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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1897 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 6WedMrs. Thomas McGrath of Osceola buried at Fond du Lac on Monday the 4th.
Jan. 7Thur________ O'Connell of Scott married a Milwaukee lady.
Jan. 12TueHeard of Ferguson of Osceola committing suicide. Latter about money matters, he being town treasurer.
Jan. 19?TuePhil A. Gannon and Mary Anne Devoy of Greenbush married by Reverend VanTreeck of city of Plymouth.
Feb. 4ThurA big dance at Parnell tonight by Kickapoo Medicine Man.
Feb. 7SunThe Mack-Shea parties called to be married - Osceola. Mrs. Dan ? Moriarty of Osceola died at 4 p.m. from paralysis.
Feb. 9TueDr. Fitzgibbons came from Milwaukee today and in company with Dr. Kratz and Rogers, performed an operation cutting a cancer from his face.
Feb. 13SatMartin Devine died at 7 o'clock.
Feb. 14SunMiss Crosby quite sick. Also Mrs. Slattery.
Feb. 16TueOld Martin Devine buried.
Feb. 24WedThe Mack-Shea wedding at Osceola today.
Feb. 28SunThe Andy Crogan-O'Hearn wedding at Cascade today.
March 6SatMrs. Ellen Scanlan, Mary's mother, died at Delaware, Ohio at 9:30. Will be buried at Maumee, Ohio on Wednesday the 10th.
March 9TueReceived letter from Mike Scanlan, Delaware, Ohio.
March 26FriJohnny Devine on trial at Plymouth on complaint of Mary Rhoda for abduction.
March 27SatJohn Devine held to circuit court for trial.
April 12MonElla quietly passed away at 9:40 a.m.
April 22ThurWm. Gilboy had barn raising.
April 27TueJohn Cosgrove and Miss ______ Walsh married at Lima.
May 10MonUncle James came along and brought with him a cousin, son of Uncle Tom Heraty, named James Heraty. He hails from Chicago. Uncle James went home and cousin James stayed.
May 16SunHeard today of the death of Jas. Long of near Cascade.
May 23SunDrove to Parnell to see Manley about insurance on his new building. Didn't see him.
May 31MonHeard today of the death of Mrs. Anthony Kelly. Died at Fond du Lac, buried at Osceola yesterday.
June 15TueCan ? away shearing sheep for Slattery's and Crosby's.
June 17ThurBig blow out tonight at Manley's opening at Parnell.
June 23WedMatt Gaynor and Miss Katy Murphy married at Mitchell. Witnesses, Mary Reddington and Mike Gaynor.
June 29TueJas. McNair died at 7 p.m. 87 years.
June 30WedThe Rietz-Manly wedding at Mitchell today.
July 18SunMr. And Mrs. McNair attended mass at Mitchell.
Aug. 5ThurMary, nee McGrane, Jordan called here today for mail.
Aug. 6SatMade 2 deeds from M. Butler to his 3 sons on real estate in Section 23. Michael Butler to Ben F. Butler, to Edward F. Butler, and to Joseph Butler.
Aug. 25WedHeard this evening of the death yesterday of Mrs. Tom O'Brien of Osceola yesterday.
Sept. 5SunJohn Gill and Katie Butler called to be married, first time.
Sept. 7TueMartin Jordan, formerly of Mitchell, buried at Milwaukee today and John Reilly's daughter from Milwaukee buried at Cascade.
Sept. 19SunLate mass at Mitchell by Reverend Father Murray of Chicago. He delivered best sermon I ever heard in Mitchell. It was on "The Real Presence."
Sept. 2?WedJohn Gill and Katy Butler married at Mitchell by Reverend Father Murray of Chicago.
Oct. 1FriHeard John Devine beaten in bastardy case in circuit court.
Oct. 4MonHeard of the Devine-Rhoda girl baby, about which there was so much fuss and law, having died yesterday. Foul Play!
Oct. 6WedOld Mrs. Donahue died at 10 a.m. today. Buried at Meeme.
Oct. 12TueTom Franey and Miss Fannie Kennedy married at St. Rose, Lima.
Oct. 20WedLibby Murphy and Frank Keating of St. Paul married at Sheboygan by Reverend Thill.
Nov. 10WedOld man Prindeville died 10:00 at night.
Nov. 11ThurEverything froze solid tonight.
Nov. 19FriHeard of the death of Tom Gannon of Greenbush.
Nov. 25ThurSwann-O'Hearn wedding at Cascade.
Nov. 26FriPaul Blodgett died today at his home in Dundee from dropsy.

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