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1900 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 3WedReturned from Milwaukee, got a ride home from Plymouth at 3 p.m. with younger Conger as far as Sellars Creek.
Jan. 6SatMedicine dance at Parnell tonight.
Jan. 7SunThis is the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. John Slattery, Mona and myself were invited. We attended the celebration in the evening. We staid till 12 o'clock at night. Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. Brogan, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Murphy, Tom Gibbons and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dwyer, Mr. And Mrs. Heraty, Mrs. Connell and Dan, and all of their children and families attended. The meeting was a surprise on the old folks.
Jan. 8MonAlice drove Maud to Dundee to attend Dan Daily's funeral, overtook it south of O'Brien's corner in Osceola. Age 40, survived by his wife and boy age 7.
Jan. 10WedHeard of Mrs. Brooks death, funeral to be at St. Mary's at Cascade.
Jan. 15MonPat Quinn called about lease from Mrs. Murphy and so did Ed Murphy.
Jan. 16TueMrs. "Bill" Murphy nee Clifford was buried today.
Jan. 17WedOld John Cannon died at 9:00 p.m. found in bed by Rooney youngster.
Jan. 19FriJohn Cannon buried today at Mitchell.
Jan. 20SatAnthony Reddington today at Kewaskum was thrown from the seat on his sleigh with such force as to be knocked unconcisus (sic) in which he remained for hour caused by the drag in the sleigh runner.
Jan. 21SunWalked up to Slattery's in the evening to get the Cannon biography. Stopped at Reddington's. First time since Maggie and Tony began housekeeping.
Jan. 24WedHeard of Mike Walsh's death on Saturday last week.
Jan. 27SatThe 15th Wedding Anniversary of Pat and Mrs. McNicholas celebrated at Plymouth.
Jan. 28SunMary Devine arrived from Chicago this p.m. The Gazin woman helped the Devine's.
Feb. 2FriReceived a letter from John Lynch that his ______ was dieing, dated 2nd.
Feb. 4SunFuneral of Hugh Lynch today. Mary and Kate Devine at their mothers today.
Feb. 10SatWrote Billy Connors today at DePere. The John Gibbons farm sold by auction today by Ed O'Connell to John Bowen for $1625.00.
Feb. 20TueHeard of the death of James Stanton at Chicago.
Feb. 22ThurThe Gariety-Naughton wedding took place today. Also Flunker and Glass.
March 2FriJohnny Naughton called today and both boys on the McCullough-Sackett suit at Campbellsport.
March 3SatWalked to Dan Murphy's and made out lease between Mrs. Kate Murphy and Pat Quinn for 2 years, $250.00 per year.
March 6TueAn heir born to the Bart Donahue estate.
March 8ThurA cinch party at Manley's Hall this evening.
March 19MonThe Brookmire girl buried at Dundee today.
March 28WedMrs. Dan Cavanaugh died today after a long and painful illness.
March 31SatCheese meeting. _________ to make "twins" at 1 cents per lb. And Daisy at 1 3/8 cents per lb. Quite a big gathering at the meeting.
April 3TueAttended town meeting. Board - Crosby, Henry & Gatzke, Clerk-Butler, Assessor-Burke, Treasurer-Dwyer. Made out P.O. bond. Had Tony (?) & Slattery as securities.
April 5ThurTom Rooney had a brush bee today. The Russian peddlar stopped over night. Old man Brogan called today.
April 7SatHeard of the death of Jesse Bowen at 10 a.m. today.
April 11WedMrs. Jerry Clifford died at 9 o'clock this evening. Lord have mercy on her soul.
April 14SatJohn Early died at Cascade at 9 a.m.
April 16MonMichael Early of Cascade, formerly of Mitchell, died. Services at Cascade, buried Mitchell. Only 6 teams.
April 22SunOld McCarty who used to live one time at Osceola church, was buried today at Osceola. He died in Chicago. Dr. John N. O'Brien died at Milwaukee this morning. I knew him as a young man near Cascade. His parents were Catholics. He was a Catholic Apostate at the time of his marriage to Ann Smith. He had to become Episcopal before his wife would marry him. He then became a Mason & a member of other societies. He was a vain and foolish man, a proud fellow.
April 24TueDrove down to Keyes in Lyndon with Bill Scanlon to sign deed given to Mrs. Murphy of Iron Mt. property owned by Scanlon & wife. Wm. Scanlon bid his wife goodbye for all time, by saying his only desire was to see Ira? if he ever came back to this country. There was no feeling shown on the part of either. Both seemed relieved and glad of the parting. She said she could support herself and child but could not support a 250 lb. man that did not try to support himself.
April 26ThurMiss Dooley was buried at Cascade today, died suddenly.
April 28SatHard of Matt Gaynor going to work Matt's farm.
April 29SunDigging telephone poles from Parnell to Pius, i.e. the company.
May 1TueA greenhorn from Ireland direct came to Reddington named ______.
May 5SatTony, Mag & Kit Gill called this evening for awhile.
May 7MonDrove as far as Falls, took electric to Sheboygan. Pleased with the ride.
May 8TueWalter Seekins buried at Sheboygan today.
May 9WedOld "Rubber" Reilly found dead in his bed this morning. Supposedly from heart disease. Buried at St. Patrick's on May 11th.
May 11FriBarn dance at McBride's tonight.
May 12SatHenry Chambers died today at his home in Mitchell. Buried at Mt. Pleasant. Heard of Bill McGrath getting hurt by his team running away. Can't live.
May 21MonTom Mangan had a stone bee.
May 24ThurAscension Thursday. Today is the 35th Anniversary of our marriage on Ascension Thursday, May 24, 1865 at St. Patrick's old log church in the town of Sherman by Reverend Father Krief. Kate Gallagher and Tim Scanlan stood up for us.
May 26SatDemocratic caucus held in the town house. Delegates elected: John F. Murray, Tim Rooney, Tom Heraty & John Dowling. The candidates trusted the count.
May 27SatReverend Burke spoke about church repairs of fence & churchyard lot.
May 29TueOld man Brogan called early this morning. I wrote letter to Ellen at Green Bay for him.
June 1FriDance at Dowling's tonight in honor of Miss McLaughlin.
June 3SunCalled to be married at Osceola; Miss Beaucage to Joe Shea; and Miss Ella Shea to ________ Richardson of Forest.
June 8FriJohn Manley around on census business this morning.
June 14ThurJim Connors barn raising.
June 19TueThe Shea-Beaucage wedding at Osceola today.
June 20WedThe Shea-Richardson wedding at Osceola today.
June 21ThurRobt. Skelton had stone bee.
June 24SunBen Butler's baby girl was buried at Mitchell.
June 27WedMathy had a barn raising in the p.m. Henry Jordans Walsh called today with bills for Pete Murphy & Geo. McGrane.
June 28ThurHeiress born to Ed Burke estate.
July 2MonMrs. Pat Cosgrove died at 5:30 p.m.
July 3TueThis was an eventful day on account of the telephone being placed in our house. At 9 a.m., Johnson, the phone expert came here with Larson and they put in the phone instrument. The first message was sent to Parnell and answered by John Dowling and the next to Waldo to Tom Alcox and answered by him. Phone was humming all the p.m. from all over the phone connection. Self and Mona attended Mrs. Cosgrove's wake this evening.
July 4WedJohn and Dan went to picnic in Dundee. There were big crowds everywhere, Sand Lake, Dundee.
July 11WedMrs. Roger Morgan was buried at Osceola today.
July 12ThurWm. Dwyre fell from the door in the west side of his barn 22 ft. breaking both legs, the right in 3 places, the left just at the ankle.
July 17TueDrs. Hughes & Dollard passed up this way to see Wm. Dwyre.
July 21SatMary Connell went to Sheboygan this morning to visit her daughter, Hannah Gaynor, via rail from Plymouth.
July 22SunMet Nick Michails this evening, he came to repair Slattery's binder.
July 29SunA baby boy born to Johnny Mangan family.
July 30MonA baby born to Tom Kearnan family.
July 31WedFather Burke called this morning. He was on his rounds to sick folks.
Aug. 1WedA sharper at Parnell trying to pass counterfeit money.
Aug. 8WedMiss Ida Heidel came carrying the mail.
Aug. 17FriDance at Manly's, Parnell.
Aug. 21TueAttended Democratic Convention at Milwaukee.
Sept. 10MonMrs. Slattery called to make us a visit. Stayed till after supper.
Sept. 16SunOld Michail Scannel of Osceola died. To be buried tomorrow.
Sept. 17MonFirst frost last night.
Sept. 18TueHeard today of the death of old Mrs. Cullen, a town charge, at the John Henry place.
Sept. 30SunPriest took up a collection for Galveston sufferers today.
Oct. 14SunEd Bowser and Miss Eleanor Hughes called to be married.
Oct. 16MonDrove down to Mrs. Smith's to learn about the age of her son, Con, who died the 25th at Jefferson. Born in Mitchell on April 14, 1871.
Oct. 22MonSpeech tonight at Parnell by Tom Rooney.
Oct. 30TueThe Bowser-Hughes wedding at Mitchell. They went to live at Colby.
Nov. 4SunHeard about John Dowling's mother being dead. Will be buried at Farmington tomorrow.
Nov. 6TueThe phone was connected with Plymouth today for the first time.
Nov. 7WedJohn O'Connell of Scott died at noon today. Mitchell polled a big vote, 305. Democrats had only 26 majority.
Nov. 16FriDance at Dowling's. Walked to Slattery's and cut their calves.
Nov. 28FriFarewell party at Dowling's tonight.
Nov. 30FriJohn Murray came along at 10 a.m. and went with him to Dundee and made out mortgage release from Mrs. McGinty to Adon Brown and wife for $1,000.00. Murray came home with me as far as Kilcoin's corner and I walked home.
Dec. 2SunA minstrel show in Parnell tonight.
Dec. 12WedBrogan's had a brush bee on the Gibbons place.
Dec. 15SatDeath of old Dan Sullivan at Fond du Lac.
Dec. 19WedHeard of Brogan's cattle dying of black leg. Lost two already.
Dec. 22SatTelephone no good today.
Dec. 25TueReverend Burke got a big collection. Big crowd at Mitchell. The students at home today: Brogan, Crosby, 2 Cooney's, George Dowling, Martin Hughes and many others (Or "and his mother")
Dec. 27ThurDan and Alice went to Dolan's dance.
Dec. 28FriMichail Burke of the town of Forest, buried in Osceola. He died out west in Kansas.
Dec. 31MonI went to Milwaukee from Plymouth today. Went to Scanlan's at 1207 - 6th St.

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