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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1895 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1TueTom Foley buried at Mitchell. Lightning rod man called this evening. The Leonard-Tierney wedding took place today at Osceola by Reverend Donavan.
Jan. 7MonJohnny Gallagher's wife from Chicago buried in Mitchell today. Services by Reverend B. Burke.
Jan. 9WedJames Hughes and Bridget Connell married at Mitchell by Reverend Burke.
Jan. 12Sun15th wedding anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. George Lindsay. Mr. And Mrs. Roach of Iowa attended.
Jan. 15TueHeard of the death of George Hefling at Oshkosh Insane Asylum.
Jan. 17ThurHefling buried at Mitchell.
Jan. 20SunMr. And Mrs. Miles Roach of Iowa called.
Jan. 24ThurJohnny Bowen came along this evening and for no cause gave me a rare sample of abuse concerning an alleged writing to Kelly at Fond du Lac which I did not.
Jan. 27SunOld John Gilboy, Martin Jorden's father-in-law, died this evening at Wm. Dwyer's, where he has been living as town charge for several years. He's one of the oldest settlers in the town of Mitchell.
Jan. 29TueJack Gilboy buried today. Emma Naughton called today. Was at home on a visit from Milwaukee.
Feb. 4MonFather Burke stopped and blessed house on his tour.
Feb. 6WedBig blow out at Reddington's tonight.
Feb. 20WedJohanna Murphy Plant buried at Fond du Lac today, died at Milwaukee from cancer.
Feb. 22FriMilwaukee. Stayed at Daley's, Menomonee St. last night. Visited Walshes, Virginia St. Old Luke Flynn buried today at Mitchell by Reverend Burke.
March 2SatMailed letter to Scanlan, Maumee, Ohio.
March 7ThurFrank McNichols and Jas. Reddington - transfer of factory. Consideration $700.00.
March 15FriHeard of the death of John Daley of Osceola. Died of stricture.
March 17SunOld John Daley buried today. Father Donovan lectured on St. Patrick.
March 22FriPeter McNicholas died this a.m. at John Brogan's. Sick only a few days with inflammatory rheumatism.
March 25MonPeter McNicholas buried at Mitchell.
March 28ThurTom O'Malley of Westport, Dane county, buried at Westport, aged 80 years. Born at Kilcoin(?), County Mayo, Ireland in 1815.
April 2TueTown meeting. Hughes, Helmer, Slattery, Supervisors; Clerk, Gill; Treasurer, Lindsay; Assessor, Harvey; Justice, Heraty; Constable, Connors.
April 4ThurA "bee" at Parnell at hauling stone for new shop, store and saloon by Reilly and Dolan.
April 8MonMrs. Len Rood buried today at Cascade.
April 9TueMeeting at factory. Mack makes cheese at cents /lb. Gives bond for $500.00 to the patrons and warranty to pay patrons highest market price paid on the Plymouth board.
April 15MonTom Moran's funeral today at Osceola.
April 19FriHeard of the death of old Wm. Foley of Plymouth. He had his leg broken last week and died from the effects.
April 20SatOld Wm. Foley buried at Mitchell today.
April 23TueYoung Clark at Cascade was knocked down and robbed at Cascade in his barn.
April 27SatMona was called out last night to Michael Connors to assist at the accousement of Mrs. Bridget (Connors) Hughes. Baby girl born - Mary Jane.
May 27MonThe Connell's had their barn raising today.
May 29WedMichael Early died at Cascade at 12:30 p.m. today.
June 2SunStarted 4:45 a.m. for Mt. Calvary. 3 Butler's, 2 Murphy's, and Mike Connors stopped at Uncle Jim Connell's for supper.
June 3MonJohn Mangan had barn raising today.
June 7FriBig dance at Connell's new barn. The Romaine Band played.
June 11TueMary Ann Hanahan married John Clark at Merrill, Wisconsin.
June 14FriJohnny Gill called today taking census as Town Clerk.
June 16SunJoe Bowser was kicked with one of his horses this evening, fractured his jaw, broke his nose, knocked out his teeth, big cut on his head and used him badly, indeed.
June 18TueReceived today a letter with invitation to attend ordination of John Murray at Chicago on next Saturday.
June 21FriA regular knock-down fight at Redington's barn dance. Tom Naughton given as beginning the fight. He got paid for his pains with a split ear. John B. Murray was ordained to the priesthood today in Chicago.
June 23SunTom Rooney and old Martin Reddington both anointed by Father Burke. John B. Murray's first mass at Holy Rosary Church, Chicago.
June 25TueGeorge Lindsay had barn raising. Mailed letter to Pat Scott, Hawarden, Iowa.
June 28FriAt 2 p.m. Mr. Bear from Waldo came with telegram stating that Mona's father, Patrick Scanlan, died this ________ at Maumee, Ohio. She went back with Bear to Waldo.
July 5FriTom Rooney died at 6:15 a.m.
July 7Sun175 teams at Tom Rooney's funeral.
July 12FriDance at Gill's new barn tonight.
July 25ThurOne of Pat Quinn's grandchildren died from the effects of drinking Benzene. It was carelessly placed. Child was 18 months old.
July 26FriAttended Quinlan child funeral.
July 28SunPatsy and Johnny Brogan out today after threshing jobs in Sherman, Lyndon and Mitchell.
Aug. 1ThurJimmy Kilcoin, the younger, buried up north. He drowned by being thrown from a log on some river while rafting logs down stream.
Aug. 13TueMailed to Cascade to Raymond Warranty for $44.86, rent by J. Slattery for mail carrying.
Aug. 21WedOld Jimmy Martin of the town of Osceola formerly and late of Duluth was buried at Osceola today.
Sept. 14SatWrote will for Martin Dooley.
Oct. 4FriRobert Plantt died at Milwaukee today from debility.
Oct. 7MonDella Arimond died today at Mt. Calvary after childbirth.
Oct. 17FriDr. Fitzgibbons mother buried today at Eden.
Oct. 26SatAndy McDonnell's barn burned with all its contents.
Oct. 27SunReverend Burke gave the new saloonkeepers a going over and a deal today. Well as a matter of course, its all of the windy kind. Amounts to nothing.
Nov. 5TueReceived a letter today from the lumbermen (Dan and Willie Connell) from Marinette. They had gone to work for Flanigan.
Nov. 16SatOld Martin Reddington died at 12 o'clock today. I've known him since 1854.
Nov. 18MonMartin Reddington buried.
Nov. 28ThurOld Matt Gaynor died.
Dec. 9MonJohn Madden died at 2 p.m.
Dec. 18WedPaddy Gann died. Those _______ Old Mrs. Mullen from _______wood.
Dec. 31TueA year of depression for farmers. No price for produce. Everything he buys is high. Yet we have good health. Thanks to the Almighty One. Amen! Amen!

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