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1889 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 14MonSold barley at 63 cents a bushel at Waldo. This was the biggest day at Waldo, over 50 loads of barley sold.
Jan. 21MonPete Murphy around collecting oats for Father Casey. He didn't call here. The Connell's didn't give him any.
Jan. 24ThurAt 5 this morning, we saw a terrible fire to the S.W. of us which proved to be the barn and contents belonging to Mr. Wm. Foley of the town of Mitchell, in which was consumed his barn, 20 tons of hay, 5 horses, 3 sets of harnesses, wagon, farm machinery, etc.
Jan. 25FriStopped at Foley's on way home to see the ruin of yesterday's fire. It is a sad sight to see the charred bodies of 5 horses, side by side and the ruin cause by a miscreant thief. There is no doubt that the building was set on fire to cover up the theft of Foley's horse for which was substituted an old worthless plug.
Jan. 27SunHeard of the boys finding Foley's stolen horse yesterday down in Lima. The thief making off into the woods.
Jan. 28MonThe Foley horse thief was captured this evening in Lima.
Feb. 3SunHeard of the death by croup of Henry Jordan's 6 year old boy, Leo, last night. He was buried in Mitchell. A dance tonight at Gill's and Slattery's.
Feb. 5TueMrs. Robert McKinly died suddenly today of some throat disease. She did have the quinsy.
Feb. 13WedKaty Gill, John's daughter, and Captain Williams were married at Cascade. Jerry Clifford died suddenly of heart disease at Dundee at 12:30 today, at John O'Malley's while eating his dinner.
Feb. 15FriJerry Clifford was buried today at Mitchell. There was a large funeral. 150 teams. Father Casey said mass.
Feb. 17SunMary Ann Lavelle and _______ Douglas called to be married.
March 12TueMrs. Bridget Hughes, nee Calvey, of Dundee, committed suicide today by taking poison. Was overdose of Drs. medicine.
March 15FriBridget Hughes, nee Calvey, buried in Mitchell.
March 30SatOld man Huson, of Plymouth, was fatally injured today by having a privy building fall upon him while moving it.
April 2TuePeter Rock died of consumption.
April 4ThurPeter Rock and Huson buried today.
April 14SunMaggy Gallagher and James Devoy called to be married.
April 16TueJohn Caine, Tom's son, was buried at Mitchell. He died out west somewhere.
April 21SunJim Godfrey and Kate McNicholas called to be married.
April 30TueWm. Gilboy had barn raising. Kate McNicholas and Jim Godfrey were married at Cascade.
May 1WedMaggie Gallagher and James Devoy married by Reverend Norton at Osceola. Newlyweds left for Antigo.
May 7TueThe Gannon and Putnam elopement from Greenbush.
May 12SunDay was memorable by the arrival amongst us of Reverend Father Burke to celebrate his first mass at Mitchell. He made a very favorable impression on the congregation. He appears to be a "splendid" priest.
May 31FriSnow on the ground. Cold as blazes!
June 9SunMr. and Mrs. Slattery called this morning to have some mortgage papers signed. Jerry Crosby and Annie Foy called to be married.
June 12WedJohn Devine had barn raising. Jerry Crosby and Annie Foy were married by Reverend Norton at Osceola.
June 30SunFather Burke said mass. Settled pew business at $8.00 a year for pews. Nobody satisfied.
July 8MonPat Geraghty died at sunrise this morning.
July 10WedPat Geraghty buried. Father Norton said mass and Father Burke gave sermon.
July 14SunE. M. O'Connell and Mag Gaynor were called.
July 18Thur94 degrees. Hottest day in '89.
Aug. 15ThurKate Rooney and Mr. O'Hara called to be married.
Aug. 25SunThe second child of Mike Murray's buried today.
Sept. 4WedJohn Reed, of Nebraska, and Mamie Gallagher, niece, were married at Mt. Calvary.
Sept. 30MonOld Mrs. Failey died at 6 a.m. on Bill Thackeray's place.
Oct. 9WedJohnny Bowen and Eliza Cain were married.
Oct. 13SunSlattery called in the a.m. Tom Mangan and Katie Hughes were called to be married.
Oct. 17ThurPatt Quinn's children down with diphtheria.
Oct. 18FriGrandma Lindsay died at 5 p.m. (Mary McKenzie Sheridan)
Oct. 20SunOld Mrs. Lindsay was buried.
Oct. 27SunYoung ______ McGrath of Osceola buried. He died in Colorado of consumption.
Nov. 1FriDeath of Mary Calvey, nee Connors. Died this morning with a hour sickness.
Nov. 17SunThe Sullivan - Gillen wedding called today.
Dec. 25WedFather Burke took up Christmas collection in Mitchell. $175.00 being the largest ever in Mitchell.
Dec. 29SunWm. Scanlan and Libbie Murray were called to be married.
Dec. 31TueOld man Franey died this morning.

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