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1888 Thomas Heraty's Diary

Jan. 2MonMike Donahue with team and sled passed. The first since the storm. Ball at Jordan's, Waldo and at Hackett's in Adell.
Jan. 4WedMike Murray collected taxes at Thackeray's.
Jan. 8SunPaid Aden Brown $30.00 on binder notes and $8.00 on twine in full, in presence of Pat Murray, Sr. Murray rode with me to Geraty's. I stopped in to see Pat Geraty. He looked much worse. His days are numbered. Saw parties about post office petition. The Crosby's and P. Murphy refused to sign.
Jan. 9MonThe McGrath family with Mr. Buckley called this evening and Connell youngsters and Thomas Daley all spent the evening pleasantly, at singing, dancing, etc.
Jan. 21Sat40 degrees below zero this morning at 7 a.m.
Jan. 30MonI left home at 10 a.m. to get signers for post office petition. Connors, Dwire's, Naughton's, everybody signed but the 2 Jordan's. Jim Reddington sick.
Feb. 4SatHeard of Joe Bowser's 2 year old boy being poisoned by drinking concentrated lye. The child died this evening. Dance at Slattery's in the evening.
Feb. 6MonAnother boy born to the John Lindsay family.
Feb. 13MonSpeckled Johnny Murray's house burned down this a.m. in Mitchell.
Feb. 21TueThe schoolhouse District #1, burned down from defective pipes and stoves. William Gilboy hauled first logs here.
Feb. 22WedHad meeting in the evening to consider the schoolhouse matters at Crosby's.
Feb. 25SatMichael Gibbons quite sick. Stopped in to see him.
Feb. 27MonMichael Gibbons died at 1 a.m.
Feb. 29WedMichael Gibbons buried. Father Norton said mass. Casey at Milwaukee.
March 2FriA special meeting held at Crosby's for the purpose of building a school house and talking the matter over. Meeting concluded to raise $400.00 for the purpose. Meeting adopted a plan for the building introduced by Daley of Osceola and the seats to be of the old gang style used in the old or former schoolhouse. The whole proceeding was illegal and gives a chance for "Tax Kickers."
March 5MonSchool district #1 had a bee at hauling lumber for the schoolhouse.
March 7WedMrs. Dr. John O'Brien, nee Smith, of Milwaukee, died.
March 8ThurMrs. John Knowd of Plymouth died.
March 11SunBilly Gilboy's, Peter Murphy's and Mike Reilley's babies baptized.
March 13TuePatt Brogan sick at Holland.
March 16ThurTom Henry's boy was buried today. Died from having his leg amputated caused from blood poisoning from diphtheria.
March 17SatTommy Jordan's auction.
March 22ThurHonora Connell died at 8 o'clock this evening.
March 24SatHonora Connell buried today at Osceola. Father Casey said the mass. 65 teams at the funeral.
March 25SunLate mass at Mitchell. Father Casey at his old "thranteenes" again today. The worst I ever saw him act. He was a disgrace to himself, his congregation, and his church. To be plain, he was beastly drunk on the altar and talked foolishly.
March 27TueDave Twohig and Michael Early had auctions. Early sold personal property and Twohig, real estate.
April 3TueTown meeting day. Ran for town clerk on the Burke ticket.. All the ticket elected but me. Crosby received 115 votes. I received 97. Stayed at the town hall till dark and till after the votes were counted. Rode home with Jim McGraw. In a pecuniary view, the defeat is a benefit to me, but in reputation as a politician, it is not. Damn the politics.
April 9MonJames J. O'Connell opened his factory in the prairie at Prindiville. Mailed letter to Hudd about post office biz.
April 13FriTom Dwire reported sick. Old Lukey Gahagan was buried in Mitchell.
April 14SatDr. Fitzgibbons called on his way home from Tom Dwires.
April 22SunHeard Father Norton was to be removed from Osceola parish.
April 23MonOur factory started this morning. First time in "88."
April 24TueSold and delivered to John Slattery, 6 bushels of barley at 76 cents per bushel.
April 26ThurOld Mrs. McNair died.
April 29SunWent to Mrs. McNair's funeral. Burial in Greenbush.
May 2WedOld Hosea Chase died, town charge.
May 3ThurOld Hosea Chase buried at Nelson's this a.m.
May 16WedHeard this evening of old Mrs. Duggan's death today at Antigo. Tom Franey called on castration tour.
May 17ThurHeard this evening of old Mrs. Norris' death this morning.
May 18FriMrs. Duggan buried in Mitchell. Mrs. Norris, formerly of Sherman, buried in Mitchell.
June 3SunNo mass at Mitchell. Father Casey sick. Self and Mona drove down to Fitzpatrick's in the a.m. to see Mrs. Fitz, who is quite sick. Stopped in at Jas. Reilley's in the evening. Met a Mrs. Duffy there.
June 4MonOld Tom Henry, on his way home from Cascade, had his clothes catch fire from his pipe, and his clothes and rig burned down in the road. He is not expected to live.
June 5TueOld Tom Henry died at 2 p.m. from the effects of burns. Mrs. Catherine Fitzpatrick died at _______ o'clock last night. Lord have mercy on her soul. Amen.
June 7ThurVal Alberts was killed at Milwaukee by being run over by the cars in the St. Paul Rail Road yards.
June 8FriMrs. Fitzpatrick buried at Cascade.
June 9SatMiss Verdon, sister of Old Matthew Verdon of Mitchell, was buried.
June 11MonMailed post office papers to Washington.
June 13WedSoldier's reunion at City of Plymouth today.
June 14ThurA man killed at Waldo by lightning this morning.
June 16SatBig dance at Johnny Franey's barn tonight. All youngsters attended.
July 8SunMiles Daley died this morning. Lord have mercy on his soul.
July 10TueOld Mrs. Dan Sullivan of Osceola died this morning. Miles Daley was buried.
July 15SunEarly mass at Mitchell. Casey off his base again. Johnny Baker called to be married at Osceola.
July 17TueReceived notice from Con(gressman) F. R. Hudd that I was appointed Post Master at Pius, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin on the 12th inst.
July 22SunJohnny Slattery and Mary Michaels were called to be married. Father Casey talked of leaving this congregation.
Aug. 1WedJohnny Slattery and Mary Michaels were married at Cascade by Reverend Casey. A wedding party and dance in the evening. Hanna Alten did the wedding. A pair of twin girls born to the George Lindsay's at 12 o'clock noon.
Aug. 5SunLate mass at Mitchell. All attended. Father Casey all right. He spoke of going from the parish. The congregation held a meeting after mass and appointed a committee as follows: John Brogan, John Burke, chairmen; Michael Butler, Richard Phalen and Thomas Heraty to write the Bishop on church business. George Lindsay's twin girls baptized. Named Frances and Isabell. John Heraty and Kate Connell, J. Gaynor and Min Murray sponsors.
Aug. 12SunEarly mass at Mitchell. None of us attended. Casey on the rampage.
Aug. 18SatSchool picnic.
Aug. 19SunDance at Slattery's.
Aug. 28TueDan went with mail today. Received 500 postal cards.
Sept. 5WedJohn McGrath sold his farm to Phillips son for $10,000.00. So reported.
Sept. 6ThurCongressional Convention at Sheboygan. T? R. Hudd for Congress, 5th District.
Sept. 14FriFarm Caucus at Town House this evening for electing delegates to County and Assembly, to be held at Falls. Big crowd, 100 votes cast. Connell, Fitz and Murphy for County. Heraty, Crosby and Reiley for Senate.
Sept. 17MonState Fair begins at Milwaukee. Johnnys birthday, 1869.
Sept. 18TueOne of George's little twin girls died today.
Sept. 20ThurLeft this morning at 4 o'clock for Plymouth on the way to State Fair in Milwaukee. Left for Milwaukee at 8 a.m. Got to Milwaukee at 10:20.
Sept. 21FriCalled on Bishop. He said no priest for Mitchell till he finds a place for Casey. Went to depot at 12 and stayed till train time. Left at 1:35 at night. Got to Plymouth at 4:40 a.m.
Sept. 22SatStarted home on foot. Walked as far as Whitecapp's, then to Mayhew's. Met Dan.
Sept. 25TueEd called about his family troubles. Mona and Mrs. Connell and Mrs. Naughton responded. Drove to Cascade after Doctor. His services were not needed. Ed met and returned him. Ed's boy born at 11 p.m.
Sept. 27ThurThe Democratic Senatorial Convention at Sheboygan Falls. I attended as Senatorial Delegate from this town. I rode to Falls with Jas. McGrath. M.E. Mead nominated for Senator. Stayed there until Lakey was nominated for Sheriff.
Sept. 30SunSent with Johnny $1.00 as first installment of priests salary to Father Norton of Osceola. Joining the Osceola parish.
Oct. 2TueSold cheese, the highest of the season, at 9 cents.
Oct. 3WedThe Republican County Convention was held at Plymouth today.
Oct. 21SunJim Redmond was buried at Osceola today.
Oct. 23TueSold pigs to Fisher at $1.50 each = $10.50
Oct. 25ThurAuction at Jim McGrath's. Attended all day as clerk. Sold a pile of stuff at high prices. Amounted to about $2000.00. Dwight McLaughlin was auctioneer.
Nov. 3SatDan went down to Reily's after the mail. Received from Post Office Department a letter telling that Jim was awarded the contract of carrying the mail from Pius to Cascade and return at $180.00.
Nov. 4SunFather Casey announced it was his last Sunday at Mitchell.
Nov. 6TueElection Day. Grover Cleveland will be elected President of these United States of America today, with the help of God.
Nov. 7WedHeard this p.m. of Harrison being elected President.
Nov. 8ThurMail to be carried by T. E. Smith of Cascade, rode with him to town. Voted Democratic ticket.
Nov. 12MonAt mill all day, all hands.
Dec. 18TueAll hands at mill today.
Dec. 25TueThe finest day for Christmas that I have ever experienced in Wisconsin. Clear and warm with no frost in the ground. No snow. Chickens in east lot, picking stubbles and cattle out in the lots laying in the warm sun. Received notice from Washington that Jim Connell's contract was accepted by the Department.
Dec. 31MonPaid up numerous bills.

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