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1892 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 8FriUncle Jim Connell around today collecting for Pat Scott. I gave him 1 bag of barley.
Jan. 10SunHenry Burke and Ella Gahagan called to be married.
Jan. 12TueBilly Connors was brought home from the North Woods sick with rheumatism. He was entirely helpless.
Jan. 17SunMike O'Brien at mass today at Mitchell. Collection for negroes in the church.
Jan. 18MonHeard of Barney Mulloy being buried at Fond du Lac. Was hurt at Chicago in November.
Jan. 21ThurSent to the Citizen $4.00 for self and Slattery.
Jan. 25MonHeard about Henry Jordan's mishap at Milwaukee last week.
Jan. 26TueHenry Burke and Ella Gahagan married at Mitchell.
Jan. 29FriCopied names of congregation and made list of amounts paid by each to be read on Sunday at church.
Feb. 5FriPeter Murphy's 2 year old boy child was poisoned today and died from the effects of drinking carbolic acid from a bottle left in an exposed place.
Feb. 14SunHeard this evening of the death of Mrs. James Martin of Osceola, who died yesterday.
Feb. 27SatHeard today from Post Office Department about a third trip being established on our mail route.
Feb. 28SunMike Slattery and Paddy Connors called this evening.
Feb. 29MonA dance at Dundee tonight for Clifford youngsters.
March 7MonMrs. Martin Devine Jr. died at 1:30 a.m. Said to be from consumption. Bridget Jordan quite sick at Naughtons.
March 14MonOld Tom Jordan died at the home of his son, Tom Jr., at Rockfield, Washington County, this morning.
March 17ThurOld Tom Jordan buried at Mitchell.
March 25FriOld Mrs. Luke Flynn died at 10:30 today a.m.
March 27SunOld Mrs. Luke Flynn buried at Mitchell.
April 10SunHannah O'Connell and John Gaynor; Mary Gill and ______ Hughes were called to be married, first time.
April 26TueFour weddings. John Gaynor and Hannah O'Connell; Dick Hughes and Mary Gill of Mitchell; Tom Moynihan and Kate Mangan; Dick Hardgrove and Kate Doyle of Greenbush, at Osceola.
May 14SatBoy, the first, born to Mag (Crosby) Smith of Russell.
May 15SunThe Gallagher's and Devoy's called at 12 noon. The Devoy's are on their way to Lincoln, Nebraska to live there.
May 22SunFather Burke went to Boston. Capuchin said mass. Ball game at Reddington's this p.m.
June 10FriA dance at Connors new house.
June 12SunA game of ball between Pius and Dundee at the picnic grounds
June 15WedA soldiers picnic at Preston's grove at Cascade today.
June 24FriOn my way home from Waldo, I met Mike Butler Sr. who told me of the death of Wm. Connors at Quinnesec, Michigan last night. Body was brought to his fathers this evening.
June 25SatWm. Connors buried at Mitchell, Reverend Father Burke officiating.
June 29WedFirst mass by the Reverend Father Reilly at Mitchell. 9 priests at the church.
July 4MonPicnics in every direction. Plymouth, Waldo, Cascade, Eden, Adell, Random Lake. The Pius 9 at Waldo. All the youngsters attended the Waldo picnic and the Jordans dance.
July 10SunNo mass at Mitchell. First time in many years.
July 13WedMrs. James Foley died tonight with dropsy.
July 19ThurBig dance at Johnny Brogan's new barn this evening. Music by Barber band from Glen.
July 21ThurTom Rooney had a barn raising today.
July 22Fri95 degrees throughout p.m.
July 29FriDan Slattery returned to St. Louis after his vacation. Big barn dance at Tom Rooney's.
July 31SunI went up to John Brogan's to see the new fangled McCormack binder.
Aug. 4ThurWent to Waldo with load of 30 boxes of cheese.
Aug. 18ThurThe two Misses Slattery from St. Louis called this evening and made the time pass pleasantly.
Aug. 22MonThe two Slattery girls from St. Louis left for home this morning.
Aug. 27SunGrand picnic at Osceola. All attended.
Sept. 6TueHeard today of the death of Old Pat Dwire at Henry Jordan's hotel at Waldo. Was found dead in bed this morning. Heard he was to be buried in Farmington.
Sept. 7WedOld Pat Dwire formerly of Mitchell was buried at Farmington today. Also Mrs. John (blacksmith) O'Malley of Osceola.
Sept. 21WedPat Slattery sick with inflammation of the bowels.
Sept. 25SunSelf and Mona drove up to Slattery's to visit Pat. Father Burke gave Dr. Kratz of piece of his mind at Slattery's this p.m. It was a bad affair for the priest.
Sept. 19ThurPat Slattery no better today.
Oct. 2SunThe Catholic church building and other homes nearby were struck by lightning this morning at 8.
Oct. 3MonI was called to write the last will and testament of Martin Reddington and Anthony Reddington being witness to the will and Jas. Reddington was appointed as executor.
Oct. 9SunPhipps girl and Smith boy and Phipps girl and Bartell were married today, double wedding.
Oct. 22SatAllowed my name to come before the convention as a candidate for a member of the House. Received 5 votes on the first ballot, then withdrew. NO IRISH need apply.
Oct. 25TueMrs. Harrison died at Washington at 1:40.
Oct. 26WedFather Burke called today, oats collection and talked pews. I gave him 1 bag of oats and 1 bag tatoes.
Oct. 29SatMike Cosgrove died at 3 a.m.
Oct. 31MonMike Cosgrove buried.
Nov. 12SatA raffle at Slattery's in the night.
Nov. 14MonAuction at Johnny Franey's, for the sale of his personal things. Had a bid of six thousand dollars.
Nov. 18FriTwin girl babies born to Tim Murphy's of Milwaukee.
Nov. 30WedBart Donahue had a stone bee, hauling stone for barn wall.
Dec. 4SunHaas from Plymouth came and I sold him 4 head of cows at $13.00 each. Got $2.00 on account in advance, to be delivered Friday.
Dec. 10SatJohnny helped Slattery at sawing bee.
Dec. 12MonMona was taken ill. Got Johnny ready to start for Dr. to Plymouth to Cascade. Dr got here at 1 p.m., stayed all night.
Dec. 13TueAnother event took place in our family at 6 o'clock this morning. There was born to us a girl baby. Mother attended by Dr. Kratz.
Dec. 22ThurMona up, first time, today.
Dec. 24SatChristmas night. The family all together at supper. The chimney caught fire and gave us quite a start.
Dec. 25Sun11 o'clock mass at Mitchell today. Father Burke took up a collection. I paid him $1.00. Received of Father Burke, $10.00. He got about $155.00 in todays collection.
Dec. 26MonAt home till 2 p.m., getting ready to start for Milwaukee. Left home at 2 p.m. Dan drove with team to Waldo at 5 p.m. for Milwaukee. Saw big tannery fire.
Dec. 29ThurStarted home. Got to Waldo at 7:20 and stayed till 2 p.m. Rode home with Conger as far as Devine's.
Dec. 31SatMary Beagan died at Beechwood.

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