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1894 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1MonNo mass at Mitchell. Priest sick. Young people went to New Cassell to O'Brien's Ball.
Jan. 3WedWm. Daley here all day with the boys. Sidney Andrews, formerly of Mitchell, died at Spencer, ae. 84 years. One of the old settlers of Mitchell, having come here in 1848. Buried at Mt. Pleasant.
Jan. 2TueDrove to Tom Burke's. Paid taxes. $32.54.
Jan. 6SatHoly Day. Mrs. C.W. Humphrey had a paralytic stroke.
Jan. 7SunBaby girl born to Ed Burke's. Mrs. Humphrey died, ae. 65 years. Settled in Mitchell in 1850.
Jan. 9TueG. Buchen Cascade, died, ae. 47 years. The Long - Cooney wedding at Cascade. Mrs. Humphrey buried.
Jan. 13SatThe Biography book came this a.m.
Jan. 20SatOld Mrs. Murray of Dundee, Pete's mother, died this morning 2 a.m.
Jan. 21SunWent to Slattery's in p.m. Stayed till 9 p.m.
Jan. 22MonRequiem mass at Dundee for Mrs. Murray. Buried Mitchell.
Jan. 24WedMike Slattery hauling logs to mill. Heard of George Thackeray's death.
Jan. 27SatJohn Dawson died at his home in Chicago today.
Jan. 28SunCalled out of bed at 4 a.m. to make will for John Connell. Deed transfer from John to Mary Connell.
Jan. 30TueDooley and Pat Scott came for a lease for them.
Feb. 1ThurMrs. James Heraty died at Eden at 12:55 o'clock
Feb. 2FriAttend funeral for Aunt Bridget Heraty. Mass at Eden Station church. Burial Osceola. Connell no better. Sent for Dr. Fitz to Milwaukee. Got here at 2 a.m. tonight. Says Connell will be o.k. Charged $25.00.
Feb. 4SunFirst saw Dr. McNamara at Mitchell church. Butler called this a.m. Stayed till 2 p.m.
Feb. 7WedM. Butler and Slattery came in a.m. Stayed for dinner. Mrs. Gannon came over to see Connell. Stayed over night.
Feb. 21WedUncle Jim Connell called this evening.
Feb. 22ThurFather Burke anointed Connell.
March 13TueStarted for Waldo. Jordan still on his wild tear; doing no business.
March 16FriOne of Jas. Shea's girls of Osceola died today from quick consumption.
March 18SunPalm Sunday. Clear and terribly hot. Up to 70 degrees. Bat and ______? Called today and told how Hughes and Slattery were making up a ticket.
March 25SunEaster. John Manley and Molly Lindsay called to be married.
March 26MonEaster dance at Cascade by Johnny Smith.
March 29ThurPat Murray's house at Dundee burned.
April 3TueWas today the victim of misplaced confidence in a Dutchman, by being defeated as a candidate for Town Chairman.
April 8SunHenry Gahagan's house burned with all the contents while people were at mass.
April 18WedJohn Naughton and Katie Murray married at New Cassell.
April 30MonJim commenced going to school, the first time to Nelly O'Brien.
May 6SunTook dinner with Butler's, stayed till 5 p.m. A boy baby born to Jerry Crosby's. #2.
May 9WedJohn Slattery had a barn raising today. 40 x 80 feet.
May 10ThurGrand free lunch, opening at Naughton and Murray's in New Cassell.
May 13SunWent to Mt. Calvary confession and communion. Got there at 7 a.m. Got home 1 p.m.
May 14MonThe great Catholic Convention at Sheboygan. 20M persons, strangers to the city. 4 excursion trains from Plymouth.
May 22TueThe Gallagher's had a barn raising today.
May 23WedThere was to be a dance at Slattery's barn tonight. Topped by the rain. Music didn't show up.
May 24ThurThe school marm, Miss Nellie O'Brien, called this p.m. and stopped over night.
May 25FriMrs. Mary (Gill) Hughes of Milwaukee died at 4 a.m. from the effects of childbirth.
May 27SunMary Hughes, nee Gill, buried at Saukville today.
June 1FriEd Harvey, assessor, came here, listed personal property.
June 4MonTom Mangan had his barn raising.
June 5TueThis is the 48th Anniversary of the sailing of our family from Liverpool for America on the good ship Manchester of Cork, Captain Brown and arrived Quebec 5 weeks and 3 days after.
June 8FriDance at Caufield's this evening.
June 9SatDance at Gallagher's new barn.
June 11MonBees today at Devine's and Connors.
June 13Wed92 degrees at 11 a.m.
June 16SatCircus at Plymouth. Mona attended.
June 17SunFather Burke gave a certain person in the congregation a raking down today from the altar.
June 19TueDance at Crosby's. Got up by Minnie.
June 22FriBig dance at Slattery's new barn.
June 24SunA social party of old folks at Lindsay's this p.m. Mrs. Roach of St. Paul (George Lindsay's sister), the Gallagher's, Burke's, Gaynor's, Lindsay's and Heraty's there.
June 26TueDance at Joe Bowser's new barn.
June 27WedJohn Hanlon and Maggie Rice married today.
June 28ThurOne of the Hughes girls of Osceola married today.
July 1SunFather Burke gave a Homily on staying around the church before and after mass.
July 8SunDonahue's had a family gathering today. Even Lizzie from Nebraska is at home. Ben Collins with his family from Sheboygan there. Collins drove home with his team this evening. Mrs. Phil McBride there.
July 10TueGeneral small pox scare in town. Bill Hughes sick with small pox.
July 15SunWm. Hughes, son of James, died at 9 p.m. of small pox. 2nd case, the other being young O'Rourke.
July 17TueMichael Collins, Bens brother, buried in Mitchell today. He died out West suddenly.
July 20FriDan Slattery called on us this evening, first time since his return from St. Louis. Jas. Hughes Sr. reported sick.
July 21SatHelped Pat Quinn at barn raising all day. Had only 14 men.
July 22SunMiss Libbie Rooney and a Mr. Rooney from Minnesota were called to be married today.
July 24TueMailed a letter to Flannery, Fulton, N.Y.
July 26ThurDr. McNamara of Plymouth reported as having the small pox and having to go to Milwaukee for treatment.
July 27Fri98 degrees F. Two of Jim Hughes children have small pox as reported from Plymouth.
July 28SatA rotten cheese meeting at the Reddington factory, when the patrons had to stand the whole loss on the cheese sale.
July 31TueDr. Connell of St. Cloud and Miss Twohig of Osceola married.
Aug. 5SunHeard this morning of the death of Dr. McNamara at Milwaukee yesterday of small pox and from internal injuries. He fell from a two story window while delirious.
Aug. 6MonMrs. Dennis Rooney of Minnesota called today, sister of Tom and Jas. Rooney.
Aug. 7TueReceived letter from Fulton today, Mary Flannery. First copy of Record to K. Donahue's?
Aug. 8Wed104 degrees in p.m. Libby Rooney and James Rooney of Minnesota married today.
Aug. 29WedJohn Triphan, who lived on the Andrews farm, was buried yesterday. He died of quick consumption.
Aug. 31FriKitty Lavelle died at 2 p.m. of consumption in the McNicholas house under the "hill."
Sept. 3MonKitty Lavelle buried today in Mitchell cemetery.
Sept. 7FriShindig at Butler's.
Sept. 22FriAt about 3 a.m. there came up a terrible thunderstorm with vivid lightning. A regular downpour of rain and a few moments after 3 a.m. lightning struck John Slattery's new barn It burned to the ground with all its contents, consisting of all the grain and hay on the farm. Saved only 50 bushels of wheat that was threshed yesterday. The two old log cribs also burned. Nothing saved from them. It was a grand but dreadful sight to see such a fine barn with its great mows full of grain and hay consumed without the power of resistance. How frail is man in the presence of nature. The loss of 45 acres of best barley, 16 acres oats, 30 tons of hay. The insurance in the Plymouth Company, $700.00 on building and $300.00 on grain and hay. Forbes barn in S.E. Mitchell burned.
Sept. 25TueJim O'Connell's away today on a tour of oats collecting for Slattery. Had 35 bags of oats. He did well for Slattery.
Sept. 27ThurFather Burke around today gathering oats. Gave him a bag.
Sept. 28FriHouse warming at Johnny Gaynor's. Thomas Hughes of Dundee died this p.m.
Sept. 30SunWent to Quinn's to learn about the funeral of Tom Hughes.
Oct. 1MonDan today at helping John Slattery at "bee" cutting timber for his new barn #2. Tom Hughes buried today at Osceola by Reverend Father Donovan.
Oct. 2TueBoys this evening after a bee hive in the woods.
Oct. 5FriAn heir born to the Martin Devine estate today. First in the Cosgrove line.
Oct. 6SatHeard of the death of Michael Moran who died in Nebraska.
Oct. 18ThurDick Phalen nominated for Member of Assembly from the 3rd district.
Oct. 22MonEd Dooley came this morning after lease from Pat Scott from Iowa.
Oct. 23TueMailed lease to Pat Scott at Ironwood ?, Iowa.
Oct. 31WedJim Cahill and Larry Reilly's daughter of Mitchell called to be married.
Nov. 1ThurGrand Democratic rally at town house addressed by Judge Gillen and Attorney Hughes.
Nov. 4SunJim Hughes made a ruckus at the church about his son W.T. Hughes about some story told about him.
Nov. 5MonIn the p.m. went and helped Slattery lay foundation of barn, at it till dark.
Nov. 7WedSlattery was going to have raising today. Snow stopped them this a.m. Had raising in the p.m. and both boys helped them.
Nov. 8ThurSlattery had his 3rd edition of raising today. They finished the raising this p.m. after a long struggle.
Nov. 12MonThe Piper-Caufield wedding at Cascade. Father Burke at his residence.
Nov. 13TueThe two Gill girls and Miss O'Brien of Ontonagon, Michigan called to see us this p.m.
Nov. 14WedJim Cahill and Mary Reilly married at Cascade.
Nov. 15ThurReceived letter from W. Scanlan and McDermott, Iron River.
Nov. 16FriJohn Connell and George went to Sheboygan regarding Hughes case.
Nov. 21WedPat Doherty and Miss Crogan married at Cascade.
Nov. 25SunMike Burke, brother of Father Burke, and a Miss Mame Bohan called to be married.
Dec. 2SunAnother Hughes "racket" at Johnny Connell at the church again today.
Dec. 4TueTwo stone bees today: at Connell's and Mangan's.
Dec. 9SunKaty Gill here last night and all day. Jim Connell and Mike Slattery here this a.m. awhile.
Dec. 10MonHeard of the depredation that was committed in the Glenbeulah Catholic Church. The chalice was stolen and other acts of sacrilege committed.
Dec. 29SatOld Slattery came this a.m. and got his back up for nothing.
Dec. 30SunTom Foley of Waldo, formerly of Mitchell, died 6 o'clock of T.B.

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