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Copyright by: Mrs. Yvonne Matt. This information was contributed by: Kay with consent from Mrs. Yvonne Matt.

1890 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 16ThurDr. Garrett Fitzgibbon called to see Mona this evening. He put out his team and stayed for supper. He went to see Katie Quinn who is down with diphtheria.
Jan. 18SatDr. Garrett Fitzgibbon went to see Katie Quinn again. She is no better. Matt McNair called to see the doctor.
Jan. 20MonJohnny started this morning for Chambers and brought slab wood to Father Burke of Cascade.
Jan. 23ThurMrs. Patt Scott died suddenly at 3 o'clock a.m. from the effects of childbirth.
Jan. 25SatJohnny went to Plymouth today with a load of barley. 44.09 bushels at 30 cents, worse than yesterday. A quilting bee at George Lindsay's today. Ella and Alice there all day. A dance in the night.
Jan. 26SunMrs. Patt Scott was buried at Mitchell. Reverend Burke officiated. "Lord have mercy on her soul."
Jan. 27MonThe neighboring youngsters called this a.m. and danced till 1 o'clock. Young Plant of Fond du Lac died this evening at 6:30 of brain fever.
Jan. 29WedThe County map man came along this a.m. He delivered the map. I paid him in full for it. $9.00 cash and $3.99 for labor and assistance and brand.
Jan. 30ThurYoung Bob Plant was buried today at Fond du Lac. Died of brain fever caused by the grippe.
Jan. 31FriMona got home from the Lindsay's at 10 a.m. Dan went after her. She stayed up all night with a sick baby.
Feb. 1SatI talked with Peter Heraty who came here this a.m. from Sterling, Illinois to see about the settlement of title to the McGrath-Phillipson land dispute. Peter stayed all day and all night.
Feb. 3MonSec. Tracy's wife and daughter burned to death in a house in Washington.
Feb. 5WedFather Burke came this a.m. to bless our house. Paid him $1.00. Then was going to head down to Connell's - going to have a dance - but Father B stopped it.
Feb. 6ThurA party and dance at Gill's this a.m. Johnny and Ella attended.
Feb. 8SatRip snorting cold this a.m. with sharp, cold N.W. wind. Small size "shindig" at Phillips this a.m. Youngsters attended.
Feb. 12WedJohnny went to Plymouth with load of barley, 21 bags. Sold at 32 cents - 4305 bushels. Sold the first calf of the season to Keuper for $2.50.
Feb. 13ThurWent up to Gahagan's to sign lease papers. Devine to Gahagan. Received 50 cents for services in making out papers.
Feb. 14FriJohnny attended the Egan girls funeral in Cascade.
Feb. 25TueSent $1.20 to Milwaukee Journal, payed to August 12th.
Feb. 26WedOld Mrs. O'Brien of Scott died at 4 o'clock a.m. "Lord have mercy on her soul."
Feb. 28FriMrs. O'Brien was buried. Mona and Johnny went, had a bad time getting home because of the storm.
March 4TueLeft Fond du Lac at 10 a.m. Came home via Lime Kilns. Stopped to see about flagstone. Drove Mrs. Bridget Daley out to Old man Heraty's, where I stopped for dinner.
March 17MonSt. Patricks celebration at Mitchell. Reverend Burke delivered a eulogy on St. Patrick and took up a collection. Big crowd. A brassy band finished with a grand flourish. Reverend Burke gave a lecture at Cascade on temperance.
April 6SunEaster Sunday. Late mass at Mitchell. All attended. Father Burke took up a collection, he got about $75.00.
April 12SatTom Gahagan had auction sale today.
April 24ThurA girl baby born to the John Slattery's this morning, the first born.
May 1ThurSam ? Dooley brought grist this morning. Baker had barn raising today.
May 3SatTending mail, making monthly report to Post Office Department.
May 5MonHello! The ground covered with light snow. Bitter cold. Snowed all day. Cold, disagreeable.
May 11SunMona taken very sick at 1 a.m. Got Johnny ready and he went to Plymouth for Dr. Fitz's. He got back at 5 a.m. Mona quite sick all day till 5 p.m. when was born to us a boy baby. Mona came very near leaving us. Thank God she is all right this a.m. A child also born to Agg, Mrs. Connell and Naughton's.
May 12MonThe smokehouse burned down in the night with 50 lbs. of meat in it.
May 14WedMona and baby doing fine. Mrs. Tom Devine and Mrs. Connell here at night.
May 16FriA boy baby born to the Dwyer's, Maggy and James.
May 17SatJohn Gill died at 1:00 o'clock today.
May 19MonJohn Gill was buried at Cascade. Self and Connell with Nell and buggy attended funeral. Got home at 4 .
May 20TueTim Murphy and Miss Agnes Naughton were married at Mitchell by Reverend Father Burke. There was a grand reception at the Naughton's.
May 25SunMona all right again, able to sit up again.
May 27TueAlice and Dan planting "tatoes" front of the house.
June 1SunFoley and Alice Clifford were called to be married.
June 8SunRobert Joseph Heraty was baptized by the Reverend Burke. Martin Gallagher and Bridget O'Connell stood as sponsors.
June 16TueFoley and Alice Clifford were married at Mitchell church by Reverend Father Burke. A grand wedding and reception.
June 24TueWas terribly hot today. None worked after supper because of the heat. _______.
June 25Wed96 degrees. All suffered at the mill today.
July 4FriA picnic at Osceola for the church. A big crowd.
July 6SunThe 23rd Anniversary of the birth of our first born. Edward M. Heraty.
July 13SunNo mass at Mitchell. Father Burke sick with inflammation of the lungs. The terrible loss of life by a cyclone at Lake Pepin in Minnesota this a.m. 150 persons drowned.
July 14MonBad storm. Ed Harvey's team was killed by lightning.
July 20SunThe youngsters went from Elkhart Lake to Waldo by train.
July 26SatMrs. Kate Herbert died at 8 p.m.
July 27SunKeys and Murray called to be married.
July 28MonMrs. Wm. Herbert was buried. Self and Mona with Nell and buggy attended the funeral at Osceola. 127 teams. Mrs. Herbert died of consumption, sick 2 years off and on.
July 30WedThe boys finished with the barley this evening. The lightest and poorest crop this farm has had in many years. No money in it.
Aug. 4MonThe Ringling Circus at Plymouth today. Everybody went.
Aug. 15FriThe Phillipson's brought home their Fond du Lac steam rig this evening. Nicholas and Shepherd rig.
Aug. 16SatReverend Burke picnic at Harveys Grove at Mitchell. The picnic was a regular faker game. A watch was put up for the most popular lady. Bid Connell of Scott got it. Rooney and Hannah Connell competed. The whole combination was a disappointment and nothing much realized.
Aug. 20WedThe Republican State Convention held at Milwaukee.
Aug. 21ThurThe State and Congressional Convention held at Plymouth. Alice went along. I was delegate from the Town of Mitchell, cast 4 votes.
Sept. 4ThurThe thresher here - 534 oats - 519 barley 51 wheat. Total, 1104 bushels.
Sept. 10WedTim Murphy had his arm broke in the threshing machine at Osceola today.
Sept. 15MonAt 7 o'clock a.m. Old Mr. James McNair came to our house and stated that his barn burned down this a.m. at 4 o'clock. A sad sight to see the ruin wrought by some despicable fiend. No doubt the building was set on fire.
Sept. 16TueYoung Thomas McGrath was buried today at Osceola.
Sept. 17WedJohnny Connell and the other youngsters went to State Fair at Milwaukee this morning.
Sept. 20SatI went to caucus at town house. Johnny Lindsay, Johnny Henry were chosen delegates to the county convention.
Sept. 25ThurThe Brown factory at Dundee burned down. Another incendiary job.
Oct. 13MonMrs. Flanigan died 3 a.m.
Oct. 15WedMrs. Flanigan of Osceola was buried. Self and Mona attended the funeral. The family displayed great ellat in the burial of their mother. Had city hacks, flowers and the latest style in vogue.
Oct. 21TueMrs. Bat Twohig died at 11 a.m.
Oct. 23ThurOur whole gang was upset. Did no work. Mrs. Bat Twohig was buried at Osceola.
Oct. 29WedWhew!! The first snow squall of the season. It was a blue, cold wind, stiff from N.W.
Oct. 30ThurWillie Connell had raffle and dance at Cascade. Our youngsters attended.
Nov. 4TueVoted this p.m. The straight Democratic ticket.
Nov. 5WedI was anxious all day about the election, but heard the glorious news this evening. The whole Democratic ticket was elected!!
Nov. 7FriA big blow out at Plymouth. A procession. There were 1500 torches in line with 50 horsemen - went through the principal streets, returned to Turner Hall. A general good time. Got home at 2 a.m. Tired but glad.
Nov. 9SunMaggy Crosby and Carly Smith of the town of Russell were called to be married.
Nov. 11TueA grand rally at Cascade this evening - Democratic.
Nov. 14FriEzekial Bowen's house and barn was burned down at Dundee. Another incendiary fire.
Nov. 16SunReverend Burke took another collection to go to Boston.
Nov. 18TuePeddlar Harry and his brother with their rig, stopped here overnight.
Nov. 21FriMcNair had a stone bee, hauling stones to his new barn.
Nov. 23SunEarly mass at Mitchell by Capuchin priest. Reverend Burke gone to Boston.
Nov. 25TueA grand dance at McNair's. Another quilting dance at Johnny Brogan's. Patsy Carlin had a big plowing bee at the Calvey place. Married at Cascade by Reverend Capuchin Father, Mr. Charles Smith of Town of Russell and Miss Maggy Crosby of Mitchell.
Nov. 29SatGeorge Lindsay had a hay hauling bee at the Joslin place. Johnny helped all day.
Dec. 3WedBridget Connors had a quilting bee today. Ella attended. Miss Agnes Spear and Mr. McNair were married.
Dec. 9TueMatt McNair had hay hauling bee from Dan Murphy's place. Several teams and sleds.
Dec. 10WedPatsy Jordan was buried in Mitchell today. Died at Rockfield, Washington County, Wisconsin of typhoid.
Dec. 22MonMamie Gallagher Reed came from Nebraska to make a Christmas visit.
Dec. 24WedGetting things in shape for Christmas. All the family home and happiness.
Dec. 25ThurLate mass at Mitchell. Father Burke got a big collection. $150.00.
Dec. 28SunJohnny Garaty and Anna Burke - Anne Butler and Huberty - Patt Fitzpatrick and McBride - Mary Murphy and Fitzgerald all called to be married.
Dec. 31WedMary Murphy and Michael Fitzgerald were married at Mitchell church by the Reverend B. Burke. Johnny, Ella and Alice attended. The final event of 1890. Amen.

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