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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1902 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3FriThe Parnell Devine lawsuit settled at Waldo. Against Devine. Grooms carried mail today, first time. John F. Burke quite low.
Jan. 5SunMartin Dooley died at 10 a.m.
Jan. 7TuePat Mack got hurt, fell 25 feet through the river railroad bridge at Plymouth, 7 p.m. (Note by Frank Slattery: This could be Patrick McNicholas who was living near or in Plymouth at this time, as the McNicholas' were ever referred to as Macks; never-the-less there was an Irish Mack family. I remember Katie Mack who lived in Cascade and died about 1955.)
Jan. 8WedJohn Scanlon left for Oconto, his home.
Jan. 11SatMattie McNair got home from the pinery.
Jan. 15WedInstallation of Knights at Parnell tonight. John, Alice and Jim attended.
Jan. 25SatOld James Webb of the prairie died at 8 o'clock a.m. today.
Jan. 26SunWas told that Mike Burke was dieing at Chicago hospital. Father Burke went to see him.
Jan. 27MonGot some papers from Fulton from Margaret. Jim Webb buried in Greenbush. Annie Devine left today for Denver for her health.
Feb. 7FriNot a big crowd at Dowling's tonight.
Feb. 10MonBig dance at Manley's, Parnell, tonight.
Feb. 11TuePat Quinn had bills for auction printed. Old Mullaney was buried today at Cascade.
Feb. 12WedJohnny Bowen phoned to Dr. O'Neill to Dundee, his wife being sick in confinement.
Feb. 13ThurMona was called to Bart Donohues where there was born a son, 10 a.m.
Feb. 14FriDan Murphy taken ill today. Telephoned to Reverend Burke and Reverend Downs. Neither at home. Father Burke finally came and anointed Murphy.
Feb. 16FriHeard Francis Cooney died at Chicago. Heard Johnny Burke (the Connell's cousin) was dead at Greenbush. Mrs. Cahill Sr. of Osceola is dead.
Feb. 22SatHeard of the death of Nick Michaels of Campbellsport.
Feb. 24MonNick Michaels buried in Mitchell. Leaves his wife, daughter, brother John, and sister, Mrs. John Slattery. Was 54.
Feb. 25TueIsaas B. Clark died at Glen at 1 a.m., age 67, married Harriet Thackeray, June 10, 1855. 5 sons and wife survive.
March 4TueAuction at Pat Quinn's. Sold $336.10 worth of stuff.
March 7FriWrote letter to Ella Lynch at Syracuse, N.Y. and mailed 2 papers to Mary Flannery at Fulton, N.Y.
March 8SatTom Burke called this morning about an assignment of mortgage to John Mugan on the Slattery Store, Parnell.
April 9WedJohn F. Burke died at 12:55 p.m. today at his home in Mitchell.
April 13SunFather Hughes said mass at Mitchell.
April 24ThurJohnny Michaels boy died today.
April 25FriMrs. Sheehan called this a.m. Staid all night.
April 29TueNona Murray and F. J. Rode ? married at Iron Mountain, Michigan today.
April 30WedMichael Slattery and Margaret Butler were married by Reverend Burke. Wedding Anniversary for Jim and Mrs. Godfrey at their home, a big crowd there.
May 5MonThe boys gave Mike Slattery a charivari this evening. Made a loud racket.
May 23FriEd Gerity very sick. Had a consultation of doctors who decided he had appendicitis. He was operated on this p.m.
May 25SunHeard today of the death of Mrs. Johnny O'Malley of Osceola, James Gillen of Sheboygan and C. W. Humphrey of Milwaukee.
May 27TueMrs. O'Malley buried in Osceola.
June Alice Page and baby here, left for Adell. Heard of the death of Garrett Doyle at St. Patrick's. Ed Gerity reported worse. Another examination by doctors tonight.
June 10TueJim Gill and Mrs. Mamie Murray married at Mitchell. Reverend Burke performed the ceremony.
June 11WedPat Slattery and Frances Egan married today at Plymouth by Reverend Meyer. Laura Gilboy and Mike Flood married at Mitchell by Reverend Burke.
June 17TueHenry Skelton and Annie McGrain married at Mitchell today by Reverend Burke.
June 23MonHeard of Mike Burke's death. (Note by Frank Slattery: I think this Mike Burke was Father Burke's brother) Missionaries went from Osceola to Dundee for a 3 day mission.
June 30MonLast day of Pius P.O. Old Jim Harrington came today for the last time.
July 1 First day of rural route carried from Plymouth by avid Mantz. I served as postmaster of Pius since 1887 - 15 years.
July 7MonEd Garrity had a barn raising today. Henry Mangan came near being hurt by following (falling) from top of the building.
July 14MonDance tonight at Garrity's new barn.
Aug. 1FriA big reception at Dundee tonight given to Jim Murray who takes charge of the Calvey saloon.
Aug. 10SunHeard today of the death of John Maloy at Hingham.
Aug. 24SunGerity came and telephoned for Reverend Burke for Mrs. Ed. Gerrity who is sick in childbirth.
Aug. 25MonEd Garrity's wife very low. Her life is in the balance.
Sept. 5FriStopped at Donohue's to tell them of Mrs. McBride's death at Forest Junction. (Note by Frank Slattery: Catherine (McBride) Loftus and her husband are buried at Catholic cemetery in Hollandtown, west of Forest Junction.)
Sept. 8MonNo mass at Mitchell today. The church is being frescoed.
Sept. 19FriHeard of the death of Mrs. Martin Reddington.
Sept. 21SunNo mass because of frescoing. Drove to old Anthony Reddington's where Mrs. Martin Reddington was waked. Heard this evening of the death of Ed O'Hearn of Cascade.
Sept. 22MonMrs. M. Reddington buried at Mitchell, was 95 years old. Her husband died in 1885.
Sept. 24WedHeard today of the death of Mrs. Clifford of Scott.
Sept. 25ThurMrs. John Clifford buried today at Mitchell.
Oct. 5SunThe Dunn-Murray nuptuals announced in church today. Second time. (Note by Frank Slattery: Most of this Murray family died of T.B. Children of John Murray and ______ O'Reilly, better known as "Cranky" Johnnie Murray, to distinguish him from my uncle by marriage, "Long" Johnnie Murray, pretty close to 7 ft. tall.)
Oct. 11SatAuction at Ed Butler's. Ed Lyons, auctioneer.
Oct. 13MonSchool commenced in District #2 today, Kit Lindsay as teacher. Our Kit attended the first day.
Oct. 29WedOld Mrs. Kelly, formerly of Cascade, died today in Plymouth as a result of breaking her hip. She was 84 years old. (Note by Frank Slattery: from the Plymouth Review, Nov. 5, 1902: nee Kelly. Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Franey. Born in Ireland, came to America when 11 and married Mr. Kelly in Milwaukee in 1849. Same year came to Cascade. Survived by Mrs. John Franey of Plymouth, Emon(?) Kelly of Denver, Colo., and Miss Frances of Ashland.---Is not in Cascade 1850 census.)
Nov. 25TueHeard today of the death of Tim Gill Jr. of Sheboygan today on the phone.
Nov. 26WedThomas Gill died at his home in Cascade this morning.
Dec. 3WedPatrick Cahill buried today in Osceola.
Dec. 18ThurOld Lawrence Reilly died today in South Mitchell in his 85th year. Leaves 3 sons, 4 daughters and his wife.
Dec. 27SatCharley Smith died today in the town of Auburn.
Dec. 28SunMrs. Joe Shea died in Cascade this evening.

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