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1901 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1TueIn Milwaukee. Stayed at Daly's, dinner at Mrs. Connors, Virginia St. Called on the Omrod's, visited Maggie Alberts. Gallagher's not home.
Jan. 2WedCalled on Daly's and Dr. Tom Fitzgibbons. Met at Plymouth by Alice and buggy.
Jan. 4FriPatt Slattery helped boys husk corn.
Jan. 5SatGarrett Doyle staid all night, left at 3 p.m.
Jan. 6SunLate mass at Mitchell with 3 older ones and Kitty Shea who had stayed over night. The 2 older Gallagher's called in p.m. Kitty Shea over night. Heard of Henry Mangan being quite sick. Dr. O'Neil attending.
Jan. 7MonMiles here over night.
Jan. 8TueReported to court at Fond du Lac 11 a.m. and the case Rosa Graham vs. Mrs. Jerome Seekins. I was called as witness. Henry Mangan has diphtheria.
Jan. 9WedSnowed almost 10 inches last night.
Jan. 10ThurHeard about Tom Carty's fathers death this evening of Forest.
Jan. 13SunGeorge and Aggy called this evening and staid till 9 p.m.
Jan. 15WedLawrence Reilly came through with the mail from Parnell today.
Jan. 19SatTwo teams to Plymouth with two loads of cordwood. Rec'd $3.00 per cord.
Jan. 20SunWrote letters this a.m. to Mayo News.
Jan. 21MonWrote letters to Ireland & Westport News.
Jan. 24ThurHeard today of the death of Peter Glass of Scott.
Jan. 25FriHeard today of the death of Mrs. Connaughton of Fond du Lac, wife of hotel keeper.
Jan. 26SatPeter Glass buried today at Mitchell. Services by Reverend Burke.
Jan. 27SunMiss Glass and Mr. M. Pesch called to be married.
Feb. 2SatManly had an ice bee today.
Feb. 4MonCharlie Snuffkie had a horse killed today near Waucousta by being run through the body by the sleigh tongue of a runaway team belonging to Sook. Paid Snuffkie $125.00 for horse.
Feb. 8FriMrs. (John) O'Brien of Osceola died at 4:20 a.m. Funeral will be next Monday.
Feb. 12TueTom Cooney had an auction today.
Feb. 17SunPaid Reverend Burke $2.00 in full on salary. Rec'd first copy of Mayo News dated Feb. 2, '01.
Feb. 20WedMrs. Butler called this p.m. to have quit claim deed acknowledged.
Feb. 21ThurPat O'Brien's daughter died at 5:45 at New Cassel, quick consumption, 24 years old.
Feb. 26TueMrs. Connors died at 10 a.m. today. Sent telegram to Bridget at Seymour.
Feb. 28ThurMrs. Connors buried. Franey and O'Connell had charge of the funeral.
March 8FriThos. McNicholas died at 6 o'clock this evening of old age, being over 90 years.
March 12TueMrs. Manley gave birth today to twin boys. One died soon after birth. Mrs. Wallinskie died at 3 p.m.
March 16SatThe Catholic Foresters held a meeting and organized a branch at Parnell last night of 27 members.
March 23SatMrs. Cannon was granted a pension of $8.00 per month.
March 25MonL.S. Putnam of Greenbush found dead in his bed this morning.
March 29FriHeard this evening of Tom Naughton and Bill Guern (?) getting in a dispute at Geraghty's auction. They clinched and in the scuffle Naughton had his leg broken, a compound fracture.
March 31SunPalm Sunday, 1901. Heard of the death of old man Hardgrove at his son Dick's of Osceola.
April 7SunJohnny (?) Dwyre started for Chicago today to get married accompanied by George Lindsay and Willy Murphy.
April 19FriHeard this morning on the phone of the death of Mrs. Dr. Connell (nee Nora Twohig) of Fond du Lac at 12 last night.
April 20SatAuction at Anthony Reddington's.
May 1WedLeo Carlin left here to work for Mike Slattery.
May 11SatSlattery called and staid an hour.
May 18SatFran Butler came. Walked over to Butler's where I was employed till after dark writing out deeds and mortgages. Deeds from Mr. And Mrs. Butler to Edward and Benjamin Butler, from Thos. Butler to Edward Butler and a mortgage from Edward Butler to Mr. And Mrs. Butler and an agreement between Mr. M. Butler and wife and Edward Butler binding Ed Butler to perform certain conditions. I rec'd $2.00 for services.
May 19SunMrs. Johnny Devine was seriously hurt this evening at 10 p.m. by being run into by a couple of Cascade fellows east of Parnell. Devine's were coming from Cascade and the other parties were going East.
May 21TuePat Cooney had a barn raising today.
May 25SatTom Dwyre had a barn raising today.
June 5WedPat Slattery hauling Mike's lumber.
June 6ThurMike Slattery had a barn raising today. Johnny helped him.
June 7FriDan took a sneak this morning, dressed up and left for parts unknown to all of us. But found out in the evening thru the Review, a marriage license was granted him and Kate Gill to marry by Judge Gilbertson of Sheboygan.
June 9SunMiss Kennedy of Chicago at Lindsays.
June 14FriThe Foresters had a big dance at Parnell tonight at Manly's Hall. Sold 175 numbers (or "members")
June 19WedOld Jerry Lyons was buried at Osceola today. Attended the funeral alone. Father Burke had the mass at Mitchell. No services at Osceola.
June 25TueO'Connell boys had a stone bee today, 12 teams and 40 men.
June 26WedNora Twohig and O'Laughlin married.
June 27ThurDance at Mike Slattery's new barn tonight.
July 1MonAnother roaster, was 96 degrees nearly all day.
July 3WedI rode up to Slattery's this evening and made out (two) to warranty deeds from John Slattery and wife to Edward and Patrick Slattery dividing up and deeding to them the farm and homestead without consideration.
July 5FriHeard today of Dan Sullivan's death at Greenbush.
July 8MonOld pit-hole Walsh came with his horse.
July 14SunPool from New Cassel called this evening in search of the parties who forged checks on the Ninneman factory for $22.02. They proved to be Mikey Connors and Henry Quinn. Had cashed in July 4th.
July 17WedHeard today of the death of Bridget Franey Forestal of Oconto. Naughton went to attend funeral.
July 21SunA Mr. Carberry and Miss Kate Skelton (Rob's girl) were called to be married today. First call.
Aug. 1ThurNora Prindeville was buried today in Osceola.
Aug. 6TueC. Carberry and Kate, daughter of Robt. Skelton, were married today at Cascade.
Aug. 7WedBill Dwyer's barn burned to the ground in a short time. Struck by lightning at 9 a.m.
Aug. 13TueHannah Gaynor came up from Sheboygan this a.m. to her mother's home with her children.
Aug. 25SunHeard of old Mrs. Crogan's death.
Aug. 29ThurSlattery reported quite low this evening. Heard of the death of John P. Carroll of Random Lake on last Sunday, about 80 years old.
Aug. 31SatWas at making out the Slattery papers, agreement, 2 real estate mortgages, guardian appointment and other papers.
Sept. 5ThurPat Slattery called at 4 o'clock this morning telling us his father died at 1 o'clock this morning.
Sept. 6FriJohn Slattery was buried today at Mitchell. There was a very large funeral procession in charge of O'Connell and Franey.
Sept. 9MonPat Slattery called in the morning and by his request wrote to the Reporter and Sheboygan Herald about Slattery's death.
Sept. 16MonBill Dwyre has his barn raising today.
Sept. 21SatMrs. Sherman, Frank's mother, was buried at Mitchell today. Mary Ellen Scanlan Conroy and 2 children came with Alice today.
Sept. 22SunHeard of "Short" Dan Sullivan's of Osceola death which occurred this evening.
Sept. 23MonMrs. Mannion of Forest buried today in Osceola.
Sept. 24TuePat Scanlan staid here over night. First time in his life.
Oct. 4FriRec'd letter from Flannery's in Fulton, N.Y. inviting me East.
Oct. 27SunDr. O'Neil attended to Cyril Donahue who had his leg broken by fall from a straw stack while parents were at mass.
Oct. 28MonHeard today of the death of Tom Nolan of Greenbush. Funeral Wednesday.
Nov. 1FriJohn Rice was here today relinquishing lands in South Dakota to the government. Was called by the Review about the Buffalo trip.
Nov. 7ThurHugh Rooney and Miss Emma Myers married.
Nov. 18MonHeard old Tom Clifford died today in the hospital.
Nov. 20WedTom Clifford buried today. Drove to Johnny Burke's on the Slattery-Burke sale business.
Dec. 1SunDan Cavanaugh died at 2 a.m. at his home in Osceola after a long illness.
Dec. 2MonSent dispatch this morning. ??Walked up to Slattery's in the evening to see Mrs. Slattery. She fell sideways on her hip, was badly bruised, but no bones broken or joints dislocated.
Dec. 3TueDan Cavanaugh, born in Kerry, Ireland, 73 years old, came to America when 4 years old, died December 1, 1901. Wife died 2 years ago, 3 sons, 4 daughters. Thos. Gill came here tonight and staid, going to move Dan and his wife to Fond du Lac.
Dec. 23MonMrs. Hugh Lynch died 6:40 this evening.
Dec. 30MonMailed to Barry (?) petition for mail route today with names. Garrett Doyle of Fond du Lac and Frank Hardgrove called this evening, so did Milo and Kit Gallagher.

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