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1899 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 4WedTom Kearnan and Annie Redmond married at Cascade.
Jan. 19ThurJoe Butler died this evening at 6 o'clock, at his fathers house.
Jan. 20FriMartin Hanahan buried today in Mitchell.
Jan. 24TueMrs. Phelix Hanlon died at 10 p.m.; aged 70 years.
Jan. 27FriDrove up to Pat Quinn's this evening and acknowledged a quit claim deed from Mr. and Mrs. Quinn to heirs at Clinton, Iowa.
Jan. 28SatFather Burke offered for sale the Johnny Gibbons forty acres. Was bid $1,300.00.
Feb. 9ThurUncle Jim Connell died at 10 p.m. 73 years.
March 4 18 years ago Patsy Reddington died. The snow was 5 feet on the level. He was not buried for 11 days afterward.
April 27ThurThe Harder-Nolan wedding at Plymouth this a.m.
May 1MonOld man Wm. Dugan died at 9 a.m. 95 years old.
May 30TueReceived invitation to the Reddington-Gill wedding to take place June 6th.
June 4SunJohn Mangan and Maria Naughton called to be married.
June 11SunMary Leahy and John McLaughlin called to be married.
June 23FriA big dance at John Slattery's new barn.
July 1SatOld Mrs. Mulhearns died today at Keyes in Lyndon. The first day of the daily mail. Commenced today, carried by _____.
July 2SunThe John Michaels twins were baptized today at Mitchell.
July 13ThurJames Heraty came here at 3 p.m. with the information that his grandfather James Heraty died this morning at Fond du Lac.
July 15SatJames Heraty was born in Doon, Parish of Agaghour, Mayo County, Ireland on August 5, 1814, 85 years at his death.
July 21FriJohnny Webb's factory burned tonight at 2 o'clock.
July 22SatSaw Dennis Rooney at Plymouth.
Aug. 4FriMrs. John McCann of Cascade was buried today in Baptist church south of Waldo.
Aug. 26SatCollins had an auction of his 49 acres and personal property. Michael Keyes of Cascade died last night at 12 o'clock.
Sept. 6WedMichael Connors died at 10 o'clock tonight at his home in Mitchell.
Oct. 1SunHarry Dwyre was buried in Mitchell. Edward Calvey of Dundee died. Also Mrs. Shea of Osceola.
Oct. 3TueReverend Patrick Petit died at St. Marys Hospital, Milwaukee at 7:30 a.m. I knew him well in 1860 when he was our priest and helped build the Mitchell church. Lord have mercy on his soul! He was a noble priest and man.
Oct. 5ThurFather Petit buried at Brandon today.
Nov. 3FriOld Mrs. Skelton was buried today at Cascade. She died at Gladstone, Michigan of old age.
Nov. 12SunFather Burke came here and signed corporation papers for St. Michaels congregation. Notary public.
Dec. 13WedReverend Father Casey was buried today.
Dec. 19TueMrs. Amelia Hecker drove mail today, the first time and carried her girl baby with her.
Dec. 22FriSlattery called today and made a claim of $6.74 on sawbill which he claimed he paid to me, which I'm positive he never did. Yet, I allowed the claim, for peace sake. The act, makes him, in my opinion, a dishonest man, to be shunned hereafter.

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