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1896 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan 3FriYoungsters got home from dance at Parnell at daylight. It was a wild dance. John and Connell and Tom Naughton, latter got a great beating. Andy Crogan kicked Connell in the face. Wm. O'Brien knocked out Crogan. A general wild time.
Jan 6MonPeterson from Cascade arrested Wm. O'Brien on a warrant sworn out by Andy Crogan as a result of the Parnell row on the 31st inst. Jim and Will O'Brien and Johnny went to Cascade with them. He pleaded guilty and it cost him $3.00 and costs. Total $7.00.
Jan 22WedTom Ryder of Eden buried today.
Jan 28TueJohn Connell died at 6:15 p.m.
Jan 30ThurJohn Connell buried. 200 teams.
Feb 17MonThe big necktie party at Parnell tonight and the whole thing wound up in a fight. Dowling striking George McGrane with a pop bottle on the head, cutting him badly.
Feb 20ThurMrs. Anne Hickey died at Milwaukee this morning. 421 Marshall St. Died suddenly.
Mar 1SunWm. Dwyre, son of Pat, died this morning of pneumonia. Was sick one week.
Mar 2MonOsceola priest's house burned at 3 a.m.
Mar 3TueWm. Dwyre buried today.
Mar 10TueMade out John Gaynor's fathers will. Tom Geraty died this morning at Dundee.
Mar 12ThurTommy Geraty buried at Mitchell.
Mar 15SunOld man Enright, John's father, died this morning.
Apr 1WedOld Mrs. Michael Connors of Greenbush was buried today at Osceola. She died at Berlin, Wisconsin.
Apr 4SatDennis Doherty died at 12 o'clock last night.
Apr 27WedEd Arimond and Miss VanBlarkum married at Dundee, Wisconsin.
May 3SunWent to mass at Osceola. There was no mass, only a harangue and tirade by the Honorable Esquire Maurice Moriarty vs. Reverend O'Donavan.
May 10SunA Mr. Walsh and Fanny Jordan called to be married.
May 19TueFanny Jordan and Frank Walsh married at St. Rose, Lima. Flossie Jordan and John Delevan witnesses.
May 23SatBig dance at Calvey's Hall, Dundee.
May 27WedOld Thady Gwinn died at 11 o'clock yesterday in the town of Greenbush from rheumatism.
June 7SunMrs. John Reilly of Scott buried at Cascade, died as a result of childbirth.
June 17WedJohn Lynch and Aggy Murphy married and Julia Gill and Mr. Foley of Sheboygan.
June 19FriDance at Tom Butler's tonight.
June 25ThurMrs. Jas. Mangan of Bear Lake died at 5 a.m.
July 2ThurOld Caleb Nelson died at 4 p.m.
July 3FriMichael Gaynor died at 11 o'clock a.m.
Aug 7FriYoung Dan Reardon, Dennis' son, died today after a long illness of pneumonia and typhoid.
Aug 15SatA dance at Calvey's Hall tonight which ended in a Murphy-O'Brien row in which Murphy lost a bit of his thumb.
Aug 20ThurFrank Kaiser killed in well. Son of Jim O'Brien, formerly of Scott, killed in R.R. accident in the northern part of the state. Also, the son of Martin Franey of Sheboygan, died of typhoid fever.
Aug 23SunHeard of the O'Donnell-Leahy racket at Beechwood.
Sept 11FriA big fight at Slattery's between Mike Connors and the McGrane boys. Whiskey! Whiskey! Threshing there in the p.m.
Sept 18FriDance at Jimmy Gilboy's new cheese factory.
Sept 24ThurSold cow for $22.00 to Waldo butcher.
Sept 25FriSocial dance at Dowling's.
Oct 18SunEddy Gilboy and a Miss King of Forest called to be married. Father Burke is going to collect oats this week.
Oct 20TueSimon Gillen and Mary Amelia Studs married at Sheboygan.
Oct 26MonHeard of the death of Lavina Skelton Hays at Chicago yesterday.
Nov 10TueJas. Prindeville and May Dwyre married at Osceola by Reverend Downs. Phill Gannon and a Miss Donavan, witnesses.
Nov ThurHeard today of the death of George Thackeray of Glen. Buried at Greenbush cemetery. I've known him since 1849, at Fulton, N.Y. Came to Wisconsin in 1852. Thomas Reilly of Mitchell buried.
Dec 2WedOld Roger Carey buried today. One of the old settlers of the town, he was.
Dec 13SunOsceola. Attended the funeral of James O'Brien.
Dec 22TueM. Butler called in a.m. and stayed till noon. I went up to Slatterys in p.m. and made deed from Mr. And Mrs. Slattery to their son Mike Slattery of the W S.E. Sec. 19 for $1.00 consideration.
Dec 23WedThe Flynn vs. Gibbons suit at Sheboygan.
Dec 28MonJames Twohig and Miss Hattie Conger married.
Dec 30WedChristmas dance at Dolan's tonight.

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