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1891 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 1ThurThis was one of the wildest weather days in years. It commenced to rain at 3 a.m. and continued till 11 a.m. when it changed to snow. The rest of the day till night with the wind blowing a gale from the N.E.
Jan. 2FriWrote out a lease for Jim (?) for Frank Harvey for the factory site in the a.m. Drove over to the Harvey's in the p.m. to have lease signed by Harvey, granting factory site.
Jan. 3SatMrs. Mamie Reed with her three children and Jas. Devoy, wife and family with John and Martin Gallagher came here this evening and stayed overnight.
Jan. 5MonSteve Clifford had an auction. Sold his farm of 120 acres to Wm. Foley for $4,425.00. The sale of personal property was declared off!
Jan. 7WedThis was a memorable day at Mitchell, there being a triple wedding, viz: Pat Fitzpatrick - Julia McBride / John Geraty - Annie Burke / Emil Huberty - Annie Butler were married by Reverend Burke at Mitchell this morning.
Jan. 14WedQuilting Bee at John Lindsay's. Wm. Foley and son Mike called this evening about their deal with Steve Clifford.
Jan. 19MonMary Fitzgerald nee Murphy, went to her future home in Osceola today.
Jan. 22ThurDooley had a wood hauling bee to Plymouth. Had several teams. Mrs. Sheehan had a wood bee. Old man Johnson of Osceola, Jake's father, was buried.
Jan. 23FriMatty McNair had a hay hauling bee again today. 10 teams from the Crosby Marsh. Old Mrs. Bowser died at 9 o'clock this evening.
Jan. 24SatOld man Leher of Osceola was buried today. Died in the woods in Washington County.
Jan. 25SunMaggie Slattery and Johnny Michaels were called to be married today, first time.
Jan. 26MonOld Mrs. Bowser buried today.
Jan. 28WedA grand farewell party at Jordan's Hall, Waldo, for Bridget and James Fitzpatrick, who are going to Oregon.
Feb. 5ThurMadison. Made application for Notary Public. Saw Peck sign the repeal of the Bennett law.
Feb. 11WedChicago: Found Tom Heraty, 47 Milton Ave., dined there and found Mike Walsh and stopped with him all night.
Feb. 15SunAt Ed's in Waldo till 1 p.m. I got a chance to ride to Johnny Murray's with Mike Gilboy, who was sending word to the Murray girls, of the death of old Michael, their father, to Kaukauna, who died at 10:30 a.m.
Feb. 17ThurOld Michael Murray buried.
Feb. 20FriOld Tom Murray was buried today at Mitchell, aged 90 years.
Feb. 21SatHeard today of young Tom Alcox's death from lung fever.
March 2MonJohn Delahunt of Russell died.
March 4WedWe met at John Franey's. Martin O'Malley was in here to see us on a visit. He came home with us from Plymouth and stayed at our house at night. John O'Connell came in the evening to see Martin. They had a downright California talk till 11 p.m.
March 6FriEd Connell drove Martin O'Malley out to Jim Heraty's this morning with team.
March 17TueLate mass at Mitchell. All the youngsters attended a parade and a St. Patrick's celebration at the church under the direction of Reverend Burke. The young Conroy's here and attended the parade and mass.
March 19ThurAn exhibition at the Bowser school by Sarah Flannigan, teacher.
March 22SunReverend Burke gave the people of Mitchell a tough deal about many things.
March 29SunLate mass at Mitchell. Old McNair attended with us. Father Burke took up a collection. The Flynn - O'Reilley marriage called today. A boy baby born to the Lindsay's (George) estate.
April 7TueTown meeting. Only one set of officers certified. D.(?) Hughes and T. Mangan, supervisors; Treasurer, Dwire; Clerk, F. Rooney; Assessor, Devine; Justice, Heraty; Constable, Petznich.
April 10FriAt 11 a.m. started for town house to qualify as Justice of the Peace and stopped at Slattery's, he signed my Justice bond. Had dinner there, went to town house, qualified as Justice. John Slattery and J. J. O'Connell signed as bondsmen. Went to George's, saw the new boy.
April 14TueAfter breakfast, I went up to Slattery's and "cut" seven yearlings and stayed till 11 a.m.
April 16ThurBart Donahue had a stone bee. Katy Phalen is dead today.
April 17SunKaty Phalen was buried today.
April 19SunBid Connors and John Hughes were called to be married, first time.
April 22WedJohn Rice of Greenbush died today. Lord have mercy on his soul!
April 24FriJohn Rice buried today at Osceola.
April 26SunHeard of the death of old Patrick Mulhearns today who died last night. Priest took up a collection for seminary. I gave 50 cents.
May 4MonWent to Connors to attend the wedding dinner in honor of their daughter. Bridget and John Hughes married at Cascade this morning by Reverend Father Burke. They left for their future home at 12 noon at Marinette. Mrs. James Sellars died at 7:30 p.m.
May 5TueMrs. Lyons of Osceola died suddenly this evening. Began hauling milk to Redington factory.
May 6WedOld Mrs. James Sellars buried in Osceola today. Obsequies by the Reverend Father O'Leary. Old Mrs. McGrath of Forest was also buried in Osceola today.
May 10SunLate mass at Mitchell. Self and all the youngsters attended. Didn't derive much benefit from going today. Father Burke on the rampage. All left the church mad. The Reverend Burke indulged in one of his soaring tirades.
May 11MonHeard this morning of Mrs. John Franey's being deathly sick. She was taken to Chicago for treatment by Dr. Fitz.
May 14ThurTom Redington died at the State Insane Hospital at Oshkosh at 10:30 p.m.
May 15FriAttended in the p.m., a meeting at the church to consider repair of the church. Resolved to shingle, underpin with view to insert furnace in basement, plaster and repair windows and remove north and south sections of the gallery.
May 18MonTom Redington was buried. 110 teams in procession. Heraty's from Eden attended. Mrs. Johnny Franey reported better.
May 31SunGeorge Mayhew's cheese factory burned down in the night at 12 o'clock and the Prindeville factory was burned down on Monday, both the work of fire bugs.
June 1MonMrs. Connell of Scott died.
June 3WedMrs. John O'Connell of Scott buried in Mitchell. There was a large funeral, about 150 teams in line. It was a swell funeral with hearses and hacks and _______?? and flowers, etc., all from Sheboygan. Services at Mitchell by Reverend Burke.
June 6SatAn heiress born to the Ed Connell estate this morning.
June 7SunThe contribution to the church repair was taken up today amounting to $375.00. Promised to be paid on the 21st inst., $215.00. Total for today, $590.00. I came home by Butler's. Stopped there for dinner. Mike Rodden called on church raising biz.
June 9TueLittle Jew Peddlar stopped here overnight with horse and wagon.
June 11ThurSaw Dipple haul out his mare that died from casting the withers.
June 16TueMichael Joseph, the Arabian peddlar, here overnight.
June 18ThurJ. O. Buckley and Miss Mary McGrath married at Osceola by Reverend Father O'Leary.
June 22MonSaw Rodden (Glen) about raising the church. Closed a bargain with him. He is to raise the building up 4 feet above its present height, if necessary. He is to receive $15.00 for the job and his blocking hauled from Glen and returned and men to man his jacks when on the left. Cash when the work is completed and he warrants not to rack or injure the building. John Devine's cheese factory burned down this morning. I drove from Glen to Plymouth. Saw Gaffron about the furnace. They'll send a man out to see the building on Friday.
June 26FriHeard this p.m. of the Bamford factory being burned down.
June 29MonJohn Alcox and M. A. Fields came this a.m. on mail carrying job. They drove up to Slattery's and let him do the carrying of the mail from Pius to Cascade for 4 years at $125.00 a year. Furnace men came at noon. All drove over to church, examined the situation and agreed to place the furnace at $165.00.
June 30TueThe last mail trip made by Alcox today after 2 years service.
July 4SatThe first day of Slattery's mail contract. Commenced at 7 a.m.
July 13MonMike Rodden raised church today. Got within 8 inches of place.
July 14TueI went over to the church in the p.m. to accept the job and settle with Rodden. Paid him $15.00 for the job and $2.00 for his board. Issued him order #1 for $17.00. Church is raised all right and accepted by the committee.
July 16ThurFrank Rooney called this a.m. about the Burke deed.
July 25SatTom O'Malley from Madison came here about 3 p.m. and stayed all night.
July 26SunMen from Mt. Calvary took church job for $125.00. Mason in church wall.
Aug. 1SatMail carrier George Clark made his first trip today.
Aug. 2SunCommittee let out the scraping out of the church basement for $30.00.
Aug. 3MonWent to Plymouth brickyard and ordered 2,200 bricks for the chimney and pillars for the church.
Aug. 7FriThe County Directory man called today. I agreed to furnish all the names in town for a copy of the book.
Aug. 11TueAttended the Mary Gilboy funeral. 76 teams.
Aug. 12WedMrs. John Franey called and May in the p.m. First time she called since getting well.
Aug. 13ThurFrank Kaiser's second wife was buried at Mitchell today.
Aug. 14FriI did some writing today. Made lists of residents of Mitchell this p.m. for the Directory man from Milwaukee. Harvest Ball at Cascade. Our 3 youngsters attended.
Aug. 19WedJohnny commenced this morning with the Crosby threshing machine at $1.00 a day.
Aug. 21FriWas notified at 7 a.m. that Johnny Bowen was found dead this morning. Went up there and examined the body and sent Michael Connors to notify the coroner at Plymouth by telephone. At home till noon, looking over the law of inquests. Went up to Bowen's in the p.m. and again in the evening and stayed till the coroner came from Sheboygan and held and finished the inquest. Verdict of the jury: that Bowen came to his death by his own free will and that no person or persons were to blame or responsible for his death and that his death was due to strangulation.
Aug. 22SatAttended funeral of John Bowen Sr.
Aug. 23SunThe Lynch - McBride nuptuals published last time. Mogan and ______ also.
Aug. 26WedThe McBride - Lynch wedding today.
Aug. 27ThurMrs. Rosey Murray of Chicago in the vicinity.
Aug. 29SatMrs. Murray from Chicago here all day.
Aug. 31MonBill Rose of Osceola was killed this evening by a runaway near Cosgriff's, on his return from Plymouth.
Sept. 2WedYoung Clifford was buried at Mitchell.
Sept. 3ThurThe carpenters Diedrich and Coleman, with their man, came along today and went over to church. I drove over with Pete and buggy to Phalen's and to church and got the carpenters a place to board and started at the work. They are to do everything for $115.00
Sept. 5SatAn heiress born to the Jim Devoy estate at M. Gallagher's in Greenbush about 8 p.m.
Sept. 6SunAt 3 p. m. went over to Phalen's on church business. Stopped in at Murray's. Pete left me at Phalen's and I had to walk home. I didn't find him tonight.
Sept. 8TueI went over to Mrs. Sheehan's and drew up her will. George Lindsay and self asked to be witnesses.
Sept. 13SunCollection taken up at the church today for building spire, to be paid in two weeks. John Devine had a boy baby baptized today.
Sept. 21MonMrs. Cathrine Sheehan died at 5 p.m. Lord have mercy on her Soul!
Sept. 23WedMrs. Sheehan was buried today.
Sept. 24ThurMike Moriarty was brought from ______, Montana (?) this morning. Died there of typhoid fever. Was buried in Osceola.
Sept. 27SunPriest didn't get much for spire today.
Oct. 1ThurAgnes Gannon died at 9 p.m.
Oct. 3SatAgnes Gannon buried today at Mitchell.
Oct. 4SunOne of the Madden girls called to be married.
Oct. 5MonWalked over to Mangan's this morning and notarized a warranty deed from James Mangan Sr and wife to Ellen and James Mangan Jr.
Oct. 12MonMrs. Patrick Mack died at 7 a.m. Lord have mercy! The priest had bee at the church, cleaning up etc.
Oct. 13TueAttended Confirmation in Osceola by Archbishop Katzer and blessed bell.
Oct. 14WedMrs. Patrick Mack buried.
Oct. 20TueReceived notice today from U.S. Marshall at Milwaukee to serve as Grand Juror in the U.S. Court on the 2nd of November.
Oct. 25SunThe first mass after the seats were put in. Everybody seemed pleased. The orphan collection was taken up today.
Nov. 1SunThe Dominican's started mission at Mitchell church. Heated up furnace in church today. It worked fine and gave general satisfaction. Tom Alcox and Sarah Gallagher were called to be married.
Nov. 2MonAlice and self left Adell for Milwaukee at 8:40 a.m. Reported at the Grand Jury rooms, P.O. Block at 2 p.m.
Nov. 8SunMary Franey and Wm. Burke called to be married.
Nov. 9MonGeorge McGrane around collecting oats for Reverend Burke. I gave him a bag of potatoes and a nag of oats.
Nov. 20FriOld Mrs. Patrick O'Malley died suddenly this morning.
Nov. 22SunMrs. Pat O'Malley buried.
Nov. 24TueWm. Burke and Wm. Franey married today at Plymouth by Reverend Van Treeck. Left today for Washington.
Dec. 1TueLeonard Hefling died at 9:30 a.m. today.
Dec. 11FriOld Jerry Murphy died at 8 a.m. after 2 weeks of pneumonia.
Dec. 11FriAll of us at the wake at Crosby's again tonight. All the Murphy's and Crosby's and Murphy friends there tonight. A large family numerically and physically.
Dec. 13SunM. Butler called on us today and took supper with us. First time he was at our house.
Dec. 18FriOld Mrs. John Jordan died at 4 a.m. today at Waldo.
Dec. 19SatThe tramp, John McNary, came after dark, made himself at home.
Dec. 20SunMrs. John Jordan buried today at Mitchell. Patt Scott's barn burned.
Dec. 24ThurPeter Gillen, who was killed out in Wyoming, was buried in Mitchell today.
Dec. 25Fri11 a.m. mass. Father Burke took up a collection. Received $160.00.

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