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1893 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1SunTom Burke and Mary Butler were called today to be married.
Jan. 2MonJohnny and Ella left for church and attended the wedding of Miss Eliza Gaynor and Stephen Douglas who were married. A reception given at the bride's home, only a few present. Mary Brogan of the town of Mitchell was buried. She died at Fort Howard, Wisconsin at 6 a.m. last Sunday at her sister Ellen's. She was about 48 or 50 years of age.
Jan. 6FriOld Mary Gates, formerly of Mitchell, died at Belleplain, Iowa. (Leo Gill said Belle Isle, Minnesota - F.S.)
Jan. 10TueWhew! What a mess, as clear and bright as silver, a regular blizzard. A shindig this a.m. at Dundee. It was terribly cold.
Jan. 14SatThe 20th Anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsay. A celebration at home. A big crowd and a royal good time.
Jan. 22SunCatherine Lucille Heraty baptized by Reverend Burke. The sponsors were Daniel O'Connell and Katy Quinn. Edward Burke and Bridget O'Connell were called to be married.
Jan. 26ThurOld Mrs. Foley dead at Dundee. Services by Father O'Leary.
Jan. 29SunOld Johnny Mugan was buried at Mitchell. Body was brought from Milwaukee, must have been 90 years of age.
Feb. 7TueBridget O'Connell and Edward Burke were married today.
Feb. 10FriThe Mission is being conducted by the Reverend Father Finnegan, S.J., a very eloquent and pious priest. He has done a world of good for the congregation at Osceola.
Feb. 14TueGarrett Fitzgibbons and Sophy Faber were married at Fond du Lac.
Feb. 25SatMichael Kilcoin's wife, Eliza Murray, died today.
Feb. 27MonEliza Murray Kilcoin buried today.
March 4SatSecond Inauguration of Grover Cleveland, Democratic President.
March 16ThurSimon Gillen was nominated today at Sheboygan Falls for County Judge by 61 to 10.
March 24FriHeard of the death of Mrs. Bill Dugan, she died at Oshkosh.
April 7FriEllen Cosgrove died at Glenbeulah at 3 o'clock.
April 8SatJohn Slattery had a stone bee.
May 11ThurTom Cain died at Dundee at 9 1.2 a.m., Tuesday, May 9th. Was buried at Mitchell on Thursday, May 11th.
May 12FriMrs. Michael Walsh died at Milwaukee today.
May 12 {sic}TueKaty Quinn was married today at Fond du Lac to Mr. Quinlan.
June 8ThurDrove up to Pat Dwyer's this evening and took insurance on schoolhouse for $575.00 at 2 % for 3 years.
June 13TueDonahue had his barn raising today.
June 27TueFlorence Grimes and Wm. Cain of Russell married today. A big time was had.
June 29ThurDr. S.S. Stack and a Miss O'Connor of Milwaukee were married.
Aug. 6SunMartin Devine Jr. and Miss Honora Cosgrove were called to be married.
Aug. 16WedMartin Devine and Honora Cosgrove married at Mitchell. James and Mary Reddington witnesses.
Aug. 24ThurMrs. Michael O'Rourke Sr. was buried in Mitchell from Milwaukee.
Aug. 29TueA shindig at Mike Murray's this evening.
Sept. 3SunOld Connell came here this a.m. for settlement. He got the a___e ? his ? and abused and accused everybody and everything and even dug down into the ground and I ordered him to the road. Reverend Burke went back in his "pass gift." I am pleased with it. It is for the best.
Sept. 5TueLeft for Chicago for World's Fair.
Sept. 15FriRock's barn burned today. Struck by lightning.
Sept. 15SatLuke Flynn Jr. died.
Sept. 18MonLuke Flynn Jr. buried at Mitchell. Mike Kilcoin's youngest child baby died today at Dundee.
Sept. 23SatHeard this evening of Old Man Norris' death. He died at 3 p.m. He was a man that saw better days, was agreeable man, affable and courteous and was his own worst enemy.
Sept. 25MonAttended funeral of Michael L. Norris. Buried in Mitchell today. There was also an infant, 3 months old, of the Eagan's buried today. Stopped at Slattery's in coming home. He is also sick. Old Man McNicholas is reported sick.
Oct. 8SunOld Man Duggan passed down the road this evening. Bart Donahue and Miss Annie McBride called to be married at Mitchell.
Oct. 13FriOld John O'Hearn's 55th Wedding Anniversary at Waldo this evening.
Oct. 17TueSlattery came this evening and borrowed Old Susan to haul stone for barn cellar.
Oct. 18WedMike Slattery took Old Susan to work this morning, hauling stone.
Oct. 24TueBart Donahue and Anne McBride were married at Cascade by Reverend Father Burke. Lord have mercy on them!
Oct. 29SunStarted to Chicago on the 2nd trip to World's Fair.
Nov. 14TueOld Man O'Connell reported sick. Dr. Kratz called on him.
Nov. 20TuePatrick Reddington died at 1 this morning.
Nov. 22WedFather dedicated St. Mary's church today.
Nov. 29WedJames McCrory and Eugenia McGrath were married at Osceola by Reverend O'Leary. He came from East Troy to marry them.
Dec. 2SatOld Doctor Marrah of Greenbush died, aged 90.
Dec. 6WedA grand scare at the Naughton's about their son Tony being found dead at Milwaukee. When they went there, they found it was not him. "Sorry"
Dec. 16SatOld Mrs. Shea-Cavanaugh, formerly of Mitchell and Dundee, died today.
Dec. 22FriOld Mrs. Michael Shea was buried today.
Dec. 27WedKate Manly Hughes died this evening.
Dec. 28ThurHeard this p.m. by John Gaynor, of the death of Mrs. James Hughes of Mitchell.
Dec. 29FriMrs. James (Kate Manly) Hughes buried today.
Dec. 30SatMrs. Smith of Russell died yesterday.

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