. 22ThurPete Heraty of Eden called this evening, came to visit Mrs. Devine and other sick friends.
Sept. 23FriLamb called here for dinner and I sold him 4 steers for $100.00.
Sept. 26MonReverend James O'Malley of Oshkosh died from paralysis. Body taken to Westport for burial.
Oct. 3MonMcGrain called with pension papers.
Oct. 4TueFather Burke around collecting oats. I gave him two bags. Jim O'Connell with him.
Oct. 10MonAuction at Mrs. Dan Murphy's. I was clerk. Total $1,100.00. Received $3.00 for clerking.
Oct. 13ThurOld lady Gallagher called this evening with Johnny Gallagher. She staid all night.
Oct. 16SunMade out hunting license for Frank Murray.
Oct. 17MonSchool commenced today by Miss Hughes.
Oct. 18TueTony Reddington rode home from Plymouth with me today.
Oct. 19WedEd Murphy and John ? Naughton came after me to make a lease from Mrs. Murphy to the Naughton boys.
Oct. 20ThurLawrence Reilly called this evening. He took Mamie Skelton to station on his way to Chicago.
Oct. 21FriEd Burke's little 5 year old girl died at 12 o' clock tonight from inflammation of the bowels.
Oct. 23SunTom Franey had charge of Burke funeral. Pallbearers: Arimond, Devine, Lindsay and Murray.
Oct. 25TueTom Devine came home from the hospital in Green Bay this p.m. He looks fairly well after his long confinement, went there Sept. 10.
Oct. 29SatMrs. Martin Devine died at 4 o'clock this p.m.
Oct. 30SunDaniel O'Connell found a man being dragged under a buggy at Holly's ? on his way to Plymouth. He took him to Harvey's.
Nov. 1TueMrs. Martin Devine was buried today at Mitchell. A Democratic rally tonight, address by Bowles and Reilly. I went to the rally. Parnell is getting to be a hell of a hole. No fit place for youngsters. Robert Gilboy & Mary Gahagan, Henry Mangan and Bid Naughton were called to be married.
Nov. 9WedRobert Gilboy and Mary Gahagan, and Matty McNair and Laura ______
Nov. 10ThurLast Quaker Medicine show at Parnell. There for four days. Mona, Alice, Jim, Rob and Kit attended.
Nov. 14MonTom Burke and Ed Slattery came here this a.m. on biz. I made a mortgage and lease from Burke to Slattery. (Note by Frank Slattery: This should be Pat Slattery)
Nov. 17ThurHenry Mangan and Bridget Naughton were married today at Mitchell.
Nov. 22TueHenry Brogan and Miss Florence Jordan married at West Allis.
Nov. 24ThurThanksgiving Day dance at Dowling's, Parnell, tonight.
Nov. 25FriAt home all day after getting back from Devine's. I rode down with Dr. O'Neill, had him sign Devine's will as a witness at 11 a.m.
Nov. 27SunMartin Brogan of Ironwood called this evening on signing deed business.
Dec. 6TueThe Passion Play at Osceola church tonight.
Dec. 25SunLate mass at Mitchell. Father Burke took up a collection. He got a liberal amount, $140.00.
Dec. 29ThurAfternoon, Herman Ninnemann and Otto Helmer and Paul Helmer came here. Made a quit-claim deed from Ninnemann to Paul Helmer on his cheese factory.

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